20 Gorgeous Blue Ombre Hair Ideas to Rock This Season

One of the exciting bright hair colors that oomphs up your look are various shades of blue. The color of the sky in multiple shades helps create the sensational blue-colored ombre hair. Interestingly, blue goes well with many colors – green, violet, purple, silver, grey, black, brown, and so on.

One of the exciting bright hair colors that oomphs up your look are various shades of blue. The color of the sky in multiple shades helps create the sensational blue-colored ombre hair. Interestingly, blue goes well with many colors – green, violet, purple, silver, grey, black, brown, and so on.

It looks beautiful with either a straight or curly hairstyle. But, if you are adventurous enough and wish to experiment with your looks, then take it as a challenge to be different. So, go for blue ombre hair and give yourself a new bold look that makes you an instant center of attraction wherever you go!

Mesmerizing Mermaid Blue Ombre Hair

Let’s begin with the most impactful blue ombre idea. It is the mermaid hair color. The depths of the large waterbodies embody multiple colors leaving it open for your hairstylist to use traces of all or a few to create shades of blue ombre hair.

Purple and aquamarine create the underwater effect impressively. Rainbow tones create the illusion of beachy waves. Bright blue hair with purple ends or roots gives an impressive aqua tone.

Mermaid Blue Ombre Hair

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Glamourous Dark Blue Ombre Hair

If you have jet-black hair and wish to infuse charismatic life into your tresses, go for blue hues on dark hair. Darker shades of blue can pep up your dark mane, mostly when blended seamlessly into a blacker base.

The outcome is chic-looking navy blue ombre hair with subtle blue undertones. The darker tones of blue hair color appear like tousled waves at the beach. As a result, there’s an enhanced texture and dimension to your tresses.

Blonde Roots to Dark Blue Ombre Hair Ends

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Funky Short Blue Ombre Hair

Have a pixie haircut? And you want to try a transformative color on your hair? Try blue ombre hair. Short hairstyle ideas should be on your list, especially if you have a fair skin tone. Short blue strands and locks can have a pleasing effect. It looks super cute and cool!

Try black roots with glowing blue ends. If your hair has a wavy style or tight spirals, the blue ombre helps magnify the hued ends.

Short Rainbow Ombre Hair with Blue Ends

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A Cool Hairstyle: Ombre Blue and Purple Hair

Keen to try a vociferous two-shades hair color idea? Our recommendation is to experiment with purple and blue ombre.

One idea is to color your mane blue and the roots purple. Try this if you have dark hair. A brilliant idea for dark brunettes with multiple colors is a vivid combo of red and blue with a purple transition. If you have medium-length hair, try the electric combination of deep purple and blue for the ultimate alluring look.

Long Wavy Ombre Blue and Purple Hair

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A Perfect Transition of Black to Blue Ombre Hair

Black and blue are a deadly combo. Match raven or dark roots with the blues of the sea. The idea of long locks with blue ombre is stunning. Next, you can use blue as a black and pink transition base.

Then, you can take it to the next level by adding fuschia tones to your blue ombre hair. Another ocean waves hair color idea is to go from black to dark teal with turquoise tips.

Long Wavy Black to Blue Ombre Hair

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Midnight Beauty: Navy Blue Ombre

Navy blue or muted blue can be achieved by mixing deep blue with black tones. The result of this dark blue hair dye is impeccable and excellent. Dark blue hues on dark brown hair are fabulous because the effect is easy to achieve on darker tresses.

Brown and blue hair have a longer lifespan because the deep pigments fade slowly. Just make sure the color placement is done the right way. It is highly recommended for fair-skinned people. Even Peek-a-boo strands look great.

Navy Blue Ombre on Short Bob Cut

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Fairytale Pastel Blue Ombre Hair

Love pastel colors? Go for pastel blue hair. Try pastel blues at the ends of dark black hair. These colors look good together since they are in contrast. Pastel blues also gel well with grey.

It is an impressive straight hair color idea turning your mane into a youthful and cute entity. Add silver to the tips for an effervescent appeal. Brunettes with pastel blue ombre are also worth a try, especially pastel blues tips for a toned-down look.

Pastel Blue Short Ombre Hair

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Irresistible Silver Blue Hair

A blue ombre style that is a must-try is the ‘Blue Steel’ color. It is, however, not for the faint-hearted, as it can take multiple sessions to get the shade right. The truth is that ice blonde with purple highlights is a fantastic pair.

Following closely in the footsteps of the blonde hair trend, the silver-blue trend represents an icier essence on platinum blonde hair with cool tones of blue. The effect is jaw-dropping!

Long Wavy Silver Blue Ombre Hair

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Pink and Blue Hair Color Looks As Interesting As Cotton Candy

There are different ways to experiment with pink and blue hair colors. A bold way is to color your hair bright pink with blue tips. It is a good choice for people with tanned skin.

Another choiceable hair color idea is pink to blue ombre hair. Include purplish tints for a bright color palette. For a bolder transition, go for the fascinating deep blue ombre hair – a mix of neon blue and pastel pink. End with silver locks!

Long Pink and Blue Ombre Hair

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Show-Stopper: Icy Blue Hair

Icy blue ombre hair is a fab combo with dark hair that’s naturally wavy. One of the trendiest blue hair ideas, the icy blue color gives a vibrant flair to your locks. There’s more dimension achieved with saturated cold hair hues.

