64 Inspiring Flower Tattoos to Come Up with a Great Idea


One of the unchanging trends of recent years is flower tattoo designs. They attract girls with compactness, conciseness, and graceful lines.

Professional tattoo artists offer a wide range of realistic and abstract images that can complement any look. But how to choose the right ornament so as not to regret it later and not to make a correction?

We want to share with you the most popular tattoo ideas. We are sure that you will find the most suitable for yourself among the listed options. What is each flower tattoo meaning? Read on!

1. Lotus Flower Tattoo

A neat and recognizable lotus tattoo represents the desire to become better. It is believed that this flower symbolizes overcoming various temptations, and reminds a person of the need to improve themselves.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

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Such a small flower tattoo is often made by fans of Hindu culture. In Hinduism, the lotus flower is closely associated with spirituality, beauty, and purity. The popular colored flower tattoo can be both compact and exciting in several different areas on the arms, neck, and back.

Color Lotus Tattoo on Wrist

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2. Poppy Flower Tattoo

Love poppy flowers? In this case, they will harmoniously complement your image.

Black and White Poppy Tattoo on Back

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A bright poppy tattoo meaning the independence of its owner also implies self-confidence. However, this is a modern interpretation. In the recent past, the red flower tattoo has been associated with peace, sleep, and death. Often, poppies are used to show respect for deceased loved ones.

However, girls do not always study symbolism so deeply. They often choose such a beautiful flower tattoo because of the spectacular design.

Red Poppy Flower Tattoo on Arm

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3. Lily Tattoo

Popular areas of body art include black and white tattoos depicting lilies. They not only look stylish but also have a special meaning for their owners.

Black and White Lily Flower Tattoo on Wrist

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A gentle lily tattoo meaning is devotion and purity of thoughts. Often, these flowers are also associated with maternal strength and fidelity. It is not surprising that lilies are so popular among girls who prefer symbolic tattoos.

Color Lily Tattoo on Arm

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4. Japanese Flower Tattoo

In general, a Japanese flower tattoo means a life cycle stage. They are dedicated to birth, death, and resurrection. A unique floral tattoo can also mean trials that each person has to overcome on their way.

Blue Japanese Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Philosophical themes present in Japanese culture resonate with many people. That is why tattoo design in this style does not lose its relevance.

Black and White Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Arm

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5. Traditional Flower Tattoo

This category includes a simple flower tattoo depicting magnolias, chrysanthemums, daisies, etc. Far from always, such images are endowed with a deep meaning. Many flower tattoo designs are associated with the celebration of life and eternity.

Black and White Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Don’t know where to start? Ask the master to make a concise classic color flower tattoo.

0Black and White Traditional Flower Tattoo on Arm


6. Flower of Life Tattoo

These are popular and unusual flower tattoos. What is the flower of life tattoo meaning? It speaks of enlightenment, willingness to learn new things, and openness to knowledge. If this position is close to you, such an abstraction will become one of the best flower tattoo designs.

Black and White Flower of Life Tattoo on Arm

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Black and White Flower of Life Tattoo on Wrist

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7. Mandala Lotus Tattoo

Do you want a large and spectacular back tattoo? Surely, you will like the lotus tattoo.

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo on Stomach

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It symbolizes purity, energy, fertility, and eternity. Among the many lotus mandala tattoo meaning, you can definitely find your own.

Black and White Mandala Lotus Flower on Stomach

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8. Hibiscus Tattoo

It is another popular option in the collections of tattoo artists. A red, pink, black, or yellow hibiscus flower tattoo is often chosen by active and purposeful girls.

Color Hibiscus Flower Tattoo on Arm

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What is the hibiscus flower tattoo meaning? It is associated with cheerfulness, luck, and vitality. Often such a shoulder tattoo becomes a real talisman.

Black and White Hibiscus Flower Tattoo with Snake on Shoulder


9. Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Original black and white or color tattoos can be a sign of respect for the legendary islands. Another meaning of the Hawaiian flower tattoo is love, friendship, wealth, energy, etc. It depends on the color of your tattoo.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Hawaiian Flower Tattoo with Shark on Arm

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10. Narcissus Flower Tattoo

A graceful daffodil flower tattoo is associated with rebirth, hope, and purification. Such a tattoo design can be different: compact on the wrist or large on the neck and back. If you are looking for the best tattoo ideas, this is 100% one of them.

Black and White Narcissus Flower Tattoo on Side

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Color Narcissus Flower Tattoo with Butterfly on Arm

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11. Aster Flower Tattoo

The aster flower tattoo meaning is inner strength, courage, beauty, wisdom, and elegance. Such a wildflower tattoo will suit decisive and self-confident girls. Depending on your desires, you can make a monochrome or color aster tattoo.

