The Guide to Ombre Brows: Benefits, Aftercare, and Cost

Microblading is a popular permanent makeup technique that helps create fuller eyebrows. However, this procedure has its pros and cons. For people with oily skin, ombre eyebrows seem to be the perfect solution. To get the perfect eyebrow shape, you must use this semi-permanent styling method that makes the brows fuller and more beautiful.

This method has been around for ages and is a makeup trend that is fast catching up, especially in Asian countries. The West has recently discovered the fantastic results of the ombre effect that makes your brow arches look pretty and stand out.

Without further ado, let’s find out more about ombre brows.

What Are Ombre Eyebrows?

Also famously known as Powdered Brows, ombre brows are the latest brow trend. It is a styling technique that helps define the brows in the perfect shape. The semi-permanent method involves machine shading.

Ombre Eyebrows Before and After

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The machine places minute pigmented dots on the skin that helps the brows appear shaded with a pencil. Ombre shading is an eyebrow makeup trend that gives depth to the brows besides the right shape.

Benefits: Ombre powder brows take away the time-consuming process of filling your brows with a pencil each time. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Fuller brows do not require much maintenance; a few touch-ups can help the brows last between one and three years. And it is an affordable process. You can also experiment with this technique to create a gradient effect for your brows to truly stand out.

What is the difference between microblading and ombre brows?

Microbladed brows are achieved using a hand-held device making the brows look fluffy and soft. A new technique of ombre brows gives the brows a powdery effect. It is done using a digital device where tiny pigment dots are infused in the skin using semi-permanent eyebrow dye. Microblading results in crisp hair stroke brows, while the ombre technique in a shaded effect.

Infographic: Difference Between Microblading and Ombre Brows

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Both techniques are semi-permanent and give a fuller brow shape. Microblading usually lasts almost two years, while ombre brows go up to three years. The rates for both techniques are mostly the same. Microblading is advised for people with dry skin, while ombre is for oily skin types.

Powder Eyebrows Aftercare

The healing process for all skin types after the ombre technique involves some care so that the result is the best. It would be best if you follow care tips for completely healed ombre brows:

Infographic: Powder Eyebrows Aftercare

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  • Avoid getting your ombre eyebrows wet.
  • Keep away from working out for a while.
  • Wearing makeup around the brows is a no-no.
  • Do not use chemically-made harsh products on the face.
  • No facials for a while.
  • Touching and peeling the scabs is a no-no.
  • Avoid sweating. Safe the brow area from the sun.

How long do powder brows last?

Ombre brows have a more definite shape and finish. Even with a low-maintenance skincare routine, the brows will remain for one to three years. This is true for oily skin types.

You need to ensure that you follow aftercare instructions to avoid premature fading. A touch-up is required on your ombre brows after two months of the procedure.

How much do ombre brows cost?

Ombre powder brows are quite an affordable procedure. However, the final price will depend on the city/state where you are getting the brows done, the expertise of the artist, and the quality of materials being used.

The average cost of this beauty procedure in the US is around USD 600. But the prices can vastly differ depending on the location. For example, the ombre brow cost in New York City is about USD 850; in Florida, you can get it done at USD 500.

The cost usually includes consultation with the artist, the powder brows treatment, the touch-up session after two months, and the aftercare kit/instructions. There could be variations, though. It is a good idea to check all the details with the artist before paying for the procedure.

How to get ombre brows with makeup?

You can create fake Ombre brows if you don’t wish to use a semi-permanent technique. Watch how to get the ombre effect on your eyebrows.

For that perfect brow design, follow these steps:

  • Remove all the makeup and clean the brows using a cotton pad and cleansing water.
  • Take nude eyeliner. Fill the brows with tiny dots. From the beginning, go to the arch and then the brow’s tail.
  • To fill the brows naturally, use eyebrow powder and an angled brush. For a darker shade in the middle and the ends, use a darker shade.
  • Use an eyebrow brush to blend in the powder.
  • While applying makeup to get a hyper-realistic effect, use a long-wear topcoat to achieve the perfect ombre shape and effect.