35 On-Trend Short Layered Hairstyles To Wear In 2020

If you think of going shorter or search for a way to transform your cropped hairstyle into something more voguish, we have a nice choice of hot haircuts to meet your every need. Short layered hair is extremely popular right now, but there are some secrets that can turn a good haircut into a real bomb. Actually, the key point is to tailor the newest trends to your individual peculiarities, including your hair type, face shape, hair color and styling skills. Let’s see how professional hair stylists cope with this task. We’ve got some really nice examples from the salons around the corner!

Choosing By Hair Type – Focus on Texture

Layers work fine for every texture, removing weight from thick manes, adding volume to thin hair and creating eye-pleasing shapes for curls. If you have a head of straight hair, go for a classic cropped pixie, which won’t look too flat, while a wavy bush screams for messy styling. A textured bob is a go-to option for ladies with thin waves, and its blunt version flatters straight fine locks. However, there is no need to stick to one styling pattern. “To style thick hair, I swear by is flat iron waves. Run them over hair to smooth it out and also add a pretty texture,” says Jen Atkin, hair wizard behind Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid and a bunch of other celebrities, to Glamour. Yes, texture is hot now, and you will find plenty of it below.

White Blonde Razored Bob

via @chrisjones_hair

This fine hair is perfectly layered and textured to gain volume, while the side tresses serve to frame the face softly.

Short Inverted Bob For Thick Hair

via @headrushdesigns

Graduated and razor-cut, this lovely bob flatters thick hair with its strong body, but also adds an airy feel to it.

Tousled Copper Red Bob

via @hugoalves_h

This thin hair looks fuller thanks to the elevated top and layers both around the face and in the back.

Jaw-Length Curly Bronde Bob

via @jules_baker_

Transform your wavy strands into careless large locks to get the cool pixie-bob hairstyle. It’s bombastic for growing out your hair!

Short Choppy Bob For Fine Straight Hair

via @andybateshair

Straight hair won’t feel dull, when carefully textured with layers. This one also boasts added movement with its tresses styled back and forth.

Choosing By Face Shape – Add What You Lack

The conventional (or rather hairstylists’) wisdom says that each and every face shape can be balanced with the right haircut. And layers come from the right place, since they deliver various effects depending on how they are placed. Long and oval faces require added width, which can be done through layers both on the sides and around the face. By contrast, boxy faces need more height, and layers can give some body in the upper part to shift the focus from the heavy jaw line. Finally, one length is a bad match for round faces. “Instead, opt for layers that will give definition and more structure visually,” said award-winning hair stylist Charlotte Mensah to Marie Claire.

Asymmetrical Pixie For Thick Hair And Round Face

via @legalhair

This asymmetrical pixie changes the way the round face looks by creating much volume on the top and dragging the focus down with this swoopy side strand.

Shaggy Bronde Bob For Oval Faces

via @anhcotran

The most visually balanced among all face types, the oval face just needs to steer clear of disproportioning. The soft chin-length bob does the job nicely, balancing the side part with long bangs on the other side.

Uneven Tapered Pixie With Long Bangs

via @jessecuts

This pixie cut with a mix of lengths on the top and long bangs brushed frontwards is really voguish. But it also hides some length and delivers a bit of width to the long face.

Choppy Gray Pixie For Square Faces

via @delorauplifted

A short statement fringe across the forehead can correct a big forehead which is typical for long faces, but even a square face can look very pretty with it, if the cut is textured. Here’s a lovely example.

Messy Bleached Bob For Fine Hair

via @randa.rivera

This cute hairstyle alters the width-to-length ratio of the face through side parting and long bangs, softly blended into the side layers.

Short Layered Bob Hairstyles with a Modern Feel

Dating back over a century, the short bob keeps coming back gaining new lengths, shapes and textures. From heavy layers to subtle ones, this haircut can create an array of trendy looks. Yet, you should keep in mind one thing to get a coveted modern touch rather than the “mom” bob.”If you have a bob, it’s ideal to work with your natural texture. Depending on your hair type, you might want to blow dry at the top a little bit to smooth it out, but really, air-drying makes it look most modern,” says Cervando Maldonado, celebrity hairstylist, to InStyle. That said, let’s browse through layers options to choose from.

Medium-Length Shaggy Bronde Bob

via @mane_ivy

Here is a good example of long layers incorporated into a short bob – cropped at the back for a dimensional effect and angled to the front for framing the face.

Messy Inverted Bob With Blonde Balayage

via @cutnj

This layered back boasts a striking mix of wavy and straight textures within the vibrant razor-cut bob.

Angled Brunette Bob For Thick Hair

via @headrushdesigns

Voluminous and clearly shaped, the A-line bob without bangs is beautifully customized for thick straight hair.

Cropped Bob With Asymmetrical Baby Bangs

via @xelamack

Even having fine hair, you can go for this dramatic ear length bob, adorned with eye-catching baby bangs and textured layers.

Short Stacked Bronde Bob

via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

This blonde bob is softly stacked at the nape to accentuate the neckline, while the back-swept tapered tresses bring in texture and movement.

Why Go Choppy?

It is hard to take no notice of choppy short haircuts turning into a calling card of coolness this year. They are fun and diverse, cut with the help of various techniques to show off both hair and facial features. They have this laid-back feel we all are crazy about, and it is really easy to style them with little or no blow-drying. If you are a wash-and-go girl, choppy haircuts are going to win your heart, especially if you have fine hair. “Long hair lies flat and can show the scalp, but short, shaggy layers throughout help hide thinness,” explains Jessica Gillin, celebrity hairstylist, to Good Housekeeping. Keep viewing our photo gallery to see that thick and medium chops are bang-on, too.

