37 Coolest Aesthetic Outfits Ideas on the Internet: Choose Your Player 


Fashion has changed a lot over the years, but people are still drawn to the same old aesthetics in various shapes and forms. With its blending of high fashion, retro homages, and streetwear trends, you can see lots of different styles on TikTok and Insta. And if you couldn’t help but wonder how it’s done, here is our guide on becoming an aesthetic wearer.

We hope you drive some inspiration from our blog. Ready, set, go! 

1. Vintage aesthetic

When it comes to fashion, there are always trends that never seem to go out of style. The vintage aesthetic is one such. This allusive look may take inspiration from every decade – say, 60s band shirts paired up nicely against 70s bell-bottom jeans, or the 80’s colors brightened up with extra sparkle here & there… And don’t forget about some 90’s touches either 🙂 This aesthetic is a perfect candidate for a chic on a budget since you can get your perfect look in any thrift store.

Vintage Aesthetics Are Always Fashionable

2. Grunge aesthetic

Inspired by the icons like Courtney Love, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana, grunge is an offhand, underground aesthetic that was born in the 80s. As a protest against the materialism that ruled the era, this style removes traditional societal expectations. Grunge includes oversized jackets and hoodies, wide-leg jeans, platform sneakers, or combat boots. Band T-shirts are a common accessory for this look as well – they’re all about simplicity with an edge!

Grunge Style Like Style Of Life

3. Indie aesthetic

The indies are all about individuality and independence. From the skateboard culture of the 90s to early 2000s fashion, Instagram has stepped up its aesthetic game. The key is in your choice of clothes: think flared high-waisted jeans and bucket hats with chunky sneakers or crop tops paired with jeggings for that Gen X look! Taking pieces from early 2000s fashion and modernizing them, this trend puts a modern spin on dark shades and oversized flannels.

 Indie Style For Independent People

4. Cute aesthetic

You can be whoever you want and channel any aesthetics through your outfits. In fact, if you go down the rabbit hole of Insta, Pinterest, and TikTok, there are tons of ideas that will work for any style! Shut your eyes and imagine a beautiful world of pink, white flowers, lace dresses. That’s the aesthetic! The whole look is all about embracing that inner lady in you – dressed up for date night while carrying her favorite baguette from Central Market with an eyeglasses case on top.

Cute Aesthetic For True Ladies

5. Dark academia aesthetic

The dark academia aesthetic has been super popular lately. The style is instantly recognizable and perfectly fits in with the current craze for learning and self-development. The romantic imagery mixed with the neo-classic colors and Renaissance roots makes for an elegant yet edgy look that can be worn on any occasion! This aesthetic can usually be embodied through black turtlenecks, checked trousers, brogues, and brown in different shades. Dress in monochromatic ensembles, layer coats with blazers, and you’ll get one step closer to a decadent student vibe.

Dark Academia Is Closer To Student Style

6. Soft grunge aesthetic

A new trend in fashion that has been popping up all over the internet is called “soft grunge.” It’s characterized by dark colors like burgundy and charcoal, mixed with pastel shades of pink or green. This aesthetic is the perfect blend of pastel shades and current trends. Taking elements from its darker roots, it’s like taking some 80s and 90s with you into today – only better! The style also often includes flare pants or combat boots for extra masculinity; however, you can easily blend in some cute accents.

Combat Style With Some Cute Accents

7. Soft aesthetic

You might be thinking of a saccharine advertisement when you think about the soft girl aesthetic, but this trend is far from it! Soft feminine looks are more subtle and delicate. Using pastel colors like bubblegum or baby blue in conjunction with gentle images of flowers make up its look – a refreshing change from previous years where violently gory graphics would take over social media feeds for hours on end. Fashionable yet effortlessly cool, the soft aesthetic is perfect for that laid-back vibe you’re going for.

