50 Super Cute Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

Getting a tattoo is an exciting but scary decision. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for your style, mini tattoos are perfect! They won’t take up much room on your body and can satisfy that craving while still giving you that creative outlet.

In this blog, we’ll share a few of the best small tattoo ideas for women. Whether you want something deep yet discreet or just some fun tattoos to express yourself – there is an option that will suit your needs. Let’s take a look!

Cute small tattoo

Cute tattoos are the perfect way to express your playfulness. They come in all shapes, sizes, designs – even colors! If you’re looking for a memorable first tattoo, or something that will match up nicely with your childhood friend’s looks, then these ideas should be at the top of the list!

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Fearless face tattoo

Such tattoos are less common, obviously. It can be career limiting depending on your industry or job goals but people should still consider getting one because they are so iconic! But if you are a creative type and don’t care about any of that – go ahead. We’re getting some serious Post Malone vibes here! 

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Romantic flower tattoo

It’s time to show off your love for flowers with this minimal forearm piece! If you are a romantic person with an emotional side, and you’re not afraid to show it to the world, this is a great tattoo for somebody just like you! You can interpret flowers in many ways, wich is another cool thing about it. 

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Small hand tattoo

You’re the type of person that always tells things as they are. You don’t have any secrets, and tattoos are just another way for you to show off your personality! If this sounds like something good in store then check out this design. It would look amazing on anyone with such a big personality.

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Dear to heart name tattoo

You know what they say, “A tattoo is forever.” Well, with so many designs and meanings to choose from there’s no limit on how big or small your next ink design will be. A small meaningful tattoo can manifest anything from life philosophies to names of loved ones. It can reflect something very special in the person themselves.

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Enigmatic lotus flower

Did you know that the lotus flower is a symbol of divine beauty and purity in Hinduism? Its open petals represent expanding the mind, just as it does when you allow yourself to be exposed with no shame or fear from whatever may happen next. As such this tattoo has become popular among women who share these values.

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An arm decorated by a small finger tattoo

Give your hands a little bit of decoration without wearing rings or bracelets by opting for tasteful small tattoos with similar designs. Check out this cute little finger tattoo, it’s the perfect way to get creative without taking it too fat!

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Tiny wrist tattoo

A tattoo like this one might be the perfect choice for those who want a feminine and romantic design on their wrist. Hearts can represent many different things, but depending upon your color choices they may take on more of an emotional meaning than anything else!

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Anime inspired ink

What if you want to get a cool anime tattoo, but also keep your nerd status on the down-low? Don’t worry – there are plenty of subtle anime inspired tattoos for this too. If all else fails and you’re not able to find any good ideas from your own preferences, take some inspiration from this one.

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Back of the neck tattoo

The back of the neck is a popular spot for a tattoo because it’s on your body and typically not covered up with clothes most days. Even the simplest of designs can have a great impact! So if you’re considering getting your name or some phrase inked, opt for heavier fonts and thicker letters to make it really pop. 

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Discreet rib tattoo

Rib tattoos for girls are the perfect way to express your personality in a subtle and cute manner. They can easily be hidden, so you don’t have trouble going to work or school with one if that isn’t something that suits you personally! The best part about this design is how easy it will be to show it off when out clubbing.

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Beach life reminiscence 

We all have those memories we want to keep forever, and a beach tattoo is the perfect way! You might be considering one while on vacation next summer. Yes – you should have a memory of your favorite spot inked up before it’s gone for good; but wait until after you get back from vacay (trust us)!

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Cute little cat

You can find a lot of great small tattoo designs featuring cats. Whether it’s an elegant black cat or playful cartoon kitty, any tattoo will make your heart happy while showing off how much those cute balls of fur mean to you – whether symbolically or simply because these pets have had such an influential part in your life.

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Minimalist arrow 

This small tat inspiration would add a funky and gorgeous edge to your forearm, but also hold an important meaning. Remember: no matter how far the arrow is pulled back, it always goes forward! The arrow can represent personal achievement or even just show you’re fighting for what’s right in life – they both symbolize determination with style.

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Stylish skull

Small skull tattoos are popular among many cultures around the world. They come in various designs to represent everything from rebelling against society or living life as if it were your last day, to symbolize love that transcends death if decorated with roses.

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Cosmic lion

The lion is a perfect tattoo design for women who want to demonstrate their strength and courage. Ladies with the zodiac sign of Leo often choose this animal as it represents what they are: optimistic, passionate, spontaneous! If you aren’t sure what type or size of tattoo would be best suited for you, consider this gorgeous idea.

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Small chest tattoo

This set of smaller designs look gorgeous. Depending what image you pick, it will symbolize the things that are important in your life and that reflect your personal story. Just take your time with selecting an idea for this tattoo because there’s no wrong answer! Such tattoos are amazing.

