46 Stylish Short Hair with Bangs Ideas for a Trendy Look

Short hair with bangs has gained popularity among women worldwide for several reasons.

Firstly, they add youthfulness and freshness to the look, making them ideal for all ages. Secondly, hair with bangs beautifully frames the face emphasizes the features, and adds expressiveness.

Numerous classic short hair ideas with bangs are suitable for different textures and require a minimum of time for styling.

What haircuts are super trending this season? Read on!

Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs on short hair are a fashionable and versatile solution for curly and straight hair. This hairstyle combines vintage charm and daring modernity, which are impossible to resist!

Short Blonde Hair with Curtain Bang

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How do you wear short hair in this case? Opt for a classic chin-length bob with curtain bangs for an elegant look or a charismatic pixie cut with long bangs for a bolder twist.

Short Light Brown Hair with Curtain Bang

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Medium Short Hair with Bangs for Every Day

Do not want to part with curls, but are you not ready to care for long, luxurious hair? There is a solution: medium-length haircuts with trendy curtain bangs!

Medium Short Black Hair with Bang

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They successfully balance between two extremes and open up ample opportunities for experimentation. For example, women of all ages have been into chin-length bob for years.

If the classics are not your thing, pay attention to medium-short hair with side-swept bangs. This style allows for various interpretations — from flawlessly smooth to tousled and carefree, which means you will find what you want!

Short Thick Blonde Hair with Curtain Bang

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Stylish Short Hair with Side Bangs

A short hairstyle with side bangs is a stylish solution for any occasion. Thanks to the versatility of such hairstyles, you can experiment with numerous variations, from concise to original and spectacular.

Short Blonde Hair with Side Bang

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Fashionista favorites include the pixie cut with long side swept bangs for a bold yet feminine look and the short bob with asymmetrical side bangs full of intrigue and elegance.

Short Bob Cut with Side Bang

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Short Hair with Long Bangs for Exciting Experiments

Short hair with bangs allows you to maintain femininity and sophistication even with the minimum length of curls. The spectacular contrast between the strands will attract the views of others and help create creative styling options, from aristocratic to rebellious.

Short Hair with Long Side Bang

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If you’re going for this hairstyle, start with the classic bob with bangs. Having got used to the length and methods of care, you can proceed to more radical experiments. It may be an ultra-short pixie with long feathered bangs.

Short Blonde Hair with Long Bang

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Short Hair with Bangs for Round Face

Short hair with layered bangs for a round face is a reliable tool for balancing proportions and even contours.

Short Dark Hair with Bang for Round Face

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Do you doubt it? Try a short bob with long bangs swept that reaches the brows and creates vertical lines that elongate the face. Another versatile option for owners of a round face shape is a pixie haircut with side-swept bangs. It creates angles and draws attention to the cheekbones, making the face look slimmer.

Short Blonde Hair with Bang for Round Face

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Trendy Korean Short Hair with Bangs

Korean hairstyle is an extremely fashionable trend, especially among young people. How are these hairstyles different?

Korean Short Blonde Hair with Bang

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Typically, layered Korean short hair with bangs is a bob or pixie paired with straight or slightly thin bangs that casually frame the face.

If you want to follow this trend, opt for natural straight hair for a casual look.

Short Black Korean Haircut with Bang

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Aesthetic Short Hair with Bangs

Why do girls of different ages like short hair with bangs so much? When choosing these hairstyles, you can be inspired by non-traditional styles and add your wishes to the look.

Aesthetic Short Hair with Bangs

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Want a textured pixie with long asymmetrical bangs? Easily! Do you dream of thin bangs in bright colors? Why not! Find “your” master and embody the most daring ideas for maximum self-expression!

Copper Pixie Cut with Thick Bang

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Short Hair with Wispy Bangs

Short blonde hair with thin bangs is the embodiment of romance. For extra volume, you can opt for a layered bob or pixie. This hairstyle format is light and airy, necessary for feminine images.

Short Brown Hair with Wispy Bang

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Wispy bangs on short hair are versatile and a win-win. They will look harmonious both in everyday life and on special occasions.

