10 Most Popular Eyebrow Styles for Any Face Shape

Eyebrows are the first thing you notice when you meet a new person. And there is no secret – if the eyebrow shaping is not striking, you’ve chosen the proper form and color. Of course, the first thing you should do before picking the appropriate shape is to analyze your facial features. You can find numerous special apps, allowing you to try on different brow shapes to see what suits you best.

Nowadays, the trendiest option is to have natural brows. Many beauties even don’t pluck or color them, using only a styling gel. If you are lucky enough to have bushy eyebrows, do not try to do anything with them because now they create a real wow effect. Numerous celebrities and trendsetters support this trend, providing naturalness and a slight negligence in their overall look.

Those with flat brows also don’t have to be disappointed since they are effortless to style. If you still haven’t found the shape and color of your perfect brows, this article is for you. We have thoroughly selected the most popular eyebrow shapes for all women. Take a look at them below!

Do you Know Your Eyebrow Shape?

Types of Eyebrow Shapes

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When picking a brows shape that suits you, you should evaluate numerous factors. Remember that the natural shape and hairline also matter, so if you are experimenting and see that one or another option does not suit you at all – try others. Visiting a brow technician in a beauty salon is also a great idea since a certified specialist will be able to help you with this issue. Here are the most popular eyebrow shapes we have selected to help you make the right choice.

1. Straight Brows Is the Most Neutral Option

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer thick or thin eyebrows since both options are now at the peak of popularity. The most crucial point is to consider your facial features. This brow shape will look wonderful on people with a long face shape. Ladies with such brows look elegant, young, and more relaxed. Moreover, it helps concentrate attention on the beauty of their eyes.

There are several types of straight brows, and each lady can choose the option that she likes most:

  • Thin brows highlight a woman’s femininity, but we don’t recommend tweezing them too much since you can look a bit old-fashioned.
  • Natural brows, implying medium width, are the trendiest option nowadays.
  • Wide brows have become increasingly popular at some moment. Kara Delevingne and Lily Collins set this trend, which, unfortunately, is already fading away. Not each woman can grow such eyebrows, requiring extra treatment to look attractive.

Remember that if you have a triangle face, it’s better to make eyebrows with at least a slight bend. Women with a wide forehead and narrow chin often look gloomy and older when choosing straight brows.

This form is perfect for flat eyebrows, and it’s easy to style them properly. However, if you are not confident that you will be able to make your brow shaping on your own, consult the beauty master, who will easily help you. It is enough to make a high-quality correction once, and then you can repeat the procedure yourself.

Straight Thick Eyebrows

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2. Classic Upward Brows for Modern Fashionistas

This style is probably the most common among women and is considered classic. It implies that the eyebrow tip is lower than at the beginning. Such styling allows you to make your eyes visually wider and have a more open look effect. However, don’t place the tip too high since it can give the face an unnaturally surprised expression, which won’t look good.

Upward brows are a great idea for those who have a round face shape. If you want to make high-quality coloring, proceed with brow mapping first. If you make a proper shaping and styling once, you will easily repeat this procedure. It requires little maintenance, and it’s unnecessary to be a professional to cope with it. Moreover, if you have bushy brows, you will look even more stylish and attractive!

Upward Eyebrow Shape

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3. Soft Arch Brow Shape for Diamond-Shaped Face

Such eyebrows are the best option for ladies with diamond-shaped faces. It can be characterized by angularity, and you can easily smooth this feature with a soft curve. If you have an oval face shape, you should better pick straight brows. Such a form won’t make a natural arch and will be perfect for you.

If you prefer low arch brows, use a pencil or shadows to make the shape, and then add some highlighter to the brow bone to shine bright! Such a trick is a great idea for most face shapes and will make you look fresher.

Soft Arch Brow Shape

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4. Your Perfect Look with Medium Arch Brows

This option is incredibly common among women of all ages and preferences. You can enhance the exact form while tweezing and regulate whether you would like a rounded arch or an angular one. Moreover, you can perfectly highlight the brow shape using your favorite tint or pencil. To make your eyes even more attractive, do not forget to add a drop of highlighter under the brow’s outer corner.

