30 Rocking Matte Nails for a Complete Look

It’s hard to imagine women’s lives without a colorful manicure, and the modern beauty sphere provides us with numerous interesting matte nails designs. Compared to glossy polishes, matte velvet manicure is neutral, and even the most modest fashionistas choose the brightest shades suiting any nail length. Due to the lack of shine, even deep blue, bright pink, or any dark matte shades do not look too defiant and suit all occasions. Let’s look at the trendiest matte nail art designs with matte nail polish. We are confident that everyone can find something to their liking in this matte colors list.

1. Matte Marble Nails

Marble nail designs have been on the rise for many years, and many women prefer them since it is original but strict. And if you prefer a matte manicure, you can do it with any nail color. Marble manicure with matte polishes looks elegant and expensive. It will suit all nail shapes, whether oval, square, almond, or others. Matte nails with marble are becoming classic!

Long Square Matte Nails with Marble

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2. Matte Black and Gold Nails

Are gold nail designs an option for a festive or evening out? It seems so only at first glance! Gold accents are appropriate in an everyday manicure, and if you add a matte finish, the color will look muted. Get gorgeous nails, and if you don’t like a manicure with gold, you can limit yourself to sparkles with a matte topcoat. Get cute matte nails and shine every day!

Round Black Matte Gold Nails

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3. Matte Ombre Nails

Despite the common opinion, there is no need to wait for a special occasion, so make ombre nails right now! You can choose any shade of nail polish, just ensure that the colors fit together. Your coffin nails will look great in any color, despite their shape. Matte ombre nails in pastel colors are a real trend, providing an elegant look for every lady.

Long Round Ombre Matte Nails

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4. Short Matte Nails

We already know that a matte manicure is a good idea, no matter which nail length women have. However, short nails are common now since it is at least convenient. Moreover, almost every polish looks good on them. You can select among different nail shades, just don’t forget to apply a matte topcoat. Give preference to polishes with a rich texture to make the color more saturated.

Short Round Dirty Pink Matte Nails

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5. Matte Blue Nails

Blue will never go out of fashion, remaining a timeless classic. Choose blue matte nails that suit any nail shape, and enjoy your perfect mani. You can apply such polish both on long or short nails, and in all cases, it is amazing. Moreover, you can find numerous exciting nail designs with this trendy color. Select the most desired shade of blue to make the manicure of your dreams!

Short Blue Matte Nails with Gold

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6. Nude Matte Nails

The popularity of “manicure without a manicure” is gaining momentum. It has long been known that a nude shade is in the first position in the most frequently chosen nail polishes. Nude matte nails can provide you with a perfect neat nail look without attracting too much attention. You can find different matte polishes in every beauty salon, and there are hundreds of options. In addition, there are multiple exciting nail designs with pastel polishes.

Nude Matte Nail with Heart

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7. Matte Black Nails

Black nails are a classic, and making them matte will only add charm to your look. Moreover, a matte manicure usually tends to get dirty, which will not happen in the case of a dark color. Matte black looks elegant and discreet. If you want to make your black mani more exciting, you can design warm nail colors. If you are tired of these soft glossy tips, add flair to your look using a matte top.

Black Matte Nails with Gold and White Polish

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8. Matte Pink Nails

Don’t like classic, such as French manicure? Choose bright pink nails since Barbie’s color is always in trend! In line with bright yellow and elegant red, a pink matte manicure will show the bright character of its owner and draw everyone’s attention to your hands. It doesn’t matter whether you pick short matte nails or long ones since you can find numerous nail designs for both options.

Long Bright Pink Matte Nails with Black Dots

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9. Matte Burgundy Nails

Matte burgundy nails always look noble and elegant. This color also visually makes the fingers thinner and longer. You can choose both short burgundy nails or long ones since it looks perfect on any length. The color will be less bright and can even be considered classic with a matte polish. The best option is to make matte almond nails, but such polish will suit perfectly for all shapes. Matte burgundy coffin nails are a great choice if you desire to get a great manicure.

Burgundy Matte Nails with Silver Swirl

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10. Matte Orange Nails

Overall, orange is not the most common nail polish but in vain. Such a bright and trendy manicure will attract a lot of attention to its mistress. Bright matte nails are a great solution for those who prefer to stand out and wear unique looks. Orange nails are primarily suitable for summer manicures, but many women like to dilute dark winter images. If you want a cute bright manicure, consider short orange nails since it’s a great emphasis!

