The Most Iconic 90s Makeup Looks You Need to Try in 2023

It’s hard to believe that the makeup styles of the 90s are still being reinvented in an effortless way. We have seen some incredible trends throughout time, but there is one thing that never changes – people love a good 90s aesthetic!

Some trends from this era have made their way back onto runways and into popular culture as well, others never went anywhere. 

If you’re into that 90s kind of look, you can copy a lot of these trends with a present-day flair. Keep reading!

90s Inspired Makeup

Nineties makeup was all about attitude. In those days you could rock your frosted lilac eyeshadows with sparkling eye corners paired with faux lashes as seen here! The best part is that this trend still holds true today because who can resist such a glamorous and easygoing vibe?

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90s Supermodel Makeup

It’s no secret that supermodels from this decade were all about natural beauty and enhanced features. Linda Evangelista takes this idea to heart in her look with softly defined cheeks and eyelids. She also adds a touch of softness to her lips, making her look even more gorgeous! 

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Authentic 90s Makeup

The 1990s were a time of experimentation, creativity and self-expression. This era witnessed the rise in popularity for beauty as an art form that anyone could practice to their own individual taste with no limitations on gender or identity. Embrace these trends now!

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90s Grunge Makeup

Make your eyes pop! The 90s grunge eyeliner is like the smokey eye’s rebellious sibling. This trend can create a complete raccoon look or something lighter like Christina Aguilera wears here. Choose your player.

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90s Eye Makeup

The best way to match the light tones of 2023 is with a little bit of 90s makeup. Overlined lips and bright eyes are all key accents that will make you look like an old soul ready for bedtime chats about life’s important questions. 

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90s Makeup Eyeshadow

The naturally bronzed look that was so popular in the modeling world back then is still a thing today. Remember Cindy Crawford’s signature makeup? That healthy effortless look has made her one of America’s favorite supermodels for decades.

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Madonna 90s Makeup

Some things never get old. In the 90s, Madonna would still go for this stunning Marilyn Monroe-inspired look with her bleached blonde hair and red lips. And by the way, both remain a part of her style lexicon till present.

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Early 90s Makeup

In the 90s, makeup was all about natural but edgy beauty. Brown tones ruled the decade. This look is a perfect example of how they are worn – with a sole foundation, neutral eyes, and dark lips. 

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90s Glam Makeup

Check out this healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and naturally bronzed look that Cindy Crawford completely owned back in the 90s (and frankly, still does today). That perfectly tanned skin and glowing accents on the face will never go out of style. 

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90s Hip Hop Makeup

When it comes to 90s hip hop makeup, there is one phrase that sums up the decade. You know what they say: “Brown lipssss.” The shade of brown is ultra-flattering on every skin tone and especially dark ones. And hey,  make sure those brows are perfectly groomed! 

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90s Editorial Makeup

You’ve got to love the matchy-matchiness! Kate Moss took this trend to a whole new level when she paired her dress with an almost identical shade of eyeshadow and lips for the ultimate 90s look! How cool is the red on a blonde?

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Kate Moss 90s Makeup

The 90s were all about the beauty that can be best described as effortless cool. We can thank Kate Moss for making this look so popular. There is even an expression “a bit mossy”, which refers to describing somewhat smudged smokey makeup.

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90s Natural Makeup

This look is all about embracing yourself as you are, without trying to contort your face. If you’re going for such minimal makeup, then cream blush is key. Apply it on top of whatever foundation or concealer works for your skin tone to achieve that baby face effect. 

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Gwen Stefani 90s Makeup

Do you remember these breathtaking face jewels? They were everywhere in the 90s. We aren’t sure who rocked them first but this Gwen Stefani look is just perfect. For her iconic ’90s style moment, the singer wore a deep red lip and super trendy teeny tiny eyebrows. 

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Britney Spears 90s Makeup

You can’t go wrong with a little body glitter. Just ask Britney Spears and her legions of fans everywhere! The 90s were all about making sure you shone as brightly as possible. Britney made headlines back in the day thanks to those sparkly eyeshadows.

