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20 Mind-Blowing Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas for any Occasion


Eye makeup is essential for every woman since the first thing people notice is the expressiveness of your look. For many women, it is enough to tint their eyes and add a bit of lipstick to feel irresistible. While some prefer just adding mascara, numerous ladies enjoy more complicated techniques to make their makeup look even more attractive and exciting. Smokey eyes are considered one of the most common universal makeup techniques. At the same time, a variety of colors can be used to create it.

Smokey eyes is a makeup technique that creates a smooth transition from lighter shades of shadows to darker ones (there can be from two to infinity). As a result, you can get a so-called smokey eff, which suits all face shapes and types. Of course, you may think that it is necessary to be a professional makeup artist. However, you will wonder how easy it is when you get some practice.

There is an opinion that smoky makeup is only suitable for blue eyes. However, it’s a common misconception. The correctly chosen smokey eyes can decorate girls and women with any eye color. Moreover, such makeup is perfect both during the day and at night. Find your favorite smoky eye idea and shine every day! Below, we have gathered the most exciting examples of this makeup so that you can pick the best color and go on!

1. Classic Smokey Eye

Of course, we all love classics, which suits everybody, but how to do it? We will gladly share a quick guide, which will help you sort out how to make a perfect smokey eye in your daily routine. First, prepare eyeshadows of the necessary colors. In the classic option, you need a light (for example, beige), grey, and black eyeshadow. It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t have a professional eyeshadow brush. Initially, any tool for eyes makeup will be pretty enough. And after you become more experienced, you will understand whether you require any other instruments or cosmetics.

Let’s pass on the smokey eye tutorials. First, we recommend you apply a primer, but if you don’t have any, this step can be skipped. Then, highlight your upper lash line with a black eyeliner of your choice. After that, lightly blend and layer the product starting from beige to the darker shadow.

Classic Black Smokey Eye Makeup

via @mariamakeups

2. Rusty Smokey Eye Makeup

This alternative is perfect for everyday makeup, and it will mostly suit brown eyes. Rusty eyeshadow is attractive and calm, allowing you to wear it for any occasion. The principle of making a perfect smokey look is similar to the classic one and the only difference in colors. Rusty makeup creates dimension and adds flair to the image, being an excellent addition during cozy autumn evenings! To proceed with a classic rusty smokey eye, use black eyeliner, but if you want to make your look even more colorful, choose brown or even orange.

Rusty Smokey Eye Makeup with Black Eyeliner

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3. Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

If you still don’t know where to use your palette with different shades of pink eyeshadow, consider that smokey eyes will look perfect in this color. Take several shades to make a smooth transition and proceed with attractive makeup, which will not take you more than a few minutes. Such pink makeup is perfect for blondes, but ladies with dark hair can also choose it, just make sure to pick more saturated colors, such as hot pink or magenta, and others. Moreover, you can make a smokey effect with glitter for special occasions and shine!

Pink Smokey Eye Makeup with Purple Shades

via @elagottfried

4. Dramatic Red Smokey Eyes

Are you brave enough to make a red smokey eye look? Of course, such makeup won’t be suitable for office or formal meetings. However, you will get tons of compliments and be at the centre of attention at a party or other special occasion. Choose your favorite shades of red eyeshadow and be ready to collect hundreds of compliments. Get an eyeshadow blend suitable for your color type. Don’t forget to add mascara and enjoy!

Shiny Red Smokey Eye Makeup

via @malvina_isfan

5. Ruby Smokey Eyes

We are confident that almost every woman has made a perfect smoky eye look at least once. But what about some experiments? Add different shades of red and let your image sparkle with new colors. It’s not necessary to be a makeup artist to make it, just find some video tutorials and go on. Ruby color suits all face shapes and color types so that you will look fantastic. Such an image will harmoniously look every day, and if you would like to make it even more exciting, add some colored liner on your lower eyelid.

Dark Ruby Smokey Eyes for Green Eyes

via @povabmakeup

6. Amazing Shiny Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadows look unusual, and many people consider them suitable only for elderly ladies. However, this is far from the case. The fashion for multi-coloured makeup is back and, of course, blue always remain in trend. Take a palette containing dark shades and light colors and begin making your perfect smokey eyes. The principle of doing such makeup is similar to the classic one. If you want to add more glow, put some highlighter on your brow bone to make attractive contouring. Add some mascara on the upper and lower lash line to make the look more expressive.

