24 Bubble Braids Ideas for Elevating Your Hairstyle Look

Playfulness, showiness, versatility — all this is about the mega-popular bubble braid style! Such braids have a segmented structure resembling bubbles and do not leave others indifferent.

Original and low-maintenance hairstyles add volume and texture to the strands while emphasizing their owner’s individuality and attention to fashion trends. Bubble braids can be adapted into different styles, such as ponytails, half-up hairstyles, or full braids, making them optimal hairstyles for various occasions.

Who will win in this confrontation between bubble braids and regular braids? It’s up to you. But be prepared for the charm and spontaneity of bubble braids to be impossible to resist!

How to do bubble braids?

Every woman can create an unusual and super easy hairstyle in a few minutes! Follow these simple instructions for bubble braids on any hair length.

  1. Wash and dry your hair.
  2. Carefully comb the strands, making them perfectly smooth and ready for braiding.
  3. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
  4. Divide the tail into equal sections. The number of sections will depend on how many bubbles you want to get in cute bubble braid hairstyles.
  5. Tie hair ties into the strands at regular intervals.
  6. Neatly push and loosen each section between the hair ties to create a bubble effect.
  7. Continue braiding your hair below the last elastic and secure the end of the braid with another elastic.
  8. Fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

The undeniable benefit of these fun hair trends is personalization. You can independently adjust the location and size of the bubbles, as well as the braid type — full or half-up, etc. Use the basic bubble braid tutorial, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Most Popular Bubble Braids

Are you going to the party or want a chic everyday hairstyle? The most fun hair trends — cute bubble braids — will help you with this!

Lush, voluminous braids can complement round and oval face shapes, making features more expressive. They look stylish on lengthy strands, which allow you to create beautiful bubbles and wavy hair, adding a touch of carelessness and playfulness to the hairstyle.

Of course, this hairstyle for any occasion and age will appeal to lovers of freedom, dynamics, and vivid impressions. Don’t limit yourself; choose one of the most stylish braids this season!

Bubble Braids for Long Hair

Are you looking for long hairstyle ideas that highlight the beauty of your luxurious curls? Bubble braids will do the job perfectly!

Bubble Braids for Long Brown Hair

via @hairby_chrissy

They highlight the natural beauty of long hair, adding a carefree and bohemian look. This style is perfect for any hair color and effortlessly helps you stand out.

Pair full braids on long hair with accessories such as hair ties, flowers, or ribbons to highlight the boho chic aesthetic. With this hairstyle, you can safely go for a walk, a music festival, or a beach party!

Bubble Braids on Long Blonde Hair

via @updos.by.jocelyn

Bubble Braids for Short Hair

Do you dream of bubbles on braids but prefer short haircuts? It’s okay! You can create a cheerful and charismatic hairstyle on short hair.

Bubble Braids on Short Blonde Hair

via @stephhstyles

Bubble braids do not require special skills or complex care. Only a few minutes are enough to make a cute style for your short hair. Do you want to enhance the charm and add bright accents? Use a variety of accessories — hairpins, rhinestones, or headbands.

Bubble Braids Hairstyle on Short Hair

via @rakelgarre

Half Up Half Down Bubble Braids

The bubble pigtail half up, half down is a hairstyle that will be 100% appreciated by fans of boho chic, casual elegance, and enchanting parties. Relaxed yet quite elegant, it has the perfect balance.

Half Up Half Down Bubble Braids on Red Hair

via @jennymitchhair

Add some loose bubbles of originality with branch decorations or bright ribbons if you’re going to a festival. This bubble pigtail half up, half down will deserve dozens of compliments!

Half Up Half Down Bubble Braids on Straight Brown Hair

via @braidsdavivi

French Bubble Braids

French bubble braids on long hair with their intricate look will appeal to women who value sophistication. They will harmoniously complement your look with any hair color at business and special events, romantic dates, or theme parties.

French Bubble Braids on Red Hair

via @jbraidsandbows

Moreover, this hairstyle will be a worthy alternative to normal braids, even for a wedding!

