65 Killer Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair You Have to See

Catchy ponytails, French twists, buns and all kinds of braids seem to be beyond the reach for short-haired women. However, not only celebrities with their bunch of top stylists can rock chic short hairstyles. And we are going to prove it by stealing some secrets from hair experts and borrowing some hairstyles for short hair from affordable hair and beauty salons. Actually, there are dozens of updos for short hair and some of them are easy to style even at home.

How to Choose Updos by Hair Type

Certainly, we can flatiron wavy locks or curl straight strands or backcomb thin hair to give it a lift–with so many appliances and styling products at hand, any transformation is possible. But it takes less effort to style hair when a chosen updo fits its texture. Moreover, with such a diversity of nice hair ups for various hair types, it’s not a big deal to find a flattering option. Got fine hair? Braided updos help add body to it. Wavy locks get out of hand? Let them flow with messy updos. And even coarse curls can be managed with Bantu knots or cornrows.”On the flipside, you could spend hours putting together an intricate hairstyle only to find that it looks boring and woefully limp because the texture was off,” writes Sascha Breuer, an iconic hair artist. Following his advice, let’s check out how texture and style work together.

Short Curly Blonde Updo

via @addicted2_hair_jevans7

Look at this romantic hairstyle contrived to emphasize the beauty of short curly hair! You just need dry wax, hairspray and bobby pins to loosely fix your locks at the nape.

Wavy Messy Bun For Bob

via @cherry_blossom_belle

Many shorts to medium cuts allow you to create a low bun, and we love it! With wavy hair, you can accentuate its texture, leaving some tresses to frame the face, while securing the rest into a messy bun.

Twisted Updo For Short Thick Hair

via @katrina.loves.hair

Thick hair allows for springy and touchable twists. Tease a small section of hair at the top to create volume, then wrap your tresses into a French twist.

Two Braids Updo For Shorter Straight Hair

via @palsfortana

Who said that Dutch braids and short hair are incompatible? Just look how short straight hair can be stylishly braided and then twisted up in fun buns. How do you like this awesome Dutch braid version?

Layered Curly Updo With Flowers

via @headrushdesigns

It is somewhat difficult to put layered strands all together because of their varied lengths. However, you can just curl your hair and texturize the locks, gathering only the lower tresses in a little messy bun.

Find Your Favorite Short Bob Updo

Bob hairstyles are extremely popular among both stylists and their clients. We love them for a great variety of options they offer for ladies with different tastes and types of hair. If your hair is straight and smooth, a classic look is your cup of tea, but a blunt bob is just the thing! But if you want something more sophisticated, you can switch to an angled bob or its asymmetrical version. There is a choppy bob to suit wavy hair, and there is a layered option to add volume to thin hair, not to mention varied lengths that work in many cases. So, let’s have a look at some updos invented for different bob hairstyles.

Inverted Mohawk Bob Hairstyle With Side Braids

via @alex_haircraft

Let’s start with our fav among hairstyles for short hair. Give a stunning twist to your inverted bob hairstyle by combining an intricate one-side basket weave with volumizing styling on the front and top. Don’t forget to straighten the hair perfectly for a more dramatic look!

Angled Wavy And Braided Bob Hairstyle

via @mallonyfarias

This angled bob is really edgy due to the eye-catching contrast – loose waves and much volume on the one side versus tight braids on the other side.

Asymmetrical Bob With Two Braids

via @alex_haircraft

It’s a nice idea to showcase the bold shape of an asymmetrical bob by accentuating the longer side and removing some body from the shorter side. Part your hair sharply to add a sculptured effect to this awesome updo for short hair.

Bridal Short Curly Updo

via @styles_by_reneemarie

Looking for curly bob hairstyles? You will definitely love this one. Use texturizing products to give some grit to curly bob hairstyles. Roll side pieces back to put the style together and decorate with exquisite jewels matching your hair color.

Messy Wavy Bob With Braids

via @goldplaited_

A messy bob can look really chic, when loose side braids are nonchalantly blended into a wavy hairstyle. A three-strand braid is not your only option!

Get Inspired by Braided Updos for Short Hair

Yes, styling an above-the-shoulder haircut into a braided updo is quite a challenge, but nothing is impossible. And we are one pace away from proving that you can have any braid type mounted into your updo, including those dressy crown hairstyles we all adore.