Aster Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

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Black and White Aster Flower Tattoo on Arm

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12. Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Emphasize your femininity with a color jasmine flower tattoo! A large or small tattoo will tell about purity, tenderness, and inner harmony. Also, such flower tattoo designs can symbolize overcoming obstacles.

Black and White Jasmine Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Purple Jasmine Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

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13. Violet Tattoo

What will the color shoulder violet flower tattoo tell about? It symbolizes love, modesty, care, innocence, and good nature. For girls who want to make tattoo ideas with meaning, a charming flower tattoo will do just fine.

Violet Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Small Violet Flower Tattoo on Arm

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14. Gladiolus Tattoo

You can perfectly complement a stylish look with an ankle color gladiolus tattoo. Why is it being chosen more and more often?

Red Gladiolus Tattoo on Shoulder

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The gladiolus tattoo meaning is strength, beauty, resilience, and elegance. Do you want to spend summer with a flower tattoo? Think, maybe gladiolus suits you the most.

Purple Gladiolus Tattoo on Shoulder

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15. Peony Tattoo

A beautiful flower tattoo is associated with wealth, sincere love, passion, and fidelity. Also, the peony tattoo’s meaning can be enlightenment, courage, and honor. When choosing a peony tattoo design, be sure to choose the right color on which the interpretation will depend.

Black and White Peony Flower Tattoo on Back

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Black and White Peony Flower Tattoo on Arm

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16. Iris Tattoo

Looking for a minimalist tattoo? Pay attention to the almost invisible but spectacular blue flower tattoo.

Color Iris Tattoo on Arm

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Speaking of iris tattoo meaning, wisdom, hope, peace, and faith should be noted. A lot is hidden in laconic lines.

Blue Iris Flower Tattoo on Ankle


17. Magnolia Tattoo

Elegant white flower tattoos are the favorites of girls all over the world. The Magnolia flower tattoo meaning includes purity, naturalness, health, and beauty. Sometimes, a flower shoulder tattoo is done for good luck.

Red Magnolia Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Black and White Magnolia Flower Tattoo on Arm

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18. Carnation Tattoo

You can often find a red carnation flower tattoo. Being a January flower tattoo, it symbolizes love, romance, and sincerity. The carnation tattoo meaning may differ depending on the color of the flower. But in any case, it is associated with bright feelings.

Red Carnation Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Black and White Carnation Flower Tattoo on Arm

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19. Daisy Tattoo

A simple flower tattoo is perfect for any look. The daisy tattoo meaning is associated with sincerity, respect, and love. Such a real flower tattoo will be appropriate in any setting, but it can also emphasize your special relationship with your loved one.

Black and White Daisy Flower Tattoo on Arm

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Purple Daisy Tattoo on Arm

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20. Forget Me Not Tattoo

As the name implies, the forget me not flower tattoo meaning is fidelity and absolute love. A small blue flower tattoo hides endless feelings. It is believed that such a tattoo design is best suited for the manifestation of eternal love and will bring good luck.

Color Forget Me Not Tattoo on Leg

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Blue and Purple Forget Me Not Tattoo on Shoulder

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21. Snake and Flower Tattoo

Among the diverse floral tattoos, a spectacular snake and flower tattoo stands out. Not all girls decide to make it, but this can also be a great tattoo idea for men.

Snake and Red Rose Tattoo on Arm

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In most cases, tattoo masters create rose flower tattoos. They symbolize violent feelings and temptation. But instead of roses, there are other flowers. For example, orchid tattoos with snakes are popular.

Black and White Snake and Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

via @beeso_tat

22. Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designs are some of the most common ones. A colorful red rose tattoo symbolizes love and passion. The queen of flowers can be an independent element or part of a complex composition. Either way, it looks amazing, like the yellow rose tattoo on the shoulder.

Red Rose Tattoo on Hip

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Black and White Rose Tattoo on Arm

via @tattooist_yeori

23. Sunflower Tattoo

Want a unique flower tattoo? Choose shoulder sunflower tattoos! They are constant companions of cheerful and optimistic girls.

Color Sunflower Tattoo on Arm

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The sunflower tattoo meaning is joy, luck, and success. If you want a lucky charm for yourself, don’t delay!

Tiny Sunflower Tattoo on Arm

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24. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Graceful Japanese cherry blossom tattoos are designed to remind others of the value and transience of life. Such flower tattoo meanings are love, rebirth, kindness, and light. If you are tired of sharp-angled geometric ornaments, stop at a sophisticated flower tattoo design.

