40 Moo..dish Cow Print Nails You Cannot Miss Out This Season

Are you constantly looking for unique nail design ideas? In this case, be sure to pay attention to the trendy animal print!

Numerous patterns will definitely not be left without the interested glances of others. Do you think nail technicians can only offer an imitation of tiger stripes or snake scales? Not at all! Cow print nail designs are very popular this season.

1. Acrylic Cow Print Nails

Luxurious and practical acrylic nails are the choice of many beauties from around the world. It is not surprising that nail technicians offer the trendiest designs to the owners of such a manicure.

Long Acrylic Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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Cow print nails can be created in any shape and length. Please note: often not white but another light color is used for the base. Want to find more unique nail designs to try now? Book an appointment with the top nail technician and experiment!

Long Round Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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2. Aesthetic Cow Print Nails

Designs with black and white spots are original and, at the same time, casual. These colors are a classic option, but more and more fashionistas use nail polishes of different colors. A popular fun summer manicure can be pink, lilac, yellow, or beige. At the same time, you can make a dream come true and make an animal print with any nail length.

Coffin Nails with Cow Print Design

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Round Nails with Cow Print Nail Tips

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3. Pink Cow Print Nails

Can’t resist the trendy cow print nails but want to show off your individuality? Change white to pink!

Square Pink Nails with Cow Print Design

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A bright manicure is the best for sunny weather. If desired, you can add pink nails with rhinestones, sparkles, or stones. Do not forget that not only black spots are combined with a cheerful color. For example, create your own summer nail designs in purple, brown, or burgundy.

Short Pink Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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4. Brown Cow Print Nails

Cow print nails in shades of brown look very stylish and restrained. How to make a popular design less contrasting? Use a clear or nude base as your main layer. For spots, take light shades of brown nail polish — beige, caramel, coffee.

Short Nails with Brown Cow Print Nail Design

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When choosing materials, consider the features of your wardrobe, skin, and hair. For long round or coffin nails, an experienced nail technician will help you choose the right color.

Square Nails with Dark Brown Cow Print Nail Design

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5. Short Cow Print Nails

Is it possible to do cow print on short nails? Of course! For this animal print, length doesn’t matter.

Short Square Pink Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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It is best to apply such an image on round or square nails. You can completely cover the surface with spots or choose a more original decor. So, short nail designs may suggest the presence of a solid black or white coating. To do this, apply only a base coat on one or two fingers on each hand and do not do spots.

0Short Round Nails with Cow Print Design

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6. Blue Cow Print Nails

Do you like to attract the attention of others? Choose the latest nail art design with vibrant colors!

Matte Blue Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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The blue color and its shades can turn your idea of a classic manicure upside down. With this cow nail design, you will 100% catch interesting glances. How can an unusual color change the image? Use cute blue nail polish as a base, for spots, or as a solid top coat.

Royal Blue Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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7. White Cow Print Nails

Traditionally, animal print on nails is created with white and black spots. This combination looks contrasting and, at the same time, restrained. Interestingly, with different shapes and lengths, cow print nails have their own characteristics and emphasize their owner’s individuality. The universal design is perfect as the basis of a manicure or as a colorful accent for highlighting one finger.

Milky Nails with Black and White Cow Print Design

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White Base Nails with Cow Print Design

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8. Cow Print on Coffin Nails

Looking for unique nail designs on coffin nails? Animal prints are perfect.

Acrylic Coffin Nails with Cow Print Design

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You can completely cover the surface with the design or apply it only to overgrown coffin nails. At the same time, the base at the level of the finger remains transparent or plain beige, white, or black. With any of the above options, long nails with cow print look stylish and defiant.

Multicolored Cow Print Design on Coffin Nails

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9. French Nails with Cow Print

The cute animalistic design is so much liked by fashionistas that they are ready to temporarily overshadow the classic French tips.

French Nail Tips with Black and White Cow Print Design

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How do nail technicians offer fans of traditional designs to experiment? Cow print on nail tips can be applied in a thin strip or occupy a significant area of ​​the surface. The laconic design looks great in any shape and length. But on long square French nails, it will be more noticeable.

Short French Nail Tips With Cow Print Design

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10. Purple Cow Print Nails

What can be cow prints on nails in purple tones? When choosing such a coating, the master will offer you to:

  • Use purple nail polish for spots or as a base color;
  • Cover part of the nails with a suitable shade of purple and leave the rest for a classic black and white spotted design;
  • Add additional shades that are in harmony with purple.

Long Purple Nails with Cow Print Design

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What tones are used for any nail length and shape? Lilac, lavender, violet, purple, and many others. Which of them should be preferred? Decide for yourself!

Purple Nails with Black and White Cow Print Design

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11. Neon Cow Print Nails

If you love neon colors and trendy nail designs, don’t miss this fantastic summer animal print manicure! In this case, you can turn the most daring ideas into reality.

Long Neon Matte Nails with Cow Print Design

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Want orange or yellow glowing cow spots on your nails? Dreaming of an iridescent mottled finish or want to add fluorescent hues or colored pebbles? Do not limit your imagination! It will be especially interesting to experiment with long square nails.

Square Neon Green Nails with Cow Print Design

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12. Orange Cow Print Nails

Do you like really bright colors? In this case, during the following visit to the nail technician, make orange nails with the cow print.

Bright Orange Nails with Black and White Cow Print Design

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A juicy orange shade can become the basis of a spectacular manicure or diversify it as neat spots. Do not forget about the variety of tones that the master has in the palette. For example, you can only slightly diversify the manicure by making cow print nail tips in a light orange matte shade.

