20 Naruto Tattoo Designs to Express Your Love for the Anime


Since traditional anime culture became popular, the tattoo design industry has been overwhelmed by these TV show-inspired tattoos. A Naruto tattoo is one of the best decisions when you plan to ink your body part. Naruto is a manga series Japanese artist Masashi Kishimoto created for the unversed. Here are some inspirational manga tattoo ideas from the series.

Since traditional anime culture became popular, the tattoo design industry has been overwhelmed by these TV show-inspired tattoos. A Naruto tattoo is one of the best decisions when you plan to ink your body part. Naruto is a manga series Japanese artist Masashi Kishimoto created for the unversed. Here are some inspirational manga tattoo ideas from the series.

Naruto Tattoos Meanings

Fans follow the journey of Naruto Uzumaki through Naruto tattoos. Naruto designs from the anime series have multiple interpretations. The designs represent hope, greatness, aspirations, evolvement with time, belief in oneself, family values, self-awareness, and peace.

Demonish Naruto Seal Tattoo

The Naruto Nine Tails is a popular sealing design. It can be inked in red and black or all-black. It is a great design; therefore, be prepared to spend much time with the tattoo artist as they etch the cursed seal on your body.

Like Naruto, the belly is one of the best areas for tattooing this anime version. It symbolizes the Uzumaki clan’s fūinjutsu.

Black Naruto Seal Tattoo

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Appealing Naruto Curse Mark Tattoo Ideas

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is a curse on Sasuke’s neck in the popular manga series. Orochimaru inflicted it, so Sasuke joined Orochimaru. The Naruto curse mark denotes how heaven, earth, and man are interlinked. This body art Naruto looks good on any body part with a simple, appealing essence. Fans of the series of any age group or gender can have it inked on their body.

Naruto Curse Mark Tattoo on Shoulder

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Versatile Tiny Naruto Tattoos

Different entities from the Naruto series inspire small tattoo designs. The fantastic thing is that the size of the designs are so small that you have them inked anywhere. The time taken is less, and so is the price.

You can try colorful Naruto tattoo ideas like the red cloud. Try some traditional Japanese tattoos like Kakashi’s Sharingan or a leaf village.

Black Tiny Naruto Tattoos on Arm

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Meaningful Pain Naruto Tattoo

All characters featured in the Naruto series have different markings. Each marking has a distinct symbolism. You can choose Pain or Nagato, who had the vision of stopping all the violence.

This pain tattoo meaning is letting peace reign supreme. Naruto’s other pain tattoo idea is to imprint the mark from Gaara’s forehead that represents pain and loneliness, looking for affection and acceptance.

Colorful Pain Naruto Tattoo on Leg

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Unique Naruto Eyes Tattoo

The eyes of the Naruto characters are a top choice for a tattoo. The Sharingan, or the copy wheel eye, is a technique the Uchiha clan practises that enables the ninjas to copy their opponent’s techniques merely by seeing.

The Naruto eyes tattoo is an excellent way for fans of the anime series and body art to recreate a particular part of the series on their body.

Naruto Eyes Tattoo on Leg

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Mystique Anbu Naruto Tattoos

A Naruto-inspired tattoo art is Anbu. One of the anime tattoo ideas distinguishes the special forces squad from the others in the manga series.

The Anbu clan is known as the assassins’ squad. A typical anbu naruto tattoo will feature a masked face with slits at the eye position. The tattoo can look like an animal, or the character can have the eyes visible.

Black Anbu Naruto Tattoo on Wrist

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Fearless Naruto Kunai Tattoos

Another unique tattoo you can get inked on your arms is the Naruto Kunia knife. The tattoo depicts fearlessness and is a good choice for someone who likes to dare.

The Kunai knife can be inked in various ways, dependent on how the several characters from Naruto use it. However, with its incredible shape, the tip is one of the most impressive full-sleeve tattoos.

Black Naruto Kunai Tattoo on Hip

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Cool Naruto Tattoo on Stomach

One great Naruto stomach tattoo is the Eight Sigh Seal Tattoo, a mark of the Uzumaki clan. The nine-tailed seal is inked on Naruto’s belly too. The symbolic Naruto tattoo is a beautiful adornment of the abdomen area, especially the fine lines and the spiral design. It is the mark of one of the favorite characters from Naruto.

Naruto Tattoo on Stomach

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Inspirational Naruto Symbol Tattoos

Are you looking for meaningful symbols in the Naruto anime series to ink on your body? There are multiple options representing natural memes. The good part is that you can study the symbolism of the symbols and go in with the one that represents your values and ideologies. Then, you can have these etched in black and white ink and choose a group of symbols to narrate a story.

