40 New Short Haircuts for Women to Be Ahead of the Game

In the present era, women are breaking records in almost every field, and achieving an event-appropriate look is essential. Therefore, they keep trying out new styles.

Hairstyle is one such thing that instantly adds a fashionable touch to their whole appearance. And short haircuts for women are trending now. However, women with long, dense, and smooth hair hesitate before chopping off their tresses as they are unsure of their final look.

A woman shouldn’t be afraid to do a little experiment once in a while. Short haircuts with various curls, highlights, and other style aspects look pretty and fashionable. Short haircuts also enhance facial textures elegantly. So, it’s a must-try thing!

You can choose from a range of short haircut ideas for any hair texture to achieve a glorious look anytime. We have some superb short haircut styles for you here.

Short Bob Haircuts for Women Who Love the Classic Style

A short bob haircut for straight or naturally curly hair texture remains between the ears and just above the shoulders. For those looking for a lovely bob cut for thick hair, the stacked bob cut is a perfect choice as it manifests a slope in the hair length which remains longer in the front and shorter at the back. This classic cut plays safe and firm in the bob style keeping the choices open for a line bob and a blunt bob.

Short Bob Cut on Dark Wavy Hair

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Short Straight Bob Cut on Dark Brown Hair

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Timeless and Sizzling Short Pixie Cut for Elegant Women

Few hairdos are timeless and ever-elegant, like a short pixie cut. It is among such short hairstyles for women, which creates a beautiful feminine contrast. Women with round face love to carry edgy short pixie cut as it instantly softens the roundness of their face and offers a tremendous angular effect. Additionally, if you are choosing a pixie cut for fine hair, make sure you get your tresses chopped closely for a voluminous look.

Short Pixie Cut On Blonde Hair

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Short Pixie Cut on Black Hair with Highlights

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Short Haircuts for Black Women to Create Beautiful Appearances

Short hairstyles with natural curls are the perfect go-to styles when you really want to create an appearance that stands out in a crowd. Short bob haircuts for black women are hairstyles that work beautifully with your naturally thick hair texture. They ideally complement your face shape. You can experiment in many ways, from strengthened curls to poker-straight hair.

Short Pixie Cut on Curly Black Hair

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Short Bob Cut on Straight Dark Brown Hair

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A Pixie with Undercut Gives You a Flattering Appearance

A pixie with an undercut bob is a haircut whose length is between a pixie and a bob. This haircut has shaved side and neck area, which makes it an easy-going cut. If you have fine, long tresses, you can ask your stylist to give you a long pixie on straight hair. This haircut is longer than the usual pixie cut due to long bangs. Many celebrities wear long pixie styles these days!

Pixie with Undercut on Dark Brown Hair

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Messy Pixie with Undercut on Black hair

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Blunt Bob with Bangs Represents Your Straightforward Personality

A blunt bob with bangs is a short to medium-length chop with strands cut across the forehead. There remains zero presence of layers and textures, which portrays a flawless and smooth edge of hair ends. You can carry a chin-length bob to enhance your facial features. Additionally, you can combine it with side-swept bangs during the fall or winter season for a signature style.

Blunt Bob Cut with Bang on Black Hair

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0Blunt Bob Cut on Thick Straight Hair

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A Marvy Hairstyle- Short Layered Bob for Women with Fine Locks

If you are looking for a fantastic haircut that’s neither too long nor too short, then short layered bob haircuts are for you. A layered bob for a round face shape is an extraordinary choice as it balances the face shape effortlessly. If God has blessed you with black hair color and fine, straight hair type, you’ll love this haircut even more as it will make your tresses look voluminous.

Layered Bob Cut with Bang on Black Hair

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Layered Bob Cut on Thick Dark Hair with Highlights

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Short Curly Bob Can Make You Fashionable and Graceful

A short bob on wavy hair is a textured bob haircut that comes to the ear or jawline. The short curly bob is a versatile short haircut for women as it complements most facial shapes. You can even try out a stacked short curly bob to flaunt your naturally curly hair texture.

Short Curly Bob Cut

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Side Swept Short Curly Bob Cut on Black Hair

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Short Inverted Bob Haircut is a Perfect Party-Wear Hairstyle

A short-inverted bob haircut is shorter at the back and slightly longer in the front. The short, stacked layers at the back gradually get longer as it happens to come closer to the face. If you want to frame your face nicely, go for an inverted bob with a bang hairstyle. Your naturally straight hair will get an angular and stacked effect. Furthermore, a funky inverted bob is an extraordinary style for strong personalities.

Short Inverted Bob Cut for Elderly Women

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Short Inverted Bob Cut on Blonde Hair

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Messy Pixie Haircut for a Youthful & Perky Effect

A messy pixie haircut is a classy short-length style with tons of layers for texture. Owing to the messy style adds amazing volume and density to the tresses.

Messy Pixie Cut with Purple Highlights

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Spiked-up pixie cuts are well-known among girls as they can experiment with this style. The edgy messy pixie hairstyle with a base punk goes wonderfully with spiky hair. A spiky grey pixie can be appropriate for club nights. It happens to be very youthful and frivolous.

