50 Fashionable Undercut Hairstyles for Outstanding Look

Those who are tired of classic haircuts and are in the mood to try something new, take a look at some latest ideas on this page! An undercut hairstyle is a great way to make your appearance more unique and unusual. It is a popular hairstyle in 2022, suiting all ages and face shapes. The essential point is to choose a suitable length and be ready to receive tons of compliments!

An undercut haircut looks bright and attractive, highlighting the personality of a lady. If you need some changes, visiting your hairdresser can be the best therapy. The correct geometry of the hairstyle and your new image will help all bad thoughts fly away. However, there are numerous undercut haircut designs, so take a look at some of them and choose the most suitable one!

What Is an Undercut Hairstyle?

If you are searching for unique hair designs for women, you should consider the undercut option. Those who have never tried having short hair and are ready to risk will be excited with various women’s undercut hairstyles. Consult your hairdresser and choose the best undercut meaning that your hairstyle will be extremely short and attractive. Are you ready for such changes?

This option is considered the most common among all shaved hairstyles, allowing you to increase your mood and get an impressive style immediately. Older ladies can use it to look younger and attract more attention from other people. Such a hairstyle will not go unnoticed. An edgy style layered undercut is a perfect solution for any occasion and dress code.

Short Undercut Hairstyle Designs

If you’ve always dreamed about short hair but couldn’t choose the best alternative, it’s time to make an attractive sexy undercut pixie. Such a coiffure will perfectly highlight your facial features. It’s important to visit a professional hairdresser who will help you pick the most suitable shape and length.

Short Undercut Blonde

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Modern undercut hairstyles suit women with any face shape and appearance and will make any woman feel self-confident and wonderful. The classic option implies a short hairstyle with a shaved nape. In all the diversity of the available haircut designs, you will be able to select the most fantastic option for yourself.

Short Undercut Pink Hair

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Long Hair Undercut Hairstyles

This hairstyle is considered the most common unisex option, suiting men and women. If you have long fine hair and would like to add more volume, consider the undercut long hair. It’s a great way to get thick hair without extra procedures and investments. You will be surprised how a simple undercut will change your appearance and self-perception.

Braided Hair with Undercut Pattern

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One more benefit of this hairstyle is that it suits both blonde and dark hair. You can also ask your hairdresser to make coloring such as balayage to add more volume and shades. Overall, such coiffure is wonderful to keep your long hair and enjoy the new style. It’s a completely hidden undercut, making you look fresh and unusual.

Long Hair with Side Undercut

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Impressive Edgy Undercut Hairstyle

This hairstyle has already become classic, and many women of all ages prefer it to many other options. It implies a straight, edgy haircut with a suitable length. Moreover, it’s possible to add long bangs, making you look even more stylish and bold. It confidently stays on the top list of women’s undercut hairstyles, which don’t require any complicated styling.

Edgy Undercut Purple Hair

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Get your amazing hair look and enjoy dozens of compliments from other people. If you want to make it even more unique, add some colored strands or choose an unusual hair shade. Look at some more stylish undercuts for women below!

Edgy Undercut Blonde Hair

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Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Women of All Ages

Pixie is a trend that has been popular for the last thirty years. Although not many women risk making it, it remains one of the most common undercut designs. An undercut edgy pixie cut is a great way to look younger and fresher immediately after visiting the hairdresser.

Short Pixie Undercut with Long Bang

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Those who have always dreamed about a short hairstyle should try it! We are confident that such an idea will not leave anyone indifferent.

Short Pixie Undercut with Side-Swept Bang

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Many women think that such a hairstyle doesn’t suit oval face shapes, but this is far from the case. The most important point is to choose the best length that will highlight your facial features. You can make a longer pixie with an undercut, which will be a perfect solution not to make your face look thicker. A blonde pixie undercut is always the best solution for nice ladies!

Perfect Undercut Bob That Became Classic

It doesn’t matter which hair type you have since a bob haircut is always a great solution. This undercut hairstyle is the best option for those who would like to look younger and get a universal coiffure for all occasions. It’s quite strict, so it will perfectly suit any dress code. As a rule, it’s a classic bob hairstyle with shaved elements on the back or the sides, making an excellent undercut hairstyle for any color.

Short Undercut Bob Brunette

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An edgy undercut bob suits ladies of all ages with any facial features. One more option is to make a hidden undercut bob, looking like a classic hairstyle with some exciting elements. Search for inspiration from ladies with similar coiffures and choose the one you like most!

Asymmetric Undercut Bob Black Hair

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Stylish Shaved Undercut Hairstyle

This is a very peculiar, extremely short hairstyle, which involves shaved temples and nape. Not every lady will decide on drastic image changes, but it looks very stylish. It won’t suit those who prefer longer hair but is a great alternative for women who want to try something new and get tons of attention from other people. Moreover, this shaved haircut is considered unisex, making it a perfect option for males and females.

