30 Ideas of Lavender Hair to Embrace the Dreamy Pastel Trend

How to make a look that is eye-catching but discreet? Lavender hair will help you find the answer to this question!

This coloring has been an undeniable trend in recent seasons. Luckily for fans, it is not going to give up position! What has captivated women around the world with the lavender shade?

  1. A sought-after sleek aesthetic. Pastel hair colors, including lavender, have always been on trend. They allow you to take a fresh look at classic hairstyles, and you can’t help but take advantage of it!
  2. Softness and femininity. Lavender adds a whimsical and romantic touch to hair, creating a dreamy and sophisticated look.
  3. Versatility. Lavender coloring perfectly complements any hair texture and skin tone.
  4. Expressiveness and playfulness. With lavender strands, you can realize numerous creative ideas, express yourself, and create a unique creative style.

Finally, we can’t help but mention the Instagrammability of lavender hair coloring. It is incredibly photogenic! Your subscribers will appreciate this transformation 100%.

Dark Lavender Hair Color

This unusual interpretation is rich and muted, making the hair look more elegant and intriguing.

Dark Lavender Highlights on Long Dark Hair

via @hairsavyyy

Numerous hair color ideas with dark lavender shades are universal. Every woman, including those with neutral complexions, can use them to find a unique yet discreet color. Despite the apparent unconventionality, lavender hair with dark roots is best for various occasions.

A vital advantage of this shade is its resistance to fading. Dark lavender color will last longer than lighter solutions without requiring special care.

Lavender Money Piece on Long Brown Hair

via @colorbydestiny

Brown Hair with Lavender Money Piece

Are you looking for ways to add variety to your brown hair color? Trendy coloring in romantic pastel tones will come to the rescue!

Long Brown Hair with Lavender Money Piece Highlights

via @artistic.aestheticss

Refined and playful face-framing lavender streaks cannot leave anyone indifferent. They create an impressive contrast with brown hair, enhancing facial features. It is best to combine such a design with medium and neutral complexions.

Please note that lavender highlights are easy to care for. The capricious shade only focuses on some of the head but only on the front strands and will not disappoint you!

Wavy Brown Hair with Light Lavender Money Piece

via @hirohair

Blonde Lavender Hair

What could be more tender than a combination of silvery hue with lavender strands? This coloring is a surefire way to feel like a princess from a fairy tale!

Long Blonde Bob with Lavender Highlights

via @theneonblonde

An ashy lavender hair creates a soft, ethereal look that exudes a dreamy and romantic vibe. At first glance, it looks like the touching and indecisive inhabitant of an ancient castle, with long braid and fair skin tones.

Experiment with the amount and placement of lavender highlights to get the perfect result. Don’t hesitate: time will be worth it!

Long Wavy Blonde Hair with Lavender Highlights

via @hairbylilyhartman

Lavender Bob Cut

What do you get if you combine one of the most popular haircuts and fashionable darker shades of purple hair? That’s right, lavender bob cut!

Long Blonde Bob with Lavender Highlights

via @john.n1115

This chic, modern hairstyle showcases timeless appeal and an unbeatable sense of experimentation. A bold bob cut with bright lavender stands out and helps to emphasize the style’s uniqueness without further ado.

By the way, darker roots look beautiful and natural in this version. It makes the hairstyle very simple and easy to maintain.

Wavy Bob with Dark Lavender Highlights

via @hairhardcor

Bright Lavender Hair Trend

An electric lavender hair is something unique! It is impossible to imagine that people will notice such a hairstyle at a party.

Long Wavy Bright Lavender Hair

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Spectacular shades of lavender hair help to express creative individuality and make a statement. This coloring harmoniously combines with a fair skin tone, making eyes and facial features more expressive.

Bright Lavender Color on Long Wavy Hair

via @supvalerie

Lavender Ombré

Lavender ombre is a charming trend that features a smooth transition from darker roots to stunning lavender waves at the ends.

Blonde and Lavender Ombre Hair

via @hairbywhitley_

This gradient looks as natural and soft as possible, complementing even a laconic everyday look. However, if you wish, you can adapt it to suit some moods by choosing pastel lavender hair and rich shades with sharper transitions.

Ombre looks amazing on hair of varying lengths, from long flowing locks to stylish bobs. No more excuses: it’s time for unusual experiments!

Bob Cut on Blonde Hair with Lavender Ends

via @headrushdesigns

Natural Hair Color with Lavender Bangs

Do you still need to get ready for radical bright coloring? There is a solution! Try adding a magnetic lavender bang to the usual dark base.

Natural Hair Color with Lavender Bang

via @krystaalyse

This neat, chic accent is the best for fashionistas who want to avoid parting with a natural base color. Lavender bangs complement both curly and straight hair perfectly. It will create an elegant framing effect and draw attention to your bottomless eyes.

Natural Dark Hair with Dark Lavender Bang

via @beautybyredd

Dusty Lavender Hair Color

Connoisseurs of pastel hair colors pay attention to a shade like dusty pale lavender. This elegant, muted option will perfectly complement soft and discreet looks.

