30 Ginger Hair Color Ideas to Radiate Your Confidence

Red and brown colors with orange undertones create the ginger color. With copper, blonde, or chocolate accents, ginger is a rich color that helps highlight your tresses with excellent results.

The fusion of red and brown creates a spectrum of colors and gives many choices to men and women. That is why it complements almost all skin tones. With a cool skin tone, the warmer shades of the best ginger hair dye look flawless.

Continue reading as we take you through 30 fabulous ginger hair color ideas for a new you. It will surely inspire you to infuse ginger into your beautiful mane.

Bright Copper Hair Radiates Warmth

A ginger hair color that is an absolute charmer is the brighter shade of copper. Your tresses shine brightly when you go out during the day. Radiating warmth, this color is an excellent choice for fair-skinned people.

Medium Length Bright Copper Hair

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Since the color tends to fade faster, you will have to make frequent visits to your salon. You are also advised to use color-safe hair care products to protect your natural hair color. This is a popular hair dye, and one of the most famous celebrities who wears this color is Emma Roberts.

Long Bright Copper Hair with Golden Hues

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Ginger Balayage For a Sun-Kissed Effect

Ginger balayage is a technique in which the hair ends are lightened while the roots are darker. The shade used is a copper-hued dye. This technique looks great on people with light brown hair.

Ginger Balayage on Long Thick Hair

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The net effect is that your tresses appear bright and cheerful. For an overwhelming effect, you need to go in for darker tinges with fiery ginger hair color. Work out the tone beforehand with your hair colorist. Dark ginger hair involves deeper reds and looks good on blonde and brunette hair colors.

Ginger Balayage on Long Bob Cut

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Dark Ginger Hair For Darker Skin Tones

Dark and deep ginger hair elevates the look and feel of dark skin tones. The hair color has streaks of orange, with darker shades of reddish brown. So, whether it is dark brown or red, it gives a gorgeous texture to the mane.

Long Wavy Dark Ginger Hair

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Your ginger-brown hair with caramel tones gives a multi-tonal ethos to your appearance. The darker it gets, the bolder it looks! The vibrant flow of the tresses is 100% eye-catching. People with cooler skin tones can also try this hair color with a few alterations.

Bob Cut on Dark Auburn Hair

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Subtle Strawberry Ginger Hair Shade For a Feminine Feel

Very few colors create a romantic appeal, and strawberry blonde highlights on ginger hair are the winner. The subtle highlights give another layer of reddish-blonde hair texture.

Long Strawberry Ginger Hair

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Strawberry shades are typically blonde colors with red tones and differ from the standard ginger color. Therefore, the effect is mesmerising when ginger, with its vibrant orange or copper shade, is blended with the reddish tone of strawberry.

Strawberry Ginger Hair on Short Bob Cut

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Metallic Ginger Hair Shade For a Shiny Finish

The reflective hues make a metallic sheen on your ginger hair look shiny. The color is a perfect balance between warm and cool tones.

Long Metallic Ginger Hair

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The orange or rose gold hues in your ginger hair are chic. It also helps you experiment with the entire spectrum of ginger and looks good on all hair lengths and styles. The ginger waves have a unique sheen when you apply hair oil.

Long Wavy Metallic Ginger Hair

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Ginger Brown Hair: An Upgrade for Brunettes

If you are a brunette, meaning you are blessed with a natural ginger hair color, you can elevate the look several notches higher with the warm tone of brown shades.

Ginger Brown Hair on Long Bob Cut

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Adding red tints does the magic, adding a rich shade to brown hair. Add some golden tones to boost dimension. Add more red to get a richer depth of the ginger color. A fiery flaming set of curls and your tresses look all prepped up. Go in for some brown balayage for a sunset effect.

Ginger Brown Curly Haircut

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Auburn Hair Flatter All Skin Tones

There are so many ginger hair colors for your natural brown hair color that it can be exhilarating. It is best to consult with your hair colorist to get the shade right.

Long Straight Auburn Hair

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For a fiery hue, you can try the pumpkin spice shade. The copper and chestnut tones make your auburn tresses look no less than impressive. Darker roots with deep auburn hair can be a great indulgence, especially when it is experimented with all skin tones. Sometimes, adding purple tints adds great depth to your curls and locks.

Long Wavy Auburn Hair

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Cinnamon Hair Color For A Spicy Geared-Up Look

The excellent part about cinnamon as a hair color is that it is multi-dimensional. The shade sparkles differently depending on what you wear and the kind of light your copper-red hair catches and reflects.

