60 Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women to Nail in 2024

From a bit below the chin to a collarbone level, mid-length hairstyles are diverse and feminine. Neither too short to have trouble with styling, nor too long to get tired of growing out, medium haircuts for women give freedom to play around with loose, half up/half down and updo styles. They are easy in daily care, and it is no problem to stuff your medium hair into a ponytail when going to the gym, but we really like wearing it loose to show its natural splendor. Shoulder length hair is making a splash in the world of beauty, and we can’t help loving it. Check out our ultimate compilation of shoulder length hairstyles for women to get a bit of inspiration for your next hair makeover.

Tips on Choosing Medium Length Haircuts by Hair Type

When choosing hairstyles for medium hair, its density and texture are the crucial factors to take into account. Each hair type has its virtues and shortcomings, and the latter can become even more visible on semi-long hair. Frizzy hair may seem more difficult to tame than when it is styled in heavy long tresses, while thin locks can look flat compared to short voluminous bob hairstyles. However, there is a medium cut for every hair type, and you will find plain evidence in the sliders below..

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Apparently, medium hairstyles for women with thin hair need to have this volume-enhancing effect that the hair type usually lacks. Elevated roots achieved through backcombing, multiple layers or tousled styling work wonders on fine and thin hair. Don’t miss your chance to gain some depth with cool hair colors, including balayage and ombre. Make sure to choose the right styling products for your hair type, specifically designed to deliver hold and texture without overwhelming. “I think that if you have fine hair, you don’t want to use something that’s really heavy,” said Ted Gibson, hair expert behind celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, to Allure.

Wavy Light Brown Balayage Lob For Fine Hair

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This fine wavy hair looks fuller and deeper thanks to the textured lob hairstyle and handsome dark-to-light color transition. It’s the case when shoulder length hair looks appealingly feminine and romantic.

White Blonde Shag With Bangs

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Want to give some volume to your thin, naturally straight hair? Get this: straight hair can obtain the required volume through a cool shag haircut like this one, both layered and tousled, while teamed up with arched bangs.

Medium Two-Tier Layered Haircut

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And this layered hairstyle is feathered and swept back to add movement and texture, also boasting sophisticated highlights.

Mid-Length Blunt Cut For Straight Hair

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Blunt ends work great for fine straight hair, giving it some weight and body. Just look at this simple, yet chic lob with a soft wispy bang.

Medium Messy Hairstyle For Round Faces

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This airy bob suits round faces, since this shoulder length hairstyle combines the volume-adding and focus-shifting part with the balancing texture on the sides.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Medium hairstyles for girls with thick hair should retain its terrific body, yet remove some excess weight that makes the look too heavy, shapeless and bushy. Also, we need to keep in mind that thick hair is not easy to style at home, so it would be nice to have something manageable. Choppy ends and layering are among our favorite professional tricks for taking the excess weight out, while feathered hairstyles are super helpful in making the look lighter. Styling products are a must for thick hair, since it is tricky to texturize or curl due to the weight of locks.

Wavy Brown Lob With Caramel Highlights

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The choppy bob is simply the best shoulder length hairstyle to make thick hair lighter and more touchable. But this bob stands out for its beautiful balayage, creatively incorporated into the hairstyle.

Disheveled Black Lob For Thick Hair

via @styled_by_carolynn

This hairstyle is anything but bulky due to the layered cut, chosen to remove some unnecessary weight, while leaving your shoulder length hair voluminous and bouncy.

Medium Natural Curly Hairstyle

via @salsalhair

Layers help structurize curly hair, which otherwise tends to appear shapeless. We love the way this shoulder length hairstyle frames the face.

Razored Lob For Thick Hair

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Another ingenious way to manage your super thick shoulder length hair. Look how this thick coarse mane is tamed with soft layering that has taken the weight out and disheveled styling that allows the natural texture to pop.

