52 Cutest French Nail Designs Perfect for All Seasons

It seems that a classic French manicure will never go out of fashion. Even though many ladies consider it an outdated option, it remains at the peak of all trends. The nail industry is constantly developing, and women invent more and more new designs, impressing with their creativity. And, of course, if you would like to make French tip nails, you shouldn’t pick only the classic option in white color.

Many ladies prefer having bright summer nails during the warm seasons, so it’s time to turn on your imagination and get a great manicure! A French design with an exciting accent is the best way to make cute nails for any occasion. Such a manicure is relevant in the office and business meetings, but at the same time, it can highlight the unique taste of its owner. Take a look at the most interesting nail art ideas below!

New Ways to Wear French Manicure

A white French mani is considered boring and too simple. Even though it’s a classic manicure for every day, ladies often want to make something more exciting and attractive. And those searching for new French manicure designs will be delighted by the huge selection of nail art options available nowadays!

First, it’s worth noting that such a mani looks perfect on different nail shapes. So, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer long oval nails or short square ones. You will find something suitable in our selection.

Black French Tip Nails

If you don’t like white French nails, there is one more classic option. Black nail tips look elegant and laconic, suiting any style. Moreover, it’s a great idea for both long and short nails. Pick a clear nail polish that you like and enjoy gothic-style art. Such a French tip manicure is ideal for any dress code and will become an accent to the overall look.

Black French Tip Nails with Milky Base

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Square Nails with Black Tips and White Nail Base

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White French Tip Manicure

Even though a traditional French manicure seems a dull option for ladies who like experimenting with nail designs, it will never lose its relevance. White nail polish on French nail tips is always a great idea. It will attract attention to your well-groomed hands and is a perfect basic manicure for any occasion. And it seems that ladies who prefer classics will never give up on this trend.

Classic White French Nail Tips

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Long Square White French Nail Tips

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French Tip Acrylic Nails

Many ladies prefer long nails, but not all of them can keep them in good condition since they often break or get worse. And in this case, acrylic nails are a great solution! Of course, it’s almost impossible to proceed with them at home, so you’ll have to visit your nails technician. The whole procedure won’t take much time, but you will eventually get an excellent long French manicure.

Long Square Acrylic French Nail Tips

via @elize_nails

You can choose French tip designs of any color you like, whether classic white or win red, highlighting your personality. A suitable nude base is the most important point, and then the manicure is up to your imagination.

Long Coffin Acrylic French Nail Tips with Floral Design

via @katiealice_nail_design

Short French Tip Nails

Short nails are now extremely popular since it’s convenient and practical. Many women prefer to have no covering or choose nude shades since they think that a short manicure is not very attractive. Moreover, many consider a French mani not suitable for short length, but this is far from the case! Overall, it’s a classic nail art that looks perfect on all nail shapes and lengths. Pick a classic white or a bright, cute nail tip and enjoy your manicure.

Short Round Colorful French Nail Tips

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Short Square Matte Pink French Nail Tips

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Pink French Manicure

Do you like light pink nail polish? Have you ever thought about making a nice French mani design in this color? Ensure you have a light nude base and pick the pink shade you like most. It doesn’t matter whether you have a square, stiletto, or round nail shape since French tips look amazing on them all. Select a nude pink or a bright Barbie color and get excellent nail art right now.

Short Square Light Pink French Manicure

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0Short Round Pale Pink French Nail Tips

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Red French Tip Nails

You can hardly find a woman who doesn’t like classic red nails. But what about making your manicure with this color more exciting and unusual? If you like experimenting with nail designs, you should consider French tips with wine red or cherry shades. This new French manicure design will gather hundreds of compliments since it’s classic but unique.

Square Red French Nail Tips with Diamonds

via @beautyroombyewelina

Pick a nice base color and draw red French tips, which will be an insane bright accent to your look. Choose your best nail art right now and enjoy numerous admiring glances from other ladies.

Long Round Red and Black French Nail Tips

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Brown French Nails

Brown is not the most common color for manicures, especially for a French design. However, light brown French tip nails look extravagant and unusual. If you prefer wearing different shades of beige, such a manicure can be a great accent to your image. Create your own French manicure with the noblest colors.

Long Round Brown French Tip Nails

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It’s also possible to make a color mix to make your mani unique. For instance, apply brown to white tips, creating an impressive combination of stylish colors. Keep in mind that you should better choose a beige or milky main shade since a light pink base color is not the best option.

Short Round Dark Brown French Tip Nails

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Blue French Tip Nails

The blue color is always in trend, suiting any nail length and shape. A French tip design in different shades of blue looks fresh and bright, accenting your hands. For instance, you can pick a milky color base and add a royal blue nail polish on tips, creating a fantastic combination of trendy shades.

Short Square Blue French Nail Tips with White Base

via @majamarkowicz

Blue nail tips are always a great idea for ladies who prefer wearing denim clothes. Such a manicure will perfectly suit your style. Choose the proper shade of your sky blue nails during your next nail appointment and get an excellent design.