French Bubble Braids on Thin Blonde Hair

via @jessica.valdezz

Two Bubble Braids

Trendy two-bubble braids will instantly transform your appearance! Do you want to show a little sass and rebellion or emphasize light-heartedness? Choose double bubble braids and enjoy yourself in the mirror!

Two Bubble Braids on Short Dark Hair with Red Highlights

via @lib_george

You can braid to the end of the strands or leave ponytails, decorating them with ribbons or colored beads.

Two Bubble Braids on Long Blonde Hair

via @nia_hairstyles_

Bubble Braids on Curly Hair

Do you want to braid your hair but retain its unique natural texture? Fortunately, bubble braids for natural curls allow you to experiment with your appearance without problems!

Bubble Braid on Thick Curly Black Hair

via @zumbahairbeauty

Starting with a high ponytail will give you a dynamic and voluminous hairstyle, highlighting your hair pattern. Please note that this long curly hairstyle idea is perfect for everyday wear. It is a stylish and convenient option for curly beauties who dream of a practical hairstyle.

Bubble Braids on Black Curly Hair

via @gladzbraidhouse

Bubble Braids for a Messy Style

Among the numerous bubble braid hairstyles, the casual style deserves special attention. Let’s face it: a messy aesthetic has its charm!

Bubble Braids for a Messy Hairstyle

via @michaelgrayhair

What could be a casual hairstyle? You can go for half-up bibble braids or even an impressive mohawk hairstyle. The choice depends only on your desire!

Bubble Braid on Messy Blonde Hair

via @jessicamillerhair

Bubble Braids with Colored Hair

Creating a stylish look with bubble braids on different hair types couldn’t be easier! Especially if you like to experiment with different shades.

Bubble Braids on Red Dyed Hair

via @califormiahair

Whether you choose a rich, solid color or an ombre effect, this hairstyle with bright hair colors will earn numerous admiring glances!

Bubble Braids on Dark Hair with Pink Ends

via @_hairapywithyesi

Bubble Braids for Thin Hair

How to make long and fine hair texture more voluminous and dynamic? Try adding bubble hairstyles to your everyday looks!

Bubble Braids on Thin Hair

via @trenzas_ldg

Bubble braids add volume and enhance the texture of fine hair, creating a desired look. In addition, styling with minimal tension and using hair-friendly accessories makes this hairstyle even more attractive and popular.

Buble Braids on Thin Blonde Hair

via @hair.by.meganwilson

Easy Side Bubble Braid

The easy side bubble braid is a comfortable hairstyle that combines simplicity and a playful vibe. It combines a traditional side braid with adding bubble sections along the length of long black hair.

Side Bubble Braid on Long Black Hair

via @d.loweh

You can independently determine the size and location of the bubbles, making the image unique. For formal events, choose invisible hair bands, and when preparing for parties, you can safely experiment with contrasting and shiny accessories. For reliable fixation, use styling cream or hairspray.

Side Bubble Braids on Blonde Hair

via @michellecharleboishair

High Bubble Ponytail

An elegant and discreet high ponytail can become more exciting and dynamic with the addition of bubble braid hairstyles. The updated and modern ponytail will become your faithful assistant in any situation, from walking and sports training to business meetings.

High Bubble Ponytail on Blonde Hair

via @denisedoesbridal

Creating sections or “bubbles” will make you take a fresh look at your childhood hairstyle, which becomes both sophisticated and slightly rebellious. The result of this hairstyle for a party or everyday wear is a youthful and cheerful look that can conquer more than one heart!

High Bubble Ponytail on Long Black Hair

via @pure_dolly_hair

Pigtail Bubble Braids

Adorably playful, pigtail bubble braids are a whimsical and youthful take on classic braids. They will appeal to girls with short haircuts who want to try something new and turn trendy ideas into reality.

Pigtail Bubble Braids on Long Dark Hair with Pink Highlights

via @hair.byronja

This easy-to-do-it-yourself hairstyle combines delicacy with a modern aesthetic. Short hair with bubble braids looks feminine and slightly daring regardless of texture and color. Without a doubt, this combination will suit every fashionista!

Pigtail Bubble Braids on Long Blonde Hair

via @fantasticsamsnewken