But first, we have a tip on making braids from a pro. When preparing for styling, use a thickening spray on your wet hair and don’t allow it to dry completely.”Make sure to create the braids on damp hair, and let it dry the rest of the way once it’s in the braid. This makes it so much easier to get all the hair up there,” Kristin Ess, a celeb hairstylist, said to Allure. Let’s thank Kristin for sharing her trick and proceed with our examples of short-haired braided updos.

Wavy Bob With Fishtail

via @knotandveil

A nice alternative to a French braid, a fishtail braid can be handsomely incorporated into a wavy bob hairstyle. Let this elegant hairstyle for short hair crown your head for a gorgeous, eye-arresting look!

Bouffant Updo With French Braid And Bun

via @updosforidos

However, don’t rule out elegant updos for formal events. Some backcombing on the top to add dimension and a neat braid running into a curly low bun – voila, your prom or wedding hairstyle is awesome.

French Crown Braid Updo For Shorter Hair

via @braidstudio

This crown updo for short hair is a sheer beauty, especially for those ladies who don’t want their updos to look too “done”. The slightly messy touch makes the hairstyle softer, but still vibrant.

Blonde Updo With Dutch Braid

via @hairandmakeupbybritt

A Dutch braid is your next option when you need your short hairstyle to pop up. It has this wonderful sculptured effect that attracts all eyes and shifts the focus from the lack of mane to the delicacy and sophistication of the updo.

Elegant Braided And Rolled Updo

via @annameiermakeup

This is one of the updos for short hair we can’t take our eyes from. Boho style is a real catch for short hair, since it allows for laidback styling, including irregular braids and released tresses. Steal the look by rolling the hair at the nape to hide the end of the braid.

Enjoy Black Updos with a Tribal Touch

While many black women strive for straight hair, as if trying to pry themselves away from their cultural background, hair stylists go all-out to adopt ethnic hairstyles for their multicultural clients. So, why to take trouble over straightening, when there are so many fancy updos showing thick and frizzy hair to great advantage? Sure, you will need some texturizing and moisturizing products to add a modern feel to your natural hair. “But don’t give your hair too much bend, otherwise it will start to look matronly,” David Lopez, a celeb hairstylist, told Allure. Well, here is our pick of black updos for short hair, which are anything but dull or age-adding.

Side Braided Updo For Shorter Natural Hair

via @loopsalon

This bold hairstyle with frizzy curls looks jazzy, yet natural. Side braids just above the ears make the mane even more dimensional, while adding a playful touch.

Short Curly Black Pony With Twists

via @j_handroz

Don’t you think that this cool mix of curly and leveled textures is worth to steal? The more so that twisted braids are the easiest to make, even for those who have short haircuts.

Black Flat Twisted Updo With Curls

via @badubeauty

The next step is to get plenty of cornrows all over the head except for the very top and front. Pull your curls frontwards to create a sassy and dynamic look.

Creative Cornrows For Short Natural Hair

via @hairbyasha

This cornrow updo is a real piece of art! If you don’t mind showing the shape of your head and sacrificing some volume, get these snaky braids, creating a striking asymmetrical hairstyle.

Goddess Braids Flat Twists And Bantu Knots

via @nnaturalhairstudio

On the other hand, this artistic pattern is the symmetry, combining sleek cornrows, tight flat twists, and multiple topknots to build a kind of a fantastic crown.

Create Eye-Arresting Half Updos

While on a par with updos in vibrancy and fashion appeal, half-up/half-down hairstyles allow for flowing strands to show their beauty and crisp details to manifest your creativity – what a great contrast! And it suits those women, who are not so excited to expose their neckline. Besides, it can be a quick way to break up your hair routine, since there are fewer strands to curl, straighten and fix. Some of our half updos are so effortless that you can make them all on your own just having enough pins. By the way, current hair trends don’t require you hiding them. “I like to show the pins — not hide them — so that they’re an accessory,” Marco Peña, a hair stylist and makeup artist said to Marie Claire. So, don’t worry about the pins and flyaways and move on!

Messy Semi Updo With Waterfall Braid

via @itsmadisonalexis

If you have a bob cut, consider this casual updo for short hair. Weave a loose braid into your messy semi updo based on a choppy bob hairstyle to come up with a nice witchy look.

