20 Ombre Lips Ideas to Achieve Stunning Gradient Effect

Among the many popular makeup techniques, gradient lip makeup deserves special attention. It involves mixing two or more lipstick shades for a stunning ombre look.

This technique provides the fuller, voluminous lips illusion and is suitable for daytime and evening makeup. Its versatility allows you to create subtle and natural color transitions or enjoy bold, dramatic combinations.

The ombre lip look is a playful and creative way to experiment with your makeup. How best to do this? Let’s find out right now!

What is ombre lips?

As we said earlier, this technique requires two or more lipstick shades.

Typically, a darker shade is applied to the outer edges, and a lighter shade or highlights are suitable for the inner lips. To achieve the ombre effect, professional makeup artists often use lip liners. With their help, it is convenient to mark edges and create a smooth transition between tones because careful shading is the basis of the gradient effect.

You can find a step-by-step ombre lip tutorial here below.

How to Get Ombre Lips Tutorial

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Red ombre Lips

Do you like bold makeup? In this case, it is time to add a delightful ombre effect to your bright red lips!

Red Ombre Lips with Dark Contouring

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What shades go best with classic red? Considering the situation and personal preferences, choose playful pink, hot fiery orange, or intriguing wine.

Remember dark lip liner. The contour accuracy and the overall impression of the gradient depend on it.

Dark Red Ombre Lips with Black Contouring

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Deep Burgundy Ombre Lips

Confident women will like burgundy ombre lips.

Deep Burgundy Ombre Lips

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How to give your lips depth and volume using this ombre makeup? Combine burgundy with romantic plum, alluring wine, or even bewitching black.

Dark brown outer edges will make the look mysterious, and it’s up to you to decide what color to complete it with!

Dark Burgundy Ombre Lips with Black Contouring

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Pink Ombre Lips

This glamorous makeup is perfect for a bright and modern look. Pink lipstick with a lip pencil comes in a variety of shades. Candy pink, bubblegum, Barbie Pink, fuchsia, purple — all the options for lip line are too many to count!

Pink Ombre Lips with Purple Contouring

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How can you get a flawless blend of lipstick shades? Use a color wheel, consider your color type, and, if necessary, consult a professional makeup artist.

Pink Ombre Lips with Brown Contouring

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Red and Black Ombre Lips

Do you want contrasting red and black lips like in the image below? Follow the simple instructions!

Red and Black Ombre Lips

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First, choose the right shade of red lipstick in the center of the lips. It can be classic red, raspberry red, or blood red.

Secondly, decide on the darkest shade. The drama of the gradient is determined primarily by your desire. You can do ombre lips with a liquid lipstick that fades into taupe, charcoal, or even velvet black.

This ombre is the best choice for special occasions because it is simply impossible to resist the seductiveness of its owner!

Red and Black Matte Ombre Lips

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Nude Ombre Lips

Do you want to create natural yet sophisticated makeup and highlight the volume of your lips? A nude ombre will come to your aid! It is a choice for girls with a warm skin tone, especially if you add a matte finish or clear lip gloss.

Nude Ombre Lips

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Use nude lipstick as a base and create a gradient with peach, pink or brown. For example, light beige or champagne is perfect for the office, and an ombre with dark colors — for a party. One of the bright images suitable for a special event is waiting for you.

Nude Ombre Lips with Emerald Eye Makeup

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Emo Makeup with Ombre Nails

Emo makeup combined with ombre nails is a dark and alternative aesthetic epitome. Not all girls will take this step, but it deserves your attention!

Emo Makeup with Nude and Black Ombre Lips

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For example, a luxurious and rather discreet look with smoky makeup and a dark ombre effect with Mac lip products, which you can find below, perfectly matches the dramatic emo image. A black manicure can effectively complement charismatic harsh edges.

Of course, speaking of creating ombré lips, one cannot help but recall gothic romance. It is the image waiting for you in the photo: dark red lips, pale skin, expressive eyes with additional art look bold and seductive.

Emo Makeup with Red and Black Ombre Lips

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Ombre Lips for Dark Skin

Ombre lips for dark skin tone look stunning and make facial features even more expressive.

Ombre Lip Makeup for Dark Skin

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You can use two shades of lipstick for an ombre effect: dark red and coral, dark brown and caramel, or rich berry and pink. Feel free to experiment with bright colors using NYX lip pencil.

Nude Ombre Lips for Dark Skin

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Reverse Ombre Lips

Reverse ombre lips are a creative twist on the traditional technique. It is customary to place a lighter shade on the center of the lips with a classic ombre, but here, it’s the opposite!

Red and Nude Reverse Ombre Lips

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Start with a light shade of lipstick on the outer edges of your lips and gradually move to a deeper, darker color towards the center. With such a contrasting ombre look, the lips are expressive.

Add a little shine to your non-standard color combination: apply lip gloss and enjoy the reflection in the mirror.

Pink to Nude Reverse Ombre Lips

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Brown Ombre Lips

You can make brown ombre lips as a versatile addition to any style.

Brown Ombre Lips

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For a light base, choose nude, bronze, or caramel Dior lipstick shades, and for darker shades of outer corners — dark brown, mocha, or chocolate.

A brown ombre lip look harmonizes with your everyday look and adds a touch of sophistication and glamor. Convince yourself of this using the example of the model.

Brown Ombre Lips with Bright Eye Makeup

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Purple Ombre Lips

If you like purple lipstick, 100% ombre makeup will suit your taste!

Purple Glossy Ombre Lips

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Plum, violet, and other shades combinations with delicate lilac and lavender will help achieve fuller lips. This ombre makeup look will be more attractive at evening events.

Purple and Pink Ombre Lips with Yellow Eye Makeup

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What are the most popular Ombre Lip Combos?

Effective combinations vary from season to season and also depend on your preferences. However, here are a few timeless solutions that will transform your makeup in minutes:

  • Classic red ombre. Use rich matte red lipstick and complementary scarlet or orange-red shades for fiery, expressive lips.
  • Nude ombre. In this technique, pair a lipstick that matches your skin tone with deeper nude, light pink, and champagne tones.
  • Berry bliss. The base of this ombre is berry or plum lipstick, which goes perfectly with purple and light pink shades.
  • Peachy keen. A stylish spring-summer solution in which peach or coral lipstick is combined with soft pink and golden shades.
  • Vampy ombre. Want to stand out from the crowd? Pair a bold, dark burgundy or wine-colored lipstick with bright red in the center. The vampire look definitely won’t go unnoticed;
  • Brown sweetness. Pair brown or chocolate lipsticks with warm caramel and nude to create a warm and subtle ombre look.

You can learn more about trendy combinations for perfect makeup in the image below.

Best Lip Combos Tutorial

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