Bright Blue Smokey Eyes with Black Eyeliner

via @tominamakeup

7. Smokey Eyes for Deep Set Eyes

If you have deep-set eyes, a light shimmery shade palette is a perfect solution. This will emphasize your face shape and make your eyes more beautiful. Of course, this does not mean that you are required to avoid dark tone shadow – just experiment! Only practice will help you decide the best shades for your perfect look. Those who don’t have the appropriate eyeshadow can use a highlighter, which is a wonderful alternative. Add some glitter on the inner corner, which will make your look even more exciting.

Dark Smokey Eyes for Deep Set Eyes

via @larou1

8. Natural Smokey Eyes

Peach eyeshadow is a great solution for day makeup. Such light pastel colors suit both blondes and brunettes, just ensure to pick the best shade according to your color type. If you have dark hair and swarthy skin, add some dark brown colors, and your makeup will look discreet but interesting. Avoid harsh lines and ensure a smooth transition between shades, and enjoy your perfect look!

Gentle Peach Smokey Eyes with Black Eyeliner

via @miki_makeup_co

9. Bright Purple Smokey Eyes

This amazing bright makeup smokey eye is a perfect solution for green or brown eyes. It is very simple, so even a newbie will easily cope with it. First, you should have a fluffy brush – get one if you still don’t have it in your arsenal. Evaluate your palette and pick different shades of eyeshadow you consider the most suitable for such makeup. Do not hasten to run to the shop and buy new products, and we are confident that each woman has something suitable in her arsenal. Put beige shadow on the moving eyelid, and then add all colors from light to dark. Such makeup will add a bright accent to your looks, even if you prefer dark clothes.

Bright Purple with Dark Brown Shades Smokey Eye Makeup

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10. Dark Smokey Eye Makeup

Smoky makeup owes its appearance to silent black-and-white films, and Brigitte Bardot was a celebrity who made black shadow popular. Smokey eyes in extremely dark shades are firmly on the top of the most common makeup techniques and will not lose their relevance. It suits perfectly dark skin tone and pale skin, so every lady should try it. Of course, it is not the best idea for day makeup, but you can do it for some parties. Use the black liner and don’t forget that it’s better to apply the nude lipstick when you make an accent on your eyes.

Black Smokey Eye Makeup on Dark Skin Tone

via @theartistedit

11. Emerald Makeup

Such smokey eye makeup is great for all women, regardless of age, eye color, and clothing style. To create the effect of expressiveness, you should take a gel eyeliner in a rich emerald color, which can even be close to black. Add a deep emerald shadow to the outer corner, and you will notice how your outlook will change. Moreover, if you have a special occasion, you can get a sparkly eyeshadow, and tons of attention is guaranteed.

Emerald Smokey Eye Makeup with Light Corners

via @leomakeup91

12. Silver Smokey Eye Makeup

Silver makeup is the most impressive trend of all time. Thanks to this light color, you can favorably emphasize the eyes, making them brighter. There is a common stereotype that it won’t be suitable for grey eyes, but that’s not true. It doesn’t matter which eyes color you have, since the selection of shadows is enormous, and every woman can find something for her. Silver makeup is a great addition to an evening look, as well as the basis for creating a gentle and light day makeup. Apply the shadow on the whole lid space, and then add a bit of highlighter on eye corners to look perfect.

Shiny Silver Smokey Eye Makeup for Grey Eyes


13. Rich Gold-to-Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Such luxury makeup will look amazing for green, brown, and blue eyes. Brown shadows can be found in the arsenal of every lady and are considered universal. And smokey eyes in such shades look expensive and elegant. You can use both black and brown eyeliner, just apply it evenly on the lash line. After that, use the guidelines on how to do the whole makeup properly. The final touch is to apply mascara and enjoy your fabulous look.

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Gold-to-Green Shade

via @madeupbykaty

14. Sparkly Green Smokey Eyes

The green color is on top of trends for many seasons, which also concerns makeup. Sparkly green eyeshadow is a perfect decision for women with green, grey, and brown eyes. Each woman definitely has some green colors in her palette, so make sure that you own a fluffy blending brush and begin! Don’t forget to apply black eyeliner and get a sultry look.

Green Smokey Eye Makeup with Dark Eyeliner

via @cioflan_gabriela_mua

15. Smokey Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Don’t hasten to be disappointed if you have small eyes – a bright smokey eyes makeup suits everybody, just choose the proper colors! The haze effect used in this technique makes the eyes look wider. However, note that although smokey eyes offer a wide range of colors, it is still better to give preference to light colors. Moreover, experienced makeup artists recommend using false lashes for better effect.