Tousled Bouffant Half Updo For Bob

via @mallonyfarias

This partial updo for short hair involves some backcombing to add volume and texturized waves to emphasize the beautiful highlights.

Partial Updo With Loose Braid

via @10thavenuehair

What a romantic look can you get by wrapping the side pieces of your hair around the head, while letting your lower strands flow at the nape of the neck!

Messy Half Up Half Down Bob Hairstyle

via @maygovintage

This floppy half up/half down updo is based on randomly pinned locks on the background of textured tresses hanging loose.

Wavy Silver Bob With Top Braid

via @palsfortana

A wow effect is guaranteed with this cool combination of a daring color, a fancy braid running from the forehead to the crown of the head, and soft waves framing the face.

Master Casual Updos for Short Hair

Don’t you find your current everyday hairstyle a little bit boring? Then, it is definitely the time to unleash your creativity and to show who is a cool girl here! Casual updos are so versatile that you will find the right option for both your leisure time and working hours. In fact, a casual hairstyle gives freedom to many disheveled hair ups, which don’t require lots of styling skills. However, if you want your casual updo really smooth, here is a trick from celeb hairstylist Mark Townsend. He says he always has a natural bristle toothbrush to spray hairspray even on the plastic handle to pick up little hairs. Bite on that and get inspired by some of casual updos we have stumbled across.

Short Braided Updo For Everyday

via @byirfns

Low and loose, these double-side braids are really look-changing for everyday hairstyles. Pin them at the nape to get a rumpled low bun.

French Roll For Short Curly Hair

via @ramsaymarstonhair

A French twist is a perfect choice if you’re looking for short curly hair updos. Just carefully arrange your locks on the top to add texture and volume, while wrapping side tresses into a laid-back roll.

Looped Updo For Casual Events

via @wecarelifestylesalon

Show the rich color of your hair with this lovely updo, which works fine for casual events and special occasions. Pull your locks back to create multiple loops and knots at the nape of the neck.

Sleek Short Hair Updo For Work

via @jenkeenahair

Wearing a dress code usually requires a neat hairstyle – well, go to work with this smooth formal updo for short hair, intricately decorated with twisted pieces pinned at the nape of the neck.

Professional Updo With Teased Roots

via @ramsaymarstonhair

However, one can look professional even wearing a quite messy updo. Short pinned up hairstyles rock! Tease the hair at the crown and gather strands from the sides and the back to form a randomly pinned bun.

Take on Board Updo for Special Occasion

Any special occasion calls for an elegant updo, but your choice should be smart. Parroting an updo found on the Web – it’s no go! For your special occasion, you need more than just a beautiful hairstyle, you need a look. Think of the style you are going for, factor in your dress and accessories and even make allowances for the venue and weather (loose locks can be a poor choice for a wedding on a windy beach, for example). You should also take care of your hair to have it at its best for styling.”Keep heat styling to a minimum. The less heat on the hair, the better the condition and the longer it will grow,” George Papanikolas, Matrix SoColor celebrity stylist, told Allure. It is especially true for bridal hairstyles, and we’ll start with them. Anyway, it’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times, right? Just have a look at our collection of short hair updos for special occasions.

Wavy Wedding Updo

via @katydjokicmakeup

This short wedding updo looks chic and delicate due to the soft waves pulled back to shape a handsomely textured low bun.

Bridal Chignon For Short Hair

via @katydjokicmakeup

For a messy, yet perfectly styled updo, look no further than this elegant short bob packed in a low chignon with loose side tresses.

Curly Rolled Updo For Prom

via @wb_upstyles

Soft textured waves rolled around the face and then twisted into a crisp low bun? A great idea for prom updos!

Braided Bridesmaid Updo

via @styles_by_reneemarie

Hairstyles for short hair can be really elegant, just look at this eye-popping bridesmaid hairstyle! It shows highlights at their best through a loose braid running from the forehead to the nape, while framed with back-swept side strands.

Curled Evening Updo Hairstyle

via @gracieheidehairatadae

Feel like a million dollars with this curly updo for short hair that will work great with any evening gown. Use a curling iron to create bouncy locks and then place them haphazardly throughout the back of your head, while tucking the bottom strands upwards.

