24 Tips for Nailing the Smart Casual Dress Code at Any Even


A smart casual outfit is considered an extremely popular trend for everyday outfits due to its sophistication and versatility. Its main features are practicality and convenience.

A smart casual outfit is considered an extremely popular trend for everyday outfits due to its sophistication and versatility. Its main features are practicality and convenience.

What basic information about this widespread phenomenon and combinations do fans of smart style for women need to know? How many criteria should an outfit meet while following this fashion trend? Let’s find out!

What is a smart casual dress code?

The smart casual look combines discreet style features with on-trend non-classic components. It can be considered the golden mean between official outfits and extravagant loose wear.

Its personal style suits representatives of any gender, age, and profession. For connoisseurs of elegance and good taste worldwide, a dress code of this format has become the basis of the wardrobe and the best solution, regardless of circumstances.

Trendy Smart Casual Jackets for Ladies

The third layer in a smart casual outfit provides just the proper formality. Please note: try to wear a tailored jacket or vest. If you try to hide figure flaws in oversized clothing, you will visually add extra volume and will not meet the fashion trend criteria.

Classy Black Jacket for Women

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Be careful with sports jackets. Your outfit should turn into something other than a sporty one. It is only about refined and limited negligence.

White Smart Casual Blazer for Women

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Variants of Wide Leg Trousers

It is only possible to imagine a women’s wardrobe with tailored trousers. When buying a dressing smart casual, prefer models of restrained tones and styles. In most cases, such solutions can be found in the examples of designers and stylists.

Gray Wide Leg Trousers for Women

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During weekdays, wear classic black trousers for the office. If circumstances allow, experiment with dress pants in discreet tones — brown, beige, etc.

Classy Black Wide Trousers for Ladies

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Universal White Shirt

Indispensable components of your looks are polo shirts and other laconic tops that look appropriate in a formal setting. Laconic geometric patterns are also allowed, which do not contradict the appearance of buttons and accessories.

White Oversize Shirt for Women

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A comfortable solution for everyday use is a white long-sleeve shirt. Thanks to numerous options of models and materials, it will help to diversify the smart casual style for women and create the look for work, a walk in the park, a visit to a cafe, or a celebration.

Smart Casual Oversize White Shirt for Ladies

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Features of Smart Casual Jeans

Buying jeans, be very careful. Your favorites are strict straight cuts and discreet tones, including light gray and beige. Neat jeans without scuffs, rhinestones, embroideries, and defiant decor will become appropriate in a business setting.

Smart Casual Blue Jeans for Women

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As an alternative, the smart casual dress code offers corduroy or jersey trousers in soothing tones. White T-shirts and fitted outerwear will be a great addition to them.

Loose Blue Jeans with Pink Shirt

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Pencil Skirts

Which smart casual skirt style is better to choose so as not to be 100% mistaken? Fortunately, models of different cuts can complement the outfit —sophisticated pencils, classic midi or maxi, and a black A-line skirt with and without pleats. Products from jersey, velveteen, and cotton are allowed.

Tight Blue Pencil Skirt

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Stylish summer skirts are usually made from lighter and more flowing materials with prints in non-flashy tones. Combine them with solid tops and informal accessories — belts, jewelry, and hats.

Blue Jeans Pencil Skirt

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Smart Casual Style for Going Out

Formal and, at the same time, sophisticated outfits are suitable not only for office and conferences. You can easily use them to attend celebrations, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Brown Suit with Trousers for Women

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A classy suit for women is worth noting among the most common and universal solutions. It can consist of black pants with a white roll-neck blouse. Accessorize it with a beige trench coat and discreet clutch in cooler weather.

White Wide Trousers with White Top and Brown Trench

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How to Choose Smart Casual Dresses

The informal smart casual involves knitted or denim models. The optimal solution is a casual midi dress with a straight cut.

Black Maxi Summer Dress

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Correctly select shoes for clothes that emphasize femininity and sophistication. Despite the lack of clear restrictions, the smart casual outfit does not tolerate heels above 5-7 cm.

Beige Midi Dress with Gray Cardigan

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Smart Causal Attire for Weddings

Can this trend be used for a ceremony? Why not! Moreover, smart casual for special occasions suits both guests and brides.

White Dress for Wedding

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The main requirement is adherence to the theme of the event. Consider the organizers’ wishes and priority tones in buying stylish suits for informal occasions. Do not wear overly provocative clothes. It should become an elegant base and emphasize the unique personal style with accessories and efforts of hairdressers and make-up artists.

Maxi White Dress and Lace Top with White Cardigan

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Smart Casual Dress Code for the Office

If you plan to diversify boring strict office ware, fill up your collection with fashionable suits. The choice of model and tone depends on the strict rules established by your company.

Gray Suit with Trousers for Women

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In most cases, casual wear in the office is one-color classic cut models combined with informal shoes or accessories. Also allowed are non-provocative geometric prints and non-standard cuts of tops and jackets. While experimenting, remember taboos. Colorful T-shirts, distressed jeans, leather outfits, and sequin sandals are banned.

Classy Jeans with White Jacket

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Allowed Smart Casual Tops

You can safely use almost any solid color top without folds and other cut features. It can be a button-down shirt in neutral tones. A universal solution for any circumstance is the Oxford long sleeve shirt.

White Sleeveless Top for Women

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Do you know how to combine shades and ornaments successfully? Try wearing a bright top or an embellished model. Complement it with basic, solid-colored tailored trousers or skirts.

Basic Beige Top for Women

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Popular Smart Casual Bags

Complete your look with a simple clutch. Choose models of neutral shades (beige, gray, etc.) without flashy details. Clutches with massive chains and locks or rhinestones leave for other images.

Square Black Leather Bag for Women

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Body bags or trendy smart casual hang bags will be an alternative to tiny products.

 Brown Leather Bag for Women

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Smart Casual Footwear

The optimal solution is quality Chelsea boots, black or brown loafers, and various practical footwear for a smart casual dress code.

White Leather Summer Sandals for Women

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As for shoes with heels, choose medium-height, stable classy heels.

Black Leather Shoes with Stud Strap

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What should you avoid in a smart casual dress code?

Taboos for this fashion trend are too tight or baggy clothes, revealing cuts, deep necklines, and worn jeans. Also, give up flashy colors, accessories, shiny patent shoes, and slippers.

What is the difference between casual and smart casual outfits?

Classic casual allows a certain extravagance and negligence. Smart casual is more elegant and conservative, with more restrictions. Such an outfit is equally appropriate in the bar and office.