50 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles to Bring the Bride’s Image to Perfection


A wedding is the most special occasion in every woman’s life. And, of course, each lady wants to look fantastic and impress guests with her amazing look. If you have already chosen your perfect dress and convenient shoes, it’s time to care about the little things that make the image even more impressive. Of course, a modern bride look cannot be amazing without an attractive and stylish hairstyle. The selection of wedding hairstyles is now insane, and we want to share some of them with our readers.

There are numerous amazing hairstyles, and every lady will definitely find something suitable for herself. It’s critical to consider the dress type, facial features, and preferences to choose a perfect coiffure for your special day. On this page, we have gathered some ideas concerning the best bridal hairstyles of all time. Sit back and be ready to pick the one you like most right now! Our selection contains easy wedding hairstyles for any hair length.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long straight hair is perfect since hairstylists can make any coiffure you like. Your hair color doesn’t matter. Down wedding hairstyles for long hair are considered the most stylish alternative since minimalism is on top of all trends. You can leave your hairstyle straight and add some accessories, such as bows, rhinestones, or pearls.

Wedding Hairstyle on Long Wavy Hair

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Many ladies prefer having light waves, which are definitely the best wedding hairstyles option. It looks elegant and romantic, lightly framing the facial features and highlighting the makeup. Moreover, such a coiffure is perfect for fine hair since it immediately adds volume. Even though it is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles and is simple, nothing can replace the classics.

Long Dark Brown Wedding Hairstyle

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Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

Many ladies think that it’s impossible to come up with a nice bridal hairstyle unless you have long hair, but it’s not true. Ladies with medium length hair can enjoy a huge selection of wedding hairstyle ideas. Of course, the most common option is making light waves and adding a nice hairpin. Such a coiffure always looks laconic and discreet, suiting any wedding dress you’ve selected.

Medium Length Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Decor

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You can also make an elegant low bun that will highlight your cheekbones and make an accent on makeup. Many ladies prefer leaving hair straight and just doing a light styling. Since minimalism and natural beauty are in trend, you will look irresistible, especially if you have a bright elegant wedding dress.

Medium Length Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short wedding hairstyles may vary according to your hair length. For instance, if you have a bob haircut, you can make light curls and put on a cute hair coop. Women with short straight hair often choose a bun, always looking classic and relevant. You can decorate it with pearls or rhinestones, but it’s better to avoid them if you have a sparkling dress.

Short Wavy Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

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Those with very short haircuts, such as a pixie, can’t make an unusual coiffure since they lack hair length. In such an instance, you should better leave your hair without any changes and proceed with nice styling. If you have naturally straight hair texture, ask your hairdresser to make light waves and fix them with a styling gel. This simple wedding hairstyle will accentuate your dress and the overall look.

Short Dark Wedding Hairstyle with Side Floral Decor

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Wedding Updo Hairstyles

It’s hard to imagine romantic wedding hairstyles without updo coiffures, and there is a huge variety of them, so every woman can choose something according to her preferences. For instance, loose curly updos are a classic option suitable for everybody. Such a minimalistic hairstyle will make you look elegant and romantic, suiting any wedding look.

Blonde Wedding Updo Hairstyle with Floral Decor

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One more alternative for bridal hair is a tight bun. This gorgeous updo suits ladies with straight hair and doesn’t require significant effort to proceed with styling. Modern brides mostly prefer leaving natural texture without using numerous hair products, such as styling gels and mousses.

Dark Blonde Wedding Twisted Hairstyle with Hair Pins

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Down Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with naturally long hair can enjoy numerous down wedding hairstyles. Many prefer to make loose waves and add flowers or accessories. You can also proceed with several little braids gathered in a ponytail or make a hair wreath. It’s considered a classic bridal hairstyle, allowing to highlight the facial features. Add natural makeup and feel irresistible on your special day!

Long Wavy Down Wedding Hairstyle

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0Long Wavy Dark Blonde Down Wedding Hairstyle with Braid

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Wedding Hairstyle with Bridal Hair Comb

Making simple wedding hairstyles may be boring for many ladies, so they want to add an interesting element to shine! A bridal hair comb is a great idea for wedding hair decor since it looks laconic and provides an unusual accent. Such wedding hairstyle ideas are perfect for women with any hair length; just pick the hair comb of the necessary size.

Dark Hair Wedding Bun with Bridal Comb

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Although ladies often choose curly or wavy hair for their gorgeous wedding, straight hairstyles are also common. Choose this classic option and add hair accessories to make a bright accent on your coiffure. However, remember that if your dress is decorated with many rhinestones and sparkles, it’s better to avoid bright hair combs.