Soft Womens Outfits

8. Korean aesthetic

Hallyu is a unique style that’s centered around South Korean popular culture, especially K-Pop and drama shows. It has an endearing, delicate, and somewhat masculine aesthetic. Korean styles make use of lots of blush shades and pastels. They seem to love wearing clothes that are maybe 2 sizes big, but don’t just simply wear your oversized clothing! Pay attention to how you structure them so it looks effortless but not too shabby – rather, elegant and carefree.

Elegant And Carefree Korean Aesthetic

9. Pastel aesthetic

Pastels are a way to make colors pop by softening them. The trend has no subculture associated with it, nor does it come from one specific time period or culture. Pastel shades can be found in many different settings and aesthetics inspired by them! Soft Girl, Kawaii, and cutesy aesthetic styles are all under this umbrella. Pairing light fabrics together will help you rock the look. You can wear baby pink cardigans over beige pants and pair them all with white sneakers. Voila! Your pastel look is complete.

Cutesy Aesthetic Style

10. Retro aesthetic

The word “retro” is often used to refer to the aesthetics of someone who wants their look or lifestyle imitative. This means they might wear clothes from an older era with modern-day accessories. Retro can take many forms and it doesn’t always mean that someone is dressing up as if they’re in disguise (although there are plenty of times when people go full-on vintage). This outfit pays homage to your best memories from 20 years ago!

Combination Of Old-fashion Clothes And Modern Accessories

11. Skater girl aesthetic

While many people associate the skater aesthetic with the 90s and 2000s grunge, it actually has roots dating back to the 40s. Some elements of this aesthetics include oversized shirts with strategically placed slogans on them (Peace symbol? Supreme logo? Check!), baggy cargo pants or jeans, and chunky Vans or Converse! What could be more iconic than your laid-back look and easy attitude towards life itself? Grab your skateboard and go for a ride!

Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfits

12. 80s aesthetic

It’s true that the 80s were a great time for music and fashion. It’s no surprise then why it is making its rounds again in this new generation of fashions! The aesthetic can be seen with colorful clothing like acid wash jeans or turtlenecks along with an overall colorful appearance – perfect to match today’s high energy vibe we all seem to crave so much these days. This aesthetic will never let you down once you try it.

Colorful Outfits

13. Mom jeans aesthetic

A specific style of jeans, “mom jeans” has become an all-time favorite casual pants in part because they’re fitted but not too tight like your typical skinny jeans that might show off every flaw. We’ve always loved the mom cut. It’s so versatile and can look great with anything from t-shirts to blouses! Here are a couple of ways how you can style it.

Looks With Mom Jeans

14. Casual aesthetic

For many people, dressing up for work is a habit that must be broken. We’re all guilty of falling into this trap at one point or another – but what if you could just turn your clothes inside-out and get the same effect? What would happen then? Well, lucky for us casual aesthetic exists! It is created with comfort in mind, which means it can double duty as both formal wear on days when we need more strictness, and a more laid-back outfit when we don’t have to worry about getting stuffy under our suits.

Comfortable And At The Same Time Formal Clothes

15. Egirl aesthetic

E-girl, an acronym for electronic girl that was created to describe a type of feminine alternative aesthetic. The e-glamorous look has been around since 2010s Tumblr and can be seen in many social media influencers on Instagram or other platforms where they post selfies with make-up looks from their phone camera rather than going out dressed head to toe like some stereotypical “perfect wife.” Most E-Girls try to show off their somewhat dark, geeky yet sexy persona.

E-glamorous Looks

16. Pink aesthetic

From its roots in masculinity, pink underwent an evolution that saw it transform into something hyper-feminine and glamorous for women all over the world. Just think about how much personality you could put into your look wearing it! Pink has become an essential element for any fashionista wardrobe because it’s not just one thing. You have the option of mixing and matching it with multiple hues! If you want to take your style up another notch, consider these aesthetics. Trust us when we say there are no rules when creating combinations so get creative.

