12 Universal Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Must Know About

Looking to expand your collection with the new best lipsticks? When choosing cosmetics, remember that makeup artists recommend using specific colors for different skin tones.

Which lipstick shades are best for blondes, brunettes, or white-skinned redheads? Now, we will talk about it!

1. Nude L’oreal Paris Lipstick

Do you prefer makeup in which natural color dominates? Be sure to add this lipstick to your makeup bag!

It looks unobtrusive and nude but with transformative powers. Suppose you need a versatile option for every day. In that case, the unmistakable lipstick idea will suit you 100% regardless of your wardrobe, skin color, and hair.

Nude L'oreal Paris Lipstick

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2. MAC Red Lipstick

This iconic lipstick shade should be in everyone’s arsenal!

Whatever your mood, it’s impossible not to feel good with MAC red lipstick in ruby woo. It is a natural elixir for any problems and worries. And, of course, use such lipstick to brighten your image of a fatal and self-confident woman!

MAC Matte Red Lipstick

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3. Clinique Black Lipstick

Clinique black honey lipstick has gained millions of fans around the world. And this is absolutely not surprising!

The unique shiny lipstick formula allows each girl to get her individual shade on the lips. Glossy transparent pigment merges with natural color and suits any appearance.

The ultra-light lipstick glides on easily and has a non-intrusive glossy finish.

Clinique Black Glossy Lipstick

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4. Peach Lipstick Shades

Delicate nude pink to peach lipstick color is a faithful companion of many girls. It looks awe-inspiring on the owners of darker skin tones.

You can find perfect glossy or matte peach shades depending on personal preference. For example, Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution in pillow talk color will win you over with a stunning satin finish!

Charlotte Tilbury Peach Lipstick Shade

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5. Pink Lipstick Shades

Are you bored with neutral undertones? Raspberry bright lipstick for fair or darker skin tones will help correct the situation!

A perfect example of this shade is NARS Lipstick in Schiap. The intense excellent fuchsia color with a matte finish certainly deserves hundreds of compliments. Long-lasting and comfortable-to-wear lipstick contains hydrating ingredients and does not dry out lips with regular use.

NARS Pink Lipstick Shade

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6. Red Matte Lipstick

It is difficult to find a girl indifferent to rich red lipstick color. It will be a worthy completion of the solemn image and win more than one male heart.

One of the best red lipsticks is Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge D’Armani Matte. Luxurious cosmetics of the selective class contain 50% more pigments, which provides them with a unique rich shade. You can be sure: that with the fantastic matte finish on your lips, it will look stunning!

Giorgio Armani Dark Red Lipstick

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7. Plum Lipstick Shades

This super saturated dark lipstick shade has been trending over the past few years. It fell in love with brunettes, but owners of other hair colors can also experiment with such cosmetics.

Tom Ford dark plum lipstick is an excellent representation of the shade of cold plum. In fact, it is not only decorative but also moisturizing cosmetics. Lipstick with a creamy texture is easy to apply and lays down evenly, and chamomile and muru-muru oils take care of the skin of the lips.

Plum Lipstick Shade

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8. Brown Lipstick Shades

Glossy or matte lipsticks in brown shades are a must-have for girls of any color. Among the variety of tones, you can definitely choose the best everyday cosmetics for yourself.

Professional Bobbi Brown Lip color is a real hit of the last season! It gives lips an unobtrusive shine while remaining matte and velvety. Be sure to try the bestseller semi-matte lipstick!

Bobbi Brown Brown Lipstick Shade

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9. Fuchsia Lipstick

Are you looking for popular pink pigment lipsticks? Pay attention to Yves Saint Laurent Fuchsia Pink lipstick shade.

The creation of the French brand contains a complex of nutrients that reliably protect the skin from the harmful effects of wind, high temperature, and UV rays and ensure color purity. Try it and appreciate the comfortable feel on your lips!

Bright Fuchsia Lipstick on Dark Skin

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10. Purple Lipstick Shades

For a party look, don’t forget the trendiest purple shades. They will look imposing if the lipstick has a creamy smooth finish.

Many makeup artists recommend using Estee Lauder pure color envy for contrast makeup. Elite cosmetics have a delicate texture, light fruity aroma, and rich shade. It has a moisturizing effect and is easy to apply to the surface of the lips.

A distinctive feature of lipstick is the unique True Vision technology. It corrects the shape of the lips and gives them additional seductive volume.

Dark Purple Lipstick Shade

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11. Dark Red Lipstick Shades

You can’t go past a velvet dark red color with a soft matte finish. The creators of Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick surely know this!

Shiny and matte at the same time, it fully guesses the desires of its owner. Soft and velvety lipstick is easy to apply, giving the lips rich color and subtle shine.

Separate admiration will cause a stylish design. This lipstick is the epitome of elegance. The sophisticated black case harmoniously complements the luxurious look and opens in a split second.

Chanel Dark Red Lipstick Shade on Dark Skin

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12. Orange Lipstick Shades

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? The bright summer lipstick shade Lancome L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine will help you!

The development of the legendary French brand occupies a special place in the makeup bag of daring beauties. Lipstick with a glossy finish is evenly distributed over the surface of the lips, perfectly moisturizes them, and prevents the feeling of tightness.

If you are looking for a spectacular shade that will visually enlarge the lips and become a bright accent to the image.

Lancome Orange Lipstick Shade

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How to choose the best lipstick shade for you?

When choosing a lipstick, be sure to follow a few simple rules:

  • Consider your skin type, eye, and hair color.
  • Choose textures and finishes, focusing on age.
  • Evaluate the composition of the lipstick and the presence of moisturizing and protective components.

Properly selected lipstick will not only complement your image but also help correct the lips’ shape and volume and protect them from adverse external factors.