Short Round Orange Nails with Black and White Cow Print Design

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But no one forbids creating brighter designs. Do you want to be the brightest guest at the summer party? At your service are the best animal print on nails and rich shades — coral, apricot, orange.

13. Rainbow Cow Print Nails

Rainbow nails are a weakness of many girls, regardless of age. But if you combine them with popular animal prints, it is absolutely impossible to resist such a manicure!

Multicolored Cow Print Matte Nails

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Recently, more and more often, nail technicians are turning to classic cow prints with rainbow designs. This print is impossible to miss! The contrasting combination of spots and multicolored nails will not suit every beauty, but fans of bold and original colors will definitely be satisfied!

Long Acrylic Multicolored Cow Print Nails

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14. Pastel Cow Print Nails

Do you want calmer and more delicate shades after a colorful cow print? Try to complement the image of pastel nail art.

Pastel Nail Color with Cow Print Design

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Among the numerous nail polishes, you are sure to be able to choose the right shades for a calm everyday and formal manicure. Even in combination with an animal print, it will look appropriate in different situations.

Long Square Nails with Pastel Cow Print Design

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If your favorite nail art is done in pastel shades, neat spots will diversify it greatly!

15. Matte Cow Print Nails

Another popular black and white cow print design is with a matte finish. Thanks to this top, the manicure gets a special velour texture and looks elegant and luxurious.

Square Matte Nails with Cow Print Tips

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Any color can be used for matte nails. But pastel and black and white designs look especially stylish. If you are thinking about how to get a unique summer nail art, at least once try a matte finish instead of a glossy one!

Long Round Nails with Print Cow on Accent Nail

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16. Cow Print on Almond Nails

Recently, more and more girls are choosing trendy almond nail designs. The round shape, combined with sufficient length, is an excellent platform for experimenting with different designs.

Short Almond Nails with Cow Print Design

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Can you do cow print on your almond nails? Of course! For such a manicure, both pastel and bright shades are suitable. Cow print tips will look especially elegant.

Long Almond Burgundy Nails with Cow Print Design

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Neat stripes at the edge of the nails, along with a transparent or beige base, will harmoniously complement any look. In addition, this design can be safely recommended to teenagers who want to get new impressions during the summer holidays!

17. Cow Print Nail Foil

To get original designs, you can not only create drawings with your own hands. Try foil nail art!

Cow Print on Nails Tips with Gold Foil

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With the help of a special material, you will get the desired print in a matter of seconds. At the same time, the same sparkly manicure on different nails will look exactly as you planned.

Long Square Nails with Black and White Cow Print and Foil Design

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Another advantage of this option is a large number of variations. You can choose from silver or gold foil with cow print designs with black or colored spots. If necessary, manufacturers will produce individual materials to order, taking into account all your requirements.

18. Red Cow Print Nails

Do you love red manicure and cow print as a new nail art trend? Let’s unite them!

Red Matte Nails with Cow Print Design

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There are many ways to implement cute summer nail ideas. You can use red as a base for the print or just highlight the cow spots with it. Please note: in the second case, many nail technicians advise using transparent or beige nail polish for the base. This allows the design to look stylish and not too flashy.

Dark Red Matte Nails with Black and White Cow Print

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However, there are many contrasting red nails with spots and additional patterns or ornaments. A professional master can create real works of art on your nails with cartoon characters or abstract patterns.

19. Green Cow Print Nails

How to make an image truly summery and laid-back? Green nails with cow print will help you with this!

Green Nails with Cow Print Design

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Numerous natural and fluorescent shades will emphasize your individuality and help make your manicure unique. What is the best way to add green to black and white cow print nails?

Short Square Dark Green Nails with Cow Print Design

via @astra_nailartist

Quite often, nail technicians advise leaving an accent finger. It is on it that you need to apply green nail polish and leave a plain coating as a bright accent. You can also use light green and emerald shades as a base instead of white. Then, spots are applied to them.

Do you want to choose a dark shade for the base design? Try using light-colored coatings to apply spots.

20. Yellow Cow Print Nails

Fans of sunny colors will surely not be able to pass by yellow nails with cow print designs. The cutest manicure will perfectly complement the image in a country style and will cause many compliments from others.

Long Square Matte Yellow Nails with Cow Print

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What does yellow look like with animal print nails in 2022? This color can not only become the basis for spots or be used for accent fingers. You can try dividing the nail into two halves: cover one with a solid yellow polish and leave the other for a classic black and white print.

Short Round Nails with Yellow Cow Print Nail Tips

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Such combined cute cow prints look as unusual as possible but charming. It is best to choose warm shades of yellow and a matte top coat for designs. The velvety texture will add coziness and emphasize the depth of each of the colors used.


How do you do a cow print on nails?

Cow print is a fairly simple pattern that you can make yourself. Remember: it looks more stylish and harmonious on round nails.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a cow print look like this:

  • Apply a base coat on the nails and wait for it to dry completely.
  • Cover the base with one or two coats of white nail polish.
  • Make black spots with a hairpin or toothpick. Dip the tool in black nail polish and paint neat spots however you like.
  • Apply a glossy or matte top coat to the print, which will fix the image and ensure the durability of the manicure.

Cow print is a stylish addition to many looks. Not surprisingly, over the past few years, it has consistently occupied a leading position among animal designs. If you want to try something new and look as bright as Ariana Grande or Kendall Jenner, be sure to ask your stylist to decorate your nails with an unusual cowhide pattern.