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Kim Kardashian 90s Makeup

Kim Kardashian channels her inner 90s supermodel in this retro-themed makeup look. She is actually wearing her own Mattes collection here. It’s perfect for those looking to rock the 90s vibes from head to toe.

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Gwyneth Paltrow 90s Makeup 

From brows to eyeliner, pretty thin lines were all the rage back in the 90s. You can achieve this look by lining the upper and lower lash lines with a jet-black color. That’s actually what Gwyneth was using for this look. Lips and blush in neutral colors work well with this trend.

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Drew Barrymore 90s Makeup

From the awkward hairstyles to dark eyeshadow and brown lipstick, this look screams 1990. While Drew’s brows here are pretty modern for that time, her lips are spot-on. Do you think those matte shades will be making a comeback any time soon? We do hope so!

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90s Makeup Lip Liner

To create fuller lips, apply dark lipstick outside of your natural lip lines and then add a matching nude gloss to give you that perfect pout everyone loves! Victoria Beckham was among the pioneers of this technique in the 1990s, and it’s become increasingly popular since then.

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Cindy Crawford 90s Makeup

Cindy Crawford at her peak was a fashion and beauty icon. Her brows were just perfect – full but never too harsh with soft edges that made them stand out in all the right ways. She had beautiful lips (the kind you can’t help but want to touch) and she often used red to achieve that put-together yet effortlessly cool-girl elegant look.

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Easy 90s Makeup

The 90s were a crazy time but you could still go all natural. The post-workout flush with minimal makeup and the perfect pop of blush towards your hairline is sure to get you looking like style icon Catherine Zeta-Jones in no time!

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Winona Ryder 90s Makeup

Who wouldn’t want to recreate this look from the decade of our youth? Winona Ryder has a true 90s feel to her makeup. Everything about her style in the 90s is literally screaming beauty, from her milky skin and dark berry lipstick to her shoulder-length brunette bob.

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90s Glitter Makeup

The 90s were all about glitter – whether it be dusted on the décolleté, tapped onto cheekbones, or worked into eyeshadow. And if you can’t beat ’em then join em’ as they say! This generation had plenty of sparkles so pack some yourself for an ultra-shiny look that will have everyone asking what is your secret?

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Iconic 90s Makeup

In the 90s, pop stars like Britney Spears brought glitter to new heights. You can use pretty much every shade of the rainbow but the signature color of the eye makeup of this decade is sky blue. Add this eyeshadow for those dreamy looks, then apply your favorite lip gloss in peachy tones and you’re ready to break some hearts.

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90s Frosted Makeup

There were several frosted beauty trends in the 1990s, including iced hair and eyelids, but disco ball lips were the most popular. Obviously, we had to include frosted makeup in our list. You can achieve this look with warm-neutral or bronze lipstick, as Halle Berry does here.

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90s Neon Makeup

The 90s generation was a mix of peace-loving Nirvana culture, MTV, and Pepsi. They left us with their cool trends that inspire designers today, so the best thing you can do is to experiment by mixing shades of pink or purple together because there’s no such thing as too much flair.

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90s R&B Makeup

What were you even doing in the 90s if you didn’t carry around three different lip glosses in your bag? The juicy 90s lip trend was established by girls bands like Destiny’s Child before Beyonce went solo. Whatever style you had but especially for R&B – lip glosses were in.

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90s Bollywood Makeup

When the era of cocaine-chic began, those brown tones were incredibly popular, just like the cigarette-stained lips of the supermodels and actresses you have seen on television. For a more 90s Bollywood feel, you can complete the look with an orangey bronze blush that has a terracotta hue. 

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90s Fashion Makeup

As a departure from neutral shades, celebs put on the pastels all over the lid – from the lash line to the brow bone. To complete the look of pastels like lilac, you only need a swipe of mascara to make sure it doesn’t overpower the soft hue.

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90s Lip Makeup

A major way to relive the 1990s is through lip trends. Consider the makeup looks worn by your favorite celebrities in the ’90s such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, or Naomi Campbell – glossy brown lips, bright eyeshadows, contrasting lip liner, and so on.

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