60 Rejuvenating Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 60

As the years pass, any woman notices age-related changes that affect her hair. Usually, it gets thin, dry and brittle, not to mention it’s turning gray. Not surprisingly that after the 60th anniversary women start thinking about changing their usual hairstyle for something more age appropriate, yet fashionable. That’s why we’ve collected on-trend hairstyles for women over 60 and listened to hair experts’ recommendations about them.

How to Choose Hairstyles According to Hair Length

To begin with, it’s not true that older ladies are doomed to wear short cuts. In fact, the length depends on how healthy your hair is rather than on how old you are. An old lady with a head of hair can rock longer hairstyles, but any length comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s sort them out.

Cool Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60

As it was already mentioned, our hair tends to lose its natural beauty with years. “Hair loss becomes more prevalent leading up to and after the menopause. It’s important to realize that our hair ages, and as we get older, hair naturally gets finer. It’s a totally normal part of the ageing process,” says London-based trichologist Anabel Kingsley, a leading expert at the Philip Kingsley Clinic, to Cosmopolitan.

So, what is the best way to knock your weakened tresses into shape, as well as getting rid of split ends? To chop them off! Shorter locks mean less weight and more lift at the roots. And it is the stronger part of your hairs that is left after the cutting, while the most lifeless part is removed. If you’re ready to say Good bye to it, learn about hot options to choose from.

Over Pixie For Fine Hair

via @beautybymykie

With fine hair, you certainly want more dimension that can be gained with a round-brushed pixie, lifted at the roots.

60+ Sassy Very Short Pixie With Glasses

via @lindsayrachellejean

A very short pixie with baby bangs is a nice choice for those wearing glasses, since it opens the face and looks sassy.

Grey Crop With Piece-Y Bangs

via @willdnymtl

The clearly shaped crop with longer piece-y bangs and side tresses makes this grey hair radiate a youthful flair.

Spiky Platinum Pixie

via @justgodye

High-spirited ladies can opt for a bold platinum pixie, boasting distinct texture and uplifted styling on top.

Over Elegant Pixie With Layers

via @kristins_hair_chronicles

An elegant female over 65 can rock a longer and smoother version of the cut, adorned with multiple layers and a cool full fringe.

Layered Bob With Side Bangs For Thick Hair

via @edschonsgabyza

A layered bob is also a nice option for adding movement and vibe. This heavily-layered ‘do with long side bangs works fine for thick hair.

Short Blonde Cut For Thin Hair

via @hairby_kathryn

If your hair is thin, go for a shorter crop with layers added to the top for enhanced volume. Blonde on very short hair also serves to create an illusion of thicker strands.

Curly Gray Pixie With A Short Fringe

via @hairstylesbystacey_

While curly locks tend to lose their bounce with age, they still deliver texture and dynamics, like it’s shown by this lovely pixie with a short fringe.

Short Haircut For Fine Straight Hair

via @wachairgroup

Here, fine straight tresses are cut to bring in some dimension to the crown and the front, while a fuller feel is added through the fancy color solution.

Spiky Gamine Haircut Over 60

via @biohemian_concept

We love the spiky gamine cut for the playful touch it delivers, especially when coupled with a statement short fringe. But it also has a texturizing and volumizing power!

Beautiful Medium Length Cuts for Older Women

With all due respect to crops, we reject taking them as the only age-slaying remedy available for older women. Many ladies believe that mid-length hairstyles are more feminine and allow for easy care, while leaving much space for various styling options, including nice little updos for special occasions. And they are perfectly right! “The mid-length allows the hair to still feel like long hair, but short enough to give the hair fullness,” celebrity stylist Jeanie Syfu who does Padma Lakshmi and Condola Rashad told to Allure. From the chin length to the collar bone level, these ‘dos are versatile to work fine for many ladies, for example those on the photos below.

Age Appropriate Medium Hairstyle With Curls

via @andrea_gildedfox

Do you think that ringlets are not age appropriate for an older woman? Look at these beautifully defined and structurized curls that serve to frame the face flatteringly.

Shaggy Blonde Bob Over 60

via @martisd

This shaggy bob is modern and vibrant, boasting plenty of texture and shining with an eye-catching color transition. Note the age-slaying choppy fringe!

Asymmetrical Razored Short To Medium Cut

via @loxbybrynn

When you don’t want a radical chop, choose among short to medium styles like this asymmetrical cut with a razored finish.