Loose Messy Evening Updo

via @natalielannersmua

To get a more sophisticated look, pull the locks to the back of your head and pin them loosely in a kind of a flower shape. Keep shorter tresses at bay by making a French braid on the bottom hair.

Formal French Twist

via @hairmakeupolafson

When you want a smoother and more formal updo, think of a charming French twist like this.

Low Loose Curly Updo For Special Occasion

via @styles_by_reneemarie

Among prom hairstyles for short hair, this one pops thanks to the amazing curls carefully pulled back and tucked to add body at the nape, while a longer side lock is released to draw attention to the face.

Bohemian Rolled Updo With A Bouffant

via @theupdocollective

This hairstyle boasts a bohemian feel with textured strands rolled up and coupled with backcombing on the top.

Glamorous Updo With Pin Curls

via @hairbycindyhtx

Though rather messy and fashionably undone, this stunning updo for short hair has a glamorous touch due to the carefully styled curls and waves. They do catch the eye!

Explore Updos for Short to Medium Hair

While chin-length cuts are quite tricky to pack into updo hairstyles when you have only modest styling skills, longer locks are less demanding and more versatile. However, while choosing medium short hair updos, you still need to pay due regard to your hair type. Wavy and bouffant updos work fine for those who have thin hair, as they bring the desired volume and keep the shape readily. On the contrary, thick hair doesn’t require any intricate styling, the more so that it may be difficult to make multiple details hold. And don’t forget about the color – if you have highlights or balayage, it will be smart to choose an updo accentuating the play of hues.

Loose Updo For Short To Medium Hair

via @rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty

Tease your hair at the root, brush it up and away from the face and go into loops to create a superb dimensional updo with a knotted accent.

Bouffant French Roll For Shorter Hair

via @laurenbeautyatx

A bouffant hairstyle can look really vibrant and touchable on your shoulder length hair when blended with a messy roll at the nape and multiple loose ends throughout the updo.

Angled Bob With Side Braid

via @sonia_hairstory

If you are currently wearing a straight bob haircut, you can give it a twist easily by incorporating a texture-adding loosely-made braid.

Pigtail Braids For Short To Medium Hair

via @prysenamake

French braids are welcome too, especially when they can show your color scheme to good advantage. Short tails are fun, aren’t they?

Low Tousled Wavy Updo For Mid Length

via @laurenbeautyatx

These soft waves are amazing, and you can pin them in or out haphazardly to get a laid-back, yet exquisite look.

Master Updos for Very Short Hair

Got a chin-length haircut or even shorter? Not a big deal! You can still choose from cute, sassy or romantic hairstyles for short hair, provided that you keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses. Since an updo can change the balance of your usual hairstyle, think of the traits you want to keep hidden or, on the contrary, exposed. For example, make sure that the chosen updo takes attention away from your cheeks if your face is round. You can get the desired effect by shifting the focus to the top of your head with the help of backcombing, for instance. Discuss this with your stylist beforehand to enjoy the result ultimately.

Braided Updo For Very Short Hair

via @rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty

This short bob looks absolutely awesome with the lifted top and subtle waves, mimicking a braid on one side.

Very Short Updo With Twists And Knots

via @kellgrace

What a wonderful play of loops running down to the nape! And you can ignore those loose short pieces, since they are perfectly blended in this bohemian style.

Pixie With Crown Braid

via @xostylistxo

Braids, large curls, waves and straight tresses – can you believe all these are made from short hair? When your hair is really thick, you can enjoy fun and scenic updos for short hair like this one.

Wavy Updo For Very Short Hair

via @dylan_tribuhair

You don’t need voluminous hair to rock a stylish updo. This one has only a hint of a bun at the nape, but it arrests the eye with textured and highlighted waves.

Updo For A Short Cut

via @fiorellacastrohair

Even pixie cuts can be styled to create a princess-like updo with much volume on the top and soft waves irregularly pinned up at the nape.

