52 Exclusive Summer Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Are you in the mood to have fantastic summer nails but have no manicure idea? We have something exciting to offer you! We have gathered the most impressive popular summer nail colors and designs, suiting even the pickiest ladies. Grab the best nail ideas for summer, attract tons of attention, and get compliments!

All women know that selecting shades for manicures may be challenging and sometimes require much time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer simple nail designs or extravagant patterns. You will be able to find something suitable in our selection.

Bright Summer Nails

Many ladies now prefer natural nails in bright colors, attracting attention to the nice mani. Summer nail art doesn’t usually imply stickers, patterns, or glitter. You can choose a monochrome shade that you like and enjoy. For instance, bright red is a great idea for any nail shape. Moreover, bright summer nails are a perfect addition to any look, even if you prefer more discreet colors in your wardrobe.

Bright Summer Nails with Flower Design

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Summer Ombre Nails

Many ladies cannot imagine their cute summer nails without the ombre design. It usually implies a gradient of two or more colors, so it’s the chance to use your favorite nail polish. Ombre nails are a great solution for any occasion; just ensure to pick the shades suiting your style. Summer acrylic nails will provide you with numerous compliments!

Ombre Purple Nails

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Summer Coffin Nails

Coffin nail shape is prevalent among ladies, and you can choose any polish to make them look amazing. Pick a bright red or strict nude – all these options are perfect for making a cute summer nail design on your long nails. If you are mostly conservative in your mani, add a small pattern or a sticker to get the best summer nails.

Coffin Nails with Orange Tips and Foil

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Summer White Nail Art

A white manicure is a universal option, suiting all nail shapes. And it is definitely in the top rating of summer nail designs 2022. Get perfect short natural nails or long gel nails since white always looks relevant and stylish. Moreover, it is a great alternative to the classic French mani as your wedding nails.

White Nail Art with Leaves

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Beach Summer Nails

Do you need some bright beach nail ideas? Get gorgeous summer nails in attractive colors and add stickers or patterns to make them more interesting! Ask your nail technician to draw sun, sea, and flowers, and begin your vacation with an unusual manicure. Bright polishes are great for all nail shapes, so it doesn’t matter whether you have long or short nails.

Beach Summer Nails with Waves

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Summer Swirl Nails

Have you ever tried swirl nail designs? Abstract nail art is on the rise now, so choose suitable wavy nail designs and go on. With such retro nails, you will not be left without attention.

Green and White Nails with Swirls

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Natural Summer Nails

Although most ladies like bright colors in summer, some prefer manicures all year round. However, adding accent nails of contrasting shades can also be made more unusual and exciting. Such summer natural nails are a classic manicure idea, suiting ladies of all ages.

Short Natural Light Pink Nails

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Peach Summer Nails

Peach color suits all skin shades, so women often prefer it to other shades. It’s quite neutral but can be used in numerous nail designs for summer. It is one of the most common pastel nail colors, which can be perfectly combined with rhinestones, glitter, and foil. Turn on your imagination and get wonderful summer gel nails. And if you don’t have any manicure ideas, your nail technician will recommend something.

Long Peach Nails

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Neon Summer Nail Designs

Neon shades have been on the top of all trends for many years, and they are a perfect base for summer nail art designs. You can choose a monochrome color or add exciting elements such as glitter and stickers to get cute nails designed to dazzle. For instance, you can combine light nail polish with neon patterns, which look elegant and attractive. Select the most fantastic bright neon nail colors and enjoy your manicure for several weeks!

Neon Green Nails with Parrots

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Summer Light Blue Nails Designs

Light blue nails are always one of the best gel manicure ideas, suiting all styles. Get a nice summer nail art during your next appointment in a beauty salon and enjoy a great mani. Eye-catching summer nails will gather a lot of admiring glances.

Light Blue Nails with White Tips

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Colorful Summer Nails

Combining bright nail polishes in your manicure is a great idea that doesn’t lose its relevance for several seasons. If you cannot decide on one shade in the beauty salon, choose them all. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer almond-shaped nails or round nails, since this option is perfect for everybody. Those tired of simple summer nails should try a multicolored mani!

Bright Colorful Nails with Swirls

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Hot Pink Summer Nails

All women adore pink nails, also known as Barbie color, which is a wonderful shade for summer vacation. It looks great with any skin tone, so make such a mani to attract attention and shine bright. Hot pink is a remarkable idea for any nail lengths, so you don’t have to worry about whether your nails are too short for this color. Make bright pink summer nails and add some glitter if you want to be even brighter.

