40 Great Ideas of Short Haircuts for Women Trending in 2023

Short hairstyles are praised for their low maintenance, though actually, some cuts require an advanced level of styling abilities and frequent trims. However, there are plenty of easy to style options that can grow out for months without you visiting a salon, while retaining the stylish look. Upon reading the article, you will know for sure which choice is yours based on your personal features and lifestyle.

Chic Short Length Hairstyles for Different Hair Types

Got a head of hair and don’t want to back the wrong horse when choosing a cut? Go for a cool little pixie! “Pixies are actually great for thick hair, because you can really manipulate it into any texture you want. You can create a smooth, flat look, or a textured, roughed-up look without your hair looking overly thick,” says Michael Dueñas, who styles Padma Lakshmi among other celebrities, to Redbook.

Is your hair thin? Ask for a medium-short blunt bob. “Bluntly cut styles were designed in the ’60s by Vidal Sassoon to give the hair more shape and fullness for a thicker silhouette,” says another celeb hair artist, Cash Lawless, who works with Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, to Cosmopolitan.

Obviously, you are not limited to these hairstyles, and we are going to prove it.

Platinum Pixie For Thin Hair

via @rachelwstylist

This cute platinum pixie gives a shape to thin hair, saving it from falling flat. The pulled forward top pieces blend with a side-swept fringe to create a fuller look in the front.

Long Curly Tapered Pixie

via @maygovintage

It’s a nice idea to bump up the bounce of curly locks by cutting them into a long pixie, while keeping the hair tapered at the nape. Note those flirty tendrils!

Stacked Bob For Thick Straight Hair

via @shmoakin_hair

Here, a thick straight mane is packed into a stacked bob with tons of volume in the back and a lighter touch in the front.

Spiky Pixie For Fine Hair

via @emilyandersonstyling

A very short pixie styled spiky and boasting lots of pieceyness on the crown and in the front is sure to boost volume in fine tresses.

Messy Wavy Bob Cut

via @joeltorresstyle

Messy styling coupled with the magic of texturizing products adds a new twist to this wavy cut with a glorious swoop.

Showy Crops for Different Face Shapes

Are you ready to say good-bye to your locks and embrace a heavily sliced and super short pixie, guaranteed to flatter your round face? “If you’re going to go short, go short all the way,” says Garren, living legend of hair art, to InStyle. Indeed, since choppy pieces on top serve to add height and angles, while placing the focus on your eyes, Ginnifer Goodwin’s chops are your go-to. Want a longer alternative? Think of a choppy layered bob with a side parting.

Girls with diamond-shaped faces need to balance the widest part of the face with a fuller look near the chin. “Go for angled bobs that are longer in the front and will cover the width of the cheeks,” says Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist with Lea Michele and Emily Blunt among her clients, to Byrdie.

Keep scrolling to find other nice examples for each face shape.

Razor Cut Bob With Bangs For Round Face

via @hairbyac_alcorn

Curtain bangs hit the spot, when you need some angles to balance your round face. And this razor-cut texture is perfect for minimizing the wideness of the cheeks.

Pixie With Piece-Y Bangs For Long Face

via @denyvir

The rounded shape of this bold pixie with piece-y baby bangs works great for making the long face appear more oval without adding any height on the crown.

Bob With An Off-Centre Part

via @anhcotran

The just-above-the-shoulder bob frames this oval face nicely, while an off-center part and a line across the face break the symmetry for an edgier look.

Point-Cut Fringe For Square Face

via @timm.morrison

A full fringe won’t seem harsh on a square face, if you keep it on the softer side by avoiding bluntness. Get it point-cut and a bit longer to the temples.

Spiky Pixie For Heart-Shaped Face

via @denyvir

This badass pixie has everything to flatter a heart shaped face – a daring bold fade on the sides, voluminous spiky top and contrasting color palette.

Eye-Catching Short Bob Hairstyles

There is a bob for everyone, you know. Seriously, there are so many bob options (one-length, inverted, stacked, blunt, layered, blunt with layering) and even more ways to adapt the cut to your appearance. The versatility gives you a nice chance to enjoy an easy-to-style, yet hot ‘do.

