35 Chicest Short Haircuts for Thick Hair Women Should Try in 2023

Though thick manes excite envy in girls with fine and thin locks, there are also challenges faced for those with big hair. From pains of detangling and round brushes stuck in the tresses when combing to crazy conditioner waste when washing, a head of hair gives plenty of reasons to think of a big chop. But what short hairstyles for thick hair are trending now and which one will work for you? Let’s sort it out!

Flattering Haircuts for Different Hair Types

Where to start when you need a good idea for your new crop? “Get a cut that works with the texture and shape of your hair – that’s more important here than the shape of your face,” says celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo to Redbook. Why? Because by learning how your hair falls and moves, you’ll get the hang of how to style it in line with your face shape. And since it makes a big difference whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, we’ve collected helpful illustrations and tips for each texture to facilitate the process of learning and choosing.

Trendy Pixie For Frizzy Hair

via @shapeshifter_hair

If you have frizzy wavy hair, try to keep it on the longer side of the pixie cut for weighting it down, while incorporating the fizz into trendy messy styling.

Curly Layered Bob Cut

via @biahulmann.hair

Curly locks radiate bounce, when packed into a layered bob, cut asymmetrically for an edgier feel. Make sure to have your ringlets well-defined.

Afro For Coarse Black Hair

via @casadantiga

This girl rocks her bushy coarse mane all natural, putting a focus on the rounded shape and inborn volume.

Cute Pixie For Natural Curly Hair

via @silva.hairdresser

Natural or permed, you can nail your ringlets by giving them structure within a cute pixie cut with longer tresses on the sides and top, also adorned with bangs.

Short Angled Razored Bob

via @pixie.cut.queen

Razored ‘dos add texture to straight hair, while retaining the inherent volume and removing excess bulk. This short angled bob with a side fringe is a real bomb.

Crops for Different Face Shapes

Matching a haircut and your bone structure is your next step to a trendy and flattering style. You need to balance your facial features with the length, shape, and volume of your hair if you want to get the most suitable look. Well, unless you’re the proud owner of an oval face. “Oval faces are symmetrical and easy to flatter, so short cuts work well on them,” says celebrity hairstylist Dave Stanwell in John Frieda brand’s beauty blog. However, even an oval face can be dragged down by a bungling ‘do, while round, square and heart-shaped faces require much more caution. Here are some sure-fire ways to frame them.

Tousled Bob For Round Faces

via @xelamack

Though full blunt bangs are not recommended for round faces, this short sassy fringe is an exception. It’s graphic and angled, while coupled with tousled bob styling.

Messy Wavy Burgundy Pixie

via @hairbybradee

An oval face allows for daring hairdos like this highlighted burgundy pixie with super-long bangs and layered wavy tresses all throughout the top.

Pixie For Heart-Shaped Faces

via @notanothercutter

Females with heart shaped faces can pull off a sharp pixie with buzzed sides, textured pieces on top and a brow-skimming fringe.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob For Long Face

via @alchemyorlando

For creating width to balance your long face, opt for volume-adding layers and asymmetrical styling. A fringe to cover a big forehead is a must.

Pixie For Square Faces

via @judeviola

Add curved bangs to your cut when you need to soften your square face and keep the shape of your pixie a bit rounded with adequate layering.

Bang-On Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair to Rock in 2023

When you’re not ready to go to the extremes with a pixie or other very short cuts, the bob is your obvious option. “For me, it’s the most ageless style of all time not only because it transcends eras but suits everyone from three-year-olds up to a 103-year-old. It’s amazing with all hair textures and can be adapted to suit all face shapes,” Larry King, beauty columnist and hair expert who works with stars like Gigi Hadid and Tilda Swinton, told Glamour. But if you don’t want to get a mushroom look instead of a cute hairdo (which is very much possible with thick manes), be sure to have your bob thinned out properly.

Short Layered Bronde Bob

via @hairlover603

The layered bob gives a nice chance to showcase an exciting color blend, while molding straight thick strands within a clear shape.

Disconnected Angled Shaggy Bob

via @prissyhippiebeautyshop

This angled bob features more disconnected layers and a shaggy finish, also displaying a lived-in balayage work.

Choppy Beachy Blonde Bob

via @maddieatthemae

You can go longer with a choppy bob featuring a bit shorter back and loose waves bended in the middle for a hot beachy look.

Piece-Y Bob With Bangs

via @kelseyan

This gal rocks her dynamic bob with bangs that are side-swept and cut piece-y to blend into the overall style and to accentuate blonde streaks.

Stacked Bob With Messy Waves

via @luxxestudio

When you want a clearer shape and added dimension on the top, ask for a short stacked cut and texturize it further by waves.

Cool Short Length Layered and Styled Fashionably

“If you have really thick hair and no layers, your hair can look like a blanket,” says Mia Santiago, celebrity hairstylist, to Allure. Indeed, when it comes to longer crops that are cut one-length all around, you risk getting your mane dull-looking. It’s especially true for straight and a bit wavy strands, which lack movement, as well as for one-color hair that cannot boast depth and transitions of hues. On the other hand, short thick hair can become too fluffy, when the weight used to tame the pouf is removed. Likely, both layered bobs and pixies help manage the fluffiness and add vibe to thick locks.