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Disney inspired tattoo

Disney Princesses are in! Now you can feel like one with the help of your favorite characters. Talk to an artist about getting this small tattoo that will make anyone who sees it jealous. Maleficent is just too cool not to get one for themselves, right?

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Gothic bats

The dark side of the universe is something that many people are drawn towards, which is probably why gothic tattoos have become so popular in recent years. Just like those little bats, they carry an unrivaled sense of power and authority no matter where you put them.

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Enchanting moon

The moon is a symbol of many things. It’s no wonder that so many people choose to get this celestial body as their tattoo design! For those who believe in the power and magic behind it, check out this pretty design for some inspiration. 

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Subtle foot tattoo

The sun and moon are a symbol of purity, so this design brings to mind the idea that it’s not just what you see on your skin but also how others perceive it. The tattoo exudes an airy beauty with its simplicity – as if these celestial bodies were designed to bring us even more beautiful!

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Tattoo ideas for the area behind the ear

You might be surprised to know that the most popular placement option for tattoos these days is behind one’s ear. A small design can easily blend in with your hair and not be too noticeable when worn proudly on display, so it’s no surprise this spot has been chosen by many ladies! 

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Fierce wolf

Wearing a wolf tattoo will make you feel like a wild and fearless animal. Wolves are also very loyal, which is another aspect that people can relate to in their duality for good or bad things (depending on how they were raised). A small size doesn’t matter when it comes down to this tattoo design; wolves look great on anyone!

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Laconic word 

Attaching your favorite word or phrase to yourself in the form of tattoos is an excellent way to live them out forever. Whether it be from song, book, or poem – there are endless possibilities for placement on any area of skin, which can make up part of an aesthetically pleasing look.

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Japanese culture inspired tattoo

When it comes to Japanese tattoos, the rich culture and history behind them make for some meaningful designs. Considering that this culture itself is richly detailed, it comes as no surprise that these types of tattoos carry plenty of meaning. We should also mention how different colors can represent something special about your personality or something meaningful from life experience.

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Spreading tree 

Tree tattoos are a great way to represent your values and beliefs. A rooted tree tattoo means you’re standing strong in the face of adversity, with roots that can’t be broken no matter what happens around them! Tree designs also symbolize strength; they stand tall against all storms until their time comes.

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Pretty shoulder tattoo

Now that you’re out of the darkness, show off your new found light with a sun tattoo. It’ll look amazing on women who prefer smaller and seamless ink too! The best part about getting such an amazing tattoo would be knowing that you’ve been through tough times – and now there’s hope again.

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Minimalist tattoo

You know it, minimalist tattoos are all the rage these days. These inking styles look great on smaller body parts because they take up less space than traditional tattoos that may seem a bit overwhelming. For this reason alone you should consider getting one – that is, if your style tends towards more understated looks!

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Ocean life vibes

The micro tattoo is a hot trend and you can get an ocean-inspired design within that category. The single line waves would make for the perfect small tattoos, especially if your style gravitates toward water related art! Take some inspiration from this one to forever capture how much of life you spend near sand shores.

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Meaningful quote

Often placed on the wrist or forearm because they’re easy to read, quote tattoos look great no matter where you put them. You could have important words tattooed elsewhere to make it easier for others to read them, or ink them backwards so they read well when reflected off your body.

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Rabbit tattoo

There are many reasons why rabbits have become a popular subject for tattoo art – not only because they are adorable and look cute on the skin, but also because they have rich symbolic meanings. Many cultures see them as symbols for longevity, family love, rebirth, abundance, luck, shyness, speed. Choose what you’d like to manifest!

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Beautiful rose

It goes without saying, a petite and pretty rose tattoo will look great almost anywhere, from the back of the neck to fingers. The minimalist design suits those who have a modern sophisticated style with understated appeal that says “I’m elegant.” If that’s you, here’s some inspo. 

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Tiny heart

Love is in the air, and if you’ve got a heart tattoo for love of any kind, then there are many ways to wear it. A small one on your wrist or ankle can be a simple yet powerful reminder that lasts forever – reminding everyone around you what matters most too!

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Music notes

Are you a music lover? Think about getting a music note tattoo. You can have a single tone on your finger, ear, or back of neck to show off inked like an anklet – whatever you decide will help make an impactful statement!

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Geometric star

Stars are a popular tattoo for women who want to find the light in all of their darkness. They represent finding light in darkness, making them an excellent design to have placed on your body art! A string or sequence often symbolizes a journey, which makes this piece perfect no matter what mood you’re looking to convey with it.

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Raven tattoo ideas

Ravens are a symbol of wisdom and insight, as well as spiritual connection. They can represent your true feelings or thoughts that you keep inside yourself for fear of being judged by others in society. If it speaks to you, consider this tattoo idea.