Lets us say, you want to get a sleek one-length look. “You could play it safe with a lob, but a really sharp, straight bob with bangs is dramatic and beautiful,” says celeb hairstylist Leanne Citrone to Refinery29. Or maybe, you want a cut to offset the angular lines of your square face? Opt for a tousled bob with soft layers. “It emphasizes layers and will de-emphasize any squareness,” explains Enzo Angileri, hair wizard behind Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez, to Byrdie.

Have a look at other beautiful adaptations.

Curly Layered Side-Parted Bob

via @caroldoscaracois

This curly girl rocks her natural tight ringlets shaped into a side-parted layered bob for strong bounce and definition.

Chin-Length Bob With Bangs For Straight Hair

via @chiyukihair

The classic chin-length bob with bangs is a go-to option for girls with straight locks.

Bob With Long Layers

via @nicoleschair

If you have a thicker mane, you may want a layered cut, which is both debulking and full of texture. By choosing long layers, you can switch parts as you please to change the look.

Black Stacked Shaggy Bob

via @shmoakin_hair

A shaggy stacked bob is just an irreplaceable option, when you need to grow out your pixie without feeling awkward. Add drama with this jet black hue!

Angled Layered Blonde Bob

via @dillahajhair

This angled cut is not so scenic, but it’s clearly shaped, beautifully layered and textured, and we definitely love the wave in the front!

Elegant Coifs for Ladies Over 50

“The older you get, the weaker your hair can become. Ends get damaged, so it’s best to invest in a trim every eight weeks,” says George Northwood, hairstylist with Alexa Chung and Gwyneth Paltrow among his A-list clients, to The Guardian. Though frequent trims for a healthier look don’t always mean a big chop, many older women opt for shorter hairstyles in order to get both low maintenance and a younger look. But does this help to those with overweight? Yes, it does! You just need to tailor the cut to your personality and employ some slimming tricks. “If you have a round face or you’re gaining weight, a straight-across mod bang is the worst thing you can do to yourself. […] Instead, cut bangs gently around your face and cheekbones and watch out for bangs cut too short,” Oscar Blandi, celeb hairstylist, salon and brand owner, tells Elle.

Trendy Pixie For Older Women

via @hair_do_salon

A long pixie is a sassy, yet quite safe hairstyle for older women. Make a note of this trendy cut with long and tapered side-swept bangs.

Pixie With Glasses Over 50

via @salon.de.satori

This shorter pixie features an elevated top and neat sides just to add up with glasses – there is no overwhelming. And check these vibrant white highlights!

50+ White Blonde Bob For Fine Hair

via @nataliakop

Ladies with fine hair will like this shiny white blonde style. It’s blunt on the bottom for a denser look, yet slightly layered around the face for movement.

White-And-Black Curly Hairstyle

via @helen.ohairstylist

The white-and-black hairstyle arrests the eye thanks to its naturally-looking color transition, and it’s perfectly tailored to the curl pattern, enhancing the volume.

Layered Bowl Cut Over 60

via @stacy_stylist

A bold woman over 60 will look gorgeous with this modern take on the bowl cut, boasting plenty of texture and drawing attention to the face.

Vibrant Cuts For Black Women

Obviously, a choice of stylish short cuts for a black girl varies depending on how she prefers wearing her hair – natural, relaxed, with sew-ins or protecting styling. Anyway, if you want to grow your hair healthy, getting a crop is the last thing you should fear. “Going for the big chop to rescue hair that’s been damaged is more likely to be due to several years of heat styling or using a harsh chemical like relaxer on the hair,” Vernon François, who works with Lupita Nyong’o, tells Refinery29 and approves even hair-dyeing, provided your ringlets are in a good condition and your colorist knows his/her onions. Explore some color and hairstyle options suited to every fancy.

Tapered Cut For Natural Curls

via @sweetstyles_naturals

Tapered cuts are among our favorites for natural curls, but this one really stands out for its charming Mohawk flare.

Twist Out Bob With A Side Part

via @embracenaturalbeauty_

This curly hair is actually shaped as a regular short bob with a side part, but its twist out texture makes the style pop.