Long Matte Orange Nails

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11. Bright Matte Yellow Nails

Shine like the sun with bright yellow nails with a matte topcoat! Of course, the color may be a bit muted compared to the glossy color, but it is a great choice for bright ladies. Such accent nails will be perfect if you prefer wearing dark clothes. You can fund numerous interesting nail designs, and matte nail polish will add charm!

Bright Yellow Matte Nails with Colorful Smears

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12. Matte Glitter Nails

This season, matter glitter nail designs can be considered a new French manicure. They became incredibly popular before Christmas and still do not lose their relevance. Although short glitter nails seem appropriate only for a holiday, fashionistas quickly fell in love with this trend and chose sparkles of different colors. To make sure a manicure, you shouldn’t have short nails since it will also look perfect on stiletto nails and other shapes. Find more nail designs and pick the best one for you!

Long Aqua Matte Glitter Nails

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13. Matte Brown Nails

Together with red and black, different shades of brown are modern classics. If you prefer warm nail colors, this option is exactly for you. Brown nails are a great solution both for routine and some events, where their owner will look impressive. You can select among various shades of brown nail colors and pick the one that suits your preferences and nail shape most. Such accent nails will attract much attention, and your manicure will look even better if you choose matte coffin or @square nails. Moreover, you can make glitter nails for some special occasions.

Long Matte Light Brown Nails

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14. Plum Matte Nails

Plum nails are a perfect and elegant shade of purple polish. It is more saturated with burgundy pigment, which suits any nail shape. Plum manicure has for long occupied not the last place among fashion lovers, and it is not without reason. Its deep, rich color expresses admiration and delight. And if you have a special event, select plum nail color with glitters, looking good both on long nails and short ones.

Short Plum Matte Nails with Glitter

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15. Hot Matte Red Nails

This color is undeniably classic, and every girl has at least once in her life. Red matte nails are a great option if you are already tired of a classy glossy top. You can pick a suitable matte polish since beauty salons offer countless shades. And if you want to avoid having a usual plain coat, you should consider various gorgeous red nail designs. Such an accent nail design speaks of the conservatism of its owner but at the same time remains appropriate under any circumstances. Short red nails or long ones – it’s up to you to decide!

Bright Red Matte Nails with White Hearts

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16. Emerald Matte Nails

Emerald is not the most commonly used nail color, but lately, girls are increasingly paying attention to it. Emerald green matte nails, a deep discreet color, are a great idea for a classic manicure. And if you want to add a little extravagance to the image, choose emerald with glitter. Green matte nails will attract a lot of attention and will delight their owner. Glitter mix emerald will become a new trend soon, so don’t forget about it when choosing the color of your manicure.

Emerald Matte Nails with Beige and Black Polish

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17. Matte French Tip

French mani is classic which seems to remain in trend forever. It confidently entrenched itself in the top of classy nail designs, and fashionistas will not forget about it. Choose matte polish if you want to add more diversity to your manicure. However, consider that you won’t be able to keep such a manicure for long since the light matte finish often gets dirty quickly. If you have subtle nails, ensure to strengthen them with acrylic powder and enjoy your cute matte nails!

Long Square French Matte Manicure

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18. Matte Grey Nails

It is classy, and you can find numerous shades of grey nail colors, which are also perfect for matte nails design. The best way to pick a suitable shade is based on your skin tone. Short grey nails look amazing, but it is better to pick another color if you prefer longer ones. Matte grey nails typically look faded, so ensure to select a brighter shade for such a design. The most significant point is to select a good manicurist who will care about neat nail edges and recommend a suitable color.

Long Round Gray Matte Nails

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19. Matte Neon Green Nails

This manicure has a soft finish for bright and extraordinary personalities since not everyone will decide on such an experiment. Cute matte nails in green color are a great decision to make an accent in your look. Bright nails with a matte top are a bit muted to get such a manicure not only for special events but also for elegant nails for any occasion. It is better to make short matte nails because long ones can look too provocative.

Long Matte Neon Green Nails with Nude Polish

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20. Matte Purple Nails

It doesn’t matter which nail length you prefer since purple is always a great idea. Purple nails with matte designs look feminine and appropriate in any situation. Moreover, this color is combined with many others and will make you look stylish and sophisticated. Beauty salons usually offer various shades of purple so that every woman will find something suitable. Search for exciting nail designs and shine!