Brunette Ear-Length Bob With Bangs

via @juliespeakshair

This ear-length bob with bangs has a flawless French feel, though upgraded with the elevated top and flipped out upper tresses.

Wavy Razored Bob For Thick Hair

via @laurachristopherhairartist

This wavy bob is actually very thick, but it doesn’t feel as this due to a razored finish and a plethora of texture, enhanced with a mix of colors.

Gray Grown Out Pixie Over 50

via @michellemillerhair

A lady over 50 will knock off years with this elegant grown-out pixie boasting bouncy strands on top and playful face-framing locks.

Very Short Cut With Baby Bangs

via @hirohair

Bold girls will enjoy a very short option teamed up with statement baby bangs. Though the hair lies close to the scalp, the longer top layers serve to create volume.

Wash And Wear Bob With Undercut

via @shmoakin_hair

And this inverted bob, which features a hardly visible undercut enveloped with heavily textured layers, is the very thing for wash and wear style.

Go-Go Black Cuts to Sport This Year

Thick Afro American hair is often laden with frizz, which makes it not so easy to tame. While long and mid-length hairstyles come with pretty much weight to manage the pouf, crops are short on this advantage. For this reason, some girls opt for relaxed hair, and if it’s your case, you can just follow the general guidance given for thick hair. But if you’re a naturalista who is looking for a hot teeny weeny Afro, you need to factor in both your curls type and your styling habits. Below, you’ll find a couple of short ‘dos to cater to different tastes.

Short Cut For Natural Hair

via @naturalbeauty365

If choosing a one-length cut with a clean shape for your natural hair, make sure your ringlets are thoroughly defined and baby hairs are beautifully sleek.

African American Medium Layered Cut

via @sweetstyles_naturals

Meanwhile, African American gals can also choose layered crops that pop up with bounce and volume. Springy bangs are here to add vibe.

Shaggy Orange And Brown Pixie For Girls

via @shaddah_elyse

This girl gave preference to the silk press technique, leading her to a gorgeous orange pixie with a darker shade on the bottom.

Low Maintenance Tapered Cut For Natural Hair

via @karessthestylist

The sassy tapered cut on the back and sides, turning into fluffy spirals on top, promises low maintenance, while delivering a distinct shape.

Natural Curly Wedge Bob

via @sunflowersandscissors

When you want something less demanding to regular trims, opt for a longer wedge option and add lush bangs.

10 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair Trending in 2023

As celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa said to Seventeen, “adding long layers gives thick hair movement, while blending these layers with texturizing shears helps to lighten the hair.” With due respect to layering and thinning out as to the keystones of low-maintenance, yet stunning hairdos, don’t miss helpful little tricks that make thick hair styling easier and edgier. For example, rock a center part instead of a side part, since the latter adds volume to one side of your head and can create a cool asymmetrical twist. Also, go for an undercut for removing hair at the nape of your neck – this will give your style an airier feel. Or don some of the ‘dos illustrated bellow for a hot Instagramable look.

Easy Bob Shag For Thick Hair

via @douglas_siqueira1

Shags are among our favorites for thick hair, as they are flattering and easy to style.

Sassy Pixie With Long Wispy Bangs

via @brandon.nicholasross

This sassy pixie boasts strong pieces on the temples, long wispy bangs and a textured top, emphasized by dusty highlights.

Short Messy Wavy Bob

via @iwearblackallday

Messy styling can come with a wavy texture, as it’s shown on this short bob with a rounded back and longer front pieces.

Elegant Silver Blonde Pixie

via @jonalanhairbyd

On the other hand, you’re free to choose a more polished finish. This icy blonde pixie is all layered and razored, but it looks elegant.

Chin-Length Brunette Bob

via @ryancollinshair

This brunette knows how to switch up her regular bob by simply tucking her side locks behind the ear.

Blonde Piece-Y Crop

via @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

And this blonde crop shines with its piece-y texture, styled both back and forth for enhanced movement.

Classic Bob For Straight Hair

via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

But even a classic bob looks vibrant on straight hair, when it has a clear shape, textured tips and lovely color transitions.

Wispy Tousled Violet Pixie

via @hair_by_jamieb

If you’re daring enough, take the lead from this violet diva who’s got a killer pixie with long wispy bangs and tousled styling.

Black Stacked Wedge Cut

via @may8e_itsmay

This chop looks no less scenic due to the combination of a dramatic black hue and a wedge-cut nape, complimented with tapered face-framing locks.

Prom Hairstyle For A Short Bob

via @rubyfinchsalon

A short bob can be artistically transformed into a prom ‘do with soft waves and a loose braid, flowing around the head.

Whether you give preference to blowouts or wash and wear hairstyles, we’re sure you can find a crop to your liking among those collected by our hair experts. Get inspired by these beautiful ladies who shared their chops via Instagram, take the plunge and go to a salon for a fresh look.