Medium Natural Brown Hairstyle With Highlights

via @thecurlninja

Everyone can enjoy the stunning volume of frizzy shoulder length hair, when it is smartly textured in tight curls and subtly highlighted.

Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyles

Many girls with curly hair tend to avoid neck length haircuts, as they believe that shorter hair looks frizzier and it is harder to style. It is true to a point, since longer locks are heavier and the weight helps tame bushy hair. Yet, the mid-length is not a forbidden ground for curl-adorned ladies, when haircuts are properly shaped and locks are beautifully structured. Your target is to steer clear of the triangle shape, often formed by shoulder-length cuts, and to get the most out of the texture you are born with. From dry cutting to slicing, today we have a nice choice of techniques aimed to make curly shoulder length hair bouncy.

Blonde Layered Natural Hairstyle For Medium Hair

via @hairbycuba

This layered hairstyle lets the tight curls shine, falling down the forehead and framing the face nicely.

Shoulder-Length Natural Curly Hairstyle

via @faithincurls

When your hair is naturally curly, shaping it is a key to your vibrant look. Consider curled shoulder length hairstyles like this one: it’s dead on target, completely removing any triangle effect.

Light Brown Hairstyle For Medium Natural Hair

via @sunflowersandscissors

Layered and awesomely shaped, this thick curly mane shows a lot of texture and body, while still feeling airy. The perfect style to tame your curly shoulder length hair!

Brown Curly Bob With Rosewood Balayage

via @iam.maia.studio

Shoulder length haircuts take larger curls well, too. Wear this bob messy, yet clearly textured with minimal layering.

Light Brown Curly Natural Hairstyle

via @stylebystace

Looking for a way to combine wavy hair and a shoulder length hairstyle? Take a look at a rounded haircut with looser ringlets: it can be a good option for wavy frizzy hair – it is easy to manage and it looks cool.

Spotting Shoulder Hairstyles by Color

Probably, you have already got the idea of a color scheme and haircut working together. And here is your chance to steal a ready-made look from our pick of cute midi hairstyles. But first, make allowance for your complexion. How? “Adjectives to describe skin are similar to the adjectives to describe hair color. If you have warm, golden or olive skin undertones, opt for the color tones that have similar hues in them — it’s an easy way to find the right shade. If you are cool in skin tone, typically the color you need for your hair will be described that same way on the box: cool or iridescent,” celebrity colorist Kari Hill told in her interview to Forbes. And now, go for it!

Cool Bronde Lob With Shadow Roots

via @hairbyallybarone

Shadow roots, delicate highlights and soft layering around the face make medium length hairstyles like this blonde lob sparkle with elegance.

Medium Brunette Cut With Subtle Mahogany Highlights

via @hirohair

In contrast, this dark lob with long choppy layers looks fashionably undone with its beachy waves and sun-kissed tresses.

Black Choppy Lob With Brown Highlights

via @hairbynoora

And this is another exciting idea for shoulder length hair: a textured lob any brunette can bookmark – balayage + toning with a couple of shades.

Sleek Lob With Bronde Balayage

via @the_blondologist

Blondes can also have impressive highlights with this fabulous pick of matching and contrasting hues playing throughout a simple lob cut.

Gray Wavy Lob With A Purple Tint

via @nealmhair

Why not consider shoulder length hairstyles for women plus daring colors? This lob fits the bill for displaying any bold color scheme, including this gunmetal gray blended into the choppy cut.

Guide on Mid-Length Haircuts According to Face Shapes

Hair experts busted many myths about “banned” hairstyles for certain face types. Actually, if you do want some haircut, you can have it, provided that your face-flattering elements are incorporated properly. “Simply adding face-framing chunky-ish layers will soften a long/square face by creating wider points of interest,” says Mirza Batanovic, style director at Eufora International, to Refinary29. An asymmetrical haircut or a flipped out bob work fine for heart-shaped faces by shifting focus away from the small chin, especially when paired with diagonal lines of bangs. Shaggy hairstyles and arched or baby bangs help balance wide faces, both round and square ones. And a blunt cut is not forbidden for long faces, when it is a lob with long bangs. There are more secrets to follow! Stay with us to read how well medium length hairstyles can complement different face shapes.

Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle For Round Faces

via @beckym_hair

Haircuts with shoulder length are a sure-fire way to get an elongating effect for a round face, especially when they are coupled with a side part and texture along the cheeks.

Mid-Length Haircut For Square Faces Straight Hair

via @stephanyvanstone

The asymmetrical baby bangs add sophisticated geometry to the square face, while the length, straightening and layering serve to hide the heavy jaw-line.

Brown Messy Lob With Copper Balayage

via @buddywporter

This is our favorite among shoulder length hairstyles for women with oval faces. Oval faces look great with a middle parting, and the shoulder-grazing bob has just the right length to avoid a misbalance.

Medium Layered Blonde Hairstyle With Centre Parting

via @salsalhair

This long face doesn’t seem too narrow, since the layering and waves give volume on the sides, not to mention the airy feel of this shoulder length hairstyle.

Mid-Length Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Faces

via @geodesic_hair

One more example of how a shoulder length hairstyle can perfectly balance your face shape. The long side-swept bang shifts the focus from the pointy chin of this heart-shaped face to its upper part. With this, the layers around the face frame it prettily without dragging it down.

Trendy Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

From fine hair to thick manes, layers are unbeatable when you need to get texture, movement, fullness or an airy feel. They create a stylish shape for ringlets, saving them from looking bottom heavy, and they serve to frame various faces favorably, balancing their features. While in past years we have seen mainly low-key layers to fit the “undone” trend, it seems that in 2023 things are going to change. “Where we have seen undone, messier hair previously, I think now we will see sleeker, smoother, more polished and glossy hair becoming popular again, whether it be through wavy, curly or straight hairstyles,” Cheryl Munoz, style director at Daniel Galvin, told to Elle. Well, we have both options in our collection of layered shoulder length hairstyles for women to cater to all needs.

Shoulder Length Cut With Feathered Ends

via @gma_styles

These long layers are flipped out to give the lob an awesome twist and to create movement that is very much in line with the crisp color.

Shaggy Sliced Bronde Bob

via @manely.molly

Choppy layers are hot-looking and volumizing, and these ones are wonderfully textured, tousled and toned to play with the natural warm hues of the shoulder length hair.

Edgy Razored Bob With Blonde Balayage

via @donovanmillshair

What an effortless touch one can get with razor-cut short layers, boasting the color scheme rich in contrast!

Medium Black Hairstyle With Brown Balayage

via @huesbygabrielle

Wavy hair is in! Relaxed, layered and curled – this soft wavy hairstyle is not an obvious choice for an African American girl, but both coloring and styling are eye-popping.

Mid-Length Golden Brown Hairstyle For Thick Hair

via @tomsmithhd

This mid-length haircut reminds us of the gorgeous swoopy effect face framing layers can have. And it is killer, when highlights are properly placed.

Gorgeous Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts for 2023

A shoulder-length bob is a heaven-sent option for those who don’t want go longer due to hair damage or demanding maintenance, but still want their tresses long enough for a variety of styling. Since there are different long bob hairstyles to suit any taste, it’s a piece of cake to find a trendy cut based on your hair/face type, as well as on your lifestyle. “You get the best of both worlds with a long bob because they look great straightened (like Kate Bosworth’s mane), but they also look amazing highly textured (like Bella Hadid’s hair), which can resemble beachy waves done differently”, says celeb hairstylist Harry Josh to Cosmopolitan.

Disconnected Angled Ash Blonde Lob

via @hairbyamandablass

This angled bob features a soft shape and stylishly textured tresses that are a bit longer in the front. An awesome option for shoulder length hair.

