40 Classy Haircuts for Thick Hair to Switch Up Your Routine

Yes, we know that a head of hair can be a nightmare with detangling fights, scary bedhead looks and frustrating styling that literally chews up your time. But we also believe that thick manes are beautiful, sexy and doable, if the right cut is applied depending on your face shape, hair texture and styling abilities. So, we’ve collected hot and happening hairstyles for thick hair that will help control your bushy hair, while creating stylish looks.

Trending Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

It’s often recommended to keep thick tresses on the longer side, since this allows taming the hair by weighting it down. But short and shoulder length hairstyles are taken as less demanding in care and styling, also being flattering to many women. The truth is somewhere in between, as you can opt for the length that is more to your liking and have your hair manageable.

Short Bobs and Pixies for Abundant Hair

When it comes to short wash and go hairstyles, an edgy pixie is off the top of our head. “Pixies are actually great for thick hair, because you can really manipulate it into any texture you want. You can create a smooth, flat look, or a textured, roughed-up look without your hair looking overly thick,” Michael Dueñas, founder of Hair Room Service who works with A-list celebs, tells Redbook. While falling into line with the professional, we also cannot turn our back on trendy bob versions, which are also chic and very much adaptable for heads of hair. Let’s have a look at both!

Medium Length to Showcase Full Hair

“Thick hair that’s shoulder-length can very easily get big,” hairstylist Mia Santiago who does the hair of celebrities like Mariska Hargitay and Linda Evangelista says to Allure and recommends choosing layers for turning unwanted fluffiness into dimension. Also, don’t ignore styling products that work to manage the pouf without removing the required movement – choose a silky wax or balm, weighing the hair down a bit, while not overwhelming it. To have a blunter touch with no razor cutting (which often ends up with a mullet-y look) ask for a parallel undercut, popularized by celeb hairstylist Anh Co Tran on his YouTube channel. “It’s a great way to add movement to any cut,” he told Refinery29.

Long ‘Dos for Lush Manes

While long hair can be a bomb, it’s also a challenge due to its weight and wildness. Luckily, there are tried and true strategies for various hair types, helping to fix the problem. For long straight or wavy tresses choose layering with disconnection to lighten your hair mass, while giving it movement and bounce. But if your locks are curly, quite another strategy comes into play. “For this curly texture, you need beautifully blended, round layers all over your head to lend weight without looking heavy,” Matt Fugate, celeb hairstylist who worked with Claire Danes and Brooke Shields among other stars, tells Allure.

Cool Cuts for Different Face Shapes

When choosing a low maintenance cut, make sure to take into account your facial features in order to get the best possible look. Take advantage of little tricks that help create visual illusions and draw attention away from your weak points. For example, add big waves to a diamond face to balance its narrowness or try rounded curtain bangs for a rectangular shape. “Layering around the face is going to slim and break up a round face shape. This will draw the eye horizontal and bring the focus to the eyes, cheeks, and lips,” says Chad Wood, hair artisan behind Bella Hadid and J Lo, to In Style. Here are more tips for thick hair and different face shapes.

Fashionable Layered Coif

As you may know, layering should be done strategically for thick hair to bring in dynamics and remove bulk, while giving freedom to rejoice in wash and go styles. However, if you’re not impressed with layered cuts, you can ask for layering just around the face, starting from the cheekbone and down to the tips, with no cascade on the back. This method works for many lengths, from a collar bone level to long ‘dos. “The important part of all these looks and cuts is that there is a beautiful curve in the hair, which can also become a shag look,” Renya Xydis, Australian-based salon founder and hairstylist of Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, says to Refinery29. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy a variety of layers in our selection.

On-Trend Black Hairstyles

To reveal the beauty of naturally thick coils, we vote for tapered cuts that are strikingly voluminous, masterfully defined and individually shaped to flatter a particular face type. Sure, you shouldn’t refuse other options like blunt bob cuts for relaxed hair and gorgeous updos covering all kinds of braids, knots and twists. “Visit a natural-hair professional to have your texture assessed by a trained eye for density, thickness, and strength,” Shereen Doucette, award-winning hairstylist and national educator for Eufora, says to Redbook magazine. Until then, you can take inspiration from our hot pick. Below there are some nice ideas for overnight hairstyles.

10 Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair to Arrest All Eyes in 2019

“There are many modern ways to work around thick hair including under-cutting, splicing, removing the interiors, or even keratin treatments to give hair the smooth, natural look,” says celebrity hairstylist, salon owner and brand founder David Mallett to InStyle. But he warns against over-layering, triangle-shaped cuts with super blunt ends and square thick fringes, as it can make you look old-fashioned. Opt for curtain bangs or a fringe with soft ends, thinned out tips for medium-to-long hairstyles, undercut lobs and face-framing layers for lengthy hair. With these tips in mind, find even more cuts, which feature both low maintenance and a voguish touch, in those Instagramable pictures below.

Now you are armed with tips and ideas for your next visit to a salon. From overnight hairstyles to blowouts, our selection gives a wide array of options for girls with thick manes. And while we keep on surfing the Web in search of fresh trends and inspo, you stand a good chance of getting into our next pick!

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