Blue-to-Green Smokey Eyes Makeup for Small Eyes

via @makeuplover_kat

16. Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Women with brown eyes can enjoy a wide range of makeup techniques. Moreover, they have an advantage over others since almost all colors suit them perfectly. If you want to create contrast, choose blue and purple colors. And if you prefer nude, each makeup artist would recommend you to choose beige, brown, and peach shadows with some black on your lash line. Pick the darkest color and put it on inner corners, and get an amazing look, which won’t take much time. Some makeup artists recommend adding different pencil colors to the lower lash line. However, such an alternative won’t suit all and make your eyes look smaller.

Bright Green Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

via @loredanna.valentina

17. Smokey Eyes with Glitter

Glitter on the crease of the eyelid is on top of trends, and women now use it not only for special occasions and parties. If you want to add glow to your daily makeup, feel free to use glitter – it won’t look inappropriately. However, you should better pick light colors since dark eyeshadow with sparkles looks more relevant in the evenings. You can even add some glitter to your bottom eyelashes to create a more dramatic look.

Smokey Eyes with Glitter for Brown Eyes

via @strongrenrg

18. Cosmic Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

Are you in the mood to try something new? The blue shadow looks outdated for many women, but we are confident that it’s possible to find the trendiest colors. Dark blue eyeshadow is perfect for evening makeup, just pick the suitable clothes and feel like a celebrity on the red carpet! If you want to make your look attractive, apply mascara in deep blue colors on your lower lashes. Moreover, consider putting on false lashes for some special occasions.

Cosmic Blue Smokey Eye Makeup with False Lashes

via @greyvalenzuelamakeup

19. Natural Light Smokey Eyes

Pastel eyeshadow colors are the best solution for all ladies, independently of their color type. Proceed with such a day makeup, which will make you feel more confident with your stunning look. This idea will please all fans of a natural makeup look. Even if you make a mistake or makeup unevenly somewhere, no one will notice it due to the light shades. One more benefit is that it is pretty elusive since “a makeup with no makeup” is in trend nowadays.

Natural Light Smokey Eye Makeup

via @dude_maria

20. Orange Smokey Eyes with Crystals

Of course, not all women like dark eyeshadow, and many prefer brighter shades. Try something new, for instance, orange makeup! Although it may seem unusual for many, we are sure that you will fall in love with this idea. Orange eyeshadow will be a perfect solution for ladies with green eyes, creating an impressive contrast. And if you add crystals on the upper eyelid, your image will look very festive. Pick the best orange blend and try such makeup right now!

Bright Orange Smokey Eyes with Crystals

via @machowskamakeup

How Do You Do a Smokey Eye for Beginners?

Have you already chosen the smokey eyes option that you like most? Then it’s time to bring it to life! Choose the color you like most and start makeup now. This procedure seems long and difficult for many, so many ladies prefer to contact specialists. However, it’s quite complicated and financially difficult to visit your makeup artist every time you want smokey eyes. Below, you can find a quick guide on how to proceed with it:

  1. It is necessary to get matte skin, no extra shine, so add some foundation or base on clean skin.
  2. Add the skin corrector if necessary.
  3. Choose the most suitable eyebrow shape and use a pencil or tint to make them brighter.
  4. Use a pencil or liner on the lashes line (choose any color you like, it shouldn’t be black).
  5. Pick the desired shades.
  6. First, get the darkest color and apply it from the growth of eyelashes to the moving eyelid, and slightly go beyond the outer corner.
  7. Apply an intermediate color from the outside of the eye to the inside.
  8. Add the light shadows to the space under the eyebrow.

If the contour turns out to be uneven, then it often needs to be corrected but not redone all over again. And we have a little trick for you. Get some foundation and evenly distribute it from the outer corner of the eye to the tip of the eyebrow. This will not only help to correct the contour but also give your look freshness and youth.

When you highlight your eyes, it is better to choose nude lipstick and cheek blush. Remember that there should be only one accent in makeup – either on the lips or on the eyes. Moreover, keep in mind to always look appropriate: for instance, bright purple makeup will hardly look good at a business meeting or in the office.

Although it seems complicated at first glance, everyone can do smokey eyes. It is not necessary to be a professional makeup artist. If the first time it didn’t work out the way you wanted, don’t be discouraged! When you gain experience, everything will turn out in a matter of minutes.

If you are still confused about which color will suit you best, we recommend you download an application, allowing you to apply any makeup to your picture. You can experiment there and pick the most appropriate shades. This trick will also help you save money, since when you go to the cosmetics shop, you will already know what you need, so you won’t buy unnecessary palettes. We hope that our little pieces of advice will help you choose the best makeup and create your unique style!