60+ Blunt Shoulder Length Cut With A Fringe

via @elita_salon_chic

Take the plunge and ask for a shoulder length cut, popping up with a daring blunt fringe and softened by face framing layers.

Chin-Length Blunt Bob With Bangs

via @motivesalon

This chin length bob is blunt on the ends for better density, while the straight eyebrow bangs add fullness in the front.

Fabulous Long Hairstyles for Open-Minded Ladies

Would you have the courage to go even longer? It’s a great idea provided that your hair is really healthy and you don’t mind putting some effort into the maintenance. Then, layering is the key factor you should focus on. “I love layered hair that grazes the shoulders. It has volume. You can get height out of it. It has body. It’s soft around the face,” Tommy Buckett, celebrity stylist behind Elisabeth Moss and Felicity Jones, told Allure. This works for below-the-shoulder styles too, since the longer your mane, the more movement and density it needs to shine. Besides, a one-length cut gives a sharper frame to your face, and that’s not what your sagging skin needs.

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Wispy Bangs

via @salonmuseoc

Layered hairstyles look gorgeous on thick and healthy hair. Get inspired by this stunning look that features lived-in highlights and wispy bangs.

Long Layered Cut For Straight Thin Hair

via @little_miss_ds_creations

Here, you can see how a fringe works to command attention to the densest part of the thin hair, while the color adds dimension.

Updo For Older Ladies

via @asylumhairandbeauty

This is a nice example of updos for longer hair. Have the top a bit backcombed and curl the tips to style them into a fancy knot in the back.

Long Jet Black Hair With Bangs Over 60

via @morganhendifar

This jet black hair color could be a bit harsh but with a softening effect of loose layered waves and point-cut bangs it’s flattering.

Collar Bone Cut For Square Faces

via @harperandolivesalon

The collar bone length works fine for putting the focus away from the strong jaw line inherent to square faces. And steal this awesome balayage idea as well!

How to Select Hairstyles by Hair Type

You can take it for granted that you won’t get a really good cut, if your hair texture isn’t factored in. Whichever length you like, it has to be tailored to the density of your hair for creating the most flattering look. So, our next step is to delve into styles for various hair types.

Hip Cuts to Flatter a 60 Year Old Woman with Fine Hair

Since we know that fine hair lacks volume, which is vital for gaining a youthful feel, it makes sense to opt for shorter cuts that are layered and textured to make up for the shortfall. However, you can also choose a sleek straight-across bob, as blunt ends add body on the bottom. In this case, get it slightly longer in the front to create a flattering profile for a trendy and fresh look.

Don’t forget about the power of color! “The lighter your hair, the thinner it can look. For blondes, one block color can make hair look one dimensional and thin. Have darker blonde color added through the hair, which acts as an optical illusion and gives a 3D colour effect,” says celebrity colorist Jack Howard to Byrdie.

Tapered Gray Blonde Pixie

via @spankie1

This exquisite pixie comes with a tapered bottom and angled layers on top, while the mix of gray and blonde creates depth and adds vibe.

60+ Short Shaggy Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

via @stephanie.stewart.hair

Shaggy styling also works to enhance dimension and to gain texture. This cut is teamed up with side-swept bangs, kept light and airy.

Gray And Lavender Choppy Pixie

via @rachel_twighair

This choppy pixie incorporates top pieces, pulled forward to give a fuller look to thin hair. The combo of gray and lavender makes this cut stand out.

Wavy Lob With Subtle Layers

via @hairbyjo_1

And this wavy lob takes advantage of mixing dark and light shades for a dimensional effect. Subtle layers and loose waves create a touchable hairstyle.

Bob With Layers For Straight Thin Hair

via @katej.hair

Here, straight locks are juiced up with layers, while graying is transformed into a natural, warm and cheerful color.

Very Short Salt-And-Pepper Cut For Fine Hair

via @lacynthiatepinta

With very fine hair, you can go shorter for a salt-and-pepper gamine cut that seems bigger due to tousled styling.

Medium Bob For Fine Hair

via @bettinafrost.hairpro

The medium bob with slight graduation towards the front and subtle layers throughout the cut is an awesome option for a head of fine hair.

Edgy Bob With A Fringe For Thin Hair

via @amhower_hair_makeup

A shorter bob with point-cut ends and a long fringe creates an edgy shape for scarcer hair.

