30 Fab Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair to Enjoy in 2021

Usually, hairstylists recommend keeping curly locks on the longer side. Why? Since long hair has a greater weight, this helps tame the unruly tresses and the frizz that often comes with ringlets. However, we cannot ignore the fact that short curly hair looks vibrant, eye-catching and flattering on many women – at least when it’s styled properly. So, our task for today is to explore current trends and hair experts’ tips in order to find the best ways to style naturally curly hair in 2021.

Haircuts for Different Face Shapes to Create a Balanced Look

Though all common rules for balancing different face shapes apply to short curly hair too, it can be a bit tricky to put them into practice. You should keep in mind that various curl patterns vary in their volume and bounce characteristics.

That said, choosing haircuts for curly hair if you have an oval face is easy peasy. “With an oval-shaped face, you have more versatility; just make sure to keep an overall balance. Opt for a cut that will play up the volume in your curls to fill out where your face may be most narrow,” says hairstylist César De Leön Ramirêz who styles a good half of the Kardashian-Jenner family to Allure.

Well, let’s look at which short curly hairstyles work best for this and other face types.

Curly Elongating Hairstyle For Round Faces

via @hairbypucci

For women with round faces and short curly hair, it’s important to put more volume on the top rather than around the face. Curly bangs with flirty long loops add to the elongating effect.

Softening Curly Bob Cut For Square Faces

via @andrea_gildedfox

Who said short curly hair is a no-no for square faces? Quite the opposite: curls and waves work fine for square faces by softening the angular lines, but you need to keep your cut on a rounder side.

Curly Bob For Heart Shaped Face

via @vancityhairgirl

We adore how short curly hair can flatter different face shapes. For example, this lovely curly bob hides the wide forehead of the heart shaped face, covering it with full wavy bangs, while commanding attention to cheekbones.

Tousled Wavy Chin-Length Bob For Long Face

via @exhibitsalon

A curly bob is a good idea for ladies with an oblong face shape. A chin-length bob with tousled waves gives width and balance to a long face.

Cute Curly Bob Cut For Oval Face

via @lindsaythecurlygrl

We love the way this girl sports her natural curls. Her oval face pulls off a cute curly bob with a side part, neatly structured locks and little volume at the roots.

Cool Bob Styles to Don This Year

“There’s a lot of variety in a bob. You can go shorter, wear an asymmetrical cut, get a blunt cut, a lob, or have a bob with layers,” says Kiyah Wright, Emmy award-winning hair guru with Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson among her clients, in this bob-inspired article for Bravo. César De Leön Ramirêz adds that a bob length is super chic for someone with curly hair and recommends using a texturizing product designed for your specific curl and hair type along with a diffuser for styling the curly bob. Let’s check what bob options a curly-haired woman has and how they look on various types of ringlets and waves.

Angled Bob With Layered Spirals

via @goddessra

Curly bob is something really amazing! Just look how this angled bob shines with stunning highlights, looking so natural and accentuating the subtly layered spirals.

Curly Inverted Above-The-Chin Bob

via @clementinehairstudio

Bouncy curls will get a charming French feel with this above-the-chin inverted bob that is perfectly structured on the bottom. One of the best options for naturally curly hair, indeed.

Messy Stacked Rusty Red Bob Cut

via @mermaidmolly_doeshair

This hot rusty red curly bob is stacked on the back to add volume to the fine waves and styled messy for a sassy, yet voluminous look.

Curly Layered Bob With Sun-Kissed Highlights

via @girl_with_the_curl_

This thick curly mane is masterfully layered around the face to avoid overwhelming. Note the sun-kisses highlights, which definitely add vibe to this curly bob.

Wavy Bob Half Updo With Waterfall Braids

via @dky_hair

Blonde curls look so romantic, don’t they? Here we have a delicate hairstyle for a wedding – the bob half updo with loose waterfall braids decorated with fresh flowers is catching the eye with tons of wavy texture.

Trendy Cuts with Bangs for Stylish Girls

Have you noticed that many short haircuts for curly hair from our collection come with bangs? Bangs are trending, and they chime with various face shapes, balancing them and giving a twist to our routine looks. And you’re behind the times thinking that bangs have to be stick straight – curly and wavy fringes rule!

If you’re not sure you’re committed to bangs, start with a 70’s-esque style. “I find people with naturally curly hair have more options with a longer length, like wearing it to the side or a center part. I would recommend brow length in the middle and gradually get longer toward the temples,” says hairstylist Ryan Trygstad, a man behind Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore, to Allure. Here are some examples of short curly hair with bangs to give you some inspo.

Short Cut With Layers For Curly Hair

via @andrea_gildedfox

This short curly hair is beautifully transformed by layers to gain a neat round shape, adorned with bouncy spiral bangs.

Bob For Thick Curly Hair And Long Face

via @jendoesyourhair

Since this curly haired girl has a long face, her thick hair is cut and styled to give more volume on the sides, while the large curls in the front camouflage the big forehead.

Tapered Cut With Curly Top And Bangs

via @tashadoeshair

Short haircuts for curly hair can look really daring. This bold curly pixie features a tapered bottom that is gradually transformed into voluminous curls on top. Look how bangs are shifted to the side to open the face.