Hot Pink and Blue Nails with Leopard Design

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Yellow Summer Nails

Yellow is usually associated with summer and sun, so many women prefer to make such manicures during the warm season. You can make both strict and fun nail designs, depending on the colors and art you choose. Select different yellow shades according to your skin tone and enjoy a bright manicure! While some women think that the best nail designs can be done only on almond-shaped and long nails, we hasten to assure you that this sunny color looks amazing on shorter nails.

Long Yellow Nails with Floral Design

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Summer Traditional French Manicure

Those who are bored with the classic Frenсh manicure should consider making it with different colors. For instance, you can proceed with French tips of red, blue, orange, or any other shade. Choose a suitable base and enjoy your fantastic manicure every day. Trendy pastel nail shades are also incredibly demanded among stylish women. Moreover, it looks great both on short and long nails.

Traditional French Manicure

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Green Nail Designs

Do you like green? It’s time to make a perfect mani with it. It’s a great idea for pretty nails for summer vacation! For instance, mint green nails are a fantastic design both for holidays and a woman’s daily routine since it’s a pastel color suiting any style. Moreover, you can pick contrasting shades and draw an abstract design, a trendy option. And those who adore nature can complement their perfect manicure with green leaves on their nails.

Green Nail with Bright Green Tips

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Short Summer Nail Ideas

Short nails are now in trend since it’s a convenient and practical option. Most women now select soft polish shades, which suit all dress codes. If you want to make a fun nail design, add unusual patterns or bright stickers, making your mani more unusual. Grab more manicure ideas in your beauty salon and pick the one you like most.

Short Summer Nails with Light Colors

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Stiletto Summer Nails

Long bright nails are a great idea for the summer period, attracting a lot of attention to your well-groomed hands. The best summer nail colors are perfect for stiletto nails, so the selection is enormous. Consider lavender, deep blue, chilli pepper, and hot pink shades since they are the trendiest nail ideas in 2022.

Stiletto Nails with Blue Swirls

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Almond Summer Nails

Do you want to attract a lot of attention to your great mani? Consider that bright neon colors with almond shapes are a fantastic solution for women of all ages. If you prefer having almond nails, remember that all bright colors are suitable.

Those who like more pastel designs should pay attention to French manicures that can also be made with different shades instead of classic white.

Almond Nails with Strawberry Design

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Pastel Summer Nails

Pastel nail polish is the most frequently selected option, and women adore it. It’s a perfect summer manicure, suitable both for vacation and office routine. And if you want to make your nails more unusual and exciting, add art on the ring finger. Numerous cute nail designs can immediately improve your mood!

Long Pastel Nails with Swirls

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Classy Red Nails

A classy red manicure will never get out of the top of all nail trends. It’s hard to imagine summer cute nail designs without red color, allowing you to make a bright accent on your hands. Pick any shade of red suiting your skin tone and enjoy your fantastic mani. And if you don’t like classics, consider ombre nails, for instance, with red and black colors.

Short Classy Red Nails

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Summer Orange Nails

Orange is not as widespread as red, but it looks amazing on tanned skin. Coffin summer acrylic nails in this bright color are a perfect solution for a sunny day. Choose the gel polish you like most and add glitter or rhinestones to make your manicure more unusual. Pick your favorite bright nail design for 2022 and get dozens of admiring glances. Orange suits any nail shape, so consider it during the next appointment with your nail professional.

Square Orange and Blue Nails

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Summer Rainbow Nails

Multicolored manicure is on the top list of trends, and this idea doesn’t seem to lose its relevance. A rainbow mani looks childish, but many women like it. It’s important to choose contrasting shades that can be combined and get a great manicure in a few hours. Acrylic rainbow nails can immediately cheer you up and make your mood brighter. Grab this idea for your next manicure appointment!

Long Nails with Rainbow Tips

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Matching Manicure and Pedicure Ideas

In summer, most ladies prefer to make a summer manicure and a pedicure of the same colors, which is extremely stylish and nice. Summer pedicure is no less important than well-groomed hands, so don’t forget about it! The most common ideas for matching nails include white, red, and French designs. The palette of summer toenail colors is amazing, so you will choose something nice and attractive.

Matching Pink Manicure and Pedicure

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Silver Summer Nails

Chrome silver nails are an exciting design for bright and attractive ladies. However, not all are ready to bring such an extravagant idea to life. You should also pay attention to the French nail tip, which looks extremely stylish. You can make cute natural nails with a glamorous design for every day.

Silver Nails with Glitter

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Sparkly Summer Nails

If you prefer simple summer nails but want to make a more attractive mani, add rhinestones and glitter polish. Shiny nails for sunny weather are a great option to cheer yourself up and feel more self-confident. Sparkles are great for any nail shape, so it’s a perfect idea for all ladies.

