60 Revolutionary Black Nails for Any Shape and Nail Lengths

Black nail art can be pretty striking and full of cuteness when done the right way. Perfect for all occasions, black is the color that suits any nail shape and length. When going out in your all-time favorite black dress, or skirt, adorn your nails with black. Here are some brilliant nail ideas for this season:

Black French Tip Nails for an Interesting Make-over

This season instead of the typical French manicure featuring a natural base and stuffed white tips, experiment a little. An adventurous black nail design covers your nail base with matte black and tops it with a bright pinky glittery polish. Looks good on a square and almond nail shape.

Long Square Black French Tip Nails

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Short Round Black French Tip Nails

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Black and White Nail Designs for Perfect Geometry

Black and white nails look fantastic and are a must-try style for all fashionistas. You can go ahead with the classic look or get bold with geometric patterns and designs. How to do this? Your glossy black nails on eight fingers and white on two fingernails. Then sketch a modernist art line on a few of the nails.

Black and White Nail Design with Gold Lines

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Black and White Nail Design with Gold Foil

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Black and Gold Nails for a Rich Elegant Look

Accentuate your black manicure with tiny tiara-like gold beads at the edge. Even though a minimalist design, the matte black nails look stunning. Another style you must try is the butterfly effect with sparkly gold glitter. How to achieve this? On a shiny black base, use golden trapezoid shapes.

Black Glossy Nails with Gold Foil Design

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Black Matte Nails With Gold Foil Design

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Matte Black Nails Interesting Combos

The matte black base on all your fingernails is a show-stopper, indeed! Even without any design, the look achieved is wow. Combos with black acrylic nails, like the twirling silver or a shimmery pink essence at the cuticle, look good too. Black nail polish with a matte finish and pink glitters on the tip is incredible too.

Long Black Matte Nails with Rhinestones

via @beautysensesnails

Short Black and Nude Matte Nails

via @astra_nailartist

Red and Black Nail Designs to Complement Your Dress

Red and black nail designs are unique and look sophisticated. Especially if you are planning to wear a black and red dress, go in for classy fall manicure ideas with these two colors. After applying matte black nail polish color, use traditional floral designs in red to create a charming effect.

Square Red and Black Nail Design

via @magdula.es

0Short Red and Black Nail Design with Gold Foil

via @lesovskaya.nails

Black Ombre Nails for a Trendier You

Ombre nails are as popular today as ombre hair. Some mind-blowing ombre nail ideas include nude to black ombre nails. A black ombre French manicure is good to try too. Create a dramatic look with black tips, and then add a line of sparkle along the middle for shiny black nails.

Long Black and Purple Ombre Nails

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Stiletto Black and Nude Ombre Nails

via @katiealice_nail_design

Sleek Coffin Black Nails

For those dramatic black nails, go in for ombre nails with black tips; your coffin-shaped nails can look much more elegant. The classical monochrome look is not bad at all. The classic winter mani with glitters and shiny sparkles leaves an unmatched impression behind.

Classy Coffin Black Nails

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Coffin Black Nails with Glitter and Rhinestones

via @_almascreation_

Aspirational Black Stiletto Nails

For your long nails, you can go in for pointy black nails because matte black polish can be magical anytime. Top it up with red or silver to create a beautiful effect of acrylic stiletto nails. You can also add white accents or write the name of your beloved in cursive writing for your matte nail design to take off really well.

Black Matte Stiletto Nails

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Black Glossy Stiletto Nails With French Tips

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Glamorous Black and Silver Nails

Silver and black are an envious combination. Accent your black nails with silver glitter and create the most incredible look possible. You can keep a few of the fingernails solid black for more drama.

Black Matte Nails with Silver Spider Web

via @mydumbnails

For a cute mani for the cold season, introduce white alongside. You can also create your style with some flamboyant creativity.

Black Matte Nails with Silver Line Design

via @trutaroxana

Elevate the Look of Your Fingernails with Black Lines on the Nails

Striped nail art is also becoming fashionable these days. An excellent nail design with black lines is to draw geometric straight lines on a softer base. Try swirled black acrylic nail designs for a stunner mani. Use pearly studs on a nude base to create a sophisticated accented look.

