Top 22 Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas for a Change-Up

The dirty blonde style is one of the prettiest styles women ask hair colorists for this year. It took a backseat for some years, but now it’s making a solid comeback. Blonde hair dye was once considered unattractive, but it’s back in different versions in the women’s fashion world. So, if you wish to transform your natural hair color and get a new look, here are the top 22 dirty blonde hair color ideas for you.

What is a Dirty Blonde Hair Color?

The name “dirty blonde hair color” is self-explanatory, i.e., a beautiful combination of darker blonde shades and the lightest brown shades. It is versatile and can be modified to suit your skin tone. You can make the best hair dye for yourself by adding a bright blonde hue for a warmer look or ashy tones to get a cooler blonde hair look. Therefore, whether you have a dark blonde, light, medium, or brunette base, you can get the suitable dirty blonde hair dye! It gives you many benefits, including protection from hair damage caused by bleaching & coloring, quick makeover, and low maintenance.

Now, let us explore that 22 extraordinary dishwater or dirty blonde hair color ideas so you can pick the best one for yourself!

Give Some Dimension to Your Natural hair with Natural Dirty Blonde Hair Color

If you have naturally blonde hair, you can get this hair color effortlessly. It is a perfect dishwater hair color that appears to have natural highlights, providing your hair with more dimension & depth. You can make it as sober or dramatic as you want by adding darker shades or light brown tones. It looks flattering and amplifies the beauty of your natural hair, giving you a “no hair color” look.

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair with Curtain Bang

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Dirty Blonde with Highlights for a Sun-kissed Vibe

Another excellent dirty blonde hair idea is blonde highlights. This hair color will look flattering on women with naturally dark blonde or light brown hair. If you are looking for beachy and sun-kissed hair color, you should try blonde hair with highlights.

You can flaunt them gorgeously if you have excellent, warm, or neutral skin tones. When combined with darker roots, blonde highlights are much easier to maintain than traditional highlights.

Dirty Blonde with Highlights on Medium Length Hair

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Dark Dirty Blonde Hair for a Nice Hair Transition

If you are seeking a gorgeous transition from your artificial hair color to a lovely natural grey tone, you should give a hit to the dark, dirty blonde hair color. To achieve a deep dirty blonde hair tone, ask your hair colorist for babylights and a silvery matte toner.

Famous hair colorists worldwide admire lovely neutral, warm, and golden blondes. According to them, everyone’s hair has a warmer or darker hair undertone, so doing a warm color in those striking highlights is easier and will look pretty. Additionally, if you have wavy or straight hair, you’ll be able to flaunt this color nicely!

Dark Dirty Blonde on Wavy Hair

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Try Dirty Blonde Balayage for a Sun-drenched Hair Effect

Dirty blonde balayage is a beautiful and low-maintenance hair color that you should try on your next salon visit. The warm tones look perfect on most complexions, which makes it a globally flattering color.

The color deposition of balayage on your dirty blonde waves gives a seamless and smooth grow-out. When your hair colorist mixes the shades to provide you with a dirty blonde balayage look, you will see that roots are colored dark, and ends are colored lighter. This combination of dark roots and lighter ends nicely shows off the beauty of bright blonde hues and gives a perfect sun-drenched effect!

Dirty Blonde Balayage on Long Hair

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Platinum Blonde Highlights for an Attractive & Illuminating Effect

Want to try a gorgeous hair color that can make you stand out in the crowd? Ask your colorist to do dirty platinum blonde. It is nearly white, ice blonde with ashy silver undertones.

Platinum blonde highlights on dirty blonde hair give an illuminating effect to your hair. Superb for all hair of any length and type, the versatility of dirty platinum blonde is worth praising!

Platinum Blonde Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

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Get a Beachy Vibe with Dirty Ash Blonde Hair

Feel like to be on a beach with ash, dirty blonde hair. This dirty blonde hair trend is becoming a favorite for most women. It is a great color and makes a great combination with darker blonde hues.

Dirty Ash Blonde on Short Hair

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Dirty Blonde on Long Hair Looks Chic & Sober

Do you have long brown hair? If yes, you must try dirty blonde hair color. This hair color idea for your skin tone is elegant and trending. It is a must-try thing for people with fine hair as it will give the needed effect to their tresses. To beautify your long dirty blonde hair, you can trim its tips a bit.

Dirty Blonde on Long Hair with Dark Roots

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Achieve a Sleek & Free-Spirited Look with Dirty Blonde Color on Textured Bob Cut

If you wish to achieve a fashionable look without compromising on your sophistication, then you should ask your hairstylist to give you a bob cut and dirty blondes on it. The secret to getting the tip-top Dirty blonde colored hair is in the wavy texture of your bob cut.

Dirty Blonde Color on Textured Bob Cut

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Dirty Blonde with a Money Piece on Dark Brown Hair for All-time Trendy Look!

If you have darker brown hair and need a change in your hairstyle, try dirty blonde money piece highlights. The honey-blonde color complements most skin complexions and tones. However, it is always great to ask your colorist for a lovely money-piece balayage if you have light brown hair or any other color.