Sleek Steeply Angled Ash Blonde Bob

via @juliesomer

To make an asymmetrical bob look sassy, ask for these cool pointed front strands, contrasting with the round-brushed sides.

Messy Curly Brunette Bob

via @curlsbylish

This curly bob is carefully carved to enhance the natural curl and to remove some bulk, and then styled in a messy way to build the floppy look.

Brown Wavy Bob With Bleached Highlights

via @anhcotran

If you have a thick mane, shoulder length bob hairstyles with layers are the way to go! Thick hair often requires taking some weight out, and the layered bob hits the target, adding much texture and movement. And yes, this coloring works great with wavy hair.

Black To Blonde Choppy Ombre Lob With Bangs

via @tyler_the_hairstylist

Shoulder length choppy hairstyles are perfect if you want a peppy hairdo. This vibrant choppy bob with blunt bangs proves that ombré is quite on par with the balayage from the previous photo and the straight fringe is as good as the side-swept option.

The Most Popular Medium Haircuts with Bangs

Whatever texture you have – thin or thick, curly, straight or wavy hair – bangs can add spice to your shoulder length hair. Piece-y fringes are great for heart-shaped faces, curtain bangs flatter oval faces, and side-swept strands are one-size-fits-all alternatives. “I’m obsessed with baby/micro fringe,” says celebrity hairstylist Christopher Naselli to Harper Bazaar and recommends going for it whenever you want to open your face and give your hairstyle a modern twist. Some hair experts suggest choosing bangs that match the texture of your hairstyle, others opt for contrasting fringes – and we have excellent illustrations for both approaches

Tangerine Choppy Lob With Straight Bangs

via @caraisacat

This deep straight fringe is lovely textured to compliment the jaw-dropping orange bob with rose blinks.

Shine Sleek Ash Blonde Lob For Fine Hair

via @youbeautyloungeak

For fine shoulder length hair, side swept bangs help create volume, especially when teamed up with layering around the face. Just like this ash blonde lob does!

Blonde Disheveled Hairstyle With Long Bangs

via @mariohenriqueoficial

The mid-length hairstyle embraces airy long bangs to accentuate cheeks, while the side parting contributes to the elevated top.

Natural Hairstyle With Subtle Brown Balayage

via @silva.hairdresser

Want to add some romantic vibes to your shoulder length hair? This bushy curly hair looks touchable and flirty with its tight ringlets, falling down to the eye lashes.

Curly Copper Red Bob With Cropped Bangs

via @alchemyorlando

But who said that a wavy cut cannot come with a straight fringe? Look at this statement baby bangs, making even a more astonishing contrast with messy shoulder length hair.

Razored Brunette Lob With Bangs

via @timm.morrison

This arched fringe is a perfect fit for the layered razor-cut lob. It mimics the texture completely and melts into the face-framing tresses. A gorgeous solution for shoulder length hair

Dark Brown Lob With Baby Bangs

via @nicolekeenen

Blonde Lob Blowout

via @sidvisage

And this is where movement comes from – the side-swept fringe, blending with the angled layers that are styled backwards, on the background of the above shoulder bob that curls forward.

Bob With Crown Braid And Bangs

via @jordanraehair

In most cases, it’s possible to arrange your shoulder length hair into a chick updo. Obviously, bangs look nice with various updos, including this heavy straight fringe that draws attention to the eyes and thick eyelashes.

Wedding Updo With Bangs For Medium Hair

via @studioalessandranunes

Obviously, bangs look nice with various updos, including this heavy straight fringe that draws attention to the eyes and thick eyelashes.

The Best Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Haircuts

When choosing your own perfect hairstyle, don’t forget that the “mid-length” is a loose concept. Opt for a cut shorter than the shoulder level when your hair is damaged or fragile, since this will help remove split ends. “If an individuals’ hair is prone to frizz then it’s best to keep the hair on the longer side of medium. The longer and heavier the hair, the more controlled it will be,” recommends Sam Burnett, UK-based celeb hair stylist, in his comments to Marie Claire. And we have a pretty choice of mid-length hairstyles from below the chin to an almost armpit level to guide you through the selection process.

