22 Coolest Hairstyle and Haircut Ideas to Boost Volume of Thin Hair


Who does not dream about shiny curls, which will attract the attention of others and delight you when you look at yourself in the mirror? Unfortunately, not everyone can boast wonderful thick hair. We all know that genetics directly affects hair texture, and many still believe that they can do nothing with their fine hair.

Of course, the main thing to consider is your health conditions. Lack of appropriate vitamins may cause thin hair, so the first thing to do is consult your doctor. However, if you are confident that everything is fine, consider making a new haircut, which will help even very thin hair look more attractive and healthier. In this article, you can find the best pieces of advice, allowing you to get the coiffure of your dreams. Sit back and enjoy some ideas!

1. Slightly Angled Bob Haircut

With the proper approach to a bob haircut, you can create original looks and do various styling from such a neat hairstyle. And if there is no time for styling, then you can just dry your hair and continue your daily affairs since a voluminous bob haircutr itself falls into a beautiful hairstyle, making your flat hair look thicker. If you want to get such a hairstyle for thin hair, you shouldn’t obligatorily have short hair. It is worth noting that bob will suit perfectly for medium-length hair, providing extra volume without any additional cosmetics.

Angled Bob Blonde Haircut

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2. Shag Haircut for Long Hair

Overall, there are not so many haircuts for thin hair, allowing to leave length without the necessity to cut hair. The main peculiarity of such a coiffure is that you get a voluminous crown and feathered look. Of course, the natural texture of the hair is kept. Here are some main facts about shag:

  • Ladies with round faces can do such a hairstyle and look perfect.
  • It doesn’t require you to cut hair to get extra volume.
  • Shag is perfect for medium-length hair.
  • The hair volume will increase even if you don’t use any additional styling products.

Moreover, adding side swept bangs is a great idea. It will make your appearance even more unique. Overall, the shag haircut is a great alternative for all ages. For young girls, it is a way to emphasize their individuality. On the other hand, older women will undoubtedly look younger.

Shag Haircut Long Hair

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3. Inspiring Textured Lob Haircut

Undeniably, such a haircut will help you to create volume and get a lusher coiffure immediately. Making one short thin cut will transform your appearance. Undeniably, each experienced hairdresser will easily cope with such a task. Your facial features and hair color is not significant since such a hairstyle is perfect for all. Moreover, it will make your natural hair look thicker, and you will receive finer hair texture even without utilizing additional cosmetic products.

Inspiring Textured Lob Haircut

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4. Curtain Bangs for Thinning Hair Type

For numerous people, bangs were left in school years, but it is rapidly returning to fashion. It allows you to transform thin hair with one scissors stroke. You will be surprised at how finer hair changes! Some women think that the length cascades down hair will be more difficult to style, but it isn’t. Just use a round brush and blow-dry your hair after washing. If the hairstyle looks a little sloppy, that’s even better since it will add more charm. This chic haircut suits all ages, so choose this option for your flat hair.

Curtain Bangs on Thinning Hair

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5. Long Hair Length with Side Bangs

It seems unreal, but long thin hair can easily become lusher! Such a hairstyle will visually add more volume and will surely please all the girls. When selecting a fringe type, consider a long one, suitable for all ages and face shapes. Styling is easy since you should just use some texturing sprays during blow-drying. You can put the bangs on one side or divide them properly into two parts. Just pick the alternative that you like most.

Long Thin Hair with Side Bangs

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6. Lob Haircut for Thin Hair

This hairstyle has already become classic and suits any hair texture. Consider your face shape and preferences and pick the comfortable length and enjoy your new hairstyle. Lob is a great way to get thicker hair without any complicated styling. In addition, the hair color doesn’t matter since such a coiffure suits perfectly both blondes and brunettes with thin hair. It is not necessary to use any volumizing products. Just dry your hair, but don’t forget about heat-protectants.

Lob Red Haircut for Thin Hair

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7. Envious Thick Blunt Bangs

For many people, such a hairstyle looks childish and outdated. But the truth is that it’s at the peak of its popularity again! Making such bangs is one of the best ways to increase hair thickness and enjoy a fresh look, attracting attention. One of the most significant points is not leaving wet hair and drying it immediately. Use some volumizing products and a blow-dryer after washing and enjoy your thicker-looking hair in a few minutes. If you prefer looking extravagant, make short bangs, which are increasingly common now. Those who enjoy street style will for sure appreciate this idea.

Short Haircut with Blunt Bang

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8. Always Winning Look with Blunt Bob Cuts

Many people know this haircut, and its main peculiarity is a blunt cut, giving an incredible volume. It suits all hair types, but there is one peculiarity. People with round face shape better consider a long bob or other longer hairstyles. Blunt ends outline the oval of the face, making it visually wider, so consider this fact when choosing a hairstyle. This option suits both dark and blonde hair since a blunt bob is a good option for all. It is worth noting that it doesn’t imply many layers. However, the volume of hair increases because they become lighter in a short hair cut. Use your favorite thickening mousse when drying, and enjoy your impressive coiffure!