Pink Outfits For Glamor Woman

17. Chic aesthetic

Chic means elegant, fashionable and trendy. It can be used to describe any style with a casual yet fresh look that is still hip, understated, but up-to-date in today’s world of fashion. The chic aesthetic is all about monochromatic ensembles and pieces with sleek, clean lines. This style exudes power so it’s perfect for women who have an innate sense of fashion like you! Chic often includes clothing in black or white (or maybe even some neutrals), saving color only when they want to make their bold statements – such as red lipstick or bold accessories.

Elegant And Fashionable Aesthetic

18. Summer aesthetic 

There are summer trends living in our wardrobes rent-free, but none are quite as expressive or catchy as hot girl style. The phrase “hot girls” originally appeared in some song lyrics but it has since become a lifestyle for many people these days – a way of life that’s all about being young and beautiful while remaining trendy at the same time! And like it or not, the hot girl summer aesthetic is incomplete without some risky style choices.

Young And Beautiful Style With Risky Choices

19. Winter aesthetic

To survive the cold during the winter, you need an outfit that allows you to look stylish while combating the cold. It is still possible to create an outfit that offers the best of both worlds with clever layering, the right materials, and creative styling. Stay warm, keep it simple, and focus on the accessories. Less is definitely more when it comes to winter aesthetics.

To Survive In Winter And Be Trendy

20. Cottagecore aesthetic

The perfect getaway awaits. A field of daisies and lace, fragrant with jasmine weed. It’s all yours in this cottagecore aesthetic world! The colors are soft; the croissants flow freely from bakery windows straight to your bucket while butterflies sip honeydew on long grasses below them. You can style this aesthetic with a linen dress, puff sleeves, and a cinched-in waist. Also, try flowing blouses in floral prints or pinafores for an effortless look that’s perfect no matter the occasion!

Cottagecore For Perfect Getaway

21. Edgy aesthetic

The dirty mirror selfies and pixelated pictures from the 2000s are hot again thanks to edgy aesthetics. One way to pull it off is by combining your clothing with accessories that go against the grain. You can create an edge in almost anything you wear by pairing it up using unconventional outfit combinations, so get creative!

It’s always fun – and sometimes scary too.

Non-traditional Clothing Combinations

22. Tumblr aesthetic

Tumblr is an unapologetic platform for all your fave 90s soft grunge essentials. It’s not just about oversized shirts and jeans, either – you’ll find everything from vintage band tees to well-worn flannels. Think cotton candy tinted bleached hair with a sporty twist, chokers, American Apparel tennis skirts that are just too cool for school, and wired headphones (don’t worry – these babies stay put). And if you’re not afraid of adding some edginess to your ensemble then go ahead and indulge yourself by showing off those cigarettes!

Tumblr Aesthetic Outfits

23. Hippie aesthetic

The hippie aesthetic has been steadily gaining popularity for years now, and it’s easy to see why. The movement was born from a rejection of traditional values rooted in society around the late 60s/70s with its aesthetics taking cues from peace rallies & Woodstocks. It’s all about flowing fabric and bell-bottom jeans with big sunglasses to match. The aesthetic is dominated by oversized floral patterns in an array of colors that can be anything from vibrant hues like pink or yellow-green. It’s the perfect way to bring some fun flair into your personal style!

Fun In Your Outfits

24. Fall aesthetic

There is still a lot of fashion inspiration to be found in previous eras, as far as we are concerned with fall aesthetic. Fashion in the autumn aesthetic often incorporates warm colors, such as browns and reds. Clothes tend to be heavier with thicker fabrics for chilly fall days. Also, layering is common among fashionistas who want their looks to transition easily from summer into sweater season without too much fuss. Fall aesthetic can involve hygge, a full pantry, pumpkin bread, and other non-dark aspects of decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other autumn vibes.

