8 Best Hair Straighteners for Any Hair Type and Budget

We all have tried hair straightening at one point in our lives, irrespective of whether we have natural curls, wavy, curly, thick, or thin hair. It is a hair styling technique that works beautifully to get a frizz-free, sleeker-looking mane.

Today, we’ll discuss the eight best hair straighteners recommended for specific hair types. Continue reading to know more.

Hair Straightener with Best Reviews: GHD

Get the salon-quality look for your hair at home with GHD flat irons. These straighteners enjoy some of the top ratings from customers. The best part is that the straighteners have pre-set temperatures at 365°F which is safe for the hair.

Thus, no stress about adjustable temperature. You can achieve the desired style effortlessly with this best hair straightener. It is an excellent option for home use and is safe with a ceramic coating.

GHD Hair Straightener

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Hair Straighteners for All Hair Types: Cloud Nine

Try Cloud Nine, the Original Touch Iron Hair Straighteners. This flat iron product comes with mineral-infused ceramic plates for glossy and silky hair with each use. The iron heats up fast and has a controller to select a temperature range between 100-200 °C for your hair type.

This is the best hair straightener for curly hair, accompanied by a three-year warranty. The ceramic plates minimize hair damage making it one of the best straighteners for thick or fine hair.

Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

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Dyson Hair Straighteners

The Dyson Coralle hair straightener is a cordless straightener powered by a 4-cell Lithium-ion battery. It has flexing plates made from manganese copper alloy. The plates allow you to get the desired hairstyle at lesser heat.

The ultra-sleek straightener is one of the best flat irons with an intelligent heat control technique that automates temperature control based on your hair quality. It is a straightener for damaged hair with three precise heat settings options.

Dyson Hair Straightener

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Affordable Hair Straighteners: CHI & Babyliss

The CHI hair straighteners are ergonomically designed and made with ceramic technology. The outcome of using this flat iron is shiny hair, suitable for any hair length. It is great for curly, fine, and damaged hair.

The straighteners are very reasonably priced and designed to protect damaged hair. Another great choice in this category is the Babyliss hair straighteners.

CHI LAVA Hair Straightener

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Straighteners for Coarse Hair: TYMO

Affordably priced under $100, the TYMO Hair Straightening Brush comes with a 16-temperature range suitable for all kinds of hair. It is one of the popular coarse hair straighteners and a must-have hair tool for all amateur users. If your hair is not the finer version it used to be before, and you need more styling time, use the TYMO iONIC hair straightener that requires only 30 seconds of heating.

TYMO Brush Hair Straightener

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Straighteners for Fine hair: Remington

Remington hair straighteners offer fabulous results, especially if you have fine hair. With effective heat control technology, the iron heats up in 60 seconds. It is a great tool that prevents hair damage, creating silky and straight hair.

The smoothing effect of the straightener is due to the ceramic-coated plates. The cords do not tangle, giving more freedom of movement. It is safe to use, and the board plates deliver professional results.

Remington Hair Straightener for Fine Hair

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Hair Straighteners for Wet Hair: Remington Advanced Wet2Straight

The Remington Advanced Wet2Straight is designed to style hair while drying. It has a moisture sensor that helps in temperature settings & adjustment of the plates depending on how wet the hair is.

The venting system helps evaporate the excess water. It is excellent as a frizzy straightener. It can be used in wet and dry mode and is a suitable hair straightener for any hair type.

Remington Hair Straightener for Wet Hair

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Mini Hair Straighteners: MiniPro from Conair

MiniPro from Conair is 8 inches and is one of the best hair straighteners for travel. The flat iron heats up quickly and has a ceramic coating with rounded edges. The curved edges help in smoothening the frizz of your hair from top to bottom easily.

Its compact size is a big attraction. Mini hair straighteners are good lower-temperature hair straighteners that get the work done fast with minimal chances of causing damage to the hair.

Cordless GHD Mini Hair Straightener

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How to choose the right straightener?

The choice of a hair straightener will depend on a few factors. Your hair type is the first determinant. For wavy hair, choose narrow plates. For curly hair, go in for broader plates. Choose a straightener that has a temperature controller. Look for plates that transfer the heat evenly.

How to curl your hair with a straightener?

Use a thin-plated iron with round edges. Start from the hair close to the scalp. Part the hair into sections. Take a strand, start halfway down, and turn the iron in a U. After completing one layer, go on to the next. Your hair should be dry.