Messy Brown Bob With Subtle Blonde Highlights

via @craft_and_mane

Wear your choppy bob with wispy bangs that are getting longer on the sides to mix well with this disheveled hairstyle. The loose strand flowing down from under the tucked one is a cherry on the cake.

Short Razored Blue Black Bob With Bangs

via @dorigeorge

This sculptured bob with lots of layers and distinct razor cut ends is really outstanding. Note how the short bang blends in with the style.

Short Shaggy Caramel Blonde Bob

via @carlosacastellanos

The classy one-length bob can also feature multiple layers throughout the body to add an airy feel, while texturizing products allow for better movement.

Uneven Shaggy Blonde Bob

via @shorthairbyshawni

Effortless styling is our favorite feature in women’s haircuts. This messy bob requires no blowout, but air-drying, styling products and, maybe, a touch of flat iron.

Tapered Spiky Pixie

via @jozsefsebestyen_

But if you don’t mind blow-drying, opt for this gorgeous pixie with longer pieces on the top styled forward to create a bold faux hawk and sassy long bangs.

With Bangs or Without?

“Bangs can look good on just about anyone, it just depends on the type of bang. For example, someone with a square face should get side bangs since they have angular features,” recommends Jen Atkin. Think Brigitte Bardot bangs (shorter in the center, while getting longer to the sides) to hide the widest part of the heart-shaped face. Try a micro bang, if your face is oval, or opt for a blunt fringe – both variants are great when you don’t want to add length to your face. Asymmetrical bangs, angled steeply, give a stronger feel to a small forehead. However, when following these tips don’t forget that bangs should play with your overall hairstyle. And that’s how you achieve it.

Angled Bob With Piece-y Layers

via @amabile_saloon

This rounded bob with bangs turns heads due to its clean shape, the striking geometry of tapered strands in the front and feathered layers all the way around the cut and fringe.

Straight Geometric Pixie Bob

via @hirohair

Talking of geometric styles, it would be a shame to give a miss to this very short cut with a strong triangle bang, enhanced by forward-styled upper layers and angled sideburns.

Jaw-Length Messy Bronde Bob

via @andybateshair

This short bob is razor cut to catch the eye with its crisp texture and airy feel of long side-swept bangs.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob With Wispy Bangs

via @rachaelatthelab

A basic bob can turn into a fashionably textured hairstyle like this wavy semi short cut paired with wispy bangs to balance the look.

Ash Blonde Shaggy Wavy Bob

via @hairbykaylanewman

A short side-swept bang is a good supplement to messy styling, when chopped to chime with its tousled feel.

Best Short Layered Haircuts to Nail in 2020

“I woke up like this” looks are on trend, and we think that women’s short layered cuts hit the mark perfectly. When correctly placed and thoroughly cut, they help show your natural texture to the advantage and require little efforts to pull off the trendy undone style. Besides, short hairstyles tend to bring a focus on a person rather than on the hair she wears, like it is often the case with long manes. Chops allow emphasizing your face and head shape in a unique way (if chosen properly, of course). “Think of your face shape, your jawline, the length of your neck — all of those things contribute to how short or long you can go,” Ted Gibson, hair expert who does Anne Hathaway’s looks among others, says to Elle. Okay, let’s explore some of the best options.

One-Length Bronde Bob With Razored Ends

via @salsalhair

It is easy to give a new twist to a classic bob – look how edgy this blonde hair is! Razored ends, a bit of layers, and a plethora of texture.

Asymmetrical Razored Pixie Bob

via @headrushdesigns

This black mane is marvelous, arresting the eye with the cascade of thick layers styled in soft choppy waves.

Brown Razored Bob With Subtle Gray Highlights

via @nikki_thedistrictsalon

Textured strands change the way the simple bob looks radically, adding a modern touch to the grayish hairstyle.

Blunt Bob With Choppy Layers For Thick Hair

via @tamaragrigoreva_

And here a blunt bob is juiced up with short layers styled haphazardly at the nape and on the top to gain movement and volume.

Short White Blonde Layered Bob

via @jeffersonbolina

Play with long layers and go for a stylish bob with an elevated top and feathered side-swept bangs.

Jaw-Length Razored Bob With Bronde Balayage

via @shmoakin_hair

This messy bob embraces wavy tresses on the top for both a voluminous effect and a flirty touch. And don’t miss the one-of-a-kind color scheme!

Choppy Bronde Bob With Bright Highlights

via @hairbykaitlynbrown

By the way, don’t hesitate to emphasize highlights through textured locks like this nicely undone bob does.

Sleek Two-Layer A-Line Bob With Bangs

via @neudenascimento

Alternatively, opt for a sleek haircut, but have it two layered. The effect is highly visible and, thus, stunning on the straight dark hair.

Long Choppy Pixie For Thick Hair

via @hairmates_newyork

This wedge haircut features multilayered styling with textured strands pulled both frontwards and to the side to show off the abundance of thick hair.

Messy Bob With A Braid

via @nadiachatshair

Believe it or not, but you can even incorporate a fishtail braid into a messy bob hairstyle! Make it loose and floppy to sit well with the style.

Well, now you have much to think about in anticipation of visiting your hairdresser. Just make sure you do have one with a good eye for short haircuts, since crops are less forgiving than longer hairstyles. And don’t listen to those saying that short layered hair is not everybody’s cup of tea – most ladies can wear it, because it’s not about the length of the hair, but about finding the texture, size and shape to flatter each particular girl.

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