Medium arch brows are a great solution for most ladies since it suits everyone. Many people think that women with long face shapes can only have straight brows, but it’s not true. Consult your cosmetologist or brow technician to know which form is the most preferable for you. It will be simple to keep the shape after a professional correction at least once.

An eyebrow tattoo is a great idea if you don’t like doing makeup every day. Just find a good specialist who will make you a perfect shape for at least one year. Of course, a correction would be required after some time, but it’s easier than using cosmetics daily. Get your perfect eyebrow shape and get dozens of compliments!

Medium Arch Brow Shape

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5. Who Can Have High Arch Brows?

This brows type is not the most common now since it makes a surprised facial expression. As a rule, it doesn’t look very attractive if made unnaturally. However, ladies with round faces often look attractive with high arch brows. And if you have a high forehead, such a shape will help keep the facial harmony.

It’s important not to make a thin shape since it is not in trend nowadays. Make sure to make thick eyebrows, providing a natural form, which will always look nice. Doing your makeup in such an instance is very easy – just use an eyebrow pencil. Don’t get upset if you cannot make a perfect brow shape the first time. You will find the best option after you get some experience.

High Arch Brow Shape

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6. S-Shape Brows: Make Your Appearance Unique

This brows shape is the most uncommon and may seem unusual or even weird for many ladies. However, it is a perfect option for women with triangle faces since it is the best way to narrow the wide cheekbones and forehead. It will also suit a square face shape.

Curved brows will help you look more elegant and attractive, but keep in mind that shaping them is quite difficult. The best option is to visit your favorite beauty salon, where a professional brow technician will easily cope with this task. However, if you decide to proceed with it by yourself, remember that the brow should begin right above the corner of the eye.

Shape the brow with a special white pencil, and only after that apply tint or shadows. To make your makeup more attractive, add some highlighter to the inner corner of the eye. It will add shining, allowing you to look even more attractive and feminine.

S-Shape Thick Brows

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7. Round Eyebrow Shape Can Be Easily Done at Home

Rounded eyebrows are a great solution for each lady with a diamond-shaped face. It allows you to visually soften the facial features, making the expression kinder. For many, it is the best brow shape, and one of the reasons is that they are really easy to take care of.

Nothing but a brow pencil is necessary to make a perfect shape. Experiment with different makeup ideas, and you will find the best option. You should pay special attention to the width of the brow. Eyebrows that are too wide will add even more masculinity, which is not the best alternative for square and diamond-shaped faces. And thin ones are not trendy at all.

Round Natural Eyebrow Shape

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8. Round Arch: Perfect Way to Shape Your Brows

This option implies no sharped bends, which perfectly suits an oval-shaped face. If you have a rounded forehead and large eyes, consider such form for your daily makeup, and you will look innocent and feminine. In addition, keep in mind that you shouldn’t have too wide eyebrows, as they make you look stern and hard.

The round brow shape is considered classic and will never lose its relevance. To make your brows look amazing, make sure that you have 30-40 minutes for their correction. First, you should highlight the outline and tweeze the excess hair going beyond the lines. After that, use the product of your choice, such as brow pencil or shadows, to add color. You can also make a shallow brow arch, which will add charm to your appearance.

Round Arch Brow Shape

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9. Flat Brows: Freshest Trend for Stylish Ladies

It is one of the trendiest brow shapes in 2022, inspired by Korean beauties. This form is the best solution for round and oval faces, allowing them to look more angular. If your brows don’t initially have an arch, you will not have any shaping problems. Many women wonder whether to make thick or thin eyebrows. And we recommend you to stick to the first option since eyebrow threads are not in trend anymore.

A flat shape makes your brows look soft and natural, which is in trend nowadays. Many women prefer not to wear makeup, but well-groomed brows are a must. You can also make a slight arch and enjoy your perfect look.

Flat Natural Brow Shape

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10. Hard Angled Brows: Make Them Natural

This brow shape is quite specific since it makes your facial features more angular, giving you an angry and rude expression. Not each woman will look attractive with such an appearance, so you should weigh all pros and cons before your next brows appointment.