Learn Easy Updos for Short Hair to Do by Yourself

We have seen plenty of hairstyles for short hair to ask for in salons, but is there a simple way to get a desirable look without being a pro? Well, we have collected a couple of samples you can try at home since they don’t require the full range of curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers and hair care products. Still, some products are really necessary to give your hair a lift, to texturize and fix it. And here is a tip borrowed from a pro – use some dry shampoo to prepare your hair for styling rather than using hairspray. “I find it’s much better than hairspray because the powder or the starch gives the hair a really good grip without getting crunchy,” Mark Townsend said to Allure. He also recommends working with it on your bobby pins to prevent them from slipping out. Take these secrets on board and go for your home-made updo.

Diy Low Knot Updo Pastel Pink Hair

via @alexisbutterflyloft

Start with this no frills, yet pretty DIY option for short hair, which requires only light curling, a texturizing product, a couple of bobby pins to fix the relaxed bun and a clip to decorate the updo.

Braid-Like Rolled Updo For Shorter Hair

via @jaclynnicolesalon

This one is not that quick, but still manageable. Backcomb on the top, twist the upper part and get it pinned and then go on with side tresses, pulling them back, twisting and pinning.

Twisted Short Updo Diy

via @jacystevens

A straight lob haircut can be transformed radically into a funky updo right at home. The secret is to make a looped pony from the bottom hair and cover it with the upper portion, crisscrossing the strands as you please.

Pigtail Buns For Short Hair To Do At Home

via @anhcotran

With this updo you can invent a crisp girlish look – knots are so sweet! Don’t hang on the accurate parting and loose ends, since mess only adds spice to the hairstyle.

Messy Wavy At Home Updo

via @duyenhuynh

A nice way to revive your haircut is to get it slightly curled, textured and then stuffed into a low tousled bun. Loose waves on the sides and the top boost the volume and capture the eye.

Get the Best Updo Ideas for Short Hair

Speaking of trendy updos, the biggest mistake you can make is to get it overworked. The “undone” look is having a moment, and hair experts recommend avoiding excessiveness in everything. Forget about thorough blow-drying – stop when your hair is half-dried, apply wax or serum and let it air-dry. Ignore heavy gels and don’t make your updo too slick. Instead, take a bit of wax, rub it between your hands and apply the product just through the ends. And there is no need to sweat over curling since your locks are not meant to be perfect.”Use a flatiron instead to create waves with a flatter finish and protect strands,” David Lopez recommends in his interview to Allure. With these tips in mind, go through our collection of the best ideas, paying due attention to details.

Tousled Short Updo With Side Bangs

via @theconfessionsofahairstylist

This is a good example of how bangs can nicely supplement updos for short hair, like this wavy and long side bang.

Creative Curly Low Updo

via @hair.by.saraj

Go creative and pin individual pieces throughout the lower part of your hair rather than making them converge.

Loose Piece-Y Blonde Updo

via @knotandveil

Try this inverted version of a loose updo and allow the ends of locks to melt into the depth of your hair (with the help of bobby pins, of course).

High Curled And Pinned Updo

via @annette_updo_artist

Get your updo really high with large curls and loops, sitting gorgeously on the top of your head like a crown.

Low Updo With A Bouffant

via @pure.salon

What about an exciting combination of a bouffant and a low bun composed of textured tresses?

Faux Braid Mohawk

via @hairbyelena

This faux braid is crafted from numerous topsy tails, but it looks like a real braided Mohawk, which is on-trend right now.

Romantic Twisted Messy Updo

via @kellgrace

Considering romantic updos for short hair? Then opt for this airy and soft wavy hairstyle that boasts plenty of volume and texture.

Sleek Low Braid Updo

via @britthestylist

Make your straight hair look sleek, yet scenic with this exceptional updo, incorporating a French braid to accentuate the nape of the neck.

Side Updo For Bob Length Hair

via @wissakl

Side-swept bangs can be balanced with accurately twisted strands on the other side and coupled with an asymmetrical knot, showing its loose end playfully.

Disheveled Twisted Updo

via @kellgrace

Instead of fighting with your wavy hair, get it twisted and pinned at the back of your head, letting some naughty strands break loose.

Now you have a nice choice of short updos to experiment with. Change your hairstyle each time the spirit moves you, but make sure to keep it in line with your attire and occasion. As you see, there are no limits to updos for short hair. Experiment with complicated and simple, fun, and formal updos to find your faves. And don’t fail to follow current trends, as hair artists never stop creating new techniques to please ladies wearing above-the-shoulder hair.

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