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Mystical dragon

The fire-breathing dragon is one of the most powerful figures in fantasy literature. If you’re looking for something to make your skin crawl with terror, this piece might do it! With its captivating design, we bet no one will be able to take their eyes off it.

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Inconspicuous cross

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself through ink, and many people get tattoos that represent their faith. A small cross tattoo can be meaningful if put on any part of your body – even hidden away! It is a subtle but extremely powerful reminder that God is always with them.

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Little elephant

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an animal as popular as the elephant. These majestic creatures have been around for centuries and they still retain their allure today with everything from funny tattoos to gorgeous, detailed designs on skin art. This tiny piece is simply amazing. 

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Stunning snake

Women love snakes because they’re a beautiful and symbolic tattoo that can be placed in many different places. Despite the fact that snake tattoos look great at any size, a small serpent is particularly perfect for the forearm area. Take a closer look.

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Small hip tattoos

Getting a tattoo is an investment in yourself, but it can be hard to find the perfect one. Do you want something small and discreet? Perhaps you are thinking of getting a small tattoo in a more “private” place, a place you won’t have to see every time? Here’s something to consider.

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Colorful wave with a dolphin

Waves are known to be both good and bad  for sailors. Such tattoos remind us that life’s ups and downs will happen. It may not always feel great, but waves can help take you through so you will end up jumping like this little dolphin. Sounds interesting! 

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Simple wings

When a woman wears angel wings, it doesn’t have to mean that she wants to escape from the world. For some people who wear these tattoos as an improvement of character and others see them simply for their lucky charm – which we think would make anyone feel at ease with themselves!

Hummingbird tattoo

Forget about adversity and fly with the flock! Hummingbird tattoos are a perfect reminder that obstacles should not stop you from achieving your goals. The meaning behind this tattoo goes beyond overcoming hard times. It also symbolizes love, joy, hope and charm.

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Small back tattoo

One’s back is one of the most modest areas you can put a tattoo on. It’s not as obvious and it complements your skin perfectly! Plus, when showing off your new tattoo to friends or partners, they’ll love how discreet and sensual it looks. It can become your nice little secret to share with your closest. 

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Lovely butterfly

A butterfly inked on your arm can be a sign of transformation, freedom and nature. Because they symbolize these things so much, it makes sense that women choose this tattoo design for themselves! The winged insects also make a statement even in a small size!

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Adorable crown

A crown tattoo is not just for royalty. It can be an empowering way to show your loyalty, power and success in whatever endeavors you pursue with gusto! Or it can symbolize that they live their lives by holding power over every aspect including your life choices. 

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Sheer mountain

As a symbol of endurance and getting through hardship, they can represent the times in our lives when we overcome difficult challenges, or they may simply remind us that these types of moments happen with some frequency. These tattoos are symbolic, so they don’t have to be large to convey their message.

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Small owl tattoo

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, which makes it great for tattoo designs. The nocturnal nature also means that many cultures associate them with the afterlife so they’re perfect if you want your tattoos to have something spiritual about them too!

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Small geometric tattoo

Geometric tattoos are a great way to add some creativity and uniqueness when inking your skin. These subtle yet creative designs can be applied easily, which means they’re ideal for small placements on the body like ankles or wrists as well!

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FAQ Section

Do small tattoos take a long time to heal?

Getting a tattoo is serious business, but don't worry. The outer layer of skin will heal in about 2-3 weeks and you can resume your normal activities without any problem very soon after getting the ink done! However it might take up to 6 months for that skin area below your artwork (which contains more sensitive layers) before it is truly healed - so stay cool with some light duty care during this time.

What's the best place for small tattoos on women?

Small tattoos look best on smaller areas of your body, like along a line or in particular spots to make it more interesting. For instance, the inside edges of the wrist, behind one's ear, on the collarbones, and so on. And they may not look so good on the larger areas like your back. Unless you've already got tattoos there, it will look like it's floating in space or simply be mistaken for a freckle from afar.

What’s the average price for a small tattoo?

A small tattoo can be reasonably inexpensive since most tattoo salons charge by the hour. There might be a minimum starting price though. A small and basic tattoo should cost between $50 and $200. More colors and details mean more time and money.

How small can a tattoo be

Wouldn't it be cool to get a super small tattoo? But be aware that there are some limitations. We've seen some really tiny tattoos people have done and they might look perfect for a while but after some time they turn into unreadable blobs of color! That i snot to say it’s not doable. A real professional will always be honest with you about what’s possible and keep your best interests at heart.

How many sessions to remove a small tattoo?

A tattoo can take up to ten sessions, but the size of your ink determines how many. The amount of laser removal procedures will depend on a variety of factors - for example, larger tattoos are harder to take off because they contain more pigment. So larger tats may require up to 10 visits, whereas the smaller ones might only need 5 or 6 treatments.

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