Blonde Thick Hair with Side Bridal Comb

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Half Up, Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

If you want something classic but unusual, a romantic half-up hairstyle is a perfect solution for you. It’s one of the simplest bridal hairdos, where you take the upper part of the hair and make a loose ponytail or a braid. It’s a gorgeous idea for your curled long wedding hair. You can also proceed with such a coiffure with medium-length hair; just ensure to make light waves. And this half down wedding hairstyle is even easier to make for women with natural curls.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Hair Decor

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Blonde Wavy Half Up Wedding Hairstyle with Wet Hair Effect

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Wedding Braided Hairstyles

If you want to make an unusual and unique bridal hairstyle, you should definitely consider a loose wedding braid. This hairstyle can be complemented with some nice accessories, highlighting the personality of a lady. This coiffure is perfect for women with long straight hair. Those with shorter hair should consider hair extensions. However, you should remember that you should better do this procedure in advance to get used to your new length.

Dark Braided Wedding Hairstyle

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Making loose waves for wedding hairstyle is a classic option that suits all ladies. On the other hand, making a loose braid is easy and stylish. Since minimalism is in trend now, you will look elegant and attractive with this hairstyle, catching dozens of admiring glances.

Dark Blonde Braided Wedding Hairstyle with Pearl Pins

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Wedding Braided Buns

Braided buns are an elegant wedding hairstyle, suiting all women. However, it mostly suits those with long hair since it may be difficult to make braids on shorter hair. Although this coiffure seems complicated, this is far from the case. You should make several small braids from a part of your hair. After that, gather them in a bun, which will provide additional volume for thin hair and look extremely attractive.

Brown Wedding Braided Bun

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This romantic updo hairstyle is up to your imagination! You can make a messy bun, a trendy wedding hairstyle for long hair. Many women like making sleek hair styled in a perfect bun, providing an ultra glam look.

Dark Hair Wedding Braided Bun with Gold Floral Decor

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Wedding French Braid

Intricate weaves already seem to have lost their popularity compared to the last decade, and many women prefer minimalistic hairstyles. However, some still would like to create unique wedding hairstyles, and here a French braid comes in handy. It implies a wavy hairstyle gathered into a braid. And it’s up to your imagination!

Wedding French Braid with Bridal Hair Decor

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Ladies often prefer to leave a loose braid, adding some hair accessories. You can also make an updo coiffure, a classic wedding hair. Moreover, it can add volume to your naturally straight hair, making your overall look even more attractive. It can also be a great option for wedding hairstyles for medium length, so it’s not obligatory to have long hair.

Wedding French Braid on Thick Light Brown Hair

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Wedding Crown Braid

Every lady wants to feel like a princess on her perfect wedding day, so making a crown of braids is a gorgeous idea. It is one of the most popular elegant wedding hairstyles, allowing a lady to make a laconic and romantic look. If you have chosen a long dress, this coiffure will highlight your personal style and attract attention to your hair.

Wedding Crown Braid on Platinum Blonde Hair

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This is a hairstyle for medium length hair and long hair, so if your hair is short, you should better consider hair extensions. You can also add some hair accessories to provide a bright and attractive accent to your overall image.

Thick Blonde Wedding Hairstyle with Crown Braid


Fishtail Braid for Elegant Women

Such a loose braid for your wedding hairstyles is a great idea if you want to have a minimalistic look and make an accent on your dress.

Wedding Fishtail Braid with Floral Hair Decor

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Fishtail braids are easy to make, so you don’t even have to visit a beauty salon. Make curled hair using a curling iron and braid it. This option is great for thick hair since you don’t need additional volume. It’s definitely one of the most common wedding hairstyles for long hair nowadays.

Side Wedding Fishtail Braid with Spring Flowers

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Waterfall Braid for Bright Personalities

This simple and elegant hairstyle will appeal to lovers of minimalism. You can easily make it even without visiting your hairdresser. First, make loose waves and make two small braids. Then gather them into a ponytail on the nape and enjoy your perfect modern bridal style. To make you look more exciting, add some hair accessories and shine! Such a waterfall braid is a great idea for weddings and every day.

Long Blonde Waterfall Braid

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If your hair is not long enough, you should pay attention to hair extensions. Such procedures are usually fast, but consider making it at least a few days before your wedding to get used to your new hair length.

Long Dark Blonde Waterfall Braid with Side Flower Decor

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Asymmetrical Twisted Updo

Such an Audrey Hepburn style is definitely classic and suits any wedding theme. This bridal hairstyle can be perfectly combined with an elegant minimalistic dress. It suits any hair color, and any experienced hairdresser can recommend to you the best style that will look amazing with your facial features.

Asymmetrical Twisted Wedding Undo on Blonde Hair

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An asymmetrical hairstyle for brides is the best solution if you want to make an accent on your dress and wedding makeup.

French Twisted Bun on Blonde Hair

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Ponytail for Elegant Brides

Even though a sleek ponytail seems too simple for a special day, many women prefer this hairstyle for their wedding. Make a ponytail with hair accessories to get a brighter and more attractive coiffure. This option is perfect for the round face shape and suitable for straight and curly hair.

Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle on Black Hair with Pearls

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Create your unique image and ask your makeup artist to proceed with a brighter makeup since the hairstyle is simple and discreet.

Wedding Wavy Ponytail Hairstyle on Blonde Hair

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Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Boho style is not at the peak of popularity, and elegant loose curls are wonderful for any hair type. And here it’s all up to your imagination!