Color Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Ankle

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Color Cherry Blossom Tattoo with Butterfly on Shoulder

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25. Sweet Pea Tattoo

Looking for the birth flower of April? Pay attention to the charming sweet peas!

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo on Side

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What is a sweet pea flower tattoo meaning? It symbolizes tender relationships, memory, parting, and farewell. Sweet peas are often referred to as the best flower tattoo designs for the memory of loved ones.

Color Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo on Back

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26. Orchid Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo for a female with an orchid is a universal solution. It is believed that it has existed for many years. But after the 19th century, black orchid tattoos are closely associated with the mourning rituals of the Victorian era.

Color Orchid Tattoo on Chest

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Orchid tattoo meanings are the desire for self-development and freedom. It also reminds us of the value of every moment.

Black and White Orchid Tattoo on Arm

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27. Lavender Tattoo

The lavender tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs that exude powerful feminine energy. The purple flower tattoo is bright, and this “royal” color is associated with luxury and elegance.

Tiny Lavender Tattoo on Leg

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This flower tattoo meaning is refinement, sophistication, and inner strength. Very often, a plant tattoo is used as part of complex compositions.

Color Lavender Flower Tattoo on Ankle

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28. Dainty Flower Tattoo

Feminine flower tattoos are distinguished by their sophistication and often complex lines. Laconic drawings are often placed on the neck, shoulder, and wrist. The ankle tattoo design is also growing in popularity.

Color Dainty Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

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The choice of drawing depends only on the desires of the girl and the meaning that she wants to give it. Graceful red, black, and white flower tattoos can complement any image and become its bright accent.

Tiny Black and White Dainty Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

via @handitrip

29. Small Flower Tattoo

Tiny tattoo designs are the best start for girls who are about to do their first drawing. It can be a single flower or a combination of several along with additional elements.

Color Small Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

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Very often, masters are asked for a pink rose tattoo. This flower is associated with love and passion and looks good on any part of the body. The birth flower tattoo, which has a deep meaning, is also considered stylish.

Tiny Rose Tattoo on Neck

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30. Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Among meaningful tattoos, a special place is given to images with butterflies and flowers. This classic combination will suit every girl. A neat butterfly tattoo can be applied on the shoulder or wrist, in the area of ​​the shoulder blade.

Butterfly and Red Flower Tattoo on Arm

via @tattooist_banul

Floral patterns also have numerous meanings. Popular tattoo designs with flowers and butterflies perfectly emphasize femininity and individuality and speak of tenderness and love for nature.

Color Butterfly with Flowers Tattoo on Arm

via @tilda_tattoo

31. Geometric Flower Tattoo

An original geometric tattoo can emphasize your individuality. Images of flowers in this format look aesthetically pleasing and can become different symbols.

Black and White Flower in Rectangle Tattoo on Arm


The most prominent tattoo trends are intricate patterns with circles, squares, and triangles. Combining together, they form interesting color tattoos that adorn girls from around the world.

Black and White Geometric Flower Tattoo on Arm

via @lasantatattoogc

32. Flower Heart Tattoo

Beautiful floral designs perfectly complement such an element as a heart. Combining into a single composition, they symbolize love, romance, passion, and unity.

Red Flower Heart Tattoo on Arm

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In some cases, the heart-shaped flower tattoo is pierced with arrows. Such an image is chosen by girls who have experienced a personal drama. Other options for parting ways include a broken heart tattoo or roses with bleeding thorns.

Black and White Flower Heart Tattoo on Arm

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How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

The outer layer of skin usually heals in two to three weeks. It takes up to six months for the deeper layers to heal after tattooing.

To make the tattoo heal faster, follow these simple rules:

  • Do not steam the skin. You can swim with a tattoo. But do not use too hot water. Experts recommend completely abandoning visits to the bath, sauna, or swimming pool and taking a hot bath in the first days after the procedure.
  • Protect your skin from direct sunlight. It can negatively affect both damaged skin and ink.
  • Do not scratch or rub the tattoo. So you can quickly infect the area, after which there will be a noticeable scar.
  • Try not to shave the hair in places of the tattoo until the moment of complete healing. So you prevent additional skin injury and inflammation.
  • If you experience signs of inflammation (itching, redness, swelling, pain), consult a doctor immediately. A qualified specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment and help avoid serious consequences.

What happens if you don’t take care of your tattoo? In fact, it is an open wound. At a minimum, a significant part of the pigment will not hold, and the pattern will turn pale. In the worst case, damaged skin can become a source of infection.

Creating a tattoo is a multi-stage procedure. Be sure to follow all the recommendations of the masters, and the result will please you!