42 Ideas of Stitch Braids for Everyone to Update Your Look


The stitch braids hairstyle is a trendy hair styling method. If you love braids, you must also be a stitch braid fan. It is trending like never before at the moment.

This looks good on natural hair. In most cases, the styling technique requires skills and intricate detailing. That is why it is a good idea to approach a hairstylist with hands-on knowledge.

Today’s blog will talk about some tremendous stitch-braiding hairstyles.

What are stitch braids?

This braided style involves the creation of cornrows varying in size. The technique used is ‘stitch in’, which is done with the help of extensions added to natural hair or additional hair. The result is that the style generates very neat stitch-like partings and braided lines.

It is a protective hairstyle, and there are two ways of doing this: (a) The rubber-band method, in which the hair is divided into sections, and rubber bands are used to secure them, and (b) the no-rubber-band method, in which styling gel is used to hold the section in place.

Straight Back Stitch Braids: Best for Beginners

The cornrow braids, in this case, are straight, where the expert hair stylist uses either the rubber method or the no-rubber method to get the look. This method helps promote natural hair growth and is perfect for women interested in getting a thick mane.

Straight Back Stitch Braids on Black Hair

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Before making the braids, the stylist will straighten or stretch your hair to create clear sections. Before making the cornrows, the hair is separated into horizontal sections that are held in a position either using rubber bands or a gel. In the latter method, the stylish need to use their fingers and the comb to create the sections.

Straight Back Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair

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Stitch Braids with Heart: Love is in the Air

It is sheer fun! Your stylist can give you a cool look and create awesome style stitch braids with hearts. You can make a heart from braids on the scalp’s top or sides. Carrying this style gives you superior confidence.

Stitch Braids with Heart on the Side

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You can also take this cute hairstyle to the next level with hearty designs all over the head – center, sides, and back. It’s a lovely suggestion for young girls and adolescents.

Stitch Braids with Heart at the Back on Long Black Hair

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Goddess Stitch Braids Will Up your Style

Goddess stitch braids have thicker cornrows compared to your usual protective stitch braids. Give this hairstyle extra care to ensure that the stitch braiding is close to the scalp. You can try various styles like large goddess tribal braids, large goddess box braids, bold Fulani braids, x-shaped medium goddess braids, medium goddess box braids, goddess feed-in braids, goddess braids bun, and more.

Goddess Stitch Braids on Long Hair with Highlights

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These long braids give a chic look. Try them with different styles like heart patterns, ponytails, and more.

Boho Braids on Short Black Hair

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Stitch Braids for Men: For a Cooler You

The stitch braids hairstyle is equally popular amongst men. It is a protective hairstyle, and it is easier for men to maintain it. The short length of men’s hair is also a distinct advantage.

Stitch Braids for Men on Short Black Hair

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The technique remains the same, though. There are horizontal sections that can be narrow or wide. And cornrows need to be braided using the stitching method. Some must-try styles include wavy hair with a fade, fohawk with braids, multi-directional braids, cornrow braids with temp fade, thin braids, French braids, and more.

Four Stitch Braids for Men with Bun on Black Hair

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Six Stitch Braids Covering Your Entire Scalp

As the name suggests, this style features six cornrows, neatly created by an expert, running across the entire scalp length. The six stitch braids cost between USD 80 and 150 and depend mostly upon the hair length and the complexity of the design you want. The style looks upbeat because it comes across as flawless work.

Six Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair

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If you take good care, the six-stitch braids can last anywhere between a month and a half.

0Asymmetrical Six Braids on Long Black Hair

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Feed In Stitch Braids for a Natural-looking Hairstyle

In this long-lasting protective hairstyle, additional hair attachments are used along with the cornrows. The feed-in braid technique specifically focuses on using the attachments at the time of braiding.