Warm Colors In Autumn Looks

25. Back to school aesthetic 

Is school starting again soon? It’s always tough to find the perfect outfit for that first day back, but we think these school aesthetic looks are just what you need! There are so many easy-to-wear designs out right now. A mix of the cool and casual is a perfect style for those looking to break away from their regular day-to-day outfits. Pairing longline jeans with white T’s, classic shirts, and cropped sweaters will give you that sense of effortless ease without sacrificing any personality or edge!

Combine Cool And Casual

26. Blue aesthetic

From cerulean to periwinkle and everything in between – there are so many options that it’s hard not to find your perfect match with these color nuances! Blue will be around for years because of how versatile it can be paired alongside different styles such as monochrome ensembles or pastel outfits. The perfect outfit for a lazy day is all about the basics: jeans, a t-shirt, and an easy-going vibe. Pair your favorite denim with one of our soft cool tones that will make you feel like summer has just arrived early!

Perfect Look For Lazy Day

27. Comfy aesthetic 

Do you know what’s better than pumpkin spice lattes? Curling up in a cozy blanket with your cat and reading for hours! But wait… there’s even more to love. For those who live life au naturel, this aesthetic will be ideal. If you are going after this style, look for slouchy socks or shawls that will feel like a second skin. Quilted clothes are also great as they provide warmth without adding bulky weight! Make sure you try different types of fabrics because everyone has their own preferences when curling up in the fetal position with Netflix.

Comfy Aesthetic Looks

28. Minimal aesthetic

Minimalism is all about getting rid of the unnecessary. It’s a philosophy that can be boiled down to one thing: less, but better-looking things in your life so you have more space for what really matters (which could include people!). Minimal fashion is simple and quiet, with a muted color palette. White or grey t-shirts are typically worn under collared shirts for warmth in colder seasons. Button-up shirts provide coverage when it is too hot outside. Pants in minimal aesthetic are either dark denim that matched the shirt’s shoulders harmoniously or lighter colored jeans.

Simple And Quiet Outfits

29. Witch aesthetic

This style revolves around the pursuit of reading, writing, and practicing magic. Witch aesthetic fashion takes some inspiration from dark academia but most importantly it’s all about potion making! Its typical clothes are translucent black blouses and dresses as well as other items such turtlenecks or sweaters in darker shades of color – usually on the more neutral side so they don’t clash too much against one another when combined together.

Witch Aesthetic Outfits

30. Baddie aesthetic

The baddie aesthetic is an African American trend that is directly inspired by Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Doja Cat, and other celebs who post on Instagram every day! This fashion trend is all about showing off your curves in the most flattering way possible. From oversized streetwear to body-hugging mini dresses, this season’s hottest outfit will make any woman feel sexy and confident.

Sexy And Confident Outfits

31. 70s aesthetic

The 70s was a time of experimentation. There are so many trends now that were popularized in this era, whether you realize it or not! Think bright knee-length boots with embroidery on them for example – they’re everywhere these days and have been around since then. How about velvet dresses with flowers printed all over them? Or boho blouses paired with midi skirts just because everyone loves the bohemian aesthetic today, right? The 70s are always in style, but the aesthetics of this decade is more alive than ever.

The 70s Are Always Fashionable

32. Green aesthetic

Liking the color green? You’re not alone! Women across social media are swapping out their soft pinks and vibrant yellows for shades of pea, jade, sage, or lime. The “green aesthetic” has become popular as proven by recent retail success stories like ASOS, where green aesthetic clothes are sold out as soon as they get on the shelves. Kermit the Frog is officially back in town.

For Lovers Of Green

33. Fairy aesthetic

A feminine fairy aesthetic from TikTok and Instagram combining the soft and gentle with a more rugged side is in vogue right now. This is the style surrounding the theme of nature, soft pastels, butterflies, and magic. Light textures and floral elements in this aesthetic seem to make it more enchanting than grunge or cyberpunk. Some must-have elements in fairy fashion are ribbons, bows, wire-rimmed glasses, lace, and sheer fabrics, maxi dresses, shimmery or glittery makeup, etc. 