Black Bob For Relaxed Hair

via @pekelariley

Sure, we all adore a bob for relaxed hair. Especially, when it’s cut to get some piece-y texture and styled to the side for a glam wave.

Cute Pixie For Women With Round Faces

via @najahliketheriver

Those with round faces should steal this Frenchy pixie with golden highlights for its cute tiny angles all around the face.

Chic Weave Bob Hairstyle

via @the_rose_affect

If your natural tresses are too short or thin, go for this chic weave hairstyle straight out. It combines striking asymmetry, bounce and lift, not to mention the color.

Black Pixie For Curly Texture

via @khimandi

We are struck by this amazing pixie that radiates volume and texture, while having those sweet little details like curly sideburns.

Short Twist Out For Older Black Women

via @tramthehairsetter

While thinning hair is a great challenge for older black women, this twist out hairstyle delivers lots of fluffy spirals to camouflage the problem.

Very Short Crop With Shaved Design

via @iamrocstar

We can’t but adore this awesome very short crop. It catches all the eyes with its unique design, emphasized by the golden color.

Cute African American Bob With Layers

via @haircolorkilla

This African American girl opted for a cute chin-length bob, zhuzhed up with layers, textured tips and a sun-kissed balayage.

Two-Tone Pixie With Color

via @khimandi

As a much hotter alternative, you can brighten up your next pixie with color and loads of choppy pieces.

10 Best Short Haircut Ideas Not To Miss in 2023

“If you feel nervous about going for a dramatic change, you’re not alone. I had been trying to get Karlie Kloss to cut her hair for ages and when she finally did do it, she loved it!” says Orlando Pita, who is also responsible for Madonna’s looks, to Marie Claire. And we liked it too, so why not assume we can get a cropped look just as good as hers? We have quite a variety of cuts from super short to moderately short for any texture, bone structure and even age. Now, we just need to learn the newest trends we should be aware of when making a choice. And here they are.

Spiky Shaggy Pixie With Layers

via @fernthebarber

Long spiky pieces on top and short shaggy layers on the sides create an eye-catching combo for this ravishing pixie crop.

Feminine Short Shaggy Cut

via @andrewdoeshair

The heavily layered cut with a shaggy fringe oozes texture and volume, looking so touchable and feminine in spite of the length.

Cropped Piecey Hairstyle

via @mrs.shiloh.taylor

The cropped back and long front are contrasting enough to strike the eye, but the pieceyness of the hairstyle is also accentuated through a unique color blend.

Sassy Razored Black Pixie

via @hairbyac_alcorn

A jet black pixie ensures a sassy look, especially when razored tips are added for texture and movement.

Asian Razored Bowl Cut

via @richardatkuthaus

This Asian girl nails a modern bowl cut with a razored finish. Note that the head is debulked right to avoid the mushroom shape.

Trendy Bedhead Bob

via @maygovintage

Trendy bedhead looks are made for young women, who want low maintenance paired with a sexy feel. This bob is really girlish with its tucked-behind-the-ear styling.

Edgy Pixie With Buzzed Nape

via @karlavarleyhairartist

The clearly shaped pixie with a buzzed nape and piece-y layers is elegant, but has a distinct edgy touch about it.

Graphic Short Messy Shag

via @richardatkuthaus

This shag turns heads with its drama, created through both an extraordinary color and messy styling, which by no means eliminates the graphic feel of the cut.

Pixie With Long Angled Bangs

via @jenleete

And this pixie oozes a different flair with its rounded short back and strikingly long angled front. Obviously, the color blend serves to enhance the contrast.

Bob With A Shaved Temple For Thin Hair

via @katierosehair

When you need an out-of-the-ordinary bob, think of the cut with shaved sides or at least one temple, which also works fine for adding body to thin hair.

Whether you like feminine or androgynous, polished or messy, elegant or sassy hairstyles, there is an inspo for you in our pick of stylish short cuts for 2023. And what’s the main thing to be inspired by is that these pictures are taken in real near-by salons rather than on red carpets or during glamorous photoshoots. It’s in your hands!