35 Shades of Pink Hair to Swoon Over Your New Look

Now is the time if you have been thinking about going for a bolder look. With the new year coming up, why not make a statement with stunning and cute hair color?

Pink hair is something that you must try. Today, you will explore the top 23 shades of pink hair to achieve an eye-catching look. So if you’re ready to stand out and make a statement with your pink short or long haircut, let’s get started!

Pastel Pink Hair Are For Those Who Love Minimal Hair Styling

A soft and delicate shade of pink known as pastel hair color is frequently used with other lighter shades of hair color, such as blonde and even purple, or it can be worn on its own. It looks great with all complexions, skin tones and hair types and is one of the highly versatile hair color ideas. Try this new color on a bob cut for an extraordinary appearance.

Pastel Pink Hair Color on Bob Cut

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Light Pink Hair Always Looks Modest

Light pink is a delicate and modest shade of hair dye for natural hair. It denotes happiness, carefreeness, and kindness. It is a superb hair color for people with fair or cool skin tones.

You can make a statement this new year with gorgeous light pink curls. This particular hair dye is in trend nowadays and is loved by celebrities too.

Light Pink Long Hair

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Show Off Your Bold Personality With Dark Pink Hair

Women with darker hair are extremely proud because it is a highly versatile natural hair colour.

Deep pink hair color exudes a more refined mood than bright pink hair, which looks attractive on all skin tones. It’s now a widely used hair trend. You can ask a hair stylist for the best pink color ideas for a pixie cut that will make you look fashionable.

Dark Pink Wavy Long Hair

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Hot Pink Hair Color for Courageous Women

Hot pink hair makes a bold statement and has a long history. If your hair has dark roots, you may need several bleaching procedures to get the desired outcome. Even though bleach can occasionally cause some harm to your hair, a professional stylist will give you a gorgeous, healthy hot pink color to your long or short hairstyle.

Hot Pink Color on Medium Length Wavy Hair

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Pink Ombre Hair Makes You Stunning In All The Way

Pink ombre hair features a gorgeous progressive color change from blonde hair to pink roots throughout. The ombre technique gives stunning looks when combined with a base of brown, blonde, black, or even ginger shade. It’s a great way to enhance your natural hair texture. This hair look makes a statement, gets people talking, and increases heart rates.

Long Blonde Hair with Pink Ends

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Pink With Purple Hair Looks Unique

The violet-tinged pink hue for hair often showcases your openness and versatility and is one of the beautiful pink hair color ideas. For a unique look, you can try pastel ombre with vibrant pink or a striking lavender tint. It communicates that you are unique, creative, and unafraid to explore yourself.

Pink With Purple Hair Color on Bob Cut

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Go for Pink and Black Hair Colors for a Striking Look

Try a striking combination of black and pink hair dye to make a statement. If you keep your roots black and have a lovely pink color on the strands, you will have a more lively and natural appearance.

Alternatively, pink highlights can be done for a more modest look. If you have other styling ideas for pink color on a long hairstyle, ask your stylist to do the same, and you’ll be ready to rock!

Pink and Black Stripes on Long Hair

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Look Pretty in Pink and Blue Hair

Another unique pink hair idea is a blue and pink combo that complements one another while still providing diversity. Dark hair’s blue and pink highlights are just great for this season. You can achieve more statement results by combining the pale pastel hues for both pink and blue for a gentle and blended effect.

Pink and Blue Hair Combo

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Take Your Look To The Next Level With Dusty Pink Hair

Dusty pink hair color has a gray undertone, which gives it a far moodier vibe on the curly bob cut than its candy-inspired counterparts.

Pink balayage works well with all dark skin tones because it melds seamlessly into medium or dark brown hair.

Dusty Pink Color on Long Hair

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Go Crazy With Strawberry Pink Hair

If you want to discover yourself as a new one, try the light pink hair dye or rose gold hair color. It is less outrageous but still has an edgy vibe. It is a fabulous, vibrant hue for fair hair. It can be warm or cool and flatters fair and medium skin tones.

Strawberry Pink Color on Long Wavy Hair

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Pink and Green Hair – A Flattering Color Combination To Rock

Combining pink with other bright hair colors, such as green, will make your hair stand out even more. Color your dark hair with green and pink highlights for a flattering look. If you prefer a softer hair look, you can go for pastel green and pink colors. This way, you can flaunt your messy pixie haircut more beautifully.

Pastel greens and pinks on messy pixie haircuts offer a soft, soothing complement to more vibrant colors.

Pink and Green Hair Combo

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Get an Adorable Look with Cute Cotton Candy Pink Hair

The light pink shade looks faultless and incredibly attractive on every hairstyle, even for women over 50. Everybody will be gushing over her cotton candy shade.