Blunt Bob Cut on Thin Hair

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9. Fresh Choppy Pixie Cut Look

Are you risky enough to get one of the top short haircuts for thin hair? There are hundreds of stylish pixie cuts, so just pick the one you like most and ensure it suits your hair texture! Browse the web and find inspiration in numerous celebrities such as Twiggy, Cara Delevingne, Chris Jenner, and others, impressing us with the best haircuts that are always in trend. Grab a quick guide on how to make your styling process easy:

  • choose the most suitable hair cosmetics;
  • add mousse on damp hair before drying;
  • do not turn on your blow-dry on maximum not to damage your hair texture;
  • add a bit of hairspray for better styling.

The procedure won’t take much time but will significantly volumize thin hair. Pixie will be relevant for the shape of an oval, medium-sized face with large, expressive features. Stylish pixie cuts will also suit women with elongated and thin faces.

Choppy Pixie Cut on Thin Hair

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10. Mind-Blowing Asymmetrical Bob Cuts

The asymmetrical bob is a classic haircut in the newest variation for bold and bright personalities. Unlike blunt bob, its main feature is that the hair is longer on one side, which undoubtedly highlights your style. Like any other bob, this haircut immediately adds volume to the hair.

Due to the additional layers, your hair looks more volumized and thick. Get inspired by famous people with such a haircut and try to visually pick up the length to suit the face shape. It is not obligatory to make extremely short hair, think well, and pick the proper length.

Right after you cut hair, you will notice that even the hair texture becomes different. Many people also notice that their facial features change so that you can even feel like you are a new person after leaving a beauty salon.

Asymmetrical Bob Cut on Thin Blond Hair

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11. Deep Side Part

To get a volumizing effect, you shouldn’t cut hair and have the opportunity to save your length. Occasionally, it is enough to get appropriate styling, which won’t take much time. And one of the most common alternatives is the deep side part, allowing you to make a perfect volumizing effect. Put more hair to the thinner part and enjoy an outstanding coiffure instantly. Some use styling powder, while for others, it’s enough just to wash and dry their hair. Moreover, you can make light waves or curls to have thicker-looking hair. Such option suits every person who is desiring to freshen their appearance without radical measures.

Deep Side Part on Thin Hair

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12. Faux Hawk

Many consider this hairstyle suitable only for men, but this is far from the case. The faux hawk is spectacular for bright personalities who adore attracting much attention to themselves. It is also well-known as a pixie with choppy layers. Those who love experiments and are ready to go with short hair will appreciate such a hairstyle.

Are you ready for such radical changes? It can be an entirely new experience for those who used to have long hair, but it’s worth it. Keep in mind the hair is longer on top and shorter on the sides. Even those who have never dealt with styling short haircuts before will easily get used to it. If you face any difficulties with styling, utilize some cosmetics, making your hair look lusher. In addition, hair texture also matters, so ensure that your coiffure is ready for such changes.

Skipy Short Faux Hawk

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13. Choppy Bangs and Graduated Layers

Bangs is a fantastic solution for women who don’t want to risk their length. A hairstyle with short layers so that a chic look is guaranteed. Your hair will immediately look thicker, and such a coiffure will look great on shoulder-length and lengthy hair. With a few layers, your hair will become noticeably thicker and get an impressive volumizing effect. Consult your hairdresser to choose the most suitable full bang and move to the new life!

Choppy Bangs and Graduated Layers on Long Blond Hair

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14. Dream Weaver Hair

You can make such a coiffure with a chin-length bob or long hair since the dream weaver hairstyle suits everybody. With soft layers, your hair immediately becomes more volumized and thick. Wavy curls rejuvenate so that such a hairstyle is suitable not only for young girls but also for elderly ladies. Multiple wispy layers add charm and just require simple air drying, and you will be awesome even if you haven’t spent a lot of time styling. Make such a hairstyle on short hair or long ones since it will look fantastic on both.

Short Dark Weaver Hair

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15. Curly Pixie for Women Over 60

Older ladies tend to give preference to short hair. However, it is understandable that each woman would like to look great despite her age. And it is worth noting that pixie haircuts will always remain a top trend, suiting all ages. It is also a perfect solution for thinner hair types, allowing to volumize the coiffure visually. Curly grey hair looks perfect and adheres to the owner’s charm of such a hairstyle. One more advantage is low maintenance since there is no need to spend a lot of time when styling your coiffure.

Elderly Woman with Curly Pixie Haircut

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16. Rounded Bob Haircut

It is a timeless classic that suits women of all ages, regardless of the face shape and hair color. It implies chin-length hair with curled ends, allowing you to make hair thicker right after styling. The strands create an even cut and a neat look of the hairstyle. The rounded bob suits mature women, making them look elegant and stylish. Numerous young girls also prefer this hairstyle due to its versatility.