Square Nude Matte Nails with Black Lines

via @napaznokciach

Short Nude Nails with Single Black eLine Design

via @iramshelton

Black and Pink Nails for the Princess Feel

Go in for hot pink nails, use the dark bold pink color on the base and top it up with black edges. Add pink glitter on nails polished with black for a daring look. For classy pink and black nails, go in for a sheer pink base with black lines. You can also try black polka dots on a pink base.

Pointy Black and Pink Nail Design

via @esovskaya.nails

Short Square Pink and Black Matte Nails

via @alieva_nailart

Eternally Beautiful: Black Glitter Nails

If you carry the dark shade, your nails can glam your looks phenomenally. Silver glitter nails are pretty common, resembling the galaxy. Use chrome accents on almond, black nails to stand out. With the golden hue, you can achieve sparkly nails even more effectively.

Square Black Glitter Nails

via @gaevaya_nails

Square Black Nails with Glitter and White Floral Design

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Black and Purple Nails for a Rich Texture

Purple is such a lovely color. From softer lavender nail designs to deep wine-purple nails, the universe is there for you to try. Embrace royalty and boldness with the acrylic black and purple nails, and make it your everyday style. Whether for a date or a day at the office, this is for yours to stay.

Round Black and Purple Glitter Nails

via @lightslacquer

Square Black Nails with Purple Design

via @alisa.in_

Inspirational Short Black Nail Designs

Plain black nails for your short nails are definitely inspirational. Black nail designs give you a more innovative and chic look and suit your daily life seamlessly. Cute short nails with a rich matte base, glittery nails on a nude base, or alternate black-colored nails with floral patterns are all interesting options.

Short Black Glossy Nails

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Short Black Nails with Leopard Design

via @dalidovich_tatyana

Cute Black and Green Nails for the Fall

Green chrome nails look stunning solo too. But when combined with black, the effect is incredible. Try some creative black nail designs on your shorter and longer nails. There’s a breath of freshness everywhere with the green and black ambiance.

Black and Green Matte Nail Design

via @amanda.sudolll

Square Black and Dark Green Nail Design with Gold Foil

via @lider.nail

Black Christmas Nails for the Festive Season

Rhinestones are so much about the x-mas feel. A black mani with rhinestones viably spices up your look. For a glam pep-up, use the silver rhinestones for a gorgeous feeling.

Long Black Nails with Sparkly Glitter

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Ombre black nails can be amped up with silver rhinestones. These are some great ways to make your nails for the holiday season.

Round Black Nails with Glitter and Clock Design

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Black and Nude Charms Everyone

The black and nude nail trend is so fresh and cool. The ambient effect of nude to black fingernails is versatile and can be flamboyantly showcased in every aspect of life. Accent nails are here to stay. Why not try some crazy black and nude shades while the trend stays?

Black and Nude Nail Design with Rhinestones

via @_bettynails_

Black and Nude Nails with Cat Design

via @chudova_nailart

Nature-Inspired Black Marble Design

Marble trends have been around for quite some time now. Black marble nails are the most natural looking. And the best part is that you can DIY the designs on your own. The stone look can be replicated with remarkable fluency on your glossy black nails.

Black Nails with Gold Marble Design

via @malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

Short Square Nails With Gold Marble Design

via @flow.nailz

One of the Fastest-Growing Trends: Black Flame Nails

Flame designs on nails are growing pretty fast, and it’s time that you indulge in this new-age look too. On French mani, flames are drawn at the tips. With black, the effect created is even sharper. These look pretty on coffin shapes and short black nails.

Nude Nails with Black Flame Design

via @mydumbnails

Short Round Black Nails with Flame Design on Ring Finger

via @nailswithaby

Gold and Black Designs Give You an Incredible Look

You can embrace the glitter and gold on black ombre nails to amp up the excitement levels. Gold nails can be used simply on the edges or as an outline. Here’s a manicure idea for a smart outfit – gold-flecked nails. Black French nails with gold confetti are pretty incredible too.

Gold and Black Glossy Nails

via @nailart.department

Black Matte Nails with Gold Leopard Print

via @trutaroxana

Fun Designs with Black and Blue Nails

Baby blue nail designs complement all types of looks and suit all occasions. Go Bohemian with a dark blue mani and pair it with midis, maxi skirts, or jeans. Replicate the nude base with blue for an ombre nail design, and to make the ombre effect deep, use black nail polish.