It is usually suggested to go for this cute hair color on medium-length hair because it’s easier to maintain as recoloring the full head becomes quick and convenient.

Cotton Candy Pink Color on Wavy Hair

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Magenta Shade Makes You Look Gorgeous

Magenta pink hair color is a gorgeous shade that you can experiment with on your long glossy hair. It adds a unique characteristic to your hair and makes them look energizingly sensual.

Women with dark brown hair will love this less vibrant version of red hair color even more. Keep the roots dark so they would dazzle in the strong sunlight. The magenta-pink hair color is one shade that complements many complexions.

Magenta Pink Color on Long Hair

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Bubblegum Pink Hair Gives You The Hottest Look

Bubblegum pink is a mid-tone, dusty rose-purple color with a floral touch and is one of the best new pink hair color ideas. Blonde hair with purple highlights is fully versatile, letting you style it however you like, whether you want it to be showy or subtle, seamless or contrasting to many pink colors.

Pink hair extensions look great on everyone and have the softest yet most “vibrant” tone.

Bubblegum Pink Hair

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Be More Vibrant With Brown And Pink Hair

Brown hair can be an excellent foundation for experimenting with pink. Pink hair is associated with affection and elegance and looks creative and vibrant.

As per famous hair colorists, it can be used to add depth to your natural hair with highlights in various ways. You can also add deep pink hues on the tips of your hair for a more delicate finish that will brighten your skin.

Brown and Pink Hair Color

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Platinum Blonde with Pink Tones Define Your Personality

If you have golden blonde hair, platinum blonde hair color will enhance its beauty. Cool-toned cotton candy pink shades look best on blondes, notably those with fair skin and long, straight hair.

Platinum Blonde with Pink Tones

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Embrace Your Neon Pink Hair

Neon pink hair is fun to wear but is only for some. It takes a lot of courage to feel confident about such bright pink hair color. It can be braided, bunned, or left open.

It also looks so gorgeous on a short pixie or long curly bob. You should be aware that it’s a high-maintenance hair color. Therefore, you need regular salon hair-coloring sessions to keep your neon flamingo pink colors.

Neon Pink Color on Long Wavy Hair

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Pink Peekaboo Hair Makes You Trendy

If you want a pretty and low-maintenance hair color then pink peekaboo is the best choice. This is one of the vivid colors that immediately gathers the attention of people watching you.

Furthermore, you can show off your hidden pink layer with a center partition on your long hair.

Pink Peekaboo on Long Dark Brown Hair

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Fall in Love With Yourself Once Again In Red and Pink Color Combination

Try pink and red highlights if you want a hair look that shows off your outgoing personality. It looks like rose gold hair, a blend of pink, red, and blonde shades. This pink look is not just hot; it’s lively and appealing. People with medium neutral skin tones look charming in this hair color.

Red and Pink Hair Color Combination

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Say Hello To New Hair Trend with Icy Pink Hair

The icy pink color is a contemporary trend that flatters fair skin and naturally blonde hair the most. It is one of the cute pink shades women are trying a lot these days.

However, it requires significantly more upkeep. You can lock the icy texture of your new hair shade by using dry shampoo, texture powder, and hairspray.

Icy Pink Color on Long Straight Hair

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Pink and Orange Hair Offers You a Distinct Look & Feel

Pink and orange are vibrant color mixes that draw attention to your hair. The orange hair dye contrasts effectively while still providing distinction. Pink hues can be a great way to play with your hair color; darker colors produce excellent contrast, while lighter shades appear more integrated on long bob cuts.

Pink and Orange Hair Color

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Feel Brand-New In No Time After Getting Pink Lemon Hair

Changing your hair color to pink lemonade makes you feel like an entirely different person. If you consider making a significant change to your overall look, ask your stylist for pink lemonade hair. It is the latest hair color fad that is going viral on social media.

Pink and Lemon Color on Long Straight Hair

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Delightful Marshmallow Pink Hair

Marshmallow is a delicate pink that will give you a weightless hairstyle and looks extremely delightful. Marshmallow hair is a blend of sweet pink hair color and ivory tones that lighten the hair. It goes well with a short bob cut and makes you sparkle whatever space you enter.

Marshmallow Pink Hair Color

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Pink Braided Hair

Bright and playful pink braiding hair is the ideal solution for daring beauties! It is the best idea for a unique look if you want to make traditional weaving more original.

You can either dye or choose pink hair extensions. Once the color you’re looking for is achieved, experiment with styling options, from subtle and intricate patterns for the office or formal occasions to casual and carefree party styles, making them suitable for various occasions.

By the way, you don’t have to do rich and bold strands. For more romantic and gentle looks, soft pink is perfect.