Long Square Metallic Blue Nail Tips

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Colored French Manicure

Modern nail trends are perfect for those feeling difficulties when selecting a color. Making a multicolored manicure is a trendy option for bright personalities, allowing you to apply numerous shades on your nails and attract tons of attention. Proceed with your modern French manicure right now – you can pick five or even ten varied colors for your nail tips.

Long Stiletto French Tip Nails

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Bright shades of nail polish will make a great accent to your style and will suit any clothes in your wardrobe. Ensure to pick the shades according to your skin tone. Moreover, remember to choose a neutral base coat not to make the manicure too bright and extravagant. A multicolour French manicure is perfect for ladies who love being at the center of attention!

Long Multi-Colored French Nail Tips

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V French Nail Tips

Ladies with coffin nails know that any manicure looks perfect on them, and a French design is not an exception. Choose a bright color for your pointy tips, and enjoy a nice accent on your hands! A new way of classic French manicure implies that you can pick any bright nail polish and get an impressive nail art design. If you cannot decide on only one color, pick numerous shades and get a rainbow on your tips.

Long Square V French Nail Tips

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Long Round Black and White V French Nail Tips

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Green French Nails

Have you ever thought of making a French manicure with different shades of green nail polish? Square nails in this color always look amazing, highlighting the personality of their owner. Even if you usually prefer nude colors for your mani, you should make something unusual this season! Green is now on the top list of all trends, so you should consider this bright summer nail idea on your next visit to your nail salon.

Light Green French Nail Tips with Milky Base

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Bright Green French Tip Nails

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Purple French Tip Nails

Purple gel nail polish is the color of the year, so many ladies prefer adding them to their manicure designs. This shade suits all skin tones, making it a universal option for all women.

Long Round Purple Tip Nails

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Get a pale pink base polish to make a perfect combination, and proceed with a mani that will attract a lot of admiring glances. This option is the top bright summer nail design that will make a great accent to your image.

Long Round Bright Purple French Tip Nails

via @sanjast.artist

Rainbow French Tip Nails

A rainbow French manicure is a great way to attract attention to your personality and make a bright accent to your look. It’s a perfect solution for ladies who cannot decide on a color and like to apply different shades on each finger. Your pointy tips will look extremely unusual and attractive!

Long Square Rainbow French Tip Nails

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If you want to avoid making a bright manicure, consider pastel colors. For instance, a combination of a baby pink nail polish and mint color will look amazing even for strict and elegant office looks. Make trendy square nails for French manicure and shine every day!

Short Round Rainbow French Tip Nails

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Ombre French Manicure

Ombre nails and French designs are the two classic options that women adore. And you can even make a perfect mixture of these two trendy nail designs. Add an ombre base instead of a usual nude one and get a classic French mani in a new interpretation.

Long Stiletto Ombre French Nails

via @patrycja.blaszczyk.art

Colorful nails are on the top of all trends, and many ladies especially like them in summer. Many consider white nail tips boring and too simple, so it’s time to turn on your imagination! Of course, nude nail polish for French manicures will always remain a stylish classic.

Long Square White-to-Pink Ombre French Nails

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French Tip on Almond Nails

Almond nails are nowadays the most popular nail shape that suits all ladies. It implies long nails, where any color looks outstanding. Almond French tip nails are a classic, allowing you to attract attention to your elegant fingers.

Almond-Shaped French Nails with Glitter

via @zhenya__borisova

If you would like to avoid a classic nail design, consider making a French manicure with different colors instead of white. For instance, black French tips are a great solution for a laconic and cute mani.

Almond-Shaped Orange French Tip Nails

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Oval French Tip Nails

White French nail tips look fantastic on oval nails of any length. If you want to make a nice classic design, pick the desired color and go on. You can choose the best nude base polish and apply different-colored tips. One more idea is to proceed with a classic white manicure with exciting elements such as rhinestones, foil, or glitter.

Oval Nails with Orange French Tips

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Short Oval Nails with White French Tips

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Matte French Nail Tips

Matte nails are increasingly popular now, and many ladies often prefer them to the classic glossy ones. A French manicure with a matte top will also look wonderful both on acrylic and natural nails. However, remember that the color may look more muted in this case. Ladies with a square nail shape can choose a matte white polish to highlight the elegance of their fingers. Moreover, it will never go out of fashion!

long Square Nails with Pink French Tips

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Long Round Blue Matte Nails with Black French Tips

via @amanda.sudolll

Neon French Tip Nails

Neon colors look extremely stylish and are a perfect accent, especially for those who prefer pastel shades in their wardrobe. And bright French tips are a way to make your manicure more attractive and unusual! Pick the color you like most or even several ones and make an unusual design that will be hard to repeat.

Neon Yellow French Nail Tips

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Those who prefer sparkly manicures should consider diamond nails, which are a perfect highlight in nail art. If you don’t want to add rhinestones to each nail, apply some on the ring finger and enjoy your elegant mani.