Shaggy Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

via @mariohenriqueoficial

We totally love this shoulder length hair. It’s easy to sport an edgy look with this vibrantly textured lob, featuring a cute warm-to-cold balayage.

Medium Brown Shag With Bangs

via @salsalhair

Check this shag bob with brow-skimming bangs, getting longer to the sides and melting into face-framing tresses.

Choppy Messy Honey Blonde Lob

via @dnosalon

This choppy hairstyle is a bit angled to show a geometric shape, while making the thick shoulder length hair lighter.

White Blonde Feathered Lob Hairstyle

via @andremarins

Searching for a shoulder length hair idea with a flirty feel? Then what about flip hairstyles similar to this naughtily layered and feathered blonde bob? Not to mention, styling is as easy as a pie: everything you need is a blow dryer and a round brush.

Sleek Bronde Lob With White Highlights

via @styles.by.sarah

However, one length hairstyles are no less hot, while sparkling with elegance and rich in highlights. If you want something classic for your shoulder length hair, this can be your best bet.

Brunette Bob With Golden Blonde Babylights

via @hotsaucehair

The choppy bob is fav among short to medium hairstyles, looking great on both blonde and dark shoulder length hair thanks to its touchable feel.

Two-Layer Medium Bronde Hairstyle

via @colorbystephanie

When choosing among medium to long options, think of this multi dimensional hairstyle with feathered layers to the ends and a natural balayage. Feathered edges are excellent at making shoulder length hair more feminine.

Brunette A-Line Lob With Brightening Balayage

via @dbksalonyorkmills

Opt for a longer version of the A line bob with tapered ends and contrasting highlights for more vibe. We just adore this blowout!

Black Sliced Angled Lob

via @styled_by_carolynn

Many modern wedge-inspired hairstyles have shorter back and longer strands on the top, which are elevated to add volume to shoulder length hair. By the way, you don’t need to use an iron — a blow dryer and round brush is the perfect combo to create these soft waves.

Choppy Caramel Bronde Lob

via @hairbymeaganhannon

A bit of waves, some mess and blunt ends? The sky is the limit for mixing lines, shapes, colors and textures when generating a customized bob hairstyle.

Dark Blonde Messy Bob For Fine Hair

via @styledbylizsustaita

Meet one of the best ever shoulder length hairstyles for women with thin hair. This messy textured bob is a real deal for fine wavy hair, and it’s a breeze to maintain.

Straight Brunette Angled Bob

via @accomando

If you are here for a sophisticated look, get inspired by this perfect shape, elevated top and elegant side tresses, halfway loose and halfway tucked behind the ear.

Medium-To-Long Wavy Layered Bronde Hairstyle

via @salsalhair

This under the shoulder hairdo is effortlessly styled in loose textured waves to reveal its oomph.

Medium Curled Hairstyle For Thick Hair

via @avantgardepga

Want to add a bit of a glamorous feel to your shoulder length hair? Go for this fancy hairstyle with bouncy curls and striking highlights.

Cool Bronde Lob With Midshaft Wave

via @hairbymikaylaz

These soft waves set off the delicate color transition nicely, while retaining a sleek and shiny touch.

All in all, shoulder length hair looks awesome on women of all ages. It works well with any hair type, a variety of face shapes, and is easily maintained. Hopefully, you’ve got enough front and back view illustrations of various medium haircuts to make up your mind. Don’t miss hair professionals’ recommendations, but be bold to experiment with shapes, colors and textures to find your own style. At the end of the day, that’s what trendsetters do and how new hairstyles (or blasts from the past) emerge. But if this is not your cup of tea, then take the photo you like to your hairdresser and discuss how to customize the shoulder length hairstyle to your individuality.