Dusty Lavender Color on Long Straight Hair

via @nichole_tran

Dusty lavender is a great color for women with a neutral complexion and has a vintage look. Moreover, this trend is ageless. It will look stylish and appropriate whenever you decide on such an experiment with coloring.

It will look stylish and appropriate whenever you decide on such an experiment with coloring.

Dark Dusty Lavender Color on Wavy Hair

via @kevinhairsalon

Lavender Pixie

Bold, daring, alluring — all the compliments for this hairstyle! This pixie cut hair color idea is delightfully embodied in the lilac blonde variety. It’s a little cool but attractive and low-maintenance.

Lavender Pixie Cut

via @upstrandingartistry

Owners of different hair colors should also not restrain themselves in the desire to create a fantastic lavender pixie cut! It transforms any image in just a few moments, filling it with confidence, dynamics, and charisma.

Pixie Cut with Blonde and Lavender Highlights

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Light Lavender Hair

A pale lavender color adds tenderness, whimsy, and elegance to the look. The silver hue presence in coloring shades any skin tone perfectly, making it more radiant.

Light Lavender Color on Short Cut

via @ajaonyourmane

Light lavender on straight hair is versatile. You can style these locks in various ways. You can create loose waves or sleek formal styles. These styles allow you to show your personality and create the perfect hairstyle for any situation.

Light Lavender Color on Long Straight Hair

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Lavender Blue Shade

Among the enchanting shades of lavender hair colors, lavender blue is worth mentioning. It intertwines the serenity and tranquility of blue with the dreaminess and whimsy of lavender.

Lavender Hair with Blue Hues

via @lyndadidit

This muted pastel shade exudes harmony and calm without forgetting a touch of intrigue to the look. Add some blue hues to the silver base with lavender strands because every woman should have a mystery!

Long Lavender Hair with Blue Shades

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Wavy Hair with Lavender Highlights

Are you lucky to have curly hair type? In this case, take advantage of the opportunity to make natural waves even more fashionable and playful with lavender highlights!

Thick Wavy Hair with Lavender Highlights

via @larisadoll

The unique texture of the curls, in combination with bright notes, makes the hairstyle voluminous and dynamic. This effect remains true on both light and brown hair. Feel free to experiment with styling: any door opens for beauties with luxurious, colorful curls!

Long Brown Hair with Dusty Lavender Hues

via @pipsqueekinsaigon

Long Dark Hair with Lavender Underlayer

Enchanting dark brown hair is a source of pride. Often, you don’t want to cut or dye it. But what about the desire for change in this case?

Long Black Hair with Lavender Peekaboo

via @mysticalooks

Long dark hair with a lavender layer is a chic and sophisticated way to add an on-trend lavender hue to your locks without completely changing the overall color. It is muted and discreet but noticeable under the top layer. Intrigue and playfulness — this is what the lavender long straight hair texture gives.

Long Black Hair with Lilac Peekaboo

via @kevinhairsalon

Lavender Balayage

Lavender balayage is the best solution for any situation!

Lavender Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

via @roadand_ej

Are you having trouble deciding on lavender hair color ideas? Choose balayage! Need to know how best to prepare a dark base for a lavender hue? Choose balayage!

The natural transition between shades, performed by an experienced master, deserves special admiration. You can decide where the most noticeable areas of lavender will be and when they will gradually fade.

Lavender Balayage on Wavy Bob Cut

via @alfredo_lewis

Rose Lavender Hair

The pink and purple hair color is 100% heart-winning! This charming combination will captivate not only young princesses but also older fashionistas.

Rose Lavender Hue on Bib Cut

via @ajaonyourmane

The warmth of pink perfectly complements the stunning shade of lavender, radiating femininity and tenderness. What is the best way to combine these colors in your hairstyle? Alternate lavender streaks with pink ones or make a gradient along the entire length, transporting everyone around you to the world of fairies and fairy-tale ponies. The choice is yours!

Rose Lavender Color on Long Straight Hair

via @artistic.aestheticss


Tips for extending the lifespan of the lavender hair color

Lavender is a very delicate color, requiring special care. What rules may you follow to maintain such a charismatic shade for as long as possible? These are lifehacks for you!

  1. Use shampoos and conditioners that are safe for color-treated hair. In particular, avoid products with sulfates. This will prevent your lavender color from fading too soon.
  2. Wash your hair in cool or lukewarm water. Hot water can wash out the color molecules and strip the strands of their original brightness.
  3. Limit hair washing (if possible, of course). Alternatively, use dry shampoo between washes to add freshness and natural shine to your strands.
  4. Avoid sun exposure. Excessive UV rays can lead to hair discoloration. Protect your lavender locks by wearing hats or using UV-protecting hair products.
  5. Deep conditioning. Regularly use a specialized treatment to moisturize and maintain healthy hair, which in turn helps maintain color.
  6. Avoid thermal styling. Excessive heat exposure can also cause the color to fade. Minimize hot tools (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) or use them at a lower temperature.

These simple tips will help you maintain a luxurious lavender shade and catch admiring glances from others. See it for yourself!