30 Stunning Prom Makeup Looks for Every Style

Prom Makeup Looks  

This year, prom season is in full swing. The dress? Check! Makeup look? Of course – it’s an important part of your night and you should spend some time thinking about it. We’re going to give you some makeup options that you can use to elevate your prom look. Let’s make your big night unforgettable!

1. Smokey Eye Prom Makeup

Smokey eyes are an alluring, mysterious way to make someone feel your presence from across the room. You can create this look fairly easily by using darker colors like black or brown for a more dramatic effect and opting in on fun shades like the one right here for a bit of glam.

smokey eye prom makeup look

via @shopvioletvoss

2. Prom Makeup for Dark Skin

Prom is the perfect chance to show off in bold colors, especially if you have a darker skin tone. For something extra fancy, try adding gold shadow paired up nicely with black liner. Add shimmers for that gorgeous sparkle effect and you’ll be sure to turn heads at this event.

prom makeup for dark skin look

via @ms_bentivegas

3. Natural Prom Makeup

If you want to look polished but not too done up, try this style. It’s perfect when you are super comfortable with your everyday looks and simply want to emphasize your natural beauty. Here, just the right amount of effort is required in order to get you looking your best!

Natural prom makeup look

via @piminova_valery

4. Light Prom Makeup

You can have a natural look but still wear a full face of makeup. If that’s not what you’re looking for, consider this idea. It’s done in a way that emphasizes features without covering them up. Lightweight makeup looks are comfortable and simple but still gorgeous.

light prom makeup look

via @mattansabag

5. Gold Prom Makeup

This makeup will look stunning on warm-toned skin. For the base, use a halo eyeshadow that has some rose gold in it. On your brow creases, move from lighter towards darker shades to create an extra depth where there was none before. A matte red lipstick will add some drama.

gold prom makeup look

via @rahmanbeauty

6. Silver Prom Makeup

The best way to show off your grey eyes is with a smokey silver makeup look. Metallics bring out light icy hues, while dark and black contrast beautifully – as long as you keep everything else neutral or lighter!

silver prom makeup look

via @lucianemarinhomakeup

7. Pink Prom Makeup

Pink prom makeup is a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s pretty, feminine, and versatile enough for any event on the calendar! For an extra glamorous prom fashion moment, try adding some deep pinks around your eyes to make them pop even more than usual.

pink prom makeup look

via @sasha_nikolina

8. Red Prom Makeup

For a more daring look, go with red lipstick and gold eyeshadow. Add some shimmering highlights in order to emphasize all features. To tie everything together, go with thin but strong black liner along with your eyes, add some lash extensions, and shape your brows.

red prom makeup look

via @katy

9. Glitter Prom Makeup

This next pick is for those who are in search of elegant prom makeup ideas. Consider natural-looking light brown shadows with a delicate sweep of glitter. The entire look will become more memorable when paired up nicely by some long false lashes.

Glitter prom makeup

via @rebelliousfashion

10. Blue Prom Makeup

Prom night is all about showing off your individual style, and you should definitely bring the 70s with this super graphic blue eye makeup. Long lashes will guarantee that no one can resist looking at you. Finish it off with some rosy blush so people don’t forget who won the prom queen crown this year.

blue prom makeup look

via @yana_panfilovskaya

11. Elegant Makeup Looks

The color combo of lilac and blue is often unexpected, yet it looks especially stunning on brunettes with brown eyes. For the finishing touch, you can add peach blush and natural glossy lips. Voila!

elegant makeup look

via @grishina.viktoria

12. Prom Burgundy Makeup

If you want to shift the focus away from the eyes, focus on the lips instead. Try this dark maroon glossy color that matches perfectly with brunette hair. Elegantly winged cat-eye liner, cold blush, and a few touches of highlighter will complement the look.

prom burgundy makeup

via @gisselamolinamakeup

13. Dramatic Prom Eye Makeup

With all of the sparkles and shine, this makeup is perfect for an evening event. The fairy-like vibe will have your face lit up in no time! Use black eyeliner to accentuate those beautiful eyes; add some curl with false lashes while keeping it natural with nude lips.

dramatic prom eye makeup look

via @nicoleguerriero

14. Soft Prom Makeup

This summer glow prom look with a hint of understated elegance will help your features stand out. For effortless chic, choose cool, basic hues. Put some highlighter on your inner eye corners, Cupid’s bow, and a tip of your nose. It will brighten up your look.

soft prom makeup look

via @linamourey

15. Green Makeup for Prom

This year, green is one of the most popular makeup colors. Drive all the attention to your eyes with a touch of green on your brow crease and individual lash extensions. Go for peachy lips and subtle blush but keep the rest of the face clean and neutral.