Dirty Blonde with a Money Piece on Dark Brown Hair

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Be Fashionable with Ombre Dirty Blonde Hair

Brown to dirty blonde hair with ombre is what every other woman out there asks her colorist for. It’s stunning and simple to style! You can have the best of both worlds with dark roots and a smooth gradient of light blonde tones to the ends. People with warm skin tones can carry regular and reversed dirty blonde ombre effortlessly.

Ombre Dirty Blonde on Medium Length Hair

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Look Cool with Dirty Blonde Hair with Bangs

Amplify your haircut with bangs with blonde highlights. Yes, dirty blonde bob-cut side-swept bangs will add a nice flair to your hair look. To achieve this style, use a paddle brush, blow dry your lovely bangs, and set them for a fabulous final touch.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Thick Bang

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Blonde Hair with Lowlights for an Easy-peasy Look for Women in the 60s

If you are in your 60s and want to achieve an effortless yet fashionable hair look, dirty blonde hair with lowlights is the thing for you! This is one of the best blonde hair ideas to cover up your grey hair seamlessly. Adding lowlights in your natural blondes gives your hair an ideal dimension.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Lowlights

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Dark Dishwater Blonde Hair to Flaunt your New Hairstyle

You can choose dark dishwater blonde if you want a perfect blend of existing and grown-out highlights. The beauty of your natural hair will go to another level with a light brown shade. People with straight or wavy hair will love it more!

Dark Dishwater Blonde Wavy Hair

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Natural Color Waves for A Well-Defined Hairstyle

You should try light dirty blonde highlights along with a wavy cut if you have naturally dirty blonde hair. The light blonde waves will beautifully define your natural hair. Additionally, if you have a pale skin tone, you can try cool blonde hues to add prominence to your entire look.

Natural Blonde Color Waves with Curtain Bang

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Icy Blonde Hair to Show Off Your Individuality

Whether you wear long tresses or short dirty blonde hair cuts, you can make a statement with ash blonde highlights. Icy blonde hair color is a cool-toned and light shade that can be white or beige. If you have dark blonde ombre hair, you need not bleach your tresses to get icy blonde color; you can achieve it without hair bleach.

Icy Blonde on Long Wavy Hair

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Dark Roots and Blonde Ends for a Two-Tone Hair Color Effect

When you choose shades of blonde for your hair to get a new look, stylists often suggest getting dark roots and blonde ends. It is a dirty blonde with grown dark roots. Your choppy long bob will appear highly beautiful with this two-tone hair color effect where one end is darker, and another end is lighter in shades. You can easily flaunt ombre hair from dirty blonde to blonde if you have a warm skin tone.

Dark Roots and Blonde Ends on Bob Cut

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Dirty Blonde with Caramel Highlights for a Fantastic Transition in Hairstyle

Slay your dirty blonde base and messy waves with caramel or golden blonde highlights. This hair color will look even more appealing on messy waves. It is a perfect way to make a great transition from light to dark hair or vice-versa. Try it out!

Dirty Blonde with Caramel Highlights on Wavy Long Hair

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Look Vibrant All the Time with Dirty Honey Blonde Hair

Dark honey highlights are best to add the perfect dimension to your natural blonde hair. These golden highlights look vibrant with darker hair due to their contrast. Ask your colorist to pair it with light brown hair color.

Dirty Honey Blonde on Long Hair

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Dark Sandy Blonde to Beautify Your Natural Blonde Hair Smoothly

To make your dirty blonde hair look natural, you need an ideal dimension, and sandy blonde hair color is what you need. It is a fantastic way to stretch your darker roots to lighter strands and golden highlights. Medium skin tones can beautifully carry this hair color.

Dark Sandy Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

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Dirty Strawberry Blonde to Brighten Up your Face

Dirty strawberry blonde highlights are awesome for warm or neutral skin tone people. It is a gorgeous hair color with hints of red, pink, gold, and blonde for the ultimate warm color.

If you are a person with blue or green eyes and light blonde hair, you have got the best hair color idea. It will take no second to brighten up your face.

On top of it, dirty strawberry blonde is a great way to improve the condition & look of your over-processed dark blonde hair.

Dirty Strawberry Blonde on Thick Wavy Long Hair

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Add a Dash of Fashion in Your 50s with Dirty Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

If you are finding a gorgeous hair color idea for women over 50, you should try a dirty blonde bob with highlights in a purple tone. Adding a darker purple tone to your dyed blonde hair will bring an exciting tone to your hairstyle. Also, it will add a perfect touch of glamour to your look!

Dirty Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

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Bring Some Contrast with Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

Dark caramel blonde ombre is a perfect choice for people with fair skin tones. It includes brown to dark blonde ombre shades that will instantly bring a glow to your face. Additionally, it will make your hairstyle look super stylish without extra effort. Amplify them with dirty blonde highlights or honey highlights.

Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair Color

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Blonde hair care: How to maintain perfect blonde shade?

To make your lovely blonde shade last longer, you need to look after it carefully. Make sure it is hydrated, protected from heat & sun, and properly cleansed & nourished with the right oil, shampoo, and conditioner. These tips will maintain the luster of your blonde hair while keeping it healthy!