30 Fresh Ideas On Updos For Long Hair You’ll Want To Copy

Whether you are going to a party, family gathering or formal meeting, wisely selected updos for long hair are always to the point. They’ll give you a classy look, while highlighting your face and opening more of your neck and shoulders, even if you opt for half-up hairstyles. So, get all your bobby pins, hair elastics and barrettes ready, since we’re starting our journey right now.

Chic Updos for Different Hair Types

Your hair texture is definitely a thing to keep in mind when considering updo hairstyles for long hair. Sure, you can work a flat iron through your curls or curl your straight locks with a wand, but forcing your hair into an updo that disagrees with the type of your hair adds much prep hassle and can easily end in the fragility of your style. Vice versa, it is smart to show the best of your natural texture through the chosen hairstyle, whether it’s the airiness of fine locks or gorgeous body of thick tresses. “It’s equally important to take your face shape, the neckline of your dress and the weather into consideration, so your hair doesn’t annoy you during someone’s nuptials,” says Kristen Stewart’s and Diane Kruger’s hairstylist Bridget Brager in her comments for People.com, reminding us of the need to strike a happy medium. And here are some cases in point.

Low Bun Updo For Curly Hair

via @rolyhairstylist

These curly locks are beautifully defined, pulled back and wrapped into a seamless low bun at the nape of the neck.

Massive Textured Bun For Thick Hair

via @sonia_hairdo

We love this chic bun hairstyle for long hair. Just look how thick tresses can be intricately interwoven, creating a kind of braids on the sides, and then packed into a massive textured bun.

Messy Updo With Fishtail For Thin Hair

via @em.the.beauty.operator

Thin strands look fuller in messy updos like this one, featuring a bouffant, framed with a loose fishtail braid and loops at the nape. One of the most romantic updos for long hair, isn’t it?

Sleek Roll Updo For Straight Hair

via @patrickcameronhair

60’s style updos for long hair look really classy. Straight hair shines in sleek ‘dos, and this neat, yet graphic roll style boosted with hair padding speaks volumes (literally).

Fancy Disheveled Bun With A Braid

via @michaelgrayhair

Looking for long hair updos for thin hair? And what about mimicking the cobra weave in fine tresses? The fancy braid is a perfect focal point for messy styling with a disheveled bun and many intentional flyaways.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

We can say without a shadow of a doubt that Meghan Markle’s wedding messy bun turned out to be the most coveted bridal hairstyle, and it is still trending. While sleek ‘dos are graceful and timeless, undone wedding hairstyles are seen as sexier and edgier at the moment. “I like to describe it as disheveled elegance. A more polished look would be reminiscent of your mom’s wedding hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Nunzio Saviano to Brides. However, you are not limited to mimicking Meghan’s cute chignon, and the desired relaxed feel can come even with more fanciful styling. Scroll through our collection of wedding updos for long hair.

Half Updo With A Side-To-Side Braid

via @la_chia_headpieces

Easy updos for long hair can be really charming. Think of soft cascading half updos with an elevated top and a lovely decorative headpiece, which sits here right on the delicate side-to-side braid. We find this elegant hairstyle for long hair simply fascinating.

Bridal Chignon Updo For Long Hair

via @hairspray_studio

Create a stunning bridal look with a neat chignon at the nape and contrasting loops galore on the top. Sure, we love this out-of-the-ordinary twig headpiece, too.

Loose Side Curly Updo

via @heidimariegarrett

This beautiful wedding updo opens your neck by shifting volume to the side when wrapping your tresses into loose romantic loops.

Carefree Voluminous Beach Bun Updo

via @hair_vera

Consider a low bun hairstyle for long hair to wear on the special day in your life. Steal this awesome look with a voluminous bun for a beach wedding, as it embraces both carefree styling and a sun kissed feel.

Bridesmaid Messy Bun Updo

via @deelushhair

For a bridesmaid, this effortless braided style with a messy bun and plenty of soft waves is just the thing to sparkle without outshining the woman of the day.

Best Updos for Long Hair to Rock your Prom Night

Actually, we should thank the current undone trend, as it green-lights quick and easy updos for long hair for both casual wear and special occasions. So, you don’t need to sweat over your prom updo either when styling or while rocking it – all hail small imperfections! “Don’t worry about every little strand. Let some of the layers fall out and frame the face and the back of the neck,” says Mara Roszak, who styles Emma Stone and Elle Fanning among other celebs, to Allure. But what if you favor the idea of neat and smooth ‘dos? No problem, just make sure it has enough texture for a trendier look, as illustrated below.

Textured Braided Boho Updo

via @marianaleiva_beauty

Braids work perfectly with buns for long hair. This relaxed braided ‘do with textured tresses wrapped haphazardly at the nape is full of boho vibes and spiced by color streaks.

Elegant Prom Chignon Updo

via @annette_updo_artist

Those seeking for a more elegant prom hairstyle can consider this chignon ‘do, swirled artistically in the back and complimented with accentuated side tresses.