Square Matte Purple Nails

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21. Matte Maroon Nails

You cannot compare the nobility of maroon nails with any other shade and nail length. A bold and eye-catching manicure is excellent on almond-shaped nails, long and tiny, oval and soft square nails. Matte maroon is perfect for every day but can also be a chic and fashionable evening manicure for important celebrations. Add some glitter or gold leaf to get trendy style nails.

Dark Red Matte Nails with Nude Polish

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22. Contrasting Matte Nails

This is one of the best trends in cute matte nail designs that have already stayed with us for several seasons. Such design implies that you have varied colors on different hands. You can cover the right hand with black matte polish and the left with white. It is a perfect design both for short nails and long ones. And if you like to stay bright, you can choose blue and red matte nails, and so on.

Dark Green Nails with Floral Design

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23. Polka Dots Matte Nails

Polka dots nail designs combine perfectly with all looks, even in winter. Here, you can turn on your imagination, select the colors you like most, and make the most impressive matte nail design. Moreover, to make your manicure even more interesting, you can pick glossy and matte nail combinations. Such nail art will seem unusual, but it can be a perfect solution if you are tired of boring designs.

Short Light Green Nails with Glitter and White Dots

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24. Matte White Nails with Glitters

White is undoubtedly classic. And if you want to make your mani more colorful, pick white matte nails with a glitter design. It will perfectly suit your daily routine and any special occasion.

Matte gold nails look great even if you just go to the office, so there is no need to wait for Christmas or other holidays. Make your coffin nails colorful but discreet at the same time.

White and Beige Matte Nails with Glitters

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25. Matte Olive Green Nails

Olive green matte nails have become classic, and women adore this shade! It is considered one of the universal options, suiting all skin tones. Moreover, it looks perfect with any design you like, for instance, glitter art or ombre. You can choose matte stiletto nails or any other shape since this color really suits all ladies. And it’s up to you to decide whether you like a matte or glossy top coat.

Short Matte Olive Green Nails with Gold Lines

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26. Matte Dark Red Nails

Deep red matte nail polish looks noble and elegant, making it a perfect manicure for all ladies. Of course, it looks impressive with a glossy top, but a matte manicure is unique and attractive. Even though many ladies think that it’s the colder months manicure idea, we believe that such a nail art is perfect during any season!

Coffin Burgundy Matte Nails

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27. Matte Acrylic Nails

Many ladies now prefer instant nail extensions that can help significantly change your style. Consider naturally looking acrylic nails if you used to wear short square nails and would like to try something new. Every polish color looks fantastic on them, so the selection of summer nail designs is really insane. Grab the best idea and apply a matte polish to make the art more attractive.

Acrylic Square Matte Nails with Gold Foil

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28. Matte Coffin Nails

Coffin shape is the trendiest nowadays, so many ladies grow their natural length or make acrylic nails to get a fantastic manicure. All shades look amazing in such an instance, but ladies should consider their skin tones when choosing. For instance, this summer, matte coffin nails in lavender color are the most popular option. A matte topcoat helps make your manicure unique and stylish.

Coffin Green Matte Nails

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29. Summer Matte Nails

Are you searching for bright summer nail ideas? It’s time to pay attention to deep and bright colors, especially relevant during the warm season. The most common options include yellow, red, pink, green, and blue. A matte top coat can make any shade look more interesting and unusual. However, both matte and glossy finishes look excellent on all nail shapes.

Short Square Matte Pink Nails

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30. Matte Nails with Glossy Tips

Glossy nail tips on a matte base look noble and attractive. You will not avoid getting compliments with such a manicure, and all women would like to repeat it. One of the common designs is black matte nails with dark glossy tips. Sounds stunning, doesn’t it? Don’t forget about this unique matte manicure idea during the next nail appointment, and enjoy dozens of admiring glances.

Black Square Matte Nails with Glossy Tips

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Are Matte Nails Better Than Glossy?

Matte manicure is considered more elegant, graceful, unusual, and original. The owner of such a manicure cannot avoid compliments. Of course, it’s hard to choose whether a matte polish is better than a glossy one since each lady can decide what she likes most.

Pick a trendy combination of matte and glossy nails if you can’t decide what you like more. Such a manicure looks stylish and exciting. Moreover, you can add some rhinestones and sequins and sparkle!