Feed In Stitch Braids on Long Hair

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The horizontal lines in this technique are fed in with braiding hair when the stylist makes the braids. If your hair texture is such that it tends to shrink, this hairstyle will last for about 4 to 6 weeks. While if your hair quality is such that it doesn’t shrink, you can easily maintain the style for 7 to 8 weeks.

Feed In Stitch Braids with Heart on the Side

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Small Stitch Braids: Epitome of Magnificient

Small stitch braids are also referred to as tiny or micro braids, as they are almost as thin as a hair strand. Making small braids should be left to experts only because it is a time-taking process and involves intricate work.

Small Stitch Braids in Straight Cornrows

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Remember that the unwinding process is even longer. Either way, this is an artwork that is worth all the time you spend because the results are almost magical. Often, this style involves a stitch braid updo for a stunning look.

Small Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair

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Stitch Braids with Bun for a Minimalist Look

This braids hairstyle involves tying the hair into a bun after braiding. There are many style possibilities in this case. You can try stitch braids with a low bun or a top bun.

Stitch Braids with Bun on Black Hair

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You can also experiment with half-up-down stitch braids, box braids, or reverse braids. All in all, the style comes with a regal look and feel. Your stylist can use synthetic hair for the feed-in look.

Stitch Braids with High Bun on Long Black Hair

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Stitch Braids with Long Hair to Keep Your Mane Under Control

If you have a good growth of tresses, go in for long hair braids. It will make it simpler for you to manage your hair. Stitch braids may be a challenging styling hair option, but they are worth trying because they protect you from a messy and tangled look. Consult with a hairstylist to achieve the ultimate look even when your hair is long.

Thick Stitch Braids on Long Hair

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Stitch Braids on Long Natural Hair

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Stitch Braids with Medium Hair Length: For a Happening You

Whether you have a bob haircut or shoulder-length hair, you can experiment with unique stitch thread braids hairstyles. Stitch braids look good on medium-length hair too. Some of the must-try styles of this protective hairstyling technique are box style, feed-in style, heart-shaped, star-shaped, and more. You can use artificial hair for ponytails and buns.

Stitch Braids on Medium Hair Length

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Thick Stitch Braids on Medium Hair Length

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Stitch Braids with Short Hair: Super-model Looks

One great short hair idea is the stitch braids. It is one of the ideal ways to highlight your facial features. You can try the four-stitch style for that iconic classical look. There’s minimal frill and absolutely zero need for any ornate workaround. The stitch braids on black hair make you look cool and cute.

Stitch Braids on Short Hair with Copper Highlight

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For your short hair, consider this styling method during the hot summers.

Stitch Braids on Short Curly Brown Hair

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Eight Stitch Braid for a Fuller Look

Try this technique if you have a good volume of growth and love braiding hair. It can be termed a volumizing hairstyle, as the eight stitched braids give a fuller look to your mane. The eight-stitch braid is a safe bet whether you have black hair or any other color. Braids on dark or blonde hair look equally attractive and need a lot of patient handling.

Eight Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

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Eight Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair

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The Stylist Ponytail with Stitch Braids

Get a high ponytail with your stitched braids and look your confident best. Remember, your hairstylist is going to stitch braid your mane and then secure a long ponytail stitch braid at the top of the head. This style gels well with all hair textures.

Ponytail with Stitch Braids on Long Dark Hair

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There are certain variations to try out too. For example, the Mohawk Braids Ponytail, half-up half-down high ponytail, High Ponytail Stitch Box Braids, Stitch Braids with a Curly Ponytail, and more.

Tight High Ponytail with Stitch Braids

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Awesome Zigzag Stitch Braids

The curvy lines between the straight lines make the hairstyle more engaging and fun. You can leave the ends curly to make them even more enjoyable. That’s the zigzag pattern.

Zigzag Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair

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You can try them with big-sized or thin-stitch braids. Try a ten-stitch braid style and use alternate braid hair for the zigzag pattern. It is a trendy hairstyle, worth the time and money.