Sparkly Nails with Rhinestones

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Summer Nail Design with Rhinestones

Nail art with rhinestones will never lose its relevance, and numerous ladies prefer to add them to their manicures both for special occasions and usual days. If you want to make a calm mani in pastel colors, apply some bright shiny elements and enjoy an amazing design. This cute summer manicure idea is fantastic for natural nails.

Milky Nails with Rhinestones

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Minimalist Summer Nail Design

Those searching for summer nail ideas have a truly enormous selection. Visit your favorite beauty salon, choose the shade you like most and apply a minimalistic design, such as a small pattern or random geometric lines. For instance, you can make short round nails with a small sticker, a manicure relevant for all occasions. You can also make a matte cover to make the design more unusual.

Short Minimalist Nails

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Fruit Nail Design

Applying fruit stickers is an always relevant trendy summer nail design, and your beauty salon has a great choice. Select your favorite color and make bright summer nails to please you every day. Each woman will find nail stickers suiting their preferences and tastes.

Short French Manicure with Cherry Design

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Summer Marble Nail Art

Marble nails are a classy design that suits all nail shapes and is a stylish mani for any occasion. You can make it with any color you like, but as a rule, it implies a black or white base with abstract lines of contrasting shades. If you prefer monochrome manicure, make two accent nails that attract more attention.

Blue and Yellow Marble Nails

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Summer Blue Nail Design

Blue nail polish is often underestimated, but it’s a great shade for making a beautiful bright mani. It looks wonderful on acrylic long and short natural nails so that every woman can pick and enjoy the color. However, consider the skin tone when selecting the suitable nail polish. For instance, it’s better to pick deep blue for a darker skin tone. Enjoy your perfect glossy manicure in your favorite colors!

Blue and Purple Matter Long Nails

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Summer Short Round Nails

Short round nails in red color are a classic. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of pastel or bright nails. We are confident that you have at least once made a red manicure. Make sure to make pretty neat nails and choose the polish shade that is most suitable for your skin tone. Bright nail color is a fantastic decision for summer!

Short Round Nails with Flowers

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Summer Nails with Palm Tree

Are you planning to get excellent beach nails? Get a palm tree nail design, which will immediately show people you’re going on vacation. Depending on the form and nail length, you can draw palm trees of different sizes. Round or square nail shapes are excellent for such art.

Green Nails with Palm Trees

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Summer Square Nail Ideas

Those who prefer square nails can enjoy numerous art ideas, and a square French mani is the most common option. You can do French nail tips in different shades, which is perfect for sunny days. Of course, you can also pick some bright nail colors, allowing you to make a great accent on your graceful fingers.

Square Nails with Colorful Tips

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Summer Graphic Nail Art

Abstract nails are not at the peak of popularity, and women especially like them in minimalistic manicures. It can look amazing both on long and short nail shapes, making it a great solution for all ladies. Draw abstract lines and geometric figures with the selected colors and get a unique manicure design that nobody can repeat.

Graphic Nails with Blue Lines

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Chrome Summer Nails

Chrome nails are ideal for summer since they nicely shine under the sun and make a great accent to a woman’s look. Shiny nail polish is relevant for any occasion and suits all dress codes. Moreover, if you want to make an unusual design, add chrome polish on nail tips.

Long Chrome Nails

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Flame Summer Nail Design

Flame nail designs are a great solution for long nails, and you can choose any shade for the base. Light nail colors can be perfectly combined with an orange flame pattern. Add some glitter polish to make the nail art even more unusual and cute.

Long Square Nails with Flame Design

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Tropical Nail Designs

To get perfect beach nails, consider palm tree stickers and other patterns reminding you of the seaside and vacation. Apply them on long nails of any shape, and enjoy your fantastic mani!

Pink and Blue Tropical Nail Design

via @nailart.patoka

Summer Fun Nails

You can make cute summer nails with any nail polish you like and enjoy your ideal manicure. Make baby blue nails or provide a bright color mix on your hands to get hundreds of compliments.

Short Colourful Fun Nails

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Matte Summer Nails

A matte top is increasingly common and can make your fun summer manicure even more attractive. Bright matte nails are a great solution for any occasion, but keep in mind that the color will be less saturated than a glossy top. Soft shades of summer nails are a fantastic idea for office and formal meetings. And if you want to make an unusual design, get matte nails with bright nail tips with a glossy top.