 Light Textures And Floral Elements In Fairy Aesthetic

34. Purple aesthetic

We all have those days where we just want to embrace our individuality and be daring. The monochrome aesthetic completely embodies this sense of uniqueness without any regrets whatsoever. Purple is definitely the color of royalty and nobility. It’s also associated with power, luxury, wisdom – all things that make us rulers in our own right! You can never go wrong when wearing this classically elegant shade.

Purple Is Color Of Royalty And Nobility

35. Boho aesthetic

Boho-chic is back and better than ever! But what exactly does this mean? Dictionary.com defines the word “boho” as someone who lives in an unconventional or adventurous way; hence fashion trends that draw upon bohemian aesthetic. Once summer rolls around again, we bet half of our wardrobe will be made from flowy cotton dresses that’ll look good no matter where life takes us.

Boho Aesthetic Outfits

36. Classy aesthetic

Classy can mean different things to different people, but in general, it is about being elegant and tasteful with what you wear. Class ladies of old like Audrey Hepburn or even more modern examples such as Grace Kelly have shown us that this aesthetic does not always come from a designer label; rather it’s an attitude deep enough their inner confidence shines through your eyes for all the world see!

Elegant Outfits

37. Sexy aesthetic

You know that sexiness is in the air. The latest fashion trends have it flowing freely, from cut-outs and crop tops to miniskirts or bodycon silhouettes. The sexy aesthetic is extremely popular now, and you don’t have to go too far to see it. Just take a look at Dua Lipa in Versace and Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga. There’s plenty of inspiration to help you find your sexy style.

Sexy Aesthetic Outfits

Aesthetic Outfits FAQs:

What is an aesthetic outfit?

Aesthetic fashion is not just about looking good, it's more than that. It can be defined as the art of dressing up in style and making an individual statement with what you have on your body - which means there are no limits for those who like to experiment! Aesthetic wearers will typically choose clothes with bold designs or patterns that were popular years ago (think - trends). However, this isn't limited only to teens; anyone from any age group could potentially rock these types of outfits too depending upon their personal sense of fashion.

How can I be an aesthetic girl?

Aesthetics can be tricky. Which style do you prefer? Whether it's the e-girl, baddie, or 90s aesthetic, you should figure out which one suits your personality best before jumping into anything too quickly - just like deciding what color goes well together in an outfit. Designers all over the world take inspiration from celebrities and influencers when creating their own looks, and you can do the same. For a start, create mood boards or Pinterest and use them as a reference next time you go shopping.

How do you style aesthetics?

The key to styling your aesthetics is building your capsule wardrobe. Find some pieces that work for any occasion or season. Once you have found them, it's time to start mixing and matching! Remember: certain looks will always have must-haves. The best way we’ve found so far when starting out on this path is by getting into what kind of “capsule wardrobe" this aesthetic is all about - what items do these varying categories need? For example, the soft girl aesthetic includes crop tops, wide jeans, and chunky sneakers in pastel colors, whereas grunge is known for band t-shirts, dark clothes, and combat boots.

What is dark and light academia?

Known as the original academic aesthetic, dark academia revolves around classic literature and the quest for self-discovery. This aesthetic is inspired by several styles such as classical or American prep, and 19th century European upper-class. Compared to dark academia, light academia has pretty much the same vibe but it tends to be visually lighter and more positive in tone.

What are all the popular aesthetics 2021?

TikTok and Instagram brought in some new aesthetics, but many older ones also reincarnated for 2021. For example, you might have noticed the rising popularity of e-girl, soft girl, cottagecore, grunge, dark and light academia, baddie, and so on. In today's world where social media is king, there are many different "looks" or aesthetics you can create with your outfit, from school goth styles all the way down to Japanese teenager looks.

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