The light blue shade leaves your tresses fairly drenched with a pastel feel to create an icy effect. If you have jet-black hair, try dark blue at the roots and let it fade into icy blue at the curls. The final look is phenomenal!

Pink to Icy Blue Ombre Hair Color

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Mystical Red and Blue Ombre Hair

Red and blue ombre work like fire – the impact is brilliant as blue and red are two opposing elements – like water and fire.

Use purple hues to transition from red to blue. This way, the combo has a neater look. Red hair roots transition beautifully to rock blue. Another idea you can try is bright blue roots with fiery red at the ends. It has a desert-like feel. Finally, add platinum streaks to your loose curls.

Red to Blue Long Ombre Hair

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Lovely Teal Ombre Hair

This blue hairstyle is a good choice for women with long luscious tresses. Match dark blue roots with teal color on the rest of your mane for a fabulous show. Since the colors are from the same hue family, they complement each other and look great. When you want your hair to look unique, go for a green ombre with blue hues.

No worries if you have bob haircut. This short or long hairstyle idea works when the color transitions from black to dark teal at the tips.

Dark Roots to Teal Ombre Hair

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Energy-Filled Brown Hair and Blue Tips

Brown natural hair color with blue tips is a gorgeous idea when you want to have a different look. It works because the base is dark, and the blue color glows brightly.

There are various ways to work brown and blue. You can keep it subtle by opting for brown hair with highlights in blue. If you have hair of a shorter length, like a pixie cut, make the style even more vibrant with deep purple hair shades. Peekaboos are good to try too!

Light Brown Hair with Blue Tips

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Vibrant Electric Blue Ombre Hair

Bright blue wavy hair has a seductive ethos, especially with a black base. Your waves and curls look thicker and fuller with this color. It is a good fit for short hair too. Go for the baby blue hair color if you like brighter hues.

For fair-skinned people, this is the ultimate hair color choice. Infuse a tinge of purple to bring out the beauty of the blue color.

Platinum Blonde to Electric Blue Ombre Hair

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Striking Violet Hair with Blue Hues

Embibe fun and playfulness with your ombre hair by blending violet and blue. With dark blue roots, let the color gradually transcend into light blue at the waves and violet ends.

A violet gradient is no less fun, though. For example, go from blue to red with a transition to violet between your long tresses. Visit a professional hair stylist for the perfect style!

Violet Hair with Blue Hues

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Turquoise Blue Ombre Hair Looks Simply Fantastic

Turquoise blue on black hair is not for the faint-hearted. You need guts to dare this extra-bright color that attracts attention immediately.

Keeping the roots and the upper part dark black, and the ends can be a fine combination of turquoise and blue – looks like ocean waves. Your long straight hair can have a black-to-dark teal transition with turquoise tips. A colorful option can mix green ombre, blue, and turquoise, as you have just dipped in the ocean.

Turquoise Blue Ombre Hair with Dark Roots

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Blue Ombre on Braids: Create a Personality

Create a fixated look with your blue-shaded twisted braids. If you belong to the African community, you can spice up your hairstyle with shades of blue on braids.

For fair-skinned ladies, a touch of blue pop on your tresses is ideal for your braids. It could be a single braid or two French braids that showcase black roots and a gradient from blue to turquoise to purple and then silver. Like bright teal, you can also stick to one shade of blue on your ombre braid.

Blue Ombre on Long Black Braids

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Pastel Blue Tips With Lavender for a Softer Look

One significant aspect of pastel blue is that it quickly transitions into white color. You can create a graceful effect with lavender hair color at the tips, with the rest of the hair colored pastel blue. This is for those who love subtle colors.

For a pop of brightness on your long hairstyle, go for a combo of three or more colors, where pastel blue and lavender can be mixed with a black base or darker blues and purples.

When combined, violet strands or pastel blue peekaboo work for a short wavy bob cut.

Pastel Blue Tips on Lavender Hair Color

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Alluring Blue Green Ombre with Bang

If you have a hairstyle with different types of bangs or wish to have differently-looking bangs, try blue-green ombre with bangs. These two beautiful ocean colors – blue and green- look overpowering on your bangs.

The fact is that green shades and blue hair have a brilliant comradeship, and it is so eloquently expressed in these two colors. Try this blue hair idea but have your hairstylist advice you on the best option.

Blue Green Ombre with Bang on Bob Cut

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Blue Peekaboo Hair Looks Extraordinary

Our blue ombre hair ideas are complete with blue peekaboo hair ideas. Your wilder hair color gets a notch higher with the peek-a-boo style. This way, your blue strands can be downplayed and displayed when you want to.

Blue ombre peekaboo involves dying the bottom layer in different shades of blue. Only a few chunky strands and the work is done. Whether you have black or brown hair, you can effectively use peekaboos for your long, straight hairstyle.

Blue Peekaboo on Long Wavy Black Hair

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What does blue hair symbolize?

Blue tones have always been associated with peace and tranquillity, like the calm ocean water. Therefore, people with blue hair are believed to be peace-loving and have a quiet disposition. They have strong self-belief and confidence and are strong-willed to make novel decisions without being bothered about what others would have to say. So, yes, blue is the color that portrays your high self-esteem and serene nature.

What skin tone does blue ombre hair suit?

Blue ombre hair color goes well with all kinds of complexion. So, you have a bold statement color that suits you irrespective of whether you have a warm, neutral, or cool skin tone.

Warm-skin-toned people should try to blend green with blue, while if you have a cool skin undertone, go with pure blues.

Neutral-toned people can choose any shade of blue for their mane and look good.