Short Pixie Cut with Bang on Fine Hair

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Short Hair with Bangs for Women Over 50

What are the hairstyles for women over 50? Short hair with bangs is a stylish and practical choice for mature fashionistas who want to keep their hair fine and spectacular.

Short Blonde Cut With Bang for Women Over 60

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A striking example of timeless styling is a classic bob or a multi-layered short pixie bob with bangs. They have enough volume and make facial features more expressive.

Short Pixie Cut with Bang for Women Over 50

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Daring Short Hair with Choppy Bangs

Among the varieties of short bangs, choppy bangs on thick hair deserve special attention. They look dynamic and relaxed, which undoubtedly attracts lovers of trendy haircuts.

Short Brown Hair with Choppy Bangs

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What hairstyles are best to combine such bangs? Try a chin-length bob or textured pixie haircut. Non-standard choppy bangs will quickly turn the usual hairstyles into bold and rebellious!

Short Wolf Cut with Wispy Bang

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Eye-catching Short Hair with Blunt Bangs

A short blunt bob is an elegant haircut that has stood the test of time. Its characteristic features are minimalism and sophistication. That is why girls who want a concise and fashionable haircut choose a bob with bangs.

Short Bob Cut with Blunt Bang

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If you want something more original, complete the blunt bangs with a playful pixie cut. The result will surely delight you!

Short Bob Cut with Straight Blunt Bang

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Short Hairstyle with Asymmetrical Bangs

Do you prefer dynamic and original hairstyles? In that case, trendy short hair with asymmetrical bangs might be your favorite!

Short Pixie with Asymmetrical Bang

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A pixie or bob with angled bangs, which is longer on one side and gradually narrows on the other, is the epitome of sharpness and intrigue. If you must always feel 100%, this short hair idea will be the best solution.

Short Gray Hair with Asymmetrical Bang

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Romantic Wavy Bob with Bangs

The wavy bob cut with bangs is a hairstyle that perfectly combines elegance and playfulness.

Wavy Bob with Straight Bang

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This style with loose curls is favored by many celebrities as curly short hair with bangs strikes a balance between understated elegance and casual vibes.

Wavy Bob Cut with Long Thick Bang

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Short Hair with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs with short hairstyles — a permanent hit of recent years!

Short Wavy Hair with Micro Bang

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Micro-bangs are cut much shorter than the traditional ones. Usually, it is located above or along the hairline. Often, you can find thick bangs, making them look unusually expressive.

Short blunt bob with bangs, also known as baby bangs or micro fringe, is a bold and flamboyant style that won’t go unnoticed!

Short Pixie Cut with Micro Bang

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Short Straight Hair with Straight Bangs

Do you love timeless classics? Choose straight hair with bangs for a flawless and versatile look.

Short Straight Hair with Straight Bang

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This style’s simplicity of short haircuts allows it to pair flawlessly with a wide range of clothing and accessories, making it appropriate for numerous occasions. In addition, this styling looks good on strands of any texture, including thin hair.

Short Blonde Hair with Long Straight Bang

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Bohemian Wolf Cut with Bangs

The wolf cut with bang hairstyle is an original hairstyle. It is characterized by shaggy layers and loose bangs, creating a wild and untamed look resembling a wolf’s mane.

Wolf Cut with Long Thick Bang

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This style allows for creative and personalized variations. For example, owners of perfectly straight strands or short curly hair with bangs can safely choose it.

How to wear bangs? Give it a deliberately careless look, and enjoy the result!

Wolf Cut with Bang on Wavy Brown Hair

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Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Another good solution for women seeking to combine femininity and audacity is sided bangs on long pixie. The hairstyle creates a comfortable balance between short and long hair, adding a dramatic accent with asymmetrical bangs.

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bang

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For example, blonde pixie cuts and soft bangs for different hair textures will create an incredibly light and romantic look, while dark shades of curls will bring you closer to glam-rock catchy.

Pixie Cut with Blue Highlights and Side Swept Bang

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Short Bob with Feminine Bangs

The classic bob is beautiful in any variation, and this is one of them. Feminine bangs, often soft and slightly curved, gently frame the face and add a touch of sophistication to the haircut.