Long Cinnamon Hair with Copper Shades

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With orange undertones, your natural hair color can look great in any style, whether you braid or leave your hair open, curled, or straight.

You can have short bob hair or long tresses. Light ginger hair color can be beautifully dyed with rich dark roots and vibrant fiery ends.

Medium Length Ginger Hair with Golden Rose Hues

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Versatile & Popular: Ginger Hair with Peach Highlights

Ginger peach dyes are a mix of copper-brown colors with pastel accents. Typically, you can try coloring money pieces on ginger hair in pastel hues. Else, you can get the roots colored dark brown-red to get peachy hues to the ends. Even though peach is a gorgeous shade, it is a challenging color. The final color will depend on the base color.

Short Ginger Hair with Peach Highlights

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For black hair, it will be an orangish peach, while for a lighter blonde color, the final color will be pastel rose gold. Nonetheless, this combination is a hit on different hair types.

Bob Cut on Ginger Hair with Rose Highlights

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Attention-Grabbing Ombre on Ginger Hair For Dimension

Whether you have a natural or dyed ginger color, a red ombre can magically transform your tresses’ overall look and feel. It is a two-tone dye job, and you have some great choices to pick from.

Sunset Ombre on Ginger Hair

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Try the sun-kissed ombre style with faded and lighter shades, or try blonde balayage. You can also get experimental and try the undercut ombre style, blending the color of your natural hair with neon red dye. Just like Rihanna! Try a reddish-brown ombre that gradients from dark brown to red for your curly hair.

Ginger to Copper Ombre Hair

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Spicy Red Highlights on Ginger Hair Like Blazing Bonfires

All set to welcome the fall and bid goodbye to summer? Try orange tones on ginger hair color for a seamless flow from the hot season to cool autumn.

Spicy Red Highlights on Long Ginger Hair

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Your ginger spice tresses can represent the beauty of the sunset or the fall bonfires when streaked with gorgeous red color. Brown, red, and orange are typical fall colors. For natural redheads, ginger hues can only spice up things – try cinnamon caramel balayage, where caramel gives the mane depth, and cinnamon brings a warm tone.

Red Highlights on Medium Length Ginger Hair

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Vibrant Gorgeous Tone of Orange Ginger Hair Color

Orange tones on ginger hair give the visual appearance of the setting sun’s red and orange, but it can be softer or bolder depending on the shades used.

Orange Ginger Hair with Electric Copper Highlights

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With brighter ginger highlights, the orange creates an eye-catching essence. You can keep them on their own or pair them with blonde highlights, on the subtler side, for more depth and dimension. You can give a charming twist to your brownish-red hair hues by colouring the roots darker.

Long Bright Orange Hair with Curtain Bang

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Golden Ginger Hair Lifts the Undertones

Golden hues on ginger hair are absolute stunners. Use golden streaks on your ginger hair for that ultimate look if you have dark hair. Dark hair could be black or even brown.

Curly Golden Ginger Hair

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Some of the branded colors are explicitly developed for dyeing dark hair. The richness of the golden shades uplifts the natural ginger hair color. This hair color looks perfect on people with fair skin tones. Do use brands like L’Oreal for a longer-lasting and intense impact.

Long Golden Ginger Hair

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Ginger with Blonde Highlights For a Head-Turning Look

One of the ways to wear ginger hair is to have a few blonde highlights. This one looks good on long, short, straight, curly, and thick or thin hair. Ginger with blonde hair colors gets an appreciative toned-down look by keeping it subtle.

Long Ginger Hair with Blonde Highlights

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Use the ombre style by adding light blonde highlights in the centre. Add bright blonde highlights on the ends of your short hair or light blonde highlights as money pieces look hot, too.

Long Wavy Gender Hair with Blonde Highlights

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Honey Ginger Hair Color for a Lush Copper Sheen

A warm color, honey ginger is a mix of brown and orange shades. Honey blonde hair can be dyed onto light or dark locks. If you have light or fair hair, you can go in for a golden hue of the honey ginger shade.

Short Curly Honey Ginger Hair

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If your hair is dark and you want to be a part of the ginger bandwagon, try to dye the ginger brown hair color. Understandably, though, the fairer hair will have color sticking to the tresses for a longer time.

Long Wavy Honey Ginger Hair

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