Boho Wedding Hairstyle with Spring Flowers

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You can braid a few strands or make a half-down hairstyle. Moreover, adding several bridal hairpins will make your coiffure even more unusual and cute.

Boho Wedding Hairstyle with Braid and Hair Pins

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Effortless Milkmaid Braid

A milkmaid braid is one of the most common braided wedding hairstyles. Make several braids and collect them into a wreath, creating a unique pattern on your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or naturally wavy hair since this hairstyle is perfect for all ladies. Enjoy a selection of romantic wedding hairstyles and pick the one you like most for your big day.

Wedding Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle with Floral Decor

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Wedding Milkmaid Braid on Silver Blonde Hair

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Bridal Hairstyle with an Impressive Flower Crown

Fresh flowers for your wedding hairstyle have become classic since they add romance and elegance to your look. And the selection is enormous! For instance, you can make a braided bun with a flowers crown that will highlight your beauty.

Long Blonde Bridal Hair with White Fluffy Flower Crown

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Women often choose one more option, simple loose wavy hair decorated with a flower crown. You can make it yourself or ask your hairdresser to proceed with a perfect hairstyle for your special day. Be ready to receive hundreds of compliments!

Long Wavy Blonde Bridal Hair with Floral Crown

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Black Wedding Hairstyles

There are numerous wedding hairstyles for natural black hair, and each lady can choose the one she likes. The most standard options include thick curly hair with exciting decor or a low bun with braids. Minimalism is fashionable now, so you can pick a simple hairstyle and apply hair jewelry. Your wedding hair locks will look irresistible with pearls, rhinestones, or a hair comb. And if you search for bridal hair for black women, consider a braided hairstyle, which is amazing for curly hair.

Thick Black Wedding Hairstyle with Big Pearl Pins

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Swept Back Black Wedding Hairstyle with Hair Decor

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Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

A modern chignon wedding updo is a classic messy bun. This coiffure looks perfect on straight and wavy hair and suits all facial features. A chignon hairstyle for wedding will add charm and elegance to the bride without distracting attention from her dress and makeup. Consider this wedding hairstyles idea since it will look fantastic on your special day!

Chignon Wedding Hairstyle on Brown Hair


Chignon Wedding Hairstyle on Blonde Hair with Hair Decor

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Wedding Hairstyles with Veil

It’s hard to imagine the classic wedding style without a veil, which has been at the peak of popularity for many decades. It adds elegance and innocence to the bride’s look and can be perfectly combined with loose curls. We recommend you not to consider complicated braided coiffures if you want to wear a veil at your outdoor or beach wedding.

Wedding Updo Hairstyle with Veil

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You should also pay attention to the half-down hairstyle with veil, which looks romantic and suits any dress. Apply it using wedding hair clips and enjoy your fantastic bridal look in a few minutes!

Wedding Bun Hairstyle with Veil on Dark Brown Hair with Highlights


Bridal Hair with Pearls

Do you like the idea of making a nice messy low bun for your wedding day? If you want to make a simple coiffure, adding some nice accessories is always a great idea. Loose curls with hair pearls will become a wonderful highlight in any bridal look. Pick a matching necklace and enjoy your elegant look on this special occasion.

Bridal Hairstyle with Pearls on Ash Blonde Hair

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Bridal Bun with Pearls

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Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

50’s wedding hairstyle ideas are still relevant nowadays. They usually imply strong bug curls to get a perfect wavy hairstyle for your wedding day. You can also make a classic ponytail with straight hair. Even though it looks simple, you can add some exciting elements, such as pearls and hairpins. Vintage hairstyles are great for bridal medium length hair.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle with Bun and Wavy Side Strand

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Vintage Wedding Side Bun

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Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs

Ladies with bangs can also enjoy a wide selection of long or short wedding hairstyles. Consider wavy hair down or a stylish bun that can be complemented with hair decor to make a perfect bridal style with a bang. Style the cascading face framing locks to make a perfect coiffure. You can also add a veil to make the look even more elegant.

Wedding Hairstyle with Braid and Bang on Ash Blonde Hair

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Long Red Bridal Hair with Bang and Floral Hair Decor

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Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara

Tiara is a royal element of a hair wedding decor, which can make you look even more stylish and attractive. It’s perfect both for short and long straight hair. Remember that it’s better to avoid complicated braiding since a tiara is a good accent on a simple coiffure. For instance, you can make a copy of Meghan Markle wedding tiara or find other stylish ideas.

Wedding Bun with Tiara

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Long Wedding Hairstyle with Tiara

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How to Prepare Hair for the Wedding Day?

A wedding is a beautiful and desired but challenging event for every girl. Everyone wants this day to be perfect, and creating a beautiful image and preparation are essential. To help your hair look amazing, follow some simple advice. First, remember that it’s better to avoid any radical experiments with your hairstyle, including dying.

On the other hand, hair restoration and strengthening are what any bride needs. It is worth starting the care course a couple of months before your special day to get noticeable results. It’s better not to use new cosmetic products before the wedding since you never know how they will impact the hair texture. Use a shampoo and balm that definitely suit your hair type to avoid unpleasant surprises.