Zigzag Stitch Braids on Long Black Hair with Blond Highlights

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Cross Stitch Braids Look Super Stylish

Even if you are a keen DIYer, it is best to leave the work of creating cross-stitch braids to a hairstylist expert. The cross-stitch cornrows weave in between the braids and are complicated work. Sit back, relax, and let your stylist take care of the braids, whether you wish to go in for the feed-in style or box braids. With blonde highlights, the overall look is even more stylish.

Cross Stitch Braids with Bun

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Cross Stitch Braids on Long Hair

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Mohawk Braids for a Sultry Look

The Mohawk stitch braids are an excellent choice for a braided updo. It looks exquisite with long hair. The back braids are mostly left to dangle, so the lengthier they are, the more alluring they look.

Thick Mohawk Braids on Black Hair

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From the Mohawk, a single braid of hair pop gives the hairstyle a unique touch. This one is for women who love to dare and break stereotypes!

Mohawk Braids on Black Hair with Blonde Extensions

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Stitch Braids with Curly Ends Makes You the Centre of Attraction

Curly ends with stitch braids can look good with hairstyle for long or short hair. If you have a curly hair type, the coiled can become the show-stopper when the hairstylist does the work well.

Stitch Braids with Curly Ends on Long Black Hair

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Stitch braiding on curls is again not recommended at home if you want that neat and flawless look. The stylist can create a zigzag pattern of braids or keep it straight. It’s the ends that curl up.

Stitch Braids on Naturally Curly Hair

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Half Up Half Down Stitch Braids: A Feast for the Eyes

The half-up half-down hairstyles, especially with stitch braid, are a versatile game of styling your tresses for a night out, a dinner date, or a relaxed evening at home. With blonde stitch braids, you can make it all look more casual. The braided pattern is created first, and then half of it is secured as a top bun while the other half of the braids are left hanging down. It is a regal look.

Thick Half Up Half Down Stitch Braids

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Stitch Braids on Wavy Long Hair

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Blonde Stitch Braids for the Oomph Factor

A cute blonde hairstyle is the stitch braids that make you look different in the crowd. Your stylist will be adept at creating alternate streaks of blonde and dark hair with straight-line cornrows. The entire look comes from using blonde stitch hair extensions or attachments. If your skin color or tone does not get well with the blonde color, you can try creating a similar look with other colored hair attachments.

Blonde Stitch Braids on Long Hair

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Stitch Braids with Long Blonde Extensions

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Red Stitch Braids: Transform Your Look in Style

Red stitch braids look extremely eloquent on women with darker complexion. If colored hair is your type, then red hair is worth a try. There are, of course, various choices of colored streaks because it requires hair extensions of your choicest colors.

Thick Red Stitch Braids on Black Hair

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The hairstylist braids your natural hair and the red hair attachment to make your braids look fiery and hot.

Red Stitch Braids with Bun on Short Hair

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Side Stitch Braids: Go the Celebrity Way

These are braids on the side, like Beyonce from her Formation World Tour. For this iconic, long-lasting hairstyle, it is best to check out with a stylist who can do a fabulous job. Her hairstyle is also famously called the Lemonade braids.

Side Stitch Braids with Blonde Highlights on Long Hair

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As the name suggests, the braids are done sideways on the scalp. Eventually, the long braids are left to fall down your neck.

Side Stitch Braids with Pattern on Long Black Hair

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How to maintain stitch braids?

Here are a few tips to take care of your stitch braids.

  • Wear a scarf, preferably, or a silk bonnet when sleeping.
  • If your scalp itches, then use an anti-itch oil.
  • Use a cloth or cotton ball when cleaning the scalp with dry shampoo.

How long do stitch braids last?

In most cases, if your care routine is optimal, the stitch braids should be okay for at least four weeks and a maximum of seven weeks. However, certain hair types can start to untangle sooner than four weeks.