40 Awesome Pixie Haircut Ideas that Are Real Masterpieces

Short pixie haircuts are an excellent option if you’re considering a dramatic change to your hairstyle. Pixie haircuts are edgy & bold and require a certain level of confidence to pull off. They are the perfect haircut idea if you want to keep it short while still making a statement. The beauty of this haircut is that it works well with both straight and wavy hair types.

Short pixie haircuts are an excellent option if you’re considering a dramatic change to your hairstyle. Pixie haircuts are edgy & bold and require a certain level of confidence to pull off. They are the perfect haircut idea if you want to keep it short while still making a statement. The beauty of this haircut is that it works well with both straight and wavy hair types.

What is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that typically features short hair on the sides and back of the head, with longer hair on the top.

Pixie cuts are often styled to emphasize the texture and shape of the hair, with layers and choppy, uneven cuts creating a bold and edgy look.

From minimal to bold, there are several types of pixie cuts.

Long Pixie Cut – A Flattering Cut for Round Face Shape

A pixie with long bangs is a trendy and chic way to embrace the long hair look without going for a full-length cut.

Pixie with Long Bang on Light Brown Hair

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The long pixie is especially flattering for a round face, as it helps elongate the face shape. Long pixie for a round face should be kept soft with extra layers or piecey bangs. With those extra layers, this cut offers added volume & fullness required. Additionally, it provides a modern twist to a classic pixie while maintaining the signature cropped style.

Pixie with Long Side Bang on Blonde Hair

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Edgy Short Pixie Cut for Heart & Square Faces

An edgy pixie with bangs is the perfect way to make a statement with your hair. The tapered pixie cut is characterized by short, cropped layers that frame the face.

Edgy Short Pixie Cut on Black Hair

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Pixie haircuts can suit a variety of face shapes, including oval, heart, and square faces. It is particularly well-suited for people with a petite or angular facial structure, as it can help balance out the face’s proportions. However, it may not be as flattering for those with a round or fuller face shape, as it can emphasize the width of the face.

Edgy Pixie Cut on Red Hair

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Short Pixie Cut Adds Dimension to an Oval Face

It is a cute pixie cut with low maintenance that can add some edge and personality to your look. Talking about its suitability, a pixie cut for an oval face is the best choice as it highlights the facial features and adds dimension.

Short Pixie Cut on Fine Brown Hair

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Apart from the oval face shape, you can choose this short pixie for thick hair- it takes the heaviness off your strands, allowing for quick styling.

Short Pixie Cut on Straight Hair

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Curly Pixie Haircut Adds a Playful Element to Your Look

A curly pixie cut with bangs can be perfect for those with thick wavy hair and square, oval, or heart face shapes. The curly texture adds a playful element to the pixie cut, while the bangs frame the face beautifully. On top of it, you can go for pixie on dark hair to make a statement.

Short Curly Pixie Cut on Dark Hair

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Short Wavy Pixie Cut on Black Hair

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Pixie Cut with Bangs To Highlight Your Facial Features

A pixie cut with bangs is a versatile and stylish option for short hair. The bangs can help balance out facial features and draw attention to the eyes. You can try different bangs, like blunt, long, or wispy bangs, with a pixie cut to create a soft and feminine look.

Pixie Cut with Side Bang on Blonde Hair

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However, working with a stylist is necessary to determine the best type of bangs for your face shape and features. For example, a messy pixie with a side bang may be more flattering for round faces, while a pixie cut with long bangs may work better for square faces.

Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs on Black Hair

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Pixie Cut for Black Women: A Bold & Empowering Hairstyle

A short pixie cut for black women can be a bold and empowering hairstyle choice. It’s a versatile haircut that can be tailored to complement various face shapes and hair textures.

Short Pixie Cut for Black Hair

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Pixie hairstyle for any skin tone is an extraordinary quality of this hairstyle, a popular choice among black women. With its low maintenance and edgy vibe, a short wavy pixie cut is perfect for those looking to switch up their look and embrace their natural beauty.

Curly Pixie on Blonde and Black Hair

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Pixie Cut for Older Women: Age Should Never Stop You From Being Stylish

These days you will see many older women wearing short pixie haircuts, proving that age is just a number for fashion and styling. You can choose pixie for any hair type – thanks to the versatility of the hairstyle. A pixie cut for older women is one of the fantastic grey hair ideas that allows them to be trendy & comfortable at the same time.

Pixie Cut with Side Bang on Blonde Hair

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Pixie Cut on Salt and Pepper Hair

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Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles to Bring Texture & Volume to Your Tresses

A shaggy pixie cut is one of the superb short pixie hairstyles that adds texture and volume to short hair. With a choppy and textured pixie cut, the hair is styled in a messy yet chic way, creating a cool and effortless look.

Shaggy Pixie Cut on Blonde Hair

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If you have a heart, oval, or round face, try this hairstyle to balance your round cheeks and broader forehead. Ask your stylist to give you a choppy pixie cut for a new look.

Two-Toned Shaggy Pixie with Bangs

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Undercut Pixie Cut Will Beautifully Accentuate Your Cheekbones

An undercut pixie features a buzzed or shaved section on the sides and back, while the top is left with longer layers, drawing attention to the upper part of the face and highlighting the cheekbones.

Very Short Pixie with Undercut on Blonde Hair

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This edgy and bold haircut can be worn by anyone, especially those with straight hair and oval & heart face shape. Go for a pixie cut with shaved sides to achieve a unique, eye-catching look. You can truly make a statement with your straight hair with an undercut.

Pixie Cut with Undercut on Black Hair

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Pixie Cut for Round Face Shape is Always Flattering

Go for short pixie haircuts for a round face and naturally curly hair. A well-proportioned pixie with layers can also help elongate the look and enhance facial features. It’s essential to choose the right length that flatters your face. Be bold and experiment with different styles once you find the perfect one.

Pixie Cut with Side Bang for Round Face

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Blonde Pixie Cut with Straight Long Hair

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Layered Pixie Cut to Add a Little Bit of Texture to Your Hair

A layered pixie cut with bangs is a lovely haircut chosen mostly by heart, square, and oval face-shaped people.

Layered Pixie Cut on Red Hair

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This textured pixie adds volume and texture to your hair and balances out your facial features, like a wide forehead and broad face. You can try a bright blonde pixie with layers for a youthful appearance. The layers help create movement and body while keeping a short and manageable length.

Layered Pixie with Long Side Bang

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Very Short Pixie Haircuts: A Daring & Stylish Hair Look

Very short pixie haircuts are perfect for those who prefer short hair and a low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s an apt hairstyle for oval and heart-face-shaped people as the ultra-short length of this haircut instantly enhances facial features and draws focus towards cheekbones, jawline, and eyes.

Very Short Pixie Haircut with Lavender Hues

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Additionally, you can choose pixie for straight or wavy hair to create a bold and edgy look. Ask your stylist for a short blonde pixie if you want to try a daring hairstyle.

Very Short Pixie Cut on Blonde Hair

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Pixie Bob Cut: The Best of Both Worlds

The pixie bob cut is perfect for those who want a short yet versatile hairstyle. This haircut combines a pixie and bob cut and suits several face shapes. However, a pixie with side-swept bangs flatters the square face shapes. It is also an ideal hairstyle for thick hair, adding texture and movement.

Pixie Bob Cut with Curtain Bang

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Pixie Bob Cut on Fine Natural Hair

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Messy Pixie Cut for a Relaxed Appearance

An edgy messy short pixie cut can add some flair to your short hair. Try a messy pixie with an undercut for a bold and daring look. It is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd while staying at ease.

Messy Pixie Cut on Wavy Hair

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The carefree style of a messy pixie cut creates a more relaxed and casual look that can complement a round or square face shape.

Piecey Pixie on Dark Brown Hair

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Pixie Cut for Fine Hair: A Chance to Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

Do you have a fine and straight hair type style? If so, go for a pixie haircut for fine hair to create a voluminous illusion. Short layers can add volume and texture to thin hair, offering a more sophisticated look.

Pixie Cut with Long Side Bang on Fine Blonde Hair

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For those with an oval or heart-shaped face, this haircut can help to accentuate facial features and create a more defined and sculpted look. Additionally, it is among the lovely grey hair ideas for those looking to embrace their natural grey hair.

Pixie Cur with Curtain Bang on Red Hair

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Spiky Pixie Haircut to Highlight Your Daring Nature

A spiky pixie cut is a daring hairstyle perfect for those who want to start a conversation in the crowd. A messy pixie cut with spiky blonde hair adds a touch of edge and attitude to the classic cropped style.

Spiky Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

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Additionally, the spiky texture can create a more dramatic and eye-catching style that can complement a square or heart-shaped face. This look is perfect for those confident in taking risks with their hair.

Spiky Pixie Hairstyle with Undercut

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Rainbow Pixie Cut To Add a Pop of Color to Your Hair

If you love rainbow hairstyles, you should try cute pixie haircuts. It is a short pixie with shaved sides and hair colored in rainbow hues. However, the color choice and placement can be adjusted to flatter different face shapes.

Rainbow Pixie Haircut

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For example, those with a heart-shaped or oval face may consider adding pops of color at the crown or around the face to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. On the other hand, those with a square or round face may consider adding color at the ends or in a balayage style to create a more elongated and slimming effect.

Pixie Cut with Rainbow Highlights

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Pixie Cut for Plus Size Women: Be Sassy All the Time

A classic pixie cut with dark roots can be a flattering choice for plus-size women. A shorter style can elongate the neck and draw attention to facial features.

Pixie Cut on Curly Hair for Round Face Shape

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Experimenting with different textures and layers is important to find an apt and sassy pixie cut for plus-size women.

Curly Pixie Cur on Black Hair for Round Face

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Asymmetrical Pixie Cut: A Modern & Feminine Hairstyle

The asymmetrical pixie cut is a stylish and trendy hairstyle with a longer length on one side of the head, creating an edgy and modern look. This haircut suits various face shapes, especially those with an oval or heart-shaped face.

Asymmetric Pixie Cut on Red Hair

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The feathered haircut can add volume and texture, while the pixie cut with long bangs can create a softer and more feminine look. The tapered pixie cut can be an excellent option for those with a round face as it creates a more defined and angular shape.

Asymmetric Pixie Cut on Thick Brown Hair

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Two-Toned Pixie Cut: A True Mix of Colors

The two-toned pixie cut is popular for those looking for a bold and unique style. With dark roots and blonde ends, this look is edgy yet playful.

Two-Toned Pixie Cut on Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

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Shaggy pixie hairstyles like this can add texture to the hair quickly. If you have a round face, you will love the two-toned pixie bob, which can elongate your face and flatter its features.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Dark Roots

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How to style a pixie cut?

Styling a pixie cut is effortless and versatile. Apply a styling product to damp hair, blow dry, and run fingers through for a messy look. Use a texturizing spray for an edgy look. Tease hair at the crown and smooth the top layer for volume. Blow bangs to the side with a round brush. Use a flat iron to smooth ends for a polished look. Regular trims maintain the pixie cut’s shape.