Matte Summer Nails with Floral Design

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Coral Summer Nail Designs

Coral is one of the most common soft nail color shades, suiting all women. It is ideal for short and almond nails, so it’s a universal option for everybody. Add a bit of glitter to get the best summer nails for your vacation or daily routine. Consider trendy nail ideas 2022 and choose the one you like most for your next manicure appointment.

Coral Nails with French Nail Tips

via @byleah.x

Turquoise Summer Nails

If you are in the mood to choose aqua nail polish, then turquoise is the best decision. You cannot make attractive beach nail designs without it! It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long nails since this option is fantastic for all ladies.

Turquoise Summer Nails

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Easy Nail Designs

Those who don’t want to spend hours should consider easy designs and natural nails. The simplest option is to apply plain color and finish the procedure. But if you want to make a more exciting art, pay attention to nail stickers, which are easy to apply, and floral nail art.

Short Nude Nails with White Spots

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Purple Acrylic Nails

Purple nail polish with a glossy finish is a noble manicure for stylish women. You can add a design, for instance, abstract lines or floral patterns, to get new summer nail ideas for sunny weather.

Long Purple Acrylic Nails

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Butterfly Nail Design

Searching for the best ideas for your next salon appointment? Numerous summer nail designs are waiting for you. If you have stiletto nails, drawing butterflies and flowers is a great idea for warm seasons. A bright manicure is a must to get a perfect mood immediately!

Short French Nails with Butterfly Design

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Unique Floral Nail Art

Floral nail design has been very popular in the last years, and many women enjoy such a mani in summer. Choose a clear nail polish and draw flowers that you like to get a unique manicure. Such art can also be done on a French manicure, which looks attractive and unusual.

Long Milky Unique Floral Nails

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Black Summer Nails

Do you like having plain nails? Even though dark colors are most suitable for the cold season, many ladies prefer them in summer. Black nails with glitters are an elegant manicure idea to get perfect nails in a darker shade. Pick a suitable gel nail polish and make excellent art, attracting tons of attention.

Almond Black Nails with White Flowers

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3D Summer Nail Ideas

3D nail effect is a fantastic solution for women who enjoy being at the center of attention. Choose some soft shades and draw random lines and figures to get a minimalistic design. Each art is unique, so nobody will repeat your mani with abstract lines.

3D French Nails with Colourful Spots

via @nelza_dun

Smiley Face Nails

If you want to get nice coffin nails, consider stickers or patterns with smiling faces. The most classic option is to make it in yellow colors, but you can pick any shade you like. Inventing summer nail designs is easy, and it’s all up to your imagination! If you are afraid of too extravagant cute nail designs, make a monochrome manicure and add an accent nail.

Short Nails with Smiley Face Design

via @rsbnails

Plain Summer Nails

Those who don’t like experimenting with their mani prefer basic nail designs in monochrome shades. Choose your favorite pastel nail colors and enjoy your well-groomed hands.

Plain Pink Summer Nails

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Light Gray Nails

Light gray is one of the most stylish neutral nail colors suitable for any occasion. Moreover, a simple manicure design can be easily made with it. Enjoy your natural nails in a trendy color!

Light Gray Matte Nails with Foil

via @aleksandra.gruszka_indigo

Clear Nails for Summer

A manicure without manicure is on top of trends now. It’s a classic nail design, implying well-groomed hands and no nail polish. If you don’t want to make any trendy summer nail art in 2022, it’s the best option. Natural nails are now fashionable!

Clear Nails with French Floral Tips

via @nail.art.by.tea

Sugar Nails in Different Shades

Sugar glitter nails are a unique idea for summer manicure, providing you with gorgeous nails of the chosen colors. It implies adding the different-colored powder to the base and looks extremely attractive during the warm season.

Long Sugar Colorful Nails

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Below, you can find the answers to the most common questions about how to keep your hands and nails well-groomed and attractive, despite changing manicures often.

How to Strengthen Nails After Gel Manicure?

Many women face problems with their nails after wearing gel manicures for a long. However, don’t hasten to be disappointed since some advice will help you get rid of this problem. First, pause and leave your nails without nail polish for some time. Make sure to moisturize your hands and nails with your favorite cream. And one more option is to have a vitamin course, which will help strengthen your nails and hair.

5 Tips to Care for Your Cuticle

Caring for the cuticles is very important to keep your hands well-groomed and attractive. And the most significant tips are the following:

  • apply cuticle oil every day;
  • always cut the cuticle correctly;
  • use hand cream all year round;
  • have manicures done regularly;
  • make hand baths.

These simple tips will assist in avoiding any problems and always have a perfect manicure. Don’t forget that well-groomed hands are not only a beautiful nail design but also soft skin. Each self-confident lady should follow these recommendations!