Short Curly Hairstyle With Long Bangs

via @johno.duh

You can opt for long side swept bangs with this hairstyle that leaves more length on the sides for a softer look.

Bob With Short Straight Bangs And Lilac Babylights

via @diy.bangs

It’s a cool idea to couple a wavy textured bob with short straight bangs. The contrast is stunning even without lilac babylights.

The Newest Trends for Short Curly Black Hair

Afro American gals often opt for relaxed hair getting tired of this constant fight with their rebel frizzy curls. But with the natural hair movement growing now and stars like Solange Knowles being at the wheel, you don’t need to fight anymore! “I’ve found that people try to run away from frizz rather than embrace it and recognize that it’s part of the DNA of texture. We’ve been told to suppress frizz for so long that we’ve lost the will to look at its benefits, like how it plays a vital role in getting your hair to that big, fluffy, beautiful, soft, elegant, authentic space,” says hairstylist Vernon François, who works his magic on Serena Williams and Lupita Nyong’o, to Cosmopolitan. So, here is how you can sport your short curly hair.

Rounded Layered Curly Black Bob

via @sweetstyles_naturals

Look how amazingly this girl sports her short curly hair. The adorable bob she chose is round shaped and side parted to give the best frame and dimension to her beautiful natural curls.

Curly Undercut Pixie For A Black Woman

via @contactevie

This short pixie looks absolutely amazing! We love the way this stylish black woman rocks a daring curly pixie with an airy mass of ringlets pulled frontwards to draw attention to the face.

Afro Hairstyle For Natural Kinky Hair

via @jd_winters

Here, natural tight curls are cut to create uniform bounce and dimension on top, while short curly bangs serve to highlight the face.

African American Bob With Highlights

via @vancityhairgirl

And this African American gal gives preference to a longer and more voluminous hairstyle with lengthy bangs to highlight the beauty of her natural curls.

Asymmetrical Long Bob Weave

via @osmondsimportedhair

If your hair is not that thick, steal this sassy weave shoulder length hairstyle based on a long bob with a deep side parting for an asymmetrical feel.

10 Best Short Curly Hair Ideas for “It” Girl

From very short crops to shoulder-grazing hairstyles, modern trends allow for endless options to beautifully transform your curly hair. Almost endless, since you shouldn’t forget that some cuts work better on certain curl types. Loose curls are the least demanding both in care and styling. “Your versatile texture gives you plenty of freedom to play with different styles,” says NYC stylist, salon owner and curl experts at Ouidad Nunzio Saviano to Refinery29 and recommends trying a textured bob with soft blended bangs for those who have classic springy and defined S-shaped ringlets. But steer clear of one-length bobs when having kinky curls, since you may end up with hair looking like a wig. To avoid pitfalls like that, take a cue from our pick of the best ideas for waves and curls.

Messy Updo With Braids And Bun

via @web.kham

Pack your short curly hair into a whimsical updo that combines multiple messy braids and a laid back bun at the nape.

Chin Length Bob For Thick Curls

via @themonacut

Embrace the powerful volume of large thick curls with a lush chin-length bob that is enhanced by wild bangs. This messy curly hair looks really hot.

Short Cut For Wavy Hair

via @ash.paul.hair

This short curly hair looks so cute! Give a twist to your wavy hair by cutting it short and mixing textures. Flip out the shorter side and back strands and tousle the longer locks on top.

Perm Lob With Bangs

via @soraverly

Just look how amazingly this girl has transformed her straight hair! You can go for a perm to boost dimension in your hair and get something as fantastic as this airy lob with bangs and textured locks.

Layered Crochet Lob

via @rejeanm_hairstudio

If you can’t boast lush naturally curly hair, opt for a crochet hairstyle, mimicking a heavily layered lob that is structured to flatter your face shape.

Short Wavy Bob With Bangs

via @exhibitsalon

Reveal some French charm trying a short messy bob with bangs. Note how this brown curly bob is juiced up with a mix of wavy and piece-y textures.

Medium Shaggy Curly Red Hair Style

via @lynniekjones

Red mane just creams for flirty ringlets, and you can make your short curly hair even more touchable by adding a shaggy finish and bangs styled in line.

One-Length Brunette Bob With Copper Ombre

via @girl_with_the_curl_

A classic one-length short bob won’t look boring at all if you incorporate a dramatic ombre with a deep dark base.

Blonde Curly Bob With Layers And Highlights

via @missalissathehairdresser

If you have blonde curls, ask for dimensional highlights to get depth and for layers to enjoy movement.

Curly Teal Pixie

via @retrohair

When your curly pixie isn’t jaw-dropping enough, spice up your tight curls with a bold color, like this stunning teal hue.

To wrap it up, short curly hair can look totally stunning, be it a curly pixie, a curly bob or lob. Whether you have thin waves or a head of ringlets, you will find a trendy short ‘do in our hot collection. Be sure to pay heed to professionals’ tips, but also be bold to experiment for creating your signature style. Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping track of trends for curly hair to give you even more ideas and recommendations.

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