Short Bob with Straight Curtain Bang

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You can create a versatile look and experiment for special occasions by choosing a bob with bangs. Add colored strands, style bangs differently, and use different accessories — many options! Thanks to hair with bangs, your possibilities are endless.

Short Bob Cut with Bang on Brown Hair

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Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs

Are you looking for something extravagant? At your service, baby bangs on very short hair — an avant-garde hairstyle emphasizing the forehead and facial features.

Pixie Cut with Baby Bang

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Depending on the location features, stylists distinguish different types of blunt bangs. Choose with a professional the one that best suits your face shape and curly or straight hair texture.

Pixie Cut on Black Hair with Baby Bang

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Elegant Bob Cut with Feathered Bangs

Why not combine the traditional chin-length bob with long feathered bangs? This hairstyle will help you look both sophisticated and modern.

Short Bob Cut with Feathered Bang

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Soft, thin layers of bangs gracefully frame the face, making the image more feminine and original. Plus, short hair with bangs is easy to care for! Consider this option if you want to have an attractive and flawless haircut.

Short Bob Cut on Blonde Hair with Feathered Bang

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Asymmetrical Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

Do you dream of rock-short hair? The asymmetrical pixie with side swept bang is a bold and creative hairstyle that mixes short and long pieces for a dynamic look.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Extra Long Bang

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As the name implies, this style involves a shorter haircut on one side of the head, and on the other side, the bangs are much longer. These straight hair ideas are for girls who prefer dramatic haircuts with styling options ranging from sleek and elegant to tousled and rebellious.

Asymmetrical Pixie on Blonde Hair with Extra Long Bang

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Undercut Bob With Bangs for Fans of Experiments

The hairstyle with undercut and bangs is a modern haircut known for its striking contrast between a shaved nape and longer, often straight bangs. This style draws attention to the face and emphasizes the expressiveness of the features.

Undercut Bob with Straight Bang

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If you are tired of long pixie hairstyles, the original bob with layered bangs will help you achieve a new, non-standard look.

Short Bob with Undercut and Long Curtain Bang

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Tousled Bob with Wispy Bangs

A tousled bob with thin bangs is a relaxed, airy hairstyle representing freedom and carelessness. Wispy bangs for any hair texture casually frame the face, while short layered hair creates a bohemian effect.

Tousled Bob with Wispy Bang

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This combo creates a casual yet chic look that will appeal to fans of natural, easy-care, and sexy hairstyles.

Short Bob Cut on Burgundy Hair with Wispy Bang

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How to style short hair with bangs?

Want to keep your hairstyle looking great all day long? Use our recommendations and enjoy your reflection in the mirror!

  1. Wash your hair and blow dry it with a round brush. High-quality styling is possible only on clean and dry strands.
  2. Protect your hair. Apply a heat protectant spray. The fact is that high temperature negatively affects the condition of the hair. Special cosmetics will help protect them and avoid damage.
  3. Part your hair. If your bangs are longer than the rest of the strands, separate them and start styling them first.
  4. Use an iron (if desired). Are you looking for a sleek and flawless hairdo? Use a flat iron! Swipe it through the bangs, starting from the roots and moving to the tips. Leave the tool in one place for a short time so the hair does not overheat.
  5. Create waves (if desired). For a wavy, textured look, you can use a curling iron. Work with small strands and hold them for a few seconds, then release them.
  6. Apply styling product. Depending on your look, you can use a small amount of hair wax, foam, or styling cream to add texture and hold to your bangs. Do not use too much product, as it will weigh down the curls.
  7. Finish the bangs. Use your fingers or a comb to shape your bangs into the desired shape. For example, move your hair to the side, part it, or lift your bangs a little for extra volume.
  8. Apply hairspray to keep your bangs in shape throughout the day.
  9. Lay the rest of the strands. Once your bangs are perfect, you move on to styling curls.
  10. Last check. Examine your hair in front of a mirror to make sure it’s flawless.

With these steps, you can style short hair with bangs and achieve the desired look in any texture!