Green makeup look

via @linamourey

16. Peach Prom Makeup

This makeup is so fun and youthful! Use a natural matte foundation and go all the way with bronze eyeshadow for an easy go-to casual glamorous vibe. Sleek peachy tones that match perfectly against glowy skin and extra feathery false lashes complete this fabulous look.

peach prom makeup look

via @isabellamakeupp

17. Asian Prom Makeup

Flawless skin and effortless eyes bring out all the natural features. You can enhance the glow of your face with subtle cat-eyeliner, warm eyeshadow, and neutral lipstick tones. Don’t forget about those pretty lashes – let them do some talking.

asian prom makeup

via @i_dollens

18. 80s Prom Makeup

The ’80s are back but with a modern twist. The inspiration in pink blush and pushed-up brows is clear from the start, but a nude lip, brownish cut crease, and lash extensions feel current. This makeup can be just right for the prom!

80s prom makeup

via @antonova_makeups

19. Lilac Prom Makeup

Lilac and yellow gold eye shadows are beautiful as they are, but you won’t believe how stylish they can be. Pair it with a peach blush and similar palette lipstick tone for an ethereal look that is perfect for your upcoming prom!

lilac prom makeup

via @olgadann

20. Rose Gold Makeup

Alluring warmth, this rose gold and soft pink eyeshadow will make you look more beautiful instantly. It’s truly magical for prom night! Apply dark liner and add some extra mascara so that your stunning looks are beyond comparison.

rose gold makeup look

via @piminova_valery

21. Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes

Orange-bronze is a great way to make blue eyes pop. This makeup looks so interesting because those colors complement each other well. Accentuate the ocean hues by diffusing the shadow all around your eyes. Winged liner and long lashes will add an extra profoundness to your gaze.

prom makeup for blue eyes

via @leahbaines_mua

22. Prom Makeup for Green Eyes

With their strong, yet natural beauty green eyes can easily stand up to bold hues. Try a lilac-colored eyeshadow and dark lashes for that extra something in your look! Keep them focused with an icy pink lip shade and don’t forget about those subtle blushy cheeks too.

prom makeup for green eyes

via @leahbaines_mua

23. Prom Makeup for Hazel & Brown Eyes

Chocolate hues go really well with brown or hazel eyes, but if you want even more intensity they should be paired with equally vibrant shades of chestnut and cocoa. These will deepen your eye color while giving off an alluring sultry effect.

prom makeup for hazel & brown eyes

via @leahbaines_mua

24. Prom Makeup for Grey Eyes

For this look, use natural eyeshadow as the base and add this graphic element. The effect is kind of like a cat-eye, but with an extra edge, and it will look perfect with some lash extensions. Since all attention is going to be on the eyes, the rest of the face has to stay clean.

prom makeup for grey eyes

via @leahbaines_mua

25. Prom Makeup for Blue Dress

For those who love to make an entrance, oceanic eyeshadows are a must. Add a little complimentary brown in the brow crease to give your eyes dimension. Also, matte brown lipstick and black wing liner will go well with the look.

prom makeup for blue dress

via @makeupbyalinna

26. Prom Makeup for Red Dress

When it comes to prom, the dress is usually more important than anything else. So why not go bold for your night? Make sure the lip color reflects the color of your dress as much as possible. Choose red that will also complement your skin’s undertone.

prom makeup for red dress

via @makeupbyalinna

27. Prom Makeup for Pink Dress

Making a fashion statement with pink for the prom is an elegant and cute choice. There are a variety of feminine and versatile ways to highlight your dress. One good example is this cat eye combined with bright pink on the waterline.

prom makeup for pink dress

via @ira_gelevey

28. Prom Makeup for Yellow Dress

You can create some unique looks with a monochromatic eye and an abstract liner. For this look, apply yellow eyeshadow to the whole lid in order to make it pop against your skin tone. Use accents by applying lighter shades near the brow crease for more depth on top.

prom makeup for yellow dress

via @ira_gelevey

29. Prom Makeup for Purple Dress

Don’t hesitate to wear matching makeup with your purple dress – it will look beautiful. Despite the solid color of your outfit, your lips, eyeliner, and eyeshadow are bright enough to blend into that hue.

prom makeup for purple dress

via @ira_gelevey

30. Prom Makeup for Black Dress

You may want to go for a more natural look at prom this year. A black dress will always be classic, so why not match it with dramatic eyeliner? If you do not have almond-shaped eyes naturally, you can produce the same effect by changing the angle of the point.

prom makeup for black dress

via @ira_gelevey

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