Rounded Bob Haircut on Light Brown hair

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17. Choppy Bob Haircut

A low maintenance hairstyle is a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of spare time for styling. With a choppy bob, you will definitely be surprised with the hair volume due to the jagged cut that adds casualness to your look. French women, considered style icons worldwide, often prefer this haircut for short hair. To get a perfect messy look, you don’t have to waste a lot of time. However, just in a few minutes, you will get a great look, gathering countless admiring glances. Light layers emphasize all the advantageous features of a face. It is also worth noting that such a haircut would be amazing for all face shapes, and your age also doesn’t matter.

Choppy Bob Haircut on Blonde Hair

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18. Bob Haircut with Side Bang

Such a simple bob with a little secret will make your hair thicker, and you will notice it right after leaving the beauty salon. And if you want to move away from the classy style, just add a bang. Its size and length can vary according to your preferences and face shape. Moreover, it is worth noting that bob can be straight, wavy, or symmetrical. A side long bang can even cover half of your face, but ensure that you feel comfortable with such a hairstyle. Bob is undeniably among the top of hairstyles for thin hair and will remain there for long.

Bob Haircut with Side Bang on Thin Hair

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19. Timeless Bob Cut with Choppy Ends

It is incredibly stylish and is suitable for all women desiring to make hair look thicker. To get something more exciting than a short bob, search for its variations and pick the one that seems most suitable for you. We hasten to assure you that chopped ends will provide you with an extremely attractive messy look. It will show that you follow the trends and prefer to be at the centre of attention. Do not be afraid to look out of place, as this haircut is good at any age and suits all colors. Add textured ends to your classic bob and make your appearance fresher!

Bob Cut with Choppy Ends

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20. Beach Waves Hairstyles

Beach waves are a great idea for all lengths and give each lady the opportunity to look fresh and rested. It is not a haircut but rather a way to style your hair. So, how to make such a hairstyle? Below are three steps for a perfect coiffure:

  • add some sea salt spray after washing;
  • blow-dry your damp hair;
  • during air drying, make your coiffure a little chaotic;
  • do not brush your hair.

The essence of this hairstyle is carelessness. Perfectly twisted curls are not suitable in this case. It is one of the most voluminous styles, and you will be surprised by the remarkable effect of such a procedure.

Beach Waves Hairstyle on Long Hair

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21. Pixie Bob Haircut

It is popular for thin hair, as it can visually add volume for all hair types right after styling. With this stylish haircut, your thin locks will look more volumized, and it is simple to style. Age doesn’t matter since a pixie bob perfectly suits young girls and elderly ladies. The most significant point is to choose the appropriate length.

Pixie Bob Haircut on Brown Hair

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22. Face Framing Layers Haircut

Those who have longer length can add more layers to the coiffure. Undeniably, an experienced hairdresser will assist you in choosing the correct hairstyle if you have fine hair. It is a wonderful alternative, both for straight hair and those who have loose curls. Keep in mind that to make a successful coiffure, ask your hairdresser to cut wet hair. Of course, good experts know it themselves. Layered cut hairstyle remained in top trends for decades, so you will feel stylish and extremely attractive on any occasion.

Face Framing Layers Haircut with Pink Highlights

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How to Increase Hair Volume?

This issue is on the agenda for many people, and it won’t lose its relevance. And what to do if you are not in the mood to make a new haircut? Don’t worry, there are some useful tips to make hair more voluminous and lift them quickly.

Pay Attention to Correct Washing

Experts state that it is important to add shampoo only on roots without applying it on length. Otherwise, your curls can become brittle and dry. Try shampoos and balms from the “restoration and volumizing” series. Of course, the best way to select the proper products is to ask your hairdresser or trichologist to evaluate your hair condition. After such a procedure, an expert will recommend you the necessary cosmetics according to your skin and hair type.

Make a Side Part

A straight parting is not the best idea since it will not add volume. To make any styling look more magnificent, divide your hair with a side parting – even or zigzag. If you usually style your hair on the left side, try the opposite., Or even comb your hair back thoroughly and then fix everything with hairspray. Such styling will for sure add extra volume and make you feel more attractive.

Substitute the Order of Cosmetics Usage

That sounds like something bizarre, doesn’t it? However, many ladies have already tried this option and liked the result. After you utilize the conditioner, your hair becomes smooth and silky. Thereafter, wash your hair, as usual, using your favorite shampoo. If you have never heard of such an option, we recommend you try it immediately. We are confident that you will be impressed by an instant result.

Explore New Coloring Options

Nowadays, it is possible to find numerous dying techniques, visually increasing your hair volume. You should give preference to multitone-dying, which will provide a great effect of thicker hair. The most significant disadvantage of such an option is that this procedure may take up to six hours, depending on your length. However, the result is worth it, isn’t it?

Choose Proper Cosmetics

Using suitable cosmetics is essential for hair care. If you pick the wrong products, your hair will look greasy and sloppy so that even the most stylish haircut will not fix it. Experts say that light sprays, mousses, and foams with a transparent, weightless texture are an excellent choice for thin hair. However, the right option is to ask your hairdresser, who will indeed select the best products for you.