Naruto Symbol Tattoo on Leg

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Choicest Simple Naruto Tattoos

A long-running anime series like Naruto has many characters and scenes, giving rise to hundreds of simple tattoo ideas. Your Naruto tattoo artist will recreate the characters and the settings with simple black ink with outlines and shadings.

These are great as a wrist tattoo idea. The pain quotient of these tattoos is relatively less. Plus, these create a stylish look you can flaunt whenever you want.

Simple Naruto Tattoo Along Back

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Brotherly Naruto And Sasuke Tattoos

These are the main characters from the Naruto anime series. Inking fellow mates or friends, sometimes called brothers, is symbolic too. To top it off, the tattoo shows your love for the Naruto series.

Avid watchers of the series know there’s a competitive spirit between the two, trying to outdo the other. A visible body part is the best place to ink the two.

Colorful Naruto And Sasuke Tattoo on Arm

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Brave Gaara Naruto Tattoos

A skilled ninja from Naruto, Gaara has a story that makes him one of the most well-known characters in the anime series. With his past and the one-tailed beast hidden inside him, Gaara, a Jinchunriki, learns to love himself, which is what his name means.

It is one of the tattoo ideas from anime series that preach self-love. So if you align with the Naruto tattoo meanings, get him inked.

Colorful Gaara Naruto Tattoo

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Protective Naruto Nine Tails Seal

If you are new to Naruto tattoos, you can start with one of the ultra-popular anime tattoos. The nine-tailed beast is etched on Naruto’s belly, and you can have it inked there too. People who love Naruto, of any age or gender, hail this one of the most loved Naruto tattoo designs. Kurama helps Naruto save his village from the fox; therefore, his fans admire him!

Naruto Nine Tails Seal on Elbow

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Influential Naruto and Jiraiya Tattoos

Naruto tattoo artists love recreating Jiraiya, a character from the anime series loved by one and all. Naruto fans see him as Naruto’s father, who taught him the fundamental philosophies of life.

The tattoo designs explicitly showcase the comradeship between the two. Inking Jiaiya is a way to hail the man’s caring nature, caring for orphan kids in Hidden Rain.

Naruto and Jiraiya Tattoo on Arm

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Relatable Naruto Quote Tattoos

There are some remarkable quotes from the Naruto series. Try quote tattoos if you are hesitant about inking characters and scenes from the anime series. For example, the official motto that Naruto lives by is ‘Believe it.’ Etching this one displays your confidence.

If you need hope, go in for cool Naruto tattoos inspired by quotes from these beloved characters.

Naruto Quote Tattoo on Leg

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Mind-blowing Naruto Uzumaki Tattoos

Besides the sealing tattoo and the curse mark, there are hundreds of tattoos inspired by anime. The main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, has different marks, quotes, and backdrops that provide interesting Naruto hand tattoo ideas. Other than that, consider the various Naruto inspirational, wicked, devilish, and lovable characters.

Naruto Uzumaki Tattoo on Arm

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Pretty Naruto Cloud Tattoo Ideas

The Akatsuki clouds are another popular Japanese-style tattoo from the anime series. Your tattoo artist will do it creatively and add colors to make these beautiful colorful tattoo ideas.

Try the simple red clouds or meaningful small Naruto tattoos like the black crows and clouds, Naruto eyes, or a black cloud design.

Naruto Cloud Tattoo on Shoulder

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Glamorous Naruto Sleeve Tattoo

Naruto sleeve tattoo ideas can depict characters and scenes from this popular anime series. In addition, there are some gorgeous design ideas. For example, the Itachi tattoo design.

With the hardships Itachi goes through, you can have him inked in black ink if you have gone through something similar. Other ideas include Naruto’s fox or a mean Kakashi.

Black Naruto Sleeve Tattoo

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Painful Naruto Neck Tattoo

Make a statement with some happening neck tattoo designs from the anime series. The neck is delicate, especially for tattooing. So you must be extra careful when picking the most impressive idea for the Naruto tattoo on the neck.

A colorful tattoo art on the neck gives an excellent undeterred feel to your personality. No reigns or limitations on the tattoo design idea!

Black Naruto Neck Tattoo

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Magical Naruto Back Tattoos

Feel like doing something bold and different? Try the whole back tattoo design. The manga series offer some popular anime tattoos that transform your back magically.

Plus, you can express your fan moment of ninja tattoos with the vastness of your back, giving the artist a fantastic landscape to ink an impressive Naruto tattoo. Just be sure you are mentally ready for the pain accompanying inking on the spine.

Colorful Naruto Whole Back Tattoo

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