Short Black and Blue Matte Nails

via @yana_chumicheva

Round Black Nails with Blue Line Design

via @alisa.in_

Fiery Orange and Black Nails

Try some amazing black and orange nails from here. The black and orange nail polish combination is for trendsetters. One, try hand-painted papayas. Three tiny ghosts in orange, orange French nail tips, abstract fingernails with black and orange, geometric nails, Beetlejuice stripes, etc., are some brilliant ideas.

Black Nails with Orange Marble Design

via @carooline.e

Short Orange Nails with Black and White Cow Print

via @astra_nailartist

Get Vivid with Black Leopard Print

Leopard print nails or animal print nail art is the new rage amongst girls and youngsters. Paint your nail with the leopard print on a matte finish in sync with your fashionable leopard dresses. Create a unique style statement with the cool designs of leopard prints in black and multiple colors.

Stiletto Nails with Leopard Print

via @nails.svezh

Nude Matte Nails with Leopard Print

via @trutaroxana

Vibrant Black And Yellow Nails

One of the popular nail trends today is yellow and black nail art. Both colors are vibrant, and they can be fire when together. Black and yellow manicures are eye-catching in any form and pattern.

Black and Yellow Nail Design

via @black_pazy

To keep it subtle, alternate between black and yellow on your fingernails. Go for sunflower nails or animal prints to keep it dynamic and bright.

Black Yellow and White Matte Nail Design

via @nailssbykate

Black Chrome Nails for a Metallic Look

Black and silver nails are the ultimate fashion trend – some dynamic energy flows between the two colors, and you can sense the same instantly. Use chrome nail polish colors like lime yellow, rose gold, and more for a deeper metallic essence.

Long Round Black Chrome Nails

via @md_ongles

Stiletto Black Chrome Nails

via @eric_basicacrylic

Lovely Black Butterfly Nails

Add butterfly nail designs on a black or a nude-black background and see the results for yourself! The colorful beings of nature look innocent playing on your fingernails. This is a loved nail art for coffin black nail designs, as the longer nails offer the space for more creativity and design.

Square Black Nails with Butterfly Design

via @thenailloft909

Acrylic Black Nails with Gold Butterflies

via @hnnailsbyhoney

Black Swirl Nails for the X-Factor

Black swirl nails on a nude base or different colored swirls on a black base – the impact is incredible. Gift yourself this new aspect of black nails. With many swirled products available in the market, it is easy to achieve the desired look even when DIYing. Black and gold swirl nails look stupendous.

Nude Nails with Black Swirls

via @iwannadonails

Nude Matte Nails with Black Swirls

via @anetaujwary

Black and Grey Nail Design for All Occasions

On black nails, grey contours can give an extraordinary look. Whole grey nails are no less dramatic, but when mixed with black – whether you mix before applying or after for a designed effect, this is for every day and all occasions. The cute black nail look reaffirms your lively spirits.

Black and Gray Nail Design

via @eroma_nails

Gray Nails with Black Leopard Print

via @malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

Earthly Black and Beige Nails

The sandy fawn color bordered with black or vice versa is another trend in modern times. Beige nail designs can be tastefully done at home or in the nail salon. Try geometric patterns, edged borders, floral designs, and butterfly effects, or use your imagination power for harmonious manicure ideas for a cold season.

Black and Beige Matte Nails with Floral Design

via @sylwia.ka_1982

Short Black and Beige Nails and Foil Design

via @_bettynails_

Exciting Black Cat Eye Nails

Cat eye nail designs are doing the rounds on the internet these days. Cat eyes involve drawing a line diagonally across the nails in the center. It can be straight or curved.

Square Black Nails with Gray Cat Eye Design

via @nailsphk

Can you do eye nail polish at home? Of course, yes. It is a fun manicure because there’s no right or wrong here. So, be open to experimenting! For sparkly nails, add silver or golden glittery nail art designs.

Black Nails with Blue Can Eye Design1 Long Square Black French Tip Nails

via @nailbastion


How can I protect my hands and nails in winter?

Use a moisturizer or hand lotion on your fingernails and hands pretty often, especially after washing your hands, because they tend to get dry.

Use a hydrating soap when washing your hands and nails. Drink a lot of water – at least eight glasses of water – to keep the body hydrated. Apply cuticle oil and massage it into the nails. Visit a nail salon regularly, and keep your hands covered with gloves for extra protection.