Shaved Undercut Blonde Hair

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You can choose the shaved lines according to your preferences, and if you can’t decide, search for inspiration on the Internet or consult your hairdresser. It is one of the best undercut hairstyles, but remember that it mostly suits women with triangle and square faces. A masculine skin fade hairstyle will make you look younger and more attractive! Look through the shaved designs and decide which one you like most.

Shaved Black Undercut Hairstyle

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Curly Undercut Hairstyle for Special Occasions

A curly hair undercut is perfect for women with wavy hair and will make an impressive accent to your appearance. This hairstyle doesn’t have any straight lines and implies a bit of messy hair, which looks cute. A wavy pixie is not for all, but those who are risky enough to make it will receive hundreds of admiring glances.

Curly Pixie with Side Undercut Silver Hair

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If you have naturally curly hair, you should visit your hairdresser and ask for the desired haircut. Women with straight hair will have to spend more time styling their coiffure. Overall, it’s an extremely short hairstyle, so be ready to say “Goodbye” to your medium hair length.

Curly Pixie with Side Undercut Pattern

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Amazing Bowl Undercut For Women

Bowl undercut hairstyle is a classic option for women of all ages, allowing you to look stylish and relevant on any occasion. This unique hairstyle for women looks wonderful on blonde and dark hair. Many people consider it a masculine coiffure, but ladies often prefer it to other alternatives.

Bowl Undercut Purple Hair

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Overall, it’s a classic short hairstyle with straight or oblique bangs and a shaved nape. Create a new amazing look of your hair right now!

Bowl Undercut Brown Hair with Long Bang

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Ponytail with Undercut Hairstyle for Strict Looks

Do you want to keep your hair length and get an exciting accent in your hairstyle? Consider an undercut ponytail! You should just make the shaved nape, which no one will notice unless you make a ponytail. It’s the most popular long hair undercut, and it doesn’t lose its relevance for many years.

Long Ponytail with Undercut

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A blonde undercut hairstyle is always in trend! A-line design haircut is one of the best ways to add a highlight to your image without drastically changing the length of your hair.

Low Ponytail with Side Undercut

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Masculine Mohawk Undercut Hairstyle

Mohawk style is usually considered masculine, but it’s also quite common among ladies. Try it immediately if you want to make your image unique and ready for experiments! It’s a perfect rock star hairstyle for women, a new trend in the fashion world. Choose your punky style for any hair color and create a wow effect wherever you appear.

Rainbow Fauxhawk Pixie Undercut

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Platinum Fauxhawk Pixie Undercut

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Disconnected Undercut For Women

This extreme haircut assumes that the hair is completely shaved on one side, and on the other, there is the hair of the length you choose. Numerous undercut designs are available, so ask your hairdresser to recommend those suiting your facial features.

Disconnected Side Undercut Brunette

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Moreover, this option is perfect if you face hair loss and search for female hair fade designs. It is considered one of the most extravagant shaved hairstyles for women, allowing you to shine bright every day!

Braided Hair with Disconnected Side Shaved Undercut

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Side Swept Undercut Hairstyle for Women

An edgy side-swept undercut implies that the part of the hair is shaved, while another one remains of medium length. You can also add more colors, which will make you look even more stylish. While the shaved side is of your natural color, you can add different shades on the whole length. However, if you have been searching for a female simple undercut, you should better choose other options.

Short Bob with Side Swept Brunette Undercut

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A blonde side swept undercut is a coiffure that will never leave you without attention. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making a fantastic hairstyle that will provide you with tons of compliments from others. Pay attention to it if you have been searching for interesting short haircuts for women.

Short Bob with Side Swept Light Brown Undercut

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Fade Undercut Hairstyles Suiting All Ladies

This short hairstyle has already become classic and is made for self-confident ladies who adore being at the center of attention. If you are open to experiments, pick this boyish undercut and enjoy your fresh look. You can make it both with your natural hair color or choose other shades.

Fade Undercut Red hair

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Many ladies also prefer an undercut fade with a tattoo on the shaved part. If you are not ready to make a permanent pattern, choose a temporary one!

Long Hair with Side Undercut Pattern

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Unique Buzz Cut for Women with Any Hair Colors

If you dream about a very short hairstyle, consider a dark or blonde buzz cut. It’s a perfect solution for those who follow all trends and like being at the center of attention. However, not everyone decides to shave their hair, leaving only a centimeter or less. It cannot be considered one of the most common undercuts for women, but the shaved lines highlight facial features.

Very Short Pixie Side Undercut

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Very Short Undercut with Leopard Pattern Dye

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Extremely Stylish Knot Undercut

Do you like undercut hairstyle ideas? Then grab one more! Undercut long hair implies shaved sides and hair of any length in the middle. This option looks very unusual and cannot be considered a part of a classic style. However, if your lifestyle allows such experiments, try it now! It’s a great way to get a unique undercut style and leave the hair length.