Short Neon Yellow Matte French Nail Tips

via @nailartist_natali

Gold French Nail Tips

Are you searching for a new French manicure idea? Consider gold nail tips instead of classic white ones for your next manicure appointment! It may look too extravagant for many ladies, but it won’t attract too much attention. You can use nail polish or gold foil to make a sparkly traditional French manicure. However, keep in mind that gold foil should be glued properly for your nail art to last longer.

Long Round Gold French Nail Tips

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Short Square Nails with Glitter French Tips

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Coffin French Tip Nails

Have you ever thought of having a coffin nail shape? It’s time to do it since this option is now at the peak of all trends. While black coffin French nails may look gothic and too dark, this color is a perfect alternative for a French mani.

Coffin-Shaped Leopard Nails with French Tips

via @beautyworksbyamy

Pick a suitable nude polish and provide thin lines for an exclusive nail art design. You can also decorate it with some rhinestones or glitter to make a bright accent!

Coffin-Shaped French Nails with Gold Glitter Tips

via @katiealice_nail_design

Glitter French Tip Nails

Sparkly nails are nowadays an option for every day, not only for special occasions. For instance, silver glitter can perfectly complement the manicure of any color combination, adding a bright highlight to your nails.

Short Square French Nails with Silver Glitter Tips

via @nailcocktail

French manicures are a fantastic idea for any nail shape. This classic design suits all dress codes and clothing styles, making it a truly universal option. And some glitter on nails shines beautifully in the sun, making it the most demanded manicure for summer.

Long Square Matte French Nails with Glitter Design

via @tacabeauty__

French Tip Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are a great shape, allowing you to visually widen your fingers. And a French classy manicure will look perfect on long nails, so don’t forget about it at your next nail appointment. Make white tips with some gold glitter and feel like a Hollywood star on the red carpet!

French Stiletto Nails with Flowers

via @clawsxcollxtion

Long Stiletto Black and White French Nails

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French Nails with Diamonds

Do you like adding rhinestones on nails? This idea is suitable for some special events and every day. A classic French manicure can also be done with some exciting elements, and some glitter will add even more charm. If you want to avoid making a too bright mani, consider adding a design only to the ring finger. Choose a nude base or a light pink polish and add a unique art!

Short Square French Nails with Diamonds

via @ddenisaa.nailtech

Long Square French Nails with Diamonds on Ring Finger

via @knot.nails

Metallic French Tip Nails

Metallic nail polish is an extravagant option for a trendy manicure that will attract attention to your hands. The most popular shades include silver and gold tips, but you can also find a wide color palette in almost each beauty salon.

Short Square French Nails with Metallic Tips

via @bozena_kaszuba_instruktor

It’s worth noting that a classic pink base coat is not the best idea for such a manicure, and you should better choose beige and light-brown colors. It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short round nails since this mani suits all women.

Short Square French Nails with Silver Glitter Tips

via @nail.design.iran

Nude French Tip Nails

Beauty salons now offer a wide palette of shades for those who prefer manicures with nail polish. And, of course, it’s the best solution for French nails. This design is considered classic, but you can make the tip of any color. If you want to make your mani more unusual, add nail stickers on the ring finger. The selection of nail designs is insane now, so you’ll pick something suitable.

Classic nude French Manicure

via @kdnailedit

Nude French Nails with White Tips

via @sis_nailsalon

Unique French Manicure Designs

There are numerous interesting manicure ideas, and it’s all up to your imagination! For instance, you can proceed with a modern twist on classic nude nails, which is a fantastic idea for any nail shape. One more trendy alternative for your ideal French mani is adding metallic polish to each pointy tip or only to the ring finger. Eyes go wild, don’t they? We are confident that you’ll pick something from the list of our stylish manicure ideas.

Pink French Manicure with Dark Pink Tips

via @ssolkosss

Long Square Nails with Black Lines on Tips

via @heyjade.nl


How to Strengthen Nails: 5 Expert Tips to Keep Them Healthy

Each lady would like to have strong and attractive nails, but not everybody succeeds in this issue. There’s a common opinion that only genetics affects the nails condition, and nothing can be done about it. However, the beauty industry is expanding quickly, so nowadays, there are numerous ways to get healthy long nails. Here are some of them:

  • Review your diet: try to eat more healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and fish. It is also worth leaning on fruits and vegetables, which will be useful not only for nails but also for the whole body.
  • Do an oil massage, which improves the blood supply and increases the chances that the future nail will grow strong and healthy.
  • Choose a vitamin course that includes magnesium, zinc, omega-3, iron, and biotin.
  • Use special coatings that strengthen the nail plate. As a rule, they are applied immediately before the manicure.
  • Use gloves when washing dishes and cleaning the house, which is critical to protect nails and skin from the harmful effects of detergents.

These tips will help you get healthy and strong nails. However, if all these tips don’t help and your nails remain brittle, you should better consult a professional who will recommend you special treatment.