However, if it’s your natural brows shape, then it will look fine. In most cases, it suits people with heart-shaped faces. Remember that it is not a great solution for those with a low forehead and small eyes. Moreover, do not make your brows too thin as they will look unnatural. Leave such a trend in the 2000s, and don’t forget that natural width is the most flattering option!

Hard Angled Brow Shape

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How Do I Choose my Eyebrow Shape?

Choosing the brow shape can be real suffering for many women. It is a significant aspect of each makeup since the right form helps build face harmony. Many think that choosing the best shape and the correction of eyebrows is only possible for professionals, but this is not true. Of course, if you don’t know where to start, it’s better to go to your favorite salon. A brows master will provide you with a consultation and make a perfect shape.

However, making a proper eyebrow shape is also possible. To get some ideas, search for ladies with similar appearance and evaluate what they prefer. After that, use a brow pencil and experiment – if the attempt fails, you can always use micellar water and start over again.

Of course, the most significant point that you should consider when choosing the perfect brow shape is your facial features. For instance, women with oval faces are the luckiest since all brow shapes suit them. The only thing that you should care about in this case is to make sure that they are thick and well-groomed.

Arched shapes and soft curves are considered taboo for round-faced girls. Your main aim is to narrow the face, and bends can only emphasize the roundness when doing makeup. Amazing eyebrows should have a sharp and clear arch, which will add geometricity to the appearance. This technique will also visually enlarge the eyes. Triangle-faced ladies should prefer raised eyebrows with a slight arch, which will make a great balance between a wide forehead and a small chin.

If you have a square face, you should consider making S-shaped brows, which look elegant and unusual. Although this type is quite difficult to make, it will always look perfect. You can also pay attention to a straight line with a slight curve.

When selecting the appropriate brow shape, you should also evaluate your eyes’ type. For instance, ladies with close-set eyes should never make thin eyebrows. In this case, the best option is a long and wide arch, which will stretch along the entire length of the forehead. For widely spaced eyes, the best alternative is brows without sharp features and lines.

One more great idea to find a perfect brow form is downloading an appropriate application on your device. Nowadays, numerous apps allow you to try on any makeup, hair, or brow shape. Just download your image and go on! This option is a great way not to risk your eyebrows and get the possibility to test different alternatives before proceeding with tweezing.

How Do I Shape My Eyebrow Arch?

Not each woman has the desire to visit her brows technician regularly, and many prefer to shape them at home. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. With some practice, every lady can easily cope with this task and enjoy her perfect eyebrow shape. To keep your eyebrows in perfect condition, follow these rules and enjoy the result:

  • Find your perfect shape and stick to it. Do not experiment too often and stick to one form that suits you most.
  • If you prefer brows correction at home, you should first draw a proper scheme not to tweeze excess hairs and paint over eyebrows well.
  • Choosing the desired shape, focus on your natural eyebrows. They will look more natural, and it’s now the hottest trend.
  • Evaluate the length of your brows. When they are too long, you can look sad, while short can highlight facial asymmetry.
  • Set the direction of the brow tip (it should form a straight line with your ear).
  • Outline the eyebrow and tweeze all the hairs that extend beyond it.

For the correction, you need tweezers, scissors, a brush, and cosmetics for brows. If you don’t like doing your brows makeup every day, you can choose henna, which lasts several weeks. You should also take care of good lighting. Of course, not everyone has a lamp like makeup artists, but just good bright light is enough.

Learn some tips and tricks on how to shape your eyebrows.

If you want your brows to look more accurate, make sure to follow some simple rules. First, comb your eyebrows daily with a special brush, which will allow you to shape them. After the correction, apply a brow gel to style your brows and make them look even more attractive. And finally, make a nourishing brow mask once a week.

Remember that it is better to leave more hair when tweezing brows. A good idea is to constantly check your result at a distance from the mirror. The shape of the eyebrows depends on how many hairs you remove and where they are located. If you hesitate whether to continue tweezing, it’s better to stop and evaluate the result. Remember that eyebrows rarely grow very fast, and thin ones are not in fashion. So try not to overdo it to get the perfect, stylish brow shape.