Modern Gibson Tuck Updo

via @sabrinadijkman

This brown hair is casually rolled in the back and fluffed on top to show a modern take on the Gibson tuck with a bohemian feel added. A sassy alternative to a French twist updo, isn’t it?

Textured Chignon Updo For Thick Hair

via @bridalhaircouturebykatie

Having thick hair, it’s easy to recreate this chic textured updo, boasting a lush chignon interlaced with large loops. It’s definitely one of those updos for long hair that turn heads.

Braided Updo With Loose Curls

via @kykhair

This fantastic hairstyle stuns with its contrast between the dark braided top and icy blond loose curls on the bottom.

Cool Braided Hairstyles

“Braids are unique, but totally timeless too,” says Larry Sims, hairstylist behind Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union, to Brides. “Braids are the first thing I think of when a bride wants a hairstyle that’s special, whimsical and fun. Plus, you have the major bonus of taking your hair down after the reception and having these gorgeous waves throughout your hair for any post-wedding festivities or the flight on your way to the honeymoon the next day,” he adds, and we do believe this is applicable to all braided updo hairstyles for long hair, not only to bridal looks. To prove the fact, we’ve collected a nice set of braided styles for every occasion.

Messy Low Bun Updo With A Braid And Twists

via @theupdogirl

We love messy long hair updos! This updo incorporates a loose braid and a plethora of twists stuffed into a low bun – a vibrant textured look is guaranteed.

Voluminous Updo With French Fishtails

via @hairbyginger

Here, voluminous French fishtail braids create crisp texture, accompanied with multiple tendrils throughout the style for an airy and dynamic touch.

Halo Braid-To-Bun Updo For Black Hair

via @londonsbeautii

This black hair looks authentic with a tight halo braid wrapped into a braided bun and decorated with a contrasting thread. Although looking a bit complicated, a braided bun is one of quite easy updos for long hair, so don’t hesitate to give it a go.

Messy Braided Prom Updo

via @hairbyjaxx

This is a good example of how the right coloring can beautifully complement braided updos for long hair. Balayage highlights work fine for braided prom ‘dos, adding depth and bringing out texture and volume gained through messy styling.

Updo With Curls And A Fishtail Braid

via @alliedoeshair

Don’t even think of straightening your curls for a prom updo! Get inspired by this touchable hairstyle, featuring a fun fishtail added to crisp waves and loops.

10 Best Long Updos Ideas to Steal for 2021

Well, we’ve seen a lot of fancy updos to rock every day and at special occasions, so you can try and replicate at least some of them at home. Here are a few tips from pros to make the process fast and simple. “As I do with all of my up styles and braids, I texturized our models hair with the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron prior to styling. Adding texture not only gives the hair more grip but also imparts a visual organic look and feel to the hair. And the styles last much longer!” writes Sam Villa, Redken Global Artistic Ambassador, in his blog. Ann Bray, who works with stars like Leonardo Dicaprio and Selena Gomez, confirms in her interview for Modern Salon that it’s important to prep hair before styling, giving preference to grip-adding products that leave the locks flexible and pliable. Armed with these tips, let’s get inspired by the best updos available on Instagram.

Half Updo With Loose Buns

via @hairbyasla

What a wonderful idea for prom half updos – get loose buns twisted all around your head to recreate this gorgeous crown.

Voluminous Casual Top Knot

via @my_wedmakeup

For a trendy casual look, find inspo in this airy and voluminous hairstyle with a textured top knot and wispy strands.

Formal Loose Updo For Long Hair

via @tamedandtinted

This ‘do is great for formal occasions with its intricate weave of locks and some loose pieces let out for a more relaxed touch.

Simple Partial Updo With Waves And Twists

via @krystincurry

This partial updo is simple, yet romantic and sweet, showing plenty of movement through beachy waves and decorated with side-to-side twists.

Laid Back Side Updo

via @krystlewaiviohair

A French twist updo can get a totally new meaning when its pattern is emphasized by color.

Curled Homecoming Updo

via @simonavigh.hairdesign

Have your hair curled to get the right texture for this charming messy side updo with a wealth of scattered loops pinned creatively at the nape.

Elegant Chignon For Work

via @hairicome_

This elegant hairstyle is suitable both for work and special occasions, featuring a lush, polished chignon wrapped around with side strands.

Top Knot Updo With Braids For Natural Hair

via @getmanetamed

A top knot is a casual option for natural hair, but you can make it outstanding, when pairing with braids and decorating with filigree cuffs.

Cool Wavy Ponytail

via @hair_by_pustovalova

Looking for easy updos for long hair? Consider this cool low ponytail: it has not a hair out of place– and we can’t take our eyes off its creamy color and beautiful wave pattern.

Tousled Bun Updo With Root Volume

via @hair_by_zolotaya

If you think that a twisted bun is too boring, try this compelling updo. Make sure to tease your locks at the roots to create a plethora of volume for this tousled bun to sit on. A texturizing product is also a must!

Though some of these cute upstyles for long hair are not so quick to master without a knack for styling, you can always take any picture you like to your salon and get both fancy updos and hacks on how to do them by yourself. And if you happen to invent a new version of updos for long hair, be sure to share it with us!

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