Ear-Length Grey Bob

via @bettinafrost.hairpro

And this lady shows how to embrace your natural grey by packing it into a stunning French bob – chopped ear length and coupled with an arched fringe.

Bob With A Short Fringe For A Round Face

via @simplicityconcord

A graphic fringe teamed up with a side parting can be a sea change for a round face. Watch them adding sharpness to an ordinary round bob.

Swoopy ‘Dos to Tame Thick Manes

Contrary to popular belief, thick hair is no less tricky to style than thin and fine tresses. While big hair comes with lots of volume and body, it’s rather unruly, weighty and prone to frizz. This means a frustrating mess that goes together with puffiness, giving a matronly look even to girls. If you want to look younger, put your trust in thinning shears – in the right hands they can remove most of the bulk without damaging your hair and taking off the overall length. By slicing and layering your mane, a hairdresser can add texture and movement that are the right things for a rejuvenating effect.

60+ Short Wavy Hairstyle With Bangs

via @lamodasalongalveston

It’s easy to give an exciting twist to your routine style by adding splashes of color, wavy styling and hot bangs.

Short Layered Gray And Blue Cut

via @dani7thestylist

Those searching for vibrant hair color ideas will be delighted with this fabulous combo of gray and blue incorporated into a layered cut.

Layered Bob Hair Cut For Thick Hair

via @styledbyburt

Sometimes thick hair needs nothing else but a neat shape, refreshing color and some layered pieces to bring the face into focus.

Classy Pixie Haircut For Women Over 60

via @happyhairsara

Pixie haircuts for women over 60 can be refined and classy when properly debulked, shaped and colored. Check this beautiful silver fox shade!

Dark Brown Pixie With Side Bangs

via @wachairgroup

But if you’re not in the mood for gray, try a deep, yet naturally-looking dark hue in a stylish pixie with side-swept bangs.

Badass Curly Hair to Enjoy in Your 60s

Actually, curly or wavy hair does a great job for older women, since it comes with a kind of built-in texture, movement and playfulness. Whether you have natural ringlets or think of perm, you are headed in the right direction. However, there are two key points to focus on – bounce and frizz, meaning you need to find the first and to avoid the second. But if your hair is thin, you can even incorporate the frizz into your ‘do for enhanced volume, for example through tousled or backcombed hairstyles. In order to gain a bouncy feel, make sure to have well-defined curls and opt for layered cuts.

Short Natural Gray Bob For Old Ladies

via @caitlinsenna

This old lady is a perfect example of embracing the natural gray, while having fun. Just look at this purple curl on one side of her disheveled bob!

Youthful Curly Bob

via @andrea_gildedfox

A curly bob looks more youthful with playful ringlets covering the forehead. Make sure they are short enough to avoid overwhelming.

Short Curly Layered Hairstyle To Look Younger

via @heather_hall_curlwhisperer

In order to look younger you can also opt for face framing curls, which are masterfully shaped and layered to fall right into place.

Rounded Curly Bob With Layers

via @triciatmcfaul

This rounded shape made of blended layers softens a bit angular facial contours, while radiating tons of volume and bounce.

Curly Chin-Length Bob

via @hairmajestiii

When your curl pattern is not very tight, it’s a good idea to gain dimension through a chin-length bob with a side parting.

Chic Hairstyles for Grey Hair Over 60

“Gray hair used to represent beauty on the decline, but that’s no longer the case,” celebrity colorist Louis Licari told InStyle recommending white highlights on the top and around the face for a sexier look. However, this is not the only way to embrace your silver instead of trying to hide it. From a signature silver streak in the front to gray highlights on your natural hair color or, vice versa, blond ribbons blending with your gray, there are many stylish hair color ideas to find inspo. Just don’t forget that you’re creating THE LOOK, so your color scheme should flatter your hairstyle, complexion and personality.

Gray And White Long Bob Over 60

via @iamshannonrg

This long bob is spiced up with a dramatic white streak in the front, while more lowlights are added through the hair to blend into the natural gray and white.

Short Gray Straight Bob

via @edschonsgabyza

A straight bob with barely there layers is a great option for older ladies who go gray either naturally or with a little help from a colorist.

