45 Cute Burgundy Nail Ideas to Get a Next-Level Manicure

Since you are already tired of classic French and red manicures and are searching for some fresh ideas, we have got something for you. Burgundy nails are the choice of elegant and self-confident women who always know what they want. This color became popular long ago, but it is definitely at the top of nail trends 2022.

In this article, you can learn more about the hottest manicure trends and find the most attractive designs! We have gained the most incredible nail design ideas, and we are confident that at least one of them will appeal to you. Or maybe you would enjoy all of them and will have even more possible designs for your future manicure appointments?

Many women consider that burgundy color looks great only on very long nails, but it’s not true. Such a classy manicure with a strict and elegant covering is perfect for ladies of all ages and lifestyles. You can make a design in burgundy shades for short or long nails – both options will look outstanding. Let’s look at the best mani ideas and top combinations for all tastes and preferences.

Classic Elegance: Glossy Burgundy Nails

Burgundy nails with a glossy top are a fantastic design for your daily routine, and you shouldn’t make it only for some holidays or special occasions. This tone is quite dark, so women prefer to have it in autumn and winter. Long or short burgundy nails are a win-win option for any lady, looking great in plain color and different designs.

Long Burgundy Glossy Nails

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Glossy nails are classic, allowing you to have well-groomed hands. If your own nails are not strong enough, you can make a strengthening with acrylic powder, which will prevent them from breaking. Remember that finding your perfect nails technician is of utmost importance, and pay special attention to the instruments’ disinfection and sterilization.

Short Glossy Burgundy Nails

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Long Glossy Burgundy Nails with Glitter Gold Lines

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Unusual and Attractive Matte Burgundy Nails

The matte covering is on top trends now, and more and more women prefer it to the classic glossy one. Burgundy nail polish is a perfect color for making such a top, and there are several reasons for that. First, matte nails are prone to become dirty with time, so making them with light colors is not the best idea. Moreover, such a top makes your nail design look more muted.

Short Matte Burgundy Nails

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Dark burgundy manicure is suitable both for long and short nails. If you used to have short natural nails, but want to change something, consider the extension procedure. It allows you to lengthen your nails in a few hours and get an entirely new style. And to make the design more festive and unusual, you can always make glitter nails or at least add some crystals on the ring finger.

Long Matte Burgundy Nails with Accent Nail Design

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Long Matte Burgundy Nails with Leaf Design

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Ombre Is a Timeless Trend: Try Burgundy Design

Ombre manicure has been trendy for the last few years, and it’s not going to lose its relevance. Its main advantage is that you can make such a design using any colors, whether pastel or contrasting ones. The most common option for such ombre nails is combining burgundy and black colors. However, if you feel it would be better not to make such a contrast, you can choose different shades of burgundy nails, providing a laconic and nice design.

Long Ombre Burgundy Nails with Glitter Lines

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If you prefer bright and attractive designs, consider adding some silver or gold glitter to make shiny nails. A dark burgundy manicure can also be combined with light colors, such as beige and white, allowing you to make a great ombre design, which will get tons of compliments.

Long Ombre Burgundy Nails with White Lines and Glitter

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long Square Ombre Burgundy Nails

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Add Sparkles and Glitter to Your Burgundy Mani

Nails with glitter are always a good idea! If before such a mani was considered suitable only for special occasions, nowadays, ladies use it daily.

Short Square Dark Burgundy Nails with Glitter

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The most important thing is not to overuse glitter to always look laconic and relevant. Gold glitter is the best option that can be perfectly combined with trendy burgundy nails. You can make an ombre manicure or apply some chaotic patterns on nails.

Long Burgundy Nails with Glitter

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Sparkly nails are always a good idea since they help to make an exciting accent even if your clothing style is quite conservative. You should better choose a nail polish with a rich texture to provide a plain covering and make your manicure last longer.

Long Light Burgundy Nails with Pink Glitter

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Modern Classic: Burgundy Tips on Your French Manicure

The classic French mani seems banal for many women, so they prefer to avoid it. And what if we have a fresh idea about it? Try burgundy nail tips instead of the usual white ones and make the classic look unique. It is worth noting that such manicure suits different nail shapes, including square, oval, and stiletto, among others.

Long Burgundy French Nail Tips

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These fancy nails are suitable for any occasion since such a mani always looks laconic, elegant, and nice. And burgundy nail polish will add a pinch of uniqueness to your appearance. It is definitely one of the most exciting manicure ideas, which ladies of all ages really adore.

Long Square Burgundy French Nail Tips

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Long Round Burgundy French Nail Tips

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Stunning Floral Print on Burgundy Nails

Different patterns, including a floral print, seem never to lose their relevance in the nail designs industry. However, you should remember that too much design on your nails doesn’t look stylish, and minimalism is in trend nowadays. Choose burgundy nail art and add a small white flower to the ring finger, which will make your manicure more unusual and attractive.

Long Round Matte Burgundy Nails with Floral Design

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Wine red nail color and other trendy shades are a great base for drawing a flower or applying stickers. The final manicure fully depends on your imagination! Trendsetters also recommend choosing a matte finish, making your nails look unique.

Long Matte Burgundy Nails with Leaf Design

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Short Glossy Burgundy Nails with Leaf Design

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Shine Bright with Crystal Maroon Nails

The dark burgundy color, also known as maroon, is incredibly common among women since it’s stylish and quite universal. Many ladies considered rhinestones irrelevant, but nails with crystals are quite popular nowadays. Although it may seem like a festive manicure, adding a few bright elements to your nails is a good idea. Sparkly nails with glitter can now be perfectly added even to the official dress code, making such a manicure great for every day.

Square Maroon Nails with Rhinestones

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Maroon nails can be combined with design elements of any color, so it’s up to your imagination. You can choose long or short burgundy nails, and the shade will look amazing in any case. Many women feel inconvenient when adding crystals to their manicures since they can sometimes break at the most inopportune moment. Here, golden glitter is handy since it can add shine to your nail design.

Long Dark Burgundy Nails with Black Crystals

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Long Burgundy Nails with Crystals and Silver Swirls

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Gold Foils is a Perfect Complement to Burgundy Color

Gold foil is now the most common nail design instrument since it adds an exciting accent and is really easy to apply. Burgundy and gold shades complement each other perfectly, providing a lady with a noble manicure suitable for any occasion. Ladies adore nail designs with foil due to their simplicity – you can proceed with such manicure at home; just make sure to have all the appropriate instruments.

Round Matte Burgundy Nails with Gold Foil

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Matte or glossy top coat? It’s up to you to decide when making your incredible unique manicure. Despite the common stereotype that dark colors look good only on long nails, you can make a great nail design on short nails. It’s especially relevant because natural nails are currently on top of trends.

Round Light Burgundy Nails with Gold Foil and Marble Design

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Long Square Burgundy Nails with Gold Foil

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Elegant and Noble Almond Burgundy Nails

Almond shape is at the peak of popularity, and even those who used to have short nails desire to try it. Such nails type looks astonishing with any color, and burgundy is not an exception. Beautiful red wine nails will definitely attract tons of attention and will provide their owner with dozens of compliments.

Short Almond Burgundy Nails with Swirls

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Such fancy nails in a noble color are suitable for any situation and can be combined with any clothing style. And if you have a special occasion, apply some sparkles to your image! Nails with glitter are always a great idea, and to make your manicure laconic and discreet, add it only to the ring finger.

Short Almond Burgundy Sparkly Nails

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Short Almond Burgundy Nails

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Unique Silver Elements on Your Burgundy Nails

Many women prefer combining red wine shade with gold foil or glitter, which is a gorgeous idea. However, they often forget about silver elements that also look wonderful. For instance, applying some silver lines is a great option if you want to make your nails for the holiday season. Such mani is minimalistic but will look stylish and attractive on your elegant nails.

Long Square Burgundy Nails with Silver Polish Design

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Burgundy nails don’t imply a bright design since the color is quite classic and calm. However, applying glitter or crystals is the best way to make your manicure more unusual. It is a great complement to your entire look!

Short Round Nails with Burgundy Swirls and Silver Sparkles

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Short Square Burgundy Nails with Silver Glitter on Tips

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Fantastic Combination of Burgundy and White on Your Nails

One of the most significant benefits of burgundy color is that it can be perfectly combined with any other shade. For instance, adding a design with white nail polish will create a fantastic contrast. One of the trendiest options is a geometric print, such as straight chaotic lines or figures. Such a minimalistic design is a great option every day, providing you with an unusual but strict manicure.

Square Matte Burgundy Nails with White and Gold Design

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You should also consider an amazing floral design, especially relevant for spring manicures. It is a perfect way to make nice accent nails: you can draw flowers on each finger or add them only on several ones. Moreover, trendsetters recommend considering a matte and glossy nail combination, looking incredibly stylish.

Long Light Matte Burgundy Nails with White Polish Design

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Short Glossy Burgundy Nails with Accent White Nails with Crystals

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Unusual Color for Trendy Girls: Try Plum Burgundy Nails Now

Wine red color has numerous variations, and every woman can choose something suitable according to her preferences and tastes. A plum shade of burgundy is a mixture of dark red and purple, providing a deep and elegant shade that ladies of all ages adore. Visit your favorite beauty salon and select the most incredible design to get pretty nails.

Long Plum Burgundy Nails with French Burgundy Tips

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Consider adding some glitter, crystals, or patterns to your burgundy nail design to make your manicure more unusual. This color is truly universal, so you can combine it with everything to bring your unique idea to life. If you are already tired of banal glossy topcoats, pay attention to matte burgundy nails.

Short Plum Burgundy Nails

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Glossy Plum Burgundy Nails

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Impressive Marble Design on Burgundy Nails

Marble nails design appeared several years ago and confidently took its position in the list of manicure trends. The classic option includes black or white colors, but modern fashionistas have already transformed it. Nowadays, such a mani can be made in any shades you like, and burgundy nail color is not an exception. You can choose a white base and add chaotic wine red lines to get the stone effect.

Short Burgundy Nails with Marble Design

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Short burgundy nails are also a perfect base for such a design. Add some black, white, or any other color of your choice and get a unique manicure allowing you to attract a lot of attention. Nail masters also recommend choosing matte burgundy nails, which will be more muted but laconic and elegant.

Long Square Burgundy Nails with Marble Design and Gold Foil

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Short Almond Burgundy Nails with Marble Design

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Long Stiletto Burgundy Nails for Bright Personalities

Stiletto nail shape is increasingly common among women, and any polish will look fantastic on it. Burgundy nails are considered classic, so don’t forget about them during your next manicure appointment. Moreover, you can make the design more unique and unusual by adding some sparkly elements to your nails.

Long Stiletto Burgundy Nails

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One of the most popular ideas is creating a glass effect on nails, applying different-colored foil. You can select any shades you like and get an exclusive manicure, which will be impossible to repeat. If you like sparkly nail art, consider glitter and rhinestones, which are relevant for any occasion and the daily routine. A shiny nail design is a great way to cheer yourself up after spending a couple of hours in a beauty salon.

Long Stiletto Glossy Burgundy Nails

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Long Stiletto Matte Burgundy Nails

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Matte vs. Glossy Burgundy Nail Art: What Will You Choose?

Glossy burgundy nails are an elegant classic, suitable for women of all ages. Nothing can be compared to a neat manicure with a smooth covering, which shimmers beautifully in the sun. And if you want a classic design with a pinch of uniqueness, consider matte burgundy nails.

Long Round Matte Burgundy Nails with Glossy Tips

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Burgundy manicure, as well as red and French, has become classic for many women. It suits any nail length and is relevant for any occasion. Well-groomed hands with a laconic manicure and classic covering are always a great idea.

Short Square Matte Burgundy Nails with Glossy Tips

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Square Matte and Glossy Burgundy Nails

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What are the Longest Lasting Nail Polish Brands?

Having a nice and well-groomed manicure is one of the most significant aspects of creating a stylish and elegant image. People always pay attention to the hands during acquaintance, forming the first impression about a woman’s appearance. Many ladies prefer making a manicure without any covering and enjoy the natural conditions of their nails.

And those who like bright colors and nice designs in their manicures should always consider the quality of nail cosmetics they use. Some prefer making a mani at home, while others only trust professionals and visit the beauty salons and studios. And only one thing remains the same: every lady wants the nail covering to last longer without any damage.

Below, you can learn more about the best brands that provide excellent hand and nail care products.

O.P.I is a well-known US company that is rightfully considered the industry leader. The color palette is really enormous, and the brand continues releasing new collections and varied shades for all tastes and preferences. Despite their high quality, these cosmetics for nails and hands are fully affordable, so you can often meet them in beauty salons and specialized shops.

Essie is also one of the most impressive nail polish manufacturers. Many ladies know that even Queen Elizabeth prefers to use this brand, which speaks volumes about its quality. To make your manicure last as long as possible, try to use the base, color, and top of the same company since they suit perfectly each other.

There is hardly any woman who has never heard of Chanel. The company is more popular for its perfumes and accessories, so not many people know that it provides nail polishes of exclusive quality. The color choice is insane, and the covering with this product will last long. Besides being beautiful, Chanel Vernis is made of unique chemical compounds to provide calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium to the nails, strengthening them and making them healthier.

Of course, we couldn’t avoid mentioning the main Chanel rival, Dior. The company also supplies nail polishes and has a wide range of colors in its catalog. This polish has a high-quality brush, which is easy to use even for newcomers. You will be able to make a perfect manicure even without a top coat since the product is dense and saturated.

When choosing nail polish, consider the brand to use only the best, high-quality cosmetics. Moreover, keep in mind that there may be an individual reaction to a particular company’s products. For example, if your friend was able to wear a manicure for two weeks, it does not mean that you will have the same thing. Experiment and choose the best feel irresistible every day.