Knot Side Undercut with Side Long Strands

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Knot Side Undercut Hairstyle

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Subtle Undercut Hairstyle for Self-Confident Girls

This hairstyle allows you to turn on your imagination, and every woman can choose the hair line designs that she likes most! You can shave the hair on the sides, on the nape, or both. If you don’t want to get a short haircut, choose long hair undercut, suiting all ladies with any facial features.

Subtle Undercut Bob Hairstyle

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You can also select back taper designs for women that will make your coiffure look even more amazing and unusual. This low fade undercut is adored by ladies and looks extremely stylish!

Long Blonde Hair with Side Undercut

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Colored Undercut for Women: Create Your Bright Look

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Your hairstyle can perfectly demonstrate your imagination! Young girls usually adore bright hair colors, but they are suitable for ladies of all ages! A short or long hair undercut hairstyle is an outstanding option for extravagant women who stand out from the crowd.

Colored Side Undercut Hairstyle

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This haircut doesn’t have any rules or strict forms. You can make a shaved nape with long hair or choose short on sides medium on top hairstyle. Remember to find the hair shade that suits your skin tone and be bright every day!

Colored Bob with Side Undercut Hairstyle

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Nape Undercut to Attract Attention

Do you like the short bob haircut? And there is an idea on how to make it more exciting and unusual! Ask your hairdresser to proceed with a shaved nape, which can be a great accent on your coiffure. This shaved design haircut is classic and suits all clothing styles and dress codes. Moreover, if you used to have longer hair, you can keep your length opposite to a short pixie undercut hairstyle, implying drastic changes.

Short Pixie with Nape Undercut

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Short Bowl Haircut with Nape Undercut

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Impressive Spiky Undercut Hairstyle

Spiky undercut was initially considered a hairstyle for men, but now it’s also gaining popularity among ladies. This option is perfect if you want to get an unusual, practical, and easy to style haircut. This coiffure is a great way to make your fine hair look thicker and create additional volume. Nowadays, it’s one of the most common women’s undercut hairstyles and the way to perfectly highlight your dark natural roots.

Spiky Short Pixie with Side Undercut

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Spiky Undercut for Mature Woman

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Undercut Hair Tattoos for Any Hair Length

Experienced hairdressers can easily make any pattern you like, providing your coiffure with a unique design. An undercut hair tattoo is an unusual and exciting way to show your personality and attract numerous admiring glances.

Short Undercut with Side Pattern

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Moreover, making a short hairstyle will help you add volume to your thin hair. If you have been seeking a modern haircut for women, consider this option. Choose this beautiful hairstyle this summer since it’s a great alternative for hot weather.

Long Curly Side Undercut with Pattern

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Unusual Geometric Undercut Hairstyle

Do you like unusual undercut women’s hairstyles that nobody can repeat? While some select a hidden undercut, others allow their imagination to proceed with different patterns that everybody will notice. Choose geometric prints instead of classic straight cuts, and be ready to receive dozens of compliments. Create your unique, eye-catching hairstyle for women!

Bob Curly Cut with Geometric Undercut

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Short Pixie with Geometric Undercut

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Cute Dreadlocks with Undercut for Men and Women

Dreadlocks have always been a hairstyle for black women, but their popularity is increasing among ladies of different nationalities. It’s worth noting that the undercut with long hair looks feminine and attractive!

Dreadlocks with Nape Undercut

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Choose short or long dreadlocks according to your preferences and add an unusual accent! Make shaved sides or nape, providing a nice accent to your appearance. However, remember that it cannot be considered a classic hairstyle suitable for any occasion.

Black Dreadlocks with Side Undercut

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Layered Undercut for Women Creating More Volume

A layered pixie or longer haircut is the best option to make your hair more voluminous and attractive. Moreover, such coiffure doesn’t require a lot of styling, so you won’t have to waste much time in the morning. Such a trendy cut is suitable for women of all ages and hair types, making it a classic alternative. It’s also a perfect office hairstyle for women.

Short Layered Bob with Side Undercut

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Spiky Undercut with Long Side Bang

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Fun Faux Undercut for Bright Ladies

This unique hairstyle can be made on any hair length, allowing you to turn on your imagination. You can choose the perfect haircut according to your face shape and enjoy the admiring glances! It is one of the best undercut women’s hairstyles that suit all ladies with any appearances!

Curly Fun Faux Undercut

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Straight Faux Undercut Black Hair

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Heart Design Undercut for Women

If you are in the mood to make some changes in your appearance, a short coiffure is a great idea! Nape undercut is a perfect solution for women with any hair color. Moreover, you can add any patterns on the shaved part. For instance, many people prefer short undercut lines. Curly hair with a heart undercut is also a great idea for an unusual hairstyle!

Long Hair with Nape Undercut Heart Design

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Short Pixie with Undercut Heart Design

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What Do I Need to Know Before Getting Undercut Hairstyle?

Although an undercut hairstyle suits everybody, you should definitely consult your hairdresser, who will recommend you the best alternatives. The first thing to consider is the facial features that affect the hair length suitable for you. Moreover, we recommend you experiment with styling and be different every day. Turn on your imagination and be bright and attractive with your unique haircut!