Pixie Cut With Short Bangs For Thin Hair

via @hairstylistsunnie

Thanks to the pixie cut with lifted roots your hair won’t look thin, and on-trend short bangs will save it from a dated feel.

Wavy Salt And Pepper Crop

via @ty_thehairguy

Choosing a salt and pepper blend is one of the best ways to age gracefully, especially when the mix is coupled with a bold wavy crop.

Silver Gray Hair With Lowlights

via @salonbravissimo

Layers, side-swept bangs and flipped out styling work together to accentuate this unparalleled silver gray with warm lowlights.

How to Chime up Your Hairstyle with Glasses

While in their 60s many ladies have to wear glasses, it’s quite a challenge to match this accessory with a trendy hairstyle. You need to take into account many factors like your face shape, complexion, hair color and cut sculpture. Basically, both your ‘do and glasses should flatter your facial features, but they also should balance each other. For example, round-shaped frames add up to tousled styles, and angular frames do well for the classic round-brushed bob. Anyway, make sure that if you choose to rock a fringe, it shouldn’t look too sharp and heavy – otherwise opt for a lighter frame.

Trendy Pixie With Angled Bangs

via @thelostkiiddoeshair

This trendy pixie can be styled sharply with angled swoopy bangs and top tresses pulled frontwards or switched up to a more casual side-swept look.

Wispy Wavy Chin-Length Bob

via @styledbyamandagruszie

A wavy chin-length bob won’t be overwhelmed with a light fringe, if it’s wispy and lifted at the roots to give dimension to the front.

Easy Care Choppy Pixie Over 60

via @lacynthiatepinta

This choppy pixie is easy care, and it’s also an edgy hairstyle, boasting choppy pieces all around the face to bring it into focus.

Voluminous Spiky Caramel Blonde Pixie

via @ghhenleaze

For a head of hair, opt for a voluminous and spiky pixie that arrests the eye with tons of texture.

Latest Layered Bob With Glasses

via @hairbymemle

This layered bob is feathered in line with the latest trend for a shaggy finish, still looking elegant and matching with glasses.

The Best Youthful Hairstyles for Women Over 60 to Nail in 2021

The main message we want to send is that rejuvenating haircuts for women over 60 are very diverse and you don’t need to stick to one style for a younger look. You are free to go for a radical change or to take little steps like adding modern textures, delicate layers and face-framing pieces to your current ‘do. Think of stylish bangs that work to hide lines on your forehead and to balance facial features.”They also make your hair appear fuller, which helps deflect from thinning. Thick, softly beveled bangs are the most girlish,” says Ric Pipino, celebrity hairstylist for Elle Macpherson and Fergie, to Redbook. Keep searching for other age-defying ideas in our photo collection.

Sleek Blunt Blonde Wedge Bob

via @iamryanbirmingham

The sleek blunt wedge bob looks chic and flatters oval faces.

60+ Piece-Y Layered Bob With Bangs

via @salonenso

And this is a shaggier version that features layered bangs and a piece-y texture.

Stacked Straight Bob With A Fringe

via @salonmoetaz

The stacked bob with a V-cut nape and a soft fringe is perfect for healthy straight hair.

60+ Modern Undercut Pixie

via @camileghorayebhairdoctor

This pixie radiates a modern feel due to a sassy undercut and an out-of-the-ordinary lavender tint.

Medium Haircut For Women Over 60

via @marshairstudio

Lose waves and tousled styling offer a nice way to add flare to casual haircuts for women over 60.

Textured Icy Blonde Pixie

via @wiphairport

An icy blonde and a textured pixie is a go-to option for the hair that tends to thin out.

60+ Blunt White Bob

via @salon_identita

This beautiful blunt bob shines with its snow white color and clean shape.

Silver Messy Pixie With Bangs

via @samjonssalon

If you are ready for a bold chop, look no further than this messy pixie with bangs.

Wavy Crop For Overweight Ladies

via @savannahmc98

Overweight ladies shouldn’t hide behind the hair. Crops with very short sides and a plethora of texture on top will balance their chubby faces.

Short Feathered Hairstyle For Thick Hair

via @edschonsgabyza

When looking for something flattering to thick hair, consider this exceptional feathered hairstyle.

Now, you’ve got acquainted with the latest hair trends and the most effective tricks that will help you knock years off. Look up to those real women who shared their experience with us and be the next to inspire more and more ladies for searching their unique style and sweets of life.

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