30 Cute Nails with Rhinestones to Dazzle Your Great Manicure

Nails with rhinestones began to gain popularity in the early 2000s. This time was marked by the emergence of many original design trends that are still relevant today.

Swarovski rhinestones in different colors and sizes allow you to create individual nail art. Moreover, you can make such a luxury design in a beauty salon or at home.

We invite you to get acquainted with the top ideas for a shining and trendy manicure!

Coffin Nails with Rhinestones and Glitter

A great way to make a statement and grab the attention of others is to choose a coffin nail shape with rhinestones and sequins. Such a manicure opens up endless creative possibilities.

French Manicure on Coffin Nails with Rhinestones and Glitter

via @minea.nails

Choose any shades of the palette color, add large or small rhinestones, and use the ombre effect or other techniques to get a textured surface of the nails.

Choose a chic, classic French manicure if you prefer more versatile and conservative designs!

Long Coffin Nails with Burgundy Glitter and Rhinestones

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Laconic Nude Nails with Rhinestones

Discreet nude nails with rhinestones complement a modest yet sophisticated look. They are perfectly harmonious with the business style or look for festive events.

Nude and Clear Nails with Rhinestones

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As a base, you can use pastel colors or clear acrylic nails. Place rhinestones in separate pebbles along the cuticle line or at the tips of the nails and layout minimalistic patterns, gradients, or real works of art — there are no limits to your imagination!

Square Nude Nails with Rhinestones

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Refined White Nails with Rhinestones

Are you looking for an eye-catching wedding, prom, or event design? Pay attention to a manicure such as white nails with diamonds.

White and Nude Nails with Rhinestones

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There is nothing extra in this design. It can be a laconic white coating or a bold-radiant, luxurious accent to the look.

Decorate a white manicure with abstract nail art designs or create delicate flowers or hearts from rhinestones. Any of these options will earn compliments from others!

Short Round Nails with Marble Design and Rhinestones

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Pink Nails with Rhinestones for Feminine Looks

Can anything be as feminine as pink manicures and rhinestone nail art designs? If it doesn’t turn you into a Barbie, it will emphasize the sophistication and romance of the image.

Long Pink Matte Nails with Pink Rhinestones

via @malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

You can combine hot pink nails with rhinestones for accent nails or use them to create patterns on all fingers. For example, the hearts will look thematic.

The vibrant shade of pink nails with rhinestones is tender and extravagant glam rock. It all depends on what colors and details you choose!

Pink Stiletto Nails with Glitter and Rhinestones

via @minea.nails

Defiant Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

Acrylic long nails with shiny gel can be embellished with rhinestones for a unique and intricate design.

Long Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

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For example, trendy acrylic nail ideas include creating 3D flowers, butterflies, and patterns. Such a manicure is characterized by dynamism and texture, distinguishing you from the crowd.

In the skilful hands of a master, acrylic rhinestone nails will become a masterpiece and a bright addition to a spectacular look.

Long Acrylic French Nails with Big Rhinestones

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Black Nails with Rhinestones

It’s bold, attractive, and stylish — all about black nails with colorful rhinestones!

Long Nails with Black Tips and Rhinestones

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How can you express yourself in this design? Choose what is closer to you, for example, a gothic bow, a shimmery space, or subtle, neat rhinestones on the ring finger.

Long Square Black Nails with Glitter and Rhinestones

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Classic French Tip Nails with Rhinestones

Rhinestones can easily transform a classic French manicure with white or pink tips.

Classic French Manicure with Rhinestones

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Use them singly to outline nails of different shapes or create an iridescent gradient with glittery pebbles of various sizes.

Square French Manicure with Glitter and Rhinestones

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Short Nails with Rhinestones

Short nail ideas include many chic options for any occasion. So, you can place a few rhinestones on the ring fingers for a neat yet slightly glamorous manicure.

Short White Nails with Rhinestones on Accent Nail

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Are you ready to experiment? Then, try rich black or hot pink short nails to decorate with linear patterns of rhinestones, which will visually increase the length of the fingers.

Short Pink Nails with Rhinestones on Accent Nail

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Luxury Black and Gold Nails with Rhinestones

Black and gold glitter nails are the epitome of luxury and glamour. They will help create an irresistible look for celebrations and themed parties, such as a holiday in the style of the Great Gatsby.

Pointy Black and Gold Nails with Rhinestones

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How do you get a chick look of your black nails? Place gold rhinestones on a black art deco background and create abstract patterns or elegant lines on accent nails.

Long Acrylic Nails with Black and Gold Tips

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Long Red Nails with Rhinestones

Long nails with rhinestone designs in red or rose color are the choice of brave and self-confident girls!

Long Red Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

via @lucie.f.nails.makeup

To create a fiery and captivating image, you can use a different number of rhinestones, placed alone or in a gradient. Red manicure ideas are the inspiration, so feel free to get creative!

Long Square Red Nails with Rhinestones

via @laquedlv

Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

Ombre nails with rhinestones guarantee a spectacular combination of colors and textures. This design has a unique depth and volume.

Nude to Blue Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

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Nails with rhinestones and ombre look great on any length and shape, but they are incredibly stylish to complement coffin-shaped nails.

Nude Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

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Matte Nails with Rhinestones with a Velvety Texture

Swarovski crystals on matte nails attract with a combination of a soft, velvety shade with a slight sheen.

Long Nude Matte Nails with Rhinestones

via @maaai_920

Numerous matte nail ideas offer a sophisticated modern take on rhinestone nail art designs, combining edgy glamor with understated elegance.

White to Green Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

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Feminine and Gentle Almond Nails with Rhinestones

Almond nail shape is a beautiful nail art canvas. It only improves if you add a few rhinestones to this manicure!

Long Glitter Nails with Rhinestones

via @sansungnails

Often, girls choose light pink nails or designs in other pastel colors that radiate femininity and sophistication.

Long Blue to Nude Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

via @lucie.f.nails.makeup

Trending Nails with Colorful Rhinestones

Playful sparkling rhinestones on long nails deserve your attention.

Long Stiletto Nails with Colorful Rhinestones

via @miralina_nails

Rainbow patterns, gradient metallic designs with gold or silver rhinestones, and colorful mosaics are just a few of the ideas that are easy to implement with green rhinestones and decor in other colors.

Long Round White Nails with Colorful Rhinestones

via @viktorialegkova

Square Nails with Rhinestones

Square nails of any length allow you to realize the wildest ideas! One of them is a French manicure with decor.

Square French Manicure with Silver Rhinestones

via @_bettynails_

To diversify a traditional design, choose tips in bright colors and use sculpting or rhinestones for nails.

Square Nude Nails with Rhinestones

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How to apply rhinestones to nails?

To apply rhinestones to your nails, follow the simple instructions:

  • Prep nails by cleaning and shaping them.
  • Apply a clear base coat to form an adhesive surface.
  • Take the rhinestones with tweezers and carefully place them on the nails while the base is still sticky.
  • Secure the rhinestones with a top layer.

That’s all you need to fix the rhinestones!