20 Awesome Micro Braids Hairstyles to Try on Any Hair Length

An all-time favorite hairstyle, micro braids are show-stoppers. The braids are as thin as your hair strands, allowing you to style them like normal hair.

An all-time favorite hairstyle, micro braids are show-stoppers. The braids are as thin as your hair strands, allowing you to style them like normal hair.

Another plus of this style is that it is a protective style that suits all kinds of natural hair, irrespective of the length and color of your tresses.

Micro braids are tiny, little braids – so small that they look like hair strands. The other advantage is that the micro braids last up to two months.

Continue reading to learn about 20 unique micro braid styles that can be tried on any hair length.

1 Sleek and Long Micro Braids

One of the trendy micro braids styles is long tight braids. If you opt for extensions, using micro braids on long hair is best. Take motivation from Beyonce’s stunning, super-long braids.

Whether you wish to flaunt long or extra-long hair, this style is for you. It makes you the center of attraction in no time!

Long Micro Braids with Brown Highlights

via @tinny_hairdresser

2 Chic Short Micro Braids

A hairstyle idea for short hair is to go for the ombre style. Even otherwise, super tiny braids on black-haired women give an ultimate look.

The look with braided hair is pretty high-end and sophisticated. The timelessness of this style makes it handy and versatile for any occasion. If your face is heart, square, round, or oblong-shaped, the updo hairstyle is best for you.

Micro Braids on Short Bob Haircut

via @plush_naturalhairtz

3 Smart Layered Micro Braids

Want hair multilayers? Go for a layered cut or, better still, for layered micro braids. Face framing cuts with a layer falling below the shoulders.

Like box braids, layered micro braids help protect your mane from damage caused by heat and humidity. It is one of the best-braided hairstyles to create volume. See a hairstylist to get the ends flipped out with the help of curling rods.

Micro Braids on Long Hair with Layered Ends

via @omabeauteparlour

4 Messy Curly Micro Braids

A tried-and-tested curly hairstyle is the curly micro braids. You can wear the long textured curls and waves loose, leaving them carelessly open. Or you can pull it into a ponytail, looking like natural hair with braids. Invisible or visible, messy curls swept to one side looks good on any hair length.

A braid-to-curl transition creates a cute look, matching your personality and face.

Micro Braids on Long Black Curly Hair

via @fola_style

5 Timeless Beauty: Wavy Braids with Wet Effect

The wet look is a classic style and is here to stay. However, the look is even more mesmerizing with micro braiding on wavy hair.

In this low-maintenance hairstyle, the braids are made a few inches, about four inches, above the roots. Consequently, the hair strands lie flat, giving your waves beautiful curly shapes.

Micro Braids with Blonde Highlights and Wet Effect

via @briolahairs

6 Gorgeous Micro Braids on Bob Cut

Women with short hair are often under the impression that micro braids are only for a long mane. But that’s not true! It is a great bob haircut idea. Try it.

While most women try micro braids hairstyles on their long locks, these braids on your asymmetrical bob cut give a sassy look to your personality. Set a deep side parting with an asymmetrical edge for that lovely look.

Cornrows and Curly Boxbraids on Bob Cut

via @sandybeautyhair

7 Fabulous Blonde Micro Braids

If you have blonde hair, try mini-blonde braids with loose curls. This is especially true if you have warm-toned skin with heads turning. When you leave the last part of the strands undone in the form of loose curls, the golden hue of the small box braids is even more noticeable. It is one of the gorgeous styles of your braids and will never fail.

Blonde Micro Braids on Naturally Black Hair

via @carrietanner_comicstyles

8 Impressive Side-Parted Mini Braids

Small braids with a deep side parting look gorgeous on women with heart, square, or diamond-shaped faces.

The protective style helps balance the sharp feature and softens the cheekbones. If you have long, thick hair, use this method of styling micro braids. Women with fine hair can go ahead with side-parting but ensure to use a texturizing spray to add volume to the braids.

Side-Parted Mini Braids on Long Black Hair

via @brabodastrancas

9 Popular Tiny Invisible Braids

Invisible braids hairstyles feature tiny braids that are spread unevenly across the scalp. And these can be woven into the natural hair growth of the person.

The roots are where the braids are visible. The effect is that it creates the illusion of long hair. Hidden amongst the loose strands, the tiny invisible brands are easy to maintain. This style looks good on short and long hair.

Tiny Invisible African Braids on Long Dark Brown Hair

via @ersinkoose.africanhairstyls

10 Charismatic Cleopatra Braids

Look like a regal queen with long hair braids, resembling the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It is tangle-free braided straight hair. It is characterized by a translucent feel and can be done on hair of different lengths and colors by adding shades of gold.