Pink Long Braided Hairstyle

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Pink Balayage on Brown Hair

Pink balayage on brown hair is popular due to its striking and eye-catching contrast. Combining warm or cool undertones with a rich brown base is the secret to a stunning visual effect that is vibrant and subtle.

You can find highlights pink even among influencers and celebrities. This trend is not only stunning and versatile but also low-maintenance. Why not make it now?

Pink Balayage on Brown Hair

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Black Hair with Pink Underneath

What will surely attract the eyes of others are pink highlights on black hair! This coloring has it all — dynamics, style, and incredible charisma.

Are you ready to show off your bright personality with striking contrast? In that case, the era of bright pink hair has arrived! You can be sure that you will not regret this decision!

Black Hair with Pink Underneath

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Flamingo Pink Hair

A little whimsy never hurts a stylish look, don’t you agree? If so, use pink pastel shades for striking flamingo-inspired coloring!

An unusual color will perfectly emphasize your individuality and love for unconventional ideas.

Moreover, it magically suits almost all fashionistas. But those with fair skin and bottomless blue eyes 100% need to transform into such a feminine and fragile look at least once!

Flamingo Pink Color on Bob Cut

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Pink Money Piece Hair

Money hair with pink highlights is a trendy and bold technique that dyes the part of the hair that frames the face. This style creates a unique atmosphere and adds expressiveness to the features and look.

The coin pink trend has become popular due to its versatility, allowing people to experiment with bright pinks like bubblegum hue without a complete curl transformation.

Pink Money Piece on Short Hair

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Rose Pink Hair

Rose pink hair color differs from other shades by subtle notes of rose gold. The charming and sophisticated trendy shade exudes a romantic atmosphere and pairs with light blonde locks.

Fans of pastel tones will love this color, as it embodies elegance, luxury, and self-confidence.

Rose Pink Long Hair

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Pink Skunk Stripe Hair

Skunk stripe hair is not an idea for the cowardly! Using shades of pink hair, you can create a daring and rebellious hairstyle that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The skunk stripe effect is often achieved by dyeing bleached strands of pink tone pink hair. This fearless approach to hair color can be found among beauty bloggers, encouraging people to experiment with unconventional and colorful styles.

Pink and Black Skunk Stripe Hair

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Baby Pink Hair Color

Baby pink hair color is the epitome of tenderness and charm. If you want to find a simple and proven way to get into the world of unicorns and fairies, use this fantastic combination of light pink color and blonde hair!

Such pastel shades, reminiscent of cotton candy, have gained popularity for creating a subtle, romantic aesthetic. And this is not surprising since it is impossible to resist the magic of such coloring.

Baby Pink Color on Long Straight Hair

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Pink Undercut Hairstyle

Do you want to enjoy a rock star hairstyle? It means you have to play with vivid shades and non-standard haircuts! One such option is an undercut hairstyle with pink notes!

In this case, the selected area is shaved or cut short, and the remaining hair is colored in various shades of pink. Pink undercut requires courage, but the experiment result will exceed your expectations!

Pink Hair Color with Undercut

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Light Blonde with Bright Pink Highlights

Another exciting option for pink hair tones is their combination with a classic elegant blonde. Place contrasting highlights on white blonde hair however you like, creating a dynamic, multi-dimensional effect.

The bright yet subtle coloring makes spices up your everyday look. Charming pink strands on blonde hair will be the perfect accent appropriate for different situations.

Light Blonde with Bright Pink Highlights

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Light Brown Base with Pink Hues

You don’t want to give up your natural color, but don’t mind making your brown base more playful? Pink highlights can perfectly emphasize the luxury and depth of different shades, from chestnut to caramel.

Decide what the colorful strands will be: rich raspberry, charismatic salmon, or barely noticeable marshmallow. If you doubt the correctness of the chosen shade, consult an experienced colorist.

Light Brown Base with Pink Hues

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Long Hair with Pink Tips

Pink tips are a trend that has remained strong for several seasons and is winning the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. Use classic or neon pink shade, partially coloring dark or blonde hair.

Your natural hair will look as usual, while contrasting ends will add piquancy and eccentricity to your look. It is the best solution when you are still preparing for global changes!

Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

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How do you maintain your pink hair?

Pink hair can fade quickly if you don’t take care of them. For long-lasting pink hair, you should always use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for colored hair.

Secondly, avoid hot showers as they can open up your hair cuticles and leads to loss of color. It would help if you used a color top-up for at-home maintenance sessions.

Lastly, focus on the hair wash frequency – more washes mean more color loss.

How do you refresh your pink hair color at home?

You can ask your hair colorist for some color pots to use as a glaze at shower time to keep your pink color fresh. It’s the best solution to refresh your colored hair at home.