Silver Textured Pixie Cut

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Edgy Pixie Bob Haircut Can Be Self-Proclaiming and Versatile

The edgy pixie bob is one of the most famous short hair ideas among women of all ages. They are usually neck or ear-length cuts that can give you a modish appeal. These edgy cropped haircuts for women can be angled, shaggy, one-length, or choppy, making a perfect haircut for all face shapes. A nicely cut textured pixie will level up your confidence.

Edgy Pixie Bob Cut on Brown Hair

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Edgy Pixie Bob Cut with Thick Bang

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Short Shaggy Bob Cut for a Charismatic Look

This short messy hairstyle has uneven layers of tresses; it is easy to style & maintain haircut. You can even go for a choppy bob haircut for a tousled style and fresh look. You can get a jaw-length bob and pin a few hair strands at the back of your head using two or three hairpins for a charismatic look.

Short Shaggy Bob Cut on Blonde Hair

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Shaggy Bob Cut on Brown Hair

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Choppy Pixie Style for Heart-Shaped Face Always look Awesome

This pixie haircut is a pleasant hairstyle with wavy hair softly flowing downward. If you have thin strands, you can go for a choppy layers hairstyle to create elegant texture and enough volume.

Choppy Pixie Haircut on Black Hair

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Likewise, the short bangs and curls create a lovely look. These wavy or curly choppy pixie hairstyles suit heart-shaped faces the most. Being a wash-and-go hairstyle, you can wear it when you’re in a hurry.

Choppy Pixie Cut on Brown Hair

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Very Short Pixie Haircut for a Confident You

This hairstyle works like heaven for fine and thin hair and adds a modern touch to the classy pixie haircut. Ask your stylist to give you a tapered pixie look. Don’t forget to add a nice feathery texture to your hair to have a bold and confident style. This haircut can be a go-to option for women of any age group.

Very Short Pixie Cut on Natural Hair

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Short Pixie Cut on Natural Hair with Blonde Highlights

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Short Haircuts for Older Women for an Easy Yet Gracious Look

If you are wondering about attractive hairstyle ideas for women over 50, you should try the gray pixie haircut. It’s a great haircut that lets you embrace the elegance of silvery hair strands. It’s a beautiful tone that generation Y often get to look gracious. A sleek gray bob cut is a superb alternative to the pixie style. Go for it if you don’t want to chop your hair too short.

Pixie Cut on Gray Hair

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Pixie with Undercut on Blonde Hair for Elderly Women

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Add a Dash of Fashion to Your Look with Blonde Pixie Cut

Hair stylists say a blonde tone is more fun. Therefore, you should consider styling short hair with blonde highlights to achieve a seductive look. An asymmetrical blonde pixie cut is one of the statement short hairstyles for women that can add a lot of drama to your appearance. You can ask your hairstylist to give an asymmetrical flip to the heavier side of your hair so it appears voluminous.

Messy Blonde Pixie Cut

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Silver Blonde Pixie Cut

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Feathered Bob Cut for a Forever Elusive Look

Feathers add a lot of volume and dynamics to your natural hair. A short-layered bob is perfect for bringing a nice texture to your flat and lifeless strands. The stylist will create small sharp layers that fall separately on one another, appearing like ruffled feathers. To rock this haircut, combine it with blonde hair and embrace voluminous blonde hair.

Feathered Bob Cut on Light Brown Hair

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Feathered Pixie Bob Cut on Dark Hair

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Short Asymmetrical Bob Makes You Irresistible

The short asymmetrical bob is famous among women with smaller faces. It beautifully emphasizes their facial cuts and features. Combine this haircut with the side bangs to lengthen the face shape. The edgy choppy bob suits round faces and provide them with some texture.

Short Asymmetrical Bob on Black Hair

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Asymmetrical Bob on Straight Black Hair

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Short Ruffled Hairstyles Offer You a Riveting Style

A short edgy pixie is an extraordinary style, much longer than a usual pixie haircut owing to the swoop bangs. It offers you an asymmetrical effect and flatters your face shape. Combining short hair with highlights & ruffled hair will add a little spice to your overall look. You can even try a short messy silver hairstyle for a distinctive vibe.

Short Pixie with Side Bang on Black Hair

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Short Pixie on Brown Hair with Highlights

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Platinum Blonde Short Haircuts- Ideal for Both Young & Old Women

Every woman wants to keep people around her intrigued with her unique style, irrespective of age. A bouncy bob haircut in platinum blonde hair color is one such hairstyle idea that can help you fascinate even the hardest of hearts. The platinum blonde hair color goes best with the shoulder-length hairstyle ideas – opt for a longer pixie.

Bob Cut with Curtain Bang on Platinum Blonde Hair

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Bob Cut on Silver Hair

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Two-Toned Spiky Short Haircuts to Show Off Your Sassy Side

Change the look of your hair from boring to breathtaking with a two-toned spiky messy bob haircut. A blonde top and brunette bottom make an out-of-the-box combination and reveals your sassy style. Although spiky haircuts need straight hair texture, women with medium to thick hair can also carry such short haircuts – try a spiky undercut pixie with a clean undercut on the sides and a full middle bunch. So, this haircut is best for all hair types!

Two-Toned Bob Cut

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Peekaboo on Long Bob Cut

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What is the easiest short haircut to maintain?

Of all the short haircuts, the easiest to maintain is a textured shaggy bob. As it is a heavily layered haircut carried messily, it needs minimal maintenance.