You can have braids with blonde ends, even with the ombre look. It keeps your hair looking lustrous!

Cleopatra Braids on Short Bob Cut

via @hairbysusy

11 Ultra-Stylish Braids with Side Undercut

The undercut hairstyle looks flawless with micro braids. The super-edgy braided hairstyle is versatile because simple work to intricate designs can be used.

When paired with undercuts or sidecuts, it gives a cool trendy look to your personality. The hairstyle looks super on women with oval face shapes. Curly or wavy long hair with an undercut can take your looks to another level.

Burgundy Braids with Side Undercut

via @_ambitiousbraider

12 Braided Half-Up Bun to Showcase Technicolor Style

A braided updo results in tying your braids up, forming a half-bun. This is a highly recommended style with colored micro braids. Use colorful braided hair extensions to get the perfect look.

The half bun amply highlights the contrast of hues, especially when you have light and dark shades. This is a trendy micro-braid hairstyle.

Braided Half-Up Bun on Long Black Hair

via @mezie.bh

13 Dramatic Micro Braided Ponytail

Go for a loose ponytail with your micro braids during the hot season. If you reside in a region that gets too hot during summer, this is the best way to care for and maintain the micro box braids.

For the scalp to breathe, there are cornrows at the top. The individual braids in ponytails are tied super-high so that no hair strand falls on the neck.

Micro Braided Ponytail with Blonde Highlights

via @cabelounisex

14 Micro Twists with Highlights: Adds Texture

Braids with blonde highlights help make your micro braids look even prettier. The protective hairstyle with highlights suits hair of all colors and lengths.

For example, you can have short braided hair with highlights or choose a style with slightly thicker highlighted micro braids than the others.

Hair Twists with Highlights on Long Bob Cut

via @bunnybraids

15 Cool Crochet Braids

Another loved protective style is the crochet braids that involve cornrowing your hair, wherein hair extensions are added to each cornrow with a crochet needle. The micro braid styles help care for your hair and style them lovingly. Use colors and highlights with crochet braids for thinning hair for magical transitions.

Crochet Braids on Short Thick Hair

via @hairbyclipperz

16 Bubblegum Micro Braids From CandyCaneland

The typical pink, purple, and blue bubblegum colors help create the mystical bubblegum look with your micro braids. This style is recommended for long hairstyles since it adds volume with hair extensions. The best way to show off the style is to tie the micro braids in a half bun up your nape.

Pink Micro Braids on Long Naturally Black Hair

via @omabeauteparlour

17 Aesthetic African Red Twists

Red hair color for long braids always creates a visually appealing look. With micro braids, the color combination gets highlighted further. Therefore, African red twists are a popular braid style where the color of the braid, the post-braid style, and the micro braids themselves look mesmerizing. This style suits the curly hair type the best.

African Dark Red Twists on Long Hair

via @hanniestouch_hair

18 Trendy Tiny Braids with Ombre

With no reason to worry about natural hair damage, you can get the ombre look with micro braid extensions. From dark to blonde ombre braids, the color choices can be subtle to fiery.

Try brown to blonde with high ponytails for straight hair ideas with braids. A half knot perfectly highlights the ombre effect.

Tiny Braids with Blonde Ombre Colour Mix

via @carrietanner_comicstyles

19 Fun Micro Braids in Ballerina Bun

A cute ballerina bun with your micro braids helps collect your beautifully-done up mane with micro braiding. It is simple to do. Gather the braids at the top of your head, tie a ponytail, and then wrap the braids around the ponytail. This is one of the protective styles that gives you freedom of movement and is a good try as everyday wear.

Black Micro Braids in Ballerina Bun

via @farida_makeup_artist

20 Protective Straight Blonde Tree Braids

Tree braids or invisible tree braids are a style where the braids cannot be seen except for the end of the hair extensions. The use of fine human hair makes it a volume-adding hairstyle.

Blonde micro braids that are straight are created using two hair packs for a fuller look.

Straight Blonde Tree Braids

via @toninatural


What is the best care for micro braids?

Use a gentle shampoo to wash and massage the braids. Apply a leave-in conditioner to moisturize the braids. Also, apply light hair oil for extra nourishment. Ensure that your daily intake of water is adequate to avoid dehydration.

How long do micro braids take?

It usually takes about 3 to 12 hours to do the micro braids. It can take longer depending on the natural hair length and thickness and the extension length.