50 Head-turning Winter Nail Designs for This Holiday Season

Are you looking for some gorgeous winter nails to give a shot this holiday season? If yes, you are going to love this post!

When you think of changing your manicure in the cold season, your mind automatically suggests pretty color schemes, including snow white, icy blue, deep burgundy, and charming gold & silver shades. Apart from these colors, the Christmas combo of red & green shades is always a statement. No matter what nail shades you usually prefer, you can effortlessly welcome new shades with warm or cool tones to your palette to achieve an extraordinary appearance in winter.

We have come up with some head-turning winter nail trends that can become your favorite this holiday season. Whether you get any of these nail designs done at a salon or do it yourself, it’s so much fun to get inspiration from them!

Classy Winter Nails to Achieve a Season-Apt Look

Some colors are season appropriate. As per the seasonal color theory, the winter colors feature clear, cool, and deep to light intensity. To understand better, imagine yourself in a winter landscape. In a low-light area in the cold season, colors look darker, while on a sunny day, snow colors look icy & pale.

White Winter Nails with Silver Glitter

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Therefore, you should paint your natural nails according to seasonal shades. For a perfect winter manicure, you have so many winter nail designs, such as snowflakes, polar bears, wonderlands, etc.

French Manicure with Shiny Top Coat

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Dark Winter Nails Are Remarkably Bold & Versatile

Dark winter nail designs look super elegant on both long and short nails. Darker nail colors are always the best choice for a winter-season manicure. You can create a deep-toned textured nail design with glossy and matte nail polishes in the same color. You will love the outcome. All you have to do is paint your nails with any dark matte color and create any texture of your choice with glossy polish on the base.

Long Dark Winter Nails with Silver Line Design

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Black Nails with Blue Glitter and Snowflakes

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Winter Acrylic Nails for a Long-Lasting Effect

You can take your style up a notch with your trendy holiday acrylic nails. If you’re a die-hard lover of long nails, you can try out multiple designs, including faux snow, blocks, and always-in Christmas nail design. As acrylic nails are harder than gel nails, the winter nail colors appear stunning on them. Additionally, acrylic nails stay with you for longer, so choose your nail design and shades carefully.

Pink Acrylic Nails with White Snowflakes

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White Acrylic Nails with Silver Line Design

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Winter Ice Blue Nails Look Cute & Charming

Blue nail designs like snowflakes on a blue base or a silver glittery nail polish amp regular blue shade. Add a glossy topcoat or matte finish topcoat for cute winter nails. Your winter ice blue nails are highly versatile and can complement a range of outfits, from bold to basic attires.

Long Nails with Ice Blue Tips

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Ice Blue Winter Nails with Reindeer Design

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Coffin Winter Nails for a Pretty Party Look

Coffin nail designs are one of the trendiest winter-season nail ideas that girls and women are going mad about. They allow you to experiment with charismatic styles. So, you can achieve a perfect festive or winter-apt nail look. The secret to rock coffin nails is to add a ton of glitter for a blingy effect.

Long Coffin Nails with Christmas Design

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You can keep two of your fingernails coated with glitter nail polish, highlight one nail with a flowery or starry winter nail art, and cover the rest of the two nails with any light-toned solid nail polish.

0White and Gray Coffin Nails for Winter Season

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Gel Winter Nail Ideas for a Simple Yet Classy Style

Are you looking for easy yet elegant winter nail inspiration, especially gel nails? You can create many gel nail designs with rhinestones, glitter, and foil. You will rock this holiday season no matter what nail designs you wear. You can easily change up your current gel nail design owing to their soft body. This way, you can try out multiple simple, classy winter nails.

Square Gel Nails with Winter Design

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Long Round Blue Nails with Stars

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Snowflake Winter Nails Always Look Smarter

This holiday season gets great nails with snowflakes. Coat your nail with black nail polish and amp it up with a striking white Christmas nail design. The evergreen black & white color combination is a best friend of almost all your dresses.

White Nails with Snowflake Design

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Silver Nails with Black Snowflakes

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White Winter Nails Showcase Your Chic Style Choice

A classy white manicure is another lovely winter nail design that prepares you for this holiday season. A white nail color creates an excellent base for many nail art designs, allowing you to achieve your favorite nail look. You can experiment in different ways by contrasting swirls to chic French tips.

White Winter Nails with Silver Glitter

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Long Square White Nails with Glitter

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Winter Ombre Nails to Add an Edgy touch to Your Look

Next, we have ombre winter nails on this list of winter nail designs. Ombre nails are created using dark and light nail shades. Usually, they go darker at the cuticles and lighter at the tip, but you can also reverse your ombre pattern. Nothing can beat the pastel ombre on longer nails. Pastel grey, green, and pink are some of the loveliest ombre nail color ideas.

Beige-to-Brown Ombre Nails

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White-to-Silver Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

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Short Winter Nails Look Fresh & Fancy

Do you often bite your nails or naturally have short nails? Whatever the case is, you can have beautiful fingernails this season. Short Christmas nails can be your best choice. You can choose a dark-light color combination, including red and white shades. The combination of short dark winter nails with winter whites looks fresh, flawless, and fashionable!

Short Sparkly Winter Nails

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Short Nails with Christmas Design

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Winter Sweater Nails Are Adorable

Sweater nail designs are next-level nail ideas for cooler weather. Although you can create them in any color of your choice, cream or white nail polish enhances the beauty of the sweater pattern. Whether you get it done on all fingernails or just one, your nails are sure to make heads turn!

Gray Winter Sweater Design on Nails

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Black Nails with Gray Sweater Design

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Pink Winter Nails for Adaptable & Attractive

According to many nail artists, there is a huge demand for a pink manicure for the holiday season. The light pink winter nails in the matte finish are what women ask for this time. This nail look is not just perfect for casual days but also for prom. So, do not miss it this winter season!

Pink Nails with Pink Glitter Design

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Dark Pink Nails with White Snowflakes

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Shine Bright with Winter Nails with Glitter

Get ready for this festive winter season with winter blues with glitter. The glittery effect will instantly add a blingy touch to your look. Go for silver glitter tips accent nail with the design in any bold shade. It’s a showstopper nail idea!

White Nails with Blue Glitter

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Long Blue Glitter Nails

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Nude Winter Designs – Basic Yet Beautiful

Choose a neutral mani for a snow season to maintain a minimal style. A nude base coat opens many opportunities to create designs of your choice. Nude nails with snowflakes are one of the most preferred nail designs. It’s ordinary but not at all boring!

Nude Nails with Snowflakes and Silver Glittery

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Classy French Manicure with Glitter

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Snowman Nails Add Cuteness to Your Style

Are you a fan of a snowman? If yes, blue winter nails like snowman nail designs are your best idea. You can add glitter on accent nails to amp it up a bit more. It’s perfect. Choose winter-inspired colors for added cuteness.

Colorful Nails with Snowman Design

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Short French Manicure with Snowman Design

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Red Christmas Nails Are Eye-Catching

Red and green Christmas nails are admirable and perfect for the winter season. Women of all age groups can wear Christmas winter nail designs. Alternatively, you can try red French tips. They look gorgeous too!

Long Red Nails with Sweater Design

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Long Sparkly Nails with Christmas Design

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Reindeer Nails for a Christmas-Apt Style

Funky Christmas nails with Reindeer designs are another top favorite of fashionable women. Create a lovely forest landscape on your long or short nails showing a snow pathway with reindeer. Don’t forget to apply a glossy top coat for added charm. You should archive this cute winter nail design for this season.

Long Purple Nails with Reindeer Design

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Long Brown Nails with White Snowflakes and Reindeer

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Green and Gold Nails-Easy but Classy

If you prefer elegance but want to add deep color to your winter nails, you should ask your nail artists to give you a gorgeous green manicure with gold foil. The green French manicure will be a statement element in your overall look!

Dark Green Nails with Gold Glitter

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Long Acrylic Nails with Gold Glitter and Red Rhinestones

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Christmas Tree Nails to Look & Feel Glamorous

Christmas tree nail designs are common but cute. Every year, thousands of women & girls style their nails with lovely X-Mas tree designs. You can create a green base and glittery Christmas tree for an attention-grabbing nail look. These types of green nails with glitter also make an excellent coffin winter nails idea.

White Nails with Fir Tree Design

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Long Nude Nails with Fir Tree Design

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Gray Winter Nails Are All About Elegance

Gray is one of the most chosen colors in winter, especially in winter nail art. This colour will beautifully define your fingers, whether you have long or short nails. You can get gray ombre winter nails for elegance. Also, you can have an accent nail with any texture or glittery nail polish. The sweater design on the nails looks extraordinary. Try it and let us know how it turned out.

Long Matte Gray and Nude Nails with Silver Foil

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Gray Nails With Silver Line Design

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Swirly Nails – A One-of-a-Kind Nail Pattern

Winter nail art is incomplete without a swirl pattern. You can get green swirl nails if you want something easy, quick, and captivating. However, glitter swirls on nails feature unbeatable beauty. It has the power to convert your ordinary outfit into an awesome one.

Square Nude Nails with Blue Swirl Design

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Short Round Nails with Blue Swirls

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Red and Silver Nails to Spice Up your Look In A Few Seconds

This season, bring a fun aspect to your overall look with red nail designs. The red base and silver glitter nail tips are a super combination that can offer you a mesmerizing style. No matter how stylish or basic your outfit is, red and silver nails will take no time to give you a striking look.

Nude Nails with Red and Silver Tips

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Red Matte Nails with Snowflakes and Silver Design

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Santa Nails – As Cute as Santa Claus

Everyone gets excited for winter because it’s Santa’s season, so how can the nail trends be complete without Santa hat nails? People will compliment you for your red Christmas nails. You can leave a great impression on people with your cute winter nails this time.

Long Red Nails with Santa Design

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Red and White Nails with Santa Design

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Emerald Green Nail Designs Appear Reflective & Ravishing

When you want to look the best in any event, you can divert onlookers’ attention from your outfit to dazzling winter nail art. Dark green nails with gold glitter designs, such as Northern lights nail designs, never go out of style. Such nail designs make you look entrancing.

Emerald Nails with Green Glitter

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Short Emerald Nails with Gold Line Design

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New Year Nail Ideas to Rock On

Black and gold usually look so luxurious together. Not just with black, gold nails pair beautifully with other deep nail shades like maroon, red, wine, and green. If you are searching for the perfect and prettiest new year nails, sparkly winter nail designs are a must-try!

Black Matte Nails with Pink Glitter

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Nude Matte Nails with Winter Design

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What are the top 10 winter nail colors?

These top 10 winter nail colours will revamp your complete style and make you look fashion-forward:

  • Emerald Green
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Mocha
  • Mauve
  • Cherry Red
  • Olive Green
  • Shimmery